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Encyl Review 2024: Is It Legit Performance Marketing Agency?


In today’s era, there’s not one company that does not use online or internet influence to promote its brand, services, or products. Digital marketing is the real game-changer and so everyone strives to make it work in their favour.

One easy way through which you can achieve the most out of the online advertising strategies is by taking the help of a performance marketing agency. 

Encyl Overview

So, if you are in fact in need of marketing agency assistance and have been wondering about Encyl, this is the ultimate guide for you. In this extensive and detailed Encyl review, we will be discussing all that the platform has to offer for publishers and advertisers along with its exclusive features.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Starting off with the introduction to a digital marketing agency whose sole purpose is to reach potential customers online and ultimately increase the number of sales. These agencies create rational strategies aimed to reach and build customer relationships through multiple social community channels, Search Ads &, etc. It consists of Search Engine Optimization, PR services, Web Development, and marketing through content, video, social media, mobile, and emails.

What is Encyl?

Encyl is a Digital Innovative Performance Marketing Agency that was founded in 2019. It is a one-stop platform for online marketing when it comes down to customer relationships and advocacy.

The platform partners with multiple brands and has a global community of advertisers and publishers. With over 700 offers, 150 advertisers, and 1500 publishers internationally, you can generate profits irrespective of the fact, if you are working for a particular enterprise or own one.

Encyl Review

You can choose the commission type of offers, payment frequency, and payment method. You can take benefits of the functionalities offered by Encyl such as dedicated account managers, affiliate management team, publishers advocacy, real-time tracking software, etc.

What would Encyl help you do?

Marketing Agencies like Encyl know their way around effective online marketing as they keep track of the latest practices, advanced tools, and shifts in trends. The following two things can be expected to be done when working with Encyl.

Ecyl helps both Advertisers and Publishers to generate revenue with a Good Return on Investment. They have a good number of advertisers who are offering a great rev-share & commission based on various conversion models which help publishers to get high converting offers.

Encyl Advertisers

On the other hand, Advertisers get a great publisher having years of experience in the marketing industry who are already giving a good number of sales volume to other advertisers with the legit ways & can give to you as well. You can take benefit of their experience & pay only when you get some outcome based on the payment model that you select like CPS, CPA, CPL or etc.

  1. Ultimate Growth – One of the most important goals in this whole digital marketing venture is to increase the traffic coming to one’s business site with various strategies at lower cost with high conversion. It offers the resources to expand the business, its capacity and sales. This helps in lead generation at lower costs and better the lead quality, higher are the chances of purchases. This can be achieved via constant optimization of commercial activities, reallocating funds and developing new operational models. 
  2. Improved brand image – The lack of effective campaigns and ads can be solved via Encyl. The experts at Encyl know the ins and outs of digital marketing and work on things like brand presence, better content delivery, ad campaigns etc.
  3. Pay Only When For Outcome – Advertisers can select the conversion model based on that they can offer the fixed commission or revenue share. No need to burn money in advance by hiring a marketing agencies in which even there’s no surety that you will get outcome or not but you have to make the payment to those companies but not with Encyl.

Encyl Features and Functionalities 

The marketing platform offers tons of functionalities when it comes to advertisers as well as affiliates. Let us look at the offered features for both of them individually.

Advertisers Benefits 

Encyl has a community of 150 advertisers with a 100% satisfaction level.

Encyl Advertiser Features

  1. Dedicated Account Manager – To provide the guidance to Advertisers & make things easy and more performing, Encyl offers a dedicated account manager. The allocated managers are responsible for various tasks including responding at the earliest, offering advice and suitable solutions whenever required as well as providing accurate and knowledgeable information regarding their process, services and everything in between.
  2. Campaign Optimization – Campaign optimization is basically a process of improvising the commercial campaigns. It can be achieved by adjusting as well as utilizing the best strategies and practices to improve digital advertising performance to meet brand’s needs and goals. What traffic source should you allow to publishers to get the better outcome. This can include keyword targeting, Google ads, Bing ads along with other search engines showcasing a brand’s product or service.
  3. Anti Fraud Tool – Encyl uses anti fraud tools which helps you analyze reports and activity logs in advance so you can prevent any possible fraud from happening. It also uses a tracking software called Offerslook. 

Publishers Features

As an affiliate, there are certain perks that we always look out for, and well guess what? Encyl offers most of them. From exclusive and direct offers to timely fashioned payouts, Encyl does it all.

