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Zen Arbitrage Vs eFlip – Which One is Best in 2024?


Today, in the market eFlip and Zen Arbitrage are the two dominating online book arbitrage tools.

If you have an idea about Amazon’s FBA business and also love books then online book arbitrage is for you to earn huge revenue.

It is important to use the right arbitrage software otherwise there is a serious slowdown in arbitrage workflow.


From one of these two tools Zen Arbitrage or eFlip will help you out in selling books from Amazon FBA and this whole process is known as Flipping.

These tools will provide every information on books that determine which books are profitable and which are not worthy by providing Amazon data in a searchable format.

We’re comparing these two tools Zen Arbitrage vs eFlip in this article that gives output on which one is the best software to pick. Let’s see how these tools will work in terms of features, pricing, advantages, and disadvantages, etc.

βœ”οΈWhat is eFlip?

eFLIP Software Review

πŸ‘Š eFlip is an online arbitrage software for FBA sellers that helps to make a profit by buying low-price products and reselling them via FBA for the premium cost. It is created by Caleb Roth, and eFlip is specifically designed to search all the sources of data on which one has the most profitable potential about Amazon books.

Pros and Cons of eFlip


  • It has easy user interface.
  • It offers various options for filters.
  • Cost is affordable.
  • Provides detail insights.
  • It is available at any time and day.
  • A complete web-based software.
  • Offers free trialperiod.
  • Search results are 100% accurate.


  • No annual packages or quarter-based.
  • Does not offers any price alerts when drops.
  • Prep Service are not Available.

βœ”οΈWhat is Zen Arbitrage?

Zen Arbitrage Review

For Amazon FBA sellers, here is another web-based online arbitrage software Zen Arbitrage created by Peter Valley. It is a perfect tool for those who are looking to start an Amazon FBA business or want to expand it and it also does not require any previous selling experience.

By using this software, you can sell books on Amazon easily and fastly to make huge profits.

Pros and Cons of Zen Arbitrage


  • Offers 14-day free trial period.
  • E-mail and Chat support are available.
  • Facebook Community Group.
  • No commitments or contracts.
  • Does not offer any scam service.


  • No annual packages or quarter-based plans.

πŸ’«Features Comparision of Zen Arbitrage vs eFlip✨

πŸ‘Zen Arbitrage Features Review

Zen Arbitrage Software

Big Database β™₯️

You can find a big database of books in Zen Arbitrage, whereas other platforms have data of around 3 million books, but in this software, there are over 21 million books data. The best part is, Zen Arbitrage has a 10 times better returning rate where any other tool doesn’t have, at the same time if you didn’t find any book, then it has the capacity to search from other 40+ websites.

Exact Search Options✌️

You can search the book through offers, Amazon’s price, sales rank, book category, new or used price, and title. When you search any book, it will show exact results and this option will save your time and effort in scrolling different pages.

FBA Automator πŸ‘Š

In Zen Arbitrage, FBA Automator will directly indicate the offers of a book, as most of the books on the database have different offers. Behind every book, this software will automatically guess pricing as well as real-time profits.

TextBook DatabaseπŸ˜‡

The database on the number of sales and purchases of a book will not be provided by any platform but you can find it in Zen Arbitrage. There are a curated collection of textbooks over 300,000 and over 20 million databases of web-based content with plenty of options available in Zen Arbitrage so you never tired of finding a book that you want.

Largest Book Artibrage Video LibraryπŸ˜‰

It has the largest arbitrage library, so the books present on this platform are very experienced level that can help to make money in an excellent way. There are 50 videos in the library and they will guide every person to make good decisions with future profits, forecasted investments, and long-term sales.

Ranking and Sales Data😍

Zen arbitrage book selling profit

From the past sales and rankings, it will help you out to make the best decisions on which books have to try to get huge profits and which books not to try. In order to prevent loss in profits, there are also real-time sales history charts and forecasts of the list of books that wasted the investments.

Zen Arbitrage has an interface that provides the rank of the book and these ranks will help out to invest in a longer period of time to sell better.

Monthly WebinarsπŸ˜›

Monthly webinars are conducted on this platform where Peter also involve in it, so you can easily get to know more about the books are all-time rise to make effective purchases that get more profits. It is a complete live webinar section, where your queries will be clarified by the team.

Arbitrage Marketplace✌️

It is not just a give options and guidance to purchase the books, but also it is a selling platform too. Apart from selling on Amazon FBA, it will let you buy and sell which leads to making huge revenue.

Run by real Amazon Sellers😚

It provides real insights from the Amazon sellers who are aware of the FBA platform on what’s going well with a book and its best prices. This software is quite different from any other platform that allows selling on a particular platform.

