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ENTRE Institute Review 2024: Legit Or Scam? (TRUTH)


ENTRE Institute provides a great learning experience and is available for both Online training and CD-based training.

For any online business, one of the most important things is the brand image, and for that, the business’s products should be excellent.

ENTRE Institute Review

The platform helps in maintaining high standards of Excellency for the business and makes sure that a person gets good recognition.

Without good growth, no person can ever run an online business, but they also help in boosting the business’s status with organic methods.

😍 What is Entre Institute? In-Depth Review

The course is completely dedicated to a business’s holistic development. Their first priority is the growth of a person since, without that, nothing can succeed. Entre Institute helps in analyzing to review the best opportunities for business and teach them how to grab them.

All About Entre Institute

The strategies provided by them are also top-notch and lets people begin their business with great outcomes and higher rankings. Everything is not made out of a joke but it is complete blueprint-based learning and the staff of Entre Institute is accommodating, guiding through every step of the process, also they review the feedback of students.

For any course, the most important thing after quality is the tutor who teaches us. Their coaches, Jared and Amy Polak are long-time digital marketers who know every small thing about the field.

They, alongside other coaches, are specifically trained for traditional business coaching, life coaching, and Internet Marketing, which is a rare combination in today’s times.

❣️ Features on Entre Institute

1. Strictly follows 3Ps of Excellence

ENTRE 3Ps of Excellence

The 3Ps are the essence of the course that makes a person fall in love with it. Together these elements are a package that creates a whole idea about how to build a business to the core and also creates an earning base. The 3Ps include:

  • Personal Excellence: This element includes teaching self-mastery & managing relationships with suppliers and clients.
  • Professional Excellence: This element includes teaching how to manage finances and the world impact on the online business.
  • Physical Excellence: This element includes teaching how to take care of the wellness and being of business with potential profits.
ENTRE Institute Learning

2. Online Education and Training

This form provides all the details that one needs for launching an online business. The entire thing works on basically how does affiliate marketing work, what are the requirements to set an eCommerce business, and then it goes ahead with digital consultancy.

There is everything from launching an Internet business to taking and scaling an existing business to the next level. These things take place through live video calls, presentations, etc. and are quite interactive.

3. Live events and workshops

They take some amazing workshops throughout the year and all the learners can be there. These workshops help in enlarging the affiliate network, build new connections, and gain support from the world’s largest premier community.

There are some lifelong learners, entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches present over here who guide you towards the right path. This helps in learning more about how the field works and how can one boost their work.

4. Coaching and Personal Development

After one joins the course, each of them is assigned a personal coach to guide them. It could be anyone from the two heads or those who are under them. All coaches are very well trained and know what needs to be taught. They help in identifying the blind spots and achieve the goals that one desires to have.

The coaches are very kind as well and also improve a person’s professional personality. There is also a robust life development curriculum which is a very big part of the blueprint and is taught and led by Jeff himself.

5. 6 Step Video Training with CDs


Those who can’t make sure whether they want to join the course or not can buy these CDs for once to understand what it’s all about. It comprises of a total of 6 steps that help one learn how the entire thing goes ahead. Everything from the introduction to becoming a master in the field is included in this package of CDs.

The steps mainly have:

  • Business Model #1- Affiliate Marketing:

This model is a basic idea of how affiliate marketing works and is a brief introduction of the same. It includes the benefits of the affiliate marketing business model, and how is it the fastest way to start and grow an online business. Many students have succeeded in beginning their business without spending much cash. This proves that the course is working in the right direction and the students also don’t have to learn anything too techy.

  • Business Model #2- eCommerce:

There are many benefited of this model as there are the best ways present to build up an online business. These strategies are the best way to boost any online business and also save a lot of cost and technical works. It also teaches how to build business assets that will eventually sell to an investor for great payments.

  • Business Model #3- Digital Consultancy:

This model begins with an introduction to digital consultancy and how did they implement this model to generate monthly residual income. The model helps in unlocking all the freedoms in the business and have lifestyle choices anyone can choose to enjoy some benefits. What’s a business if someone has to give their whole time and still can’t make their own decisions? Well, this model makes everyone an independent seller.

  • Bonus lesson- How to choose?

Entre Institute doesn’t review the characteristics of each product and service, but also the personal characteristics of a student. This simple self-assessment included in the entire training is specifically made to guide the students through the first step of their journey. They ensure that the entire plan aligns with the offers in order to create the best fit for a particular product or service.

 6. ENTRENation


The ENTRENation is the Internet’s premium ‘Awesome Life’ community. All the members have access to the Facebook group and everyone can interact with any member or expert they want to.

Members also get access to the personal library known as ‘The Marketplace’ where any new update is added. So if any member who is done with the course wants to learn the new additions, then they can check out the group for any new update.

7. ENTRENation Elite

ENTRENation Elite

Over here, no outsider can join the group and only members have access to the group. Jeff and a team of expert advisors are present on the group and keep sharing anything new they think must be shared.

There are also a bunch of business owners who earn in 7-10 figures. They have a principle that says, “before it can be enjoyed an awesome life has to be paid for.’ The training over here mainly focuses on the next important step for the business, that is building assets as it is an important part of a business just as much as profits.