The Encyl platform has a group of 2500+ publishers from all around the world who are already working with them and making good money by promoting their offers. There are 1200+ offers they are providing to their publishers. The following are the features offered by Encyl for Publishers/affiliates:

Encyl Publishers

  1. Real time tracking solution – One of the major parts of affiliate networks is a use of good tracking software. It allows you to check and analyze valuable brand insights about which campaigns/offers are generating better conversions and which is unprofitable.
    It helps you conclude whether the ad campaigns are proving to be worth the money and time or not. Traditionally, the tracking is done with the help of cookies, a technology which interacts with web browsers and stores user’s necessary information like login details, preferences, cart content, etc.
  2. Experienced Affiliate Management Team – Encyl has their own affiliate management team which will help you with everything that is related to affiliate network. Affiliate marketing is proven to work and there’s no wonder why brands are trying so hard to use the said campaigns for their businesses. Encly Affiliate managers will help you to guide the best performing offers which are giving good conversions with great ROI.
    Using Encyl will give you access to their expert teams and let you have an upper hand since they provide you with valuable industry insights, better quality traffic guide for specific offers, advanced technology platform. 
  3. Provisions of landing pages for some offers – You can decide on the landing pages, a standalone web page where the potential customers will be redirected to. These pages hold a significant amount of power as it converts visitors to customers. The landing pages commence the trade process where you can provide discounts or special offers in return for some type of action. These pages can be click through or lead based where the offered rewards could prove to be a real deal breaker.
  4. Timely Payment – Publishers are paid fairly in a timely fashion. You can be paid monthly, weekly or every fifteen days depending on the offers and approval. The payment transactions can be made via PayPal, Payoneer and Wire. Encyl also supports cryptocurrency, Bitcoin as an approved payment method. The minimum payment that can be made is $100. The platform supports various commission types such as CPL, CPS, RevShare and CPA. 
  5. Publishers Advocacy – Advocacy marketing is designed to incentivize loyal customers to share the particular company’s service or a product to their connections be it friends, families or colleagues, ultimately increasing the sales. Since people trust the recommendations of someone they know, and therefore it is the basic strategy used for advocacy marketing.
Encyl Publishers Features

Marketing Commission Offers

Encyl supports multiple commission types which are as follows.

  1. Cost Per Lead – Cost Per Lead or generally referred to as CPL, is a kind of compensation strategy model where advertiser or a retailer pay for every successful lead generation. These verified campaigns can be for sign ups, discounts offer, newsletters, sale coupons, etc. 
  2. Cost Per Sale – Cost Per Sale or commonly abbreviated as CPS, is a one of the many metrics used for affiliate marketing. In this kind of commission, affiliates or publishers are paid for every sale made by their referred customers after the actual credit card (payment) transaction.
Encyl Features
  1. Cost Per Action – Generally referred to as CPA, Advertisers pay the affiliates if certain specified actions are done. These actions can be a successful purchase, signing up for a form, watching a video, etc. It is one of the most popular models due to easy scaling, return on investments and lack of fraud activities. Whenever a user visits your website/landing page for example and clicks on your affiliate link, after being redirected, fills out the offers or completes the asked actions, you get to make the money, as simple as that.
  2. Revenue Share – In Revenue Share commission model, affiliates get paid a predefined percentage of either a product or service price whenever a purchase is made through their inventory. It has the lowest risk factors and is a great compensation model for publishers who want to build long-term business relationships with the traders to promote their brand. It is cost effective and scalable since you only have to pay the affiliates if they are helping you generate sales.

Contact Support

Encyl Customer Support

Encyl provides a number of contact support options through which you can reach out to the company’s support team. One of the ways to contact the company is by submitting a support ticket. You can fill-up the form on the Encyl website asking for your legal full name, email address along with your message. You can also connect with Encyl via email or skype at 

Final Say On Encyl Review – Is It Worth It?

Concluding our Encyl review by summarizing all that we have covered so far in this extensive guide. Encyl has over 1200 active offers, has a global community of 150 advertisers and 2500+ affiliates. The platform offers a multitude of commission models like CPA, CPS, CPL, and RevShare.

The payments can be paid to publishers on a weekly, monthly, or 15 days tenure basis with the acceptable methods as Paypal, Payoneer, Wire, and Bitcoin.

The affiliate network offers various benefits to both advertisers & publishers such as dedicated team manager, affiliate management centre, publishers advocacy, landing pages, tracking software, exclusive and direct offers. Encyl provides great user support services with the available support tickets, email, newsletter, and skype options. 

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