πŸ‘eFlip Features Review

The list of amazing features of eFlip are

Tracks multiple things✌️

It is just not limited to book arbitrage but also allows to sell CDs, DVDs, or Vinyl records and the membership of each category is different from books.

Amazing Filter Options😚

eFLIP Software Filters

The user will not face any issue on which book has to sell, as it has so many filters in finding profitable books. It has the capability to load 3 million books at the same time and also it can save the book details for the user and precisely it will show the sales ranks of a book. It provides exact details of the book when you search including with book genre and publishing of the house.

Penny FilterπŸ˜‡

It offers an insightful feature that you can earn nearly 10 dollars on a used book because it will help you to find books in cents. With this feature, you can make random flips with really affordable books.

Automatic CalculatorπŸ‘Š

The eFlip calculator needs the purchase price to calculate the net profit margins of a product and even automatically adds the fees by keeping with the ever-changing fee of Amazon. In the customer bar, you can enter the desired selling price and also you don’t need to calculate the shipping fees manually or by managing excel sheets as it shows sales tax, shipping costs, and other data on the pricing panel.

Works With Other StoresπŸ˜‡

It works with other e-commerce stores but allows to sell only on Amazon FBA and even you can find the used books on other platforms AddAll, BookFinder, or Walmart Book Store and they provide the information on it too. It is possible that a person can go for any other buyer to a particular platform other than Amazon.

Great KEEPA insightsπŸ‘Š

While using eFlip, it recommends installing KEEPA as a chrome extension as it gets help in clear information about the product that sold in which month and its selling frequency, as well as its current selling price. Also analyzes the outcome of a product in a better way and before every item, there is a location bar that gives every insight of the product.

Specific Prime visibilityπŸ˜›

It gives information on different prime products and all you need to do is just give a click on ISBN no. it provides the cost of a specific prime item.

Various options of eFlip✌️

There are a total of five options and the Outlier option is different, the rest four is for All books, textbooks, CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl. The outlier option is to compare the prices and search, calculate, filters, clear and save options are added advantage in this software.

Pricing Plan Comparision

eFLIP Software Pricing Packages

The books plan in eFlip is the most popular category which costs $79/month and in this plan, you’ll get full access to outliers, full access to the book database, full access to the textbook database, unlimited searches, and eFlip university access.

For CDs, it costs $49/month, DVDs $39/month, and VINYL $29/month. It offers 21 days free trial to test the entire process from sourcing to selling and decide to buy eFlip.

Zen Arbitrage offers a free trial period for 14 days and after it costs $97/month. In this plan, you’ll get access to a complete system, and all you need to start within seconds. It is also a 100% web-based platform with nothing to download, no experience required, and full training is included.

You can run this tool from anywhere in the world, and it has a simple dashboard. There is no risk in investing in Zen Arbitrage, and it allows you to cancel the plan at anytime you want.

πŸ‘Š Final Verdict

If we compare eFlip vs Zen Arbitrage, both tools are offering various features and also offer good trial periods. Both can give crystal and precise search results and also it has millions of databases. Both are good at their software but eFlip wins in flipping multiple things like Vinyl, CD’s, DVD &, etc., and also Zen Arbitrage has more advanced features as it depends on the user’s need. So, you can make money with both of these arbitrage tools and they never disappoint you in earning huge profits.


πŸ€”How much money is required to start with Zen Arbitrage or eFlip?

Both the software tools offer are available for free a free trial. Zen Arbitrage offers 14 days free trial and eFlip offers 21 days free trial with unlimited access.

πŸ€”How does eFlip Works?

The acronym FACS i.e. Filter, Analyze, Calculate, and Snag will help you to find profitable books to flip.

πŸ€” What are the things required to get started with Zen Arbitrage or eFlip?

All you need is just a fulfillment by Amazon seller’s account (FBA) and it’ll take five minutes to sign up then choose one of these platforms eFlip or ZenArbitrage as per your choice.

πŸ€”Who are the founders of eFlip & Zen Arbitrage?

Peter Valley is the founder of Zen Arbitrage, who is an Amazon Seller since 2007, and also for Amazon Sellers, he is an author of many books and courses. Caleb Roth is the founder of eFlip andScoutIQ, as this software helps Amazon booksellers scale their businesses in the US and abroad.

πŸ€”Does it require any experience to use eFlip or Zen Arbitrage?

No, it does not require any skill or experience to flipbooks by using both software. As eFlip and Zen Arbitrage will guide everything on how to sell books online to earn huge profits.

πŸ€”What is the power behind the working of eFlip?

More data, less fluff, and prime visibility are the main power agenda of eFlip.

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