They train about how to create freedom, flexibility, and quality of life they’re searching for. In this group, joint partnerships are born, elite networking takes place, and elite training is provided.

8. ENTREDigital

It is their flagship training product where there is a comprehensive online program. It dissects the three most lucrative ideas of the business world and also includes live mentoring from an assigned business advisor.

Mechanics, Economics, and Marketing Strategies are presented in a way that one can decide which is better both personally and professionally. Each of these models has a great amount of potential and with this online digital program, many people were able to build great successful businesses.

9. ENTRECoaching

ENTRE Coaching

This is their premium coaching program where they offer fast track coaching packages designed to help the members in real life. It is also known as ‘ENTRE Results’ and the team is led by Jared and Amy Polak. These sessions are customizable and are delivered via private and weekly one on one sessions. It includes:

  • Strategize and prioritize the most important tasks at the start of the business.
  • Helps in design the business support every student wants in life.
  • Discovers and corrects the blind spots.
  • Tackles difficult business decisions including creating budgets.
  • Sets achievable long term and short term business goals.
  • Makes better marketing decisions and increases profits.
  • Motivates and keeps accountable for the plans.
  • Takes one from where they are now and where they want to be.
  • Clarifies business visions and aligns them with personal objectives.

10. ENTREInnerCircle


It is a pinnacle membership within ENTRE and is an annual mastermind & coaching program for entrepreneurs+businessmen also businessmen who wish to move on to the next level in their professional and personal life.

The InnerCircle features the ‘5 pillars of entrepreneurship’ that are the company’s proprietary. It follows the idea of the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napolean Hill and the goals are based according to it.

11. Successlab Radio

SuccessLab Radio

The co-founder of this course, Andrew Cass hosts a few podcasts that are related to the field and its working.

As of now, there are 10 episodes that run from ‘The 5 pillars of Entrepreneurship’ to ‘How to Double the sales’. These podcasts are great interactive audios that boost the required learning and help a user understand everything.

12. Free Video Training

Just when a person looks at the packages and clicks learn more, they are asked to enter their full name and email address. After that, they show a video on how to become a successful millionaire which helps to have a slight outlook on how the course looks like. Free videos sound like a great idea and are pretty great to go through.

13. 30-day Moneyback guarantee

In case a person pays and doesn’t like the course’s outlook, then they can always go for asking for their money back. Jeff & his team are not after the money and are always willing to refund in the first 30 days if one doesn’t like it. They understand that not everyone has the same priorities and every person varies.

💚 Review Of Entre Institute Course Lessons

The course comprises a total of 6 lessons that feature everything that is required in business. These lessons are:

ENTRE Institute Lessons
  • Lesson 1- 3Ps of excellence:

Like we mentioned above, this is the main feature of the course and mainly runs behind it. The course not only focusses on money-making but also on the well-being & ethics of a person and the business. This lesson mainly rectifies the strategies people follow and create a practical possibility in their minds. It sets the stage of how an awesome life looks like and how can one achieve the success they want in their lives.

  • Lesson 2- 3 legs of successful action:

It’s not about thinking or doing whatever they’re wanting to, but it’s also about being determined towards it. At times a person just focuses on speaking but forgets about implementing them. This course fixes this issue and gets through the roadblocks that the students have faced in the past.

  • Lesson 3- 3 phases of building legacy:
ENTRE Institute Course

Legacy isn’t just built by short-term thoughts, but its mainly built by long-term thoughts and goals. If that’s how a person is, they don’t need to worry, Jeff also was like this once.

He too figured it out all at once and created a course that’ll help almost everyone to come back to track & build their online business by creating a formula for good wealth.

ENTRE Institute Courses
  • Lesson 4- Lazy Person’s online business model:

This model is the only one in the market that allows a person to build residual cash flow without having to do the extensive work that one has to do in their online business. There’s no need for any employees, there’s no need for inventory, no rent, no support, and no fulfillment. This is the ultimate simplified business lifestyle model that works accordingly.

  • Lesson 5- High-Profit stores without ‘Brick and Mortar’ headaches:

Inside this lesson, they show how to initially invest 500 dollars and convert it into an online business store that produces up to 50,000 dollars per day in sales. Their unique model focuses on getting million-dollar results without taking to much stress and ruining personal life.

  • Lesson 6- Building Predictable, Bankable, and Sellable cash flow:

This lesson shows the most powerful way to make money online, which is selling services to prominent business owners. Jeff has built nearly half of his business this way and knows about choosing the right service for selling.

There are millions of people selling services online but not all are successful and can be a big waste of time. They show the best services to offer on the platform and how can one outsource the entire work without doing anything on their own.

💥 ENTRE Nation Pricing Packages

ENTRE Institute Pricing

There is one monthly package available and that too is pretty affordable. The entire blueprint package includes everything and is also pretty good. Here are the details of the package:

1. Blueprint package-$39.00/Month:

  • ENTRE Blueprint training course.
  • Personal 1-on-1 business advisor.
  • Awesome Life Challenge.
  • ENTRENation Community Access.
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee.

🥇 Jeff Learner: The Man Behind This Course

Jeff Lerner

Jeff is a part of the online business for 10 years now. He believes in providing education with 3 things, Personal, Professional, and Physical Excellence.

He thinks that these things are correlated and definitely impact in numerous ways. But this is not something he has learned from the hierarchy. Jeff was a regular 20s college student when he worked at night.

He worked for the piano owners who were often the CEOs of companies or big musicians. Since then, he decided to work hard and reach that level. In the year 2008, he was 29 years old and had a vent of $400,000 on his head.

His restaurant idea failed, and that’s when he chose digital marketing. The debt was repaid in just 18 months, and then he made this industry his full-time business.

Entre Institute Founder

Jeff is now an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Influencer, Investor, and Creative Trainer. His demand for events and Ted Talks is now on an all-time rise and people love his ideas. He is the founder of ENTRE, Xurli, and 7 Mile Digital.

Apart from this, he also has some shares in big companies where he acts as a mentor for many people. Over 150,000 students are under his guidance which is HUGE!

His journey surely proves that this course includes everything that’s experienced by him. Let’s check out what is the course all about.

😇 Pros & Cons Of Entre Institute

Before buying, check out the pros and cons of the course:

The Good

  • Easy to understand.
  • Very detailed.
  • Based on practical life.
  • Great modules.
  • Super Affordable.

The Bad

  • No free trial.

✌️ Pros:

  • Easy to understand:

The course is very easy to understand and provides great information about how the affiliate marketing field works. For any online businessman looking for something easy to understand, this is the right platform for them.

  • Very detailed:

Everything is present in detail and nothing over here is in brief. For any business, it is important to have the data in detail and should go in the head.

  • Based on Practical Life:

The 5 Principles of Entrepreneurship and challenges are a perfect example of the practical knowledge provided in the course. The data helps in operating this in practical life.

  • Great modules:

There are some amazing modules that come with the course and make it even more fun to look at. No one can go through a boring course, therefore this has some interesting elements present in it.

  • Super Affordable:

At 39 dollars, it is impossible to believe that so much is present in the course. But it also feels pretty great to look at the price as it makes the course available for everyone.

🤞 Cons:

  • No free trial:

Although the course is pretty affordable and has everything worth the money, the sad part is that there is no free trial. For anyone who wants to try it, has to pay for once and can then ask for money back. But if someone wants to learn without adding any details or spending, then that’s not present.

⭐ Entre Institute Reviews By Customers

There are hundreds of testimonials present on the platform that claim how helpful this course is in online business. One of the testimonials from David S from Texas says that if someone is looking for starting an online business, then ENTRE is the perfect product present in the market.

He says that his advisor is helping him move forward in his life and ENTRE’s creator is very knowledgeable about this kind of field.

ENTRE Institute Testimonials

Next, there is a testimonial from Ammar Abbas from Doha, Qatar. He says that where he lives when he joined the course, his life pretty much changed.

Another Testimonial from Justin Schriner from Arkansas, USA says that he really enjoyed the blueprint. He especially liked how Jeff cares about people building a great life. Justin thinks that the course has a lot more than just making money which is pretty great.

🔥 Final Say On Entre Institute Review

Keeping everything in mind, one thing is clear that the course is essential for newbies who want to build their online business. This platform of selling is no joke and everyone must learn how it works. The best part is that nothing takes place in a bulk classroom and the students learn privately.

The course is also pretty affordable and cheap which makes the entire thing even better. Their training products are truly legit and the outcomes are also pretty amazing. There isn’t one thing that we didn’t like and it is one of the best ones since in such a low price, the modules and lessons are extremely detailed.

Entre Institute Contact

We loved how it mainly focuses on the practical things of life and nothing is too tough to understand. The payment methods are also very secure and there are many options to choose from. We definitely recommend the ENTRE Institute as its totally worth every single penny one invests in it.

🏆 In Conclusion: Should You Buy Entre Institute?

Yes, Definately.

There are some pretty amazing things in the market, but out of these, the ENTRE Institute is the most helpful training program. They help in understanding everything about online business and guide you to the best solutions.

The next time you worry about what road you should take to learning more about business, then this institute is pretty great. Don’t go searching for a thousand things in the market, over here, in this ENTRE Institute review, you can find information about everything is education platform has.

Overall, it is an amazing Online Business course and one should definitely go for it.

🎁 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

🤔 Is there any free trial for ENTRE Institute?

No, there is no free trial for Entre Institute, but one can ask for money-back ones they pay for it.

💫 How many lessons does ENTRE Institute have?

ENTRE Institute has a totaly number of 6 lessons, focussing on different aspects of the business.

😍 Is ENTRE Institute value for money?

At just 39 dollars, it is impossible to think that something so reasonable can be available. It is definitely value for money and has all the things what are required to learn about the platform.

👊 Does ENTRE Institute have something apart from online coaching?

Yes, ENTRE Institute has a CD-based learning option and one can buy it through their website.

🤞 Does ENTRE Institute have any live learning method?

Yes, ENTRE Institute conducts live workshops and hosts events where the learners can join them to learn some amazing things

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