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eFLIP Review 2024: Legit Book Arbitrage Software Or Scam?


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Amazon FBA is one of the most preferred platforms these days, and online book arbitrage is one of the best ways to go for it. There are various things such as fictional books, textbooks, CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl Records that are great to sell. eFLIP is a great software to find out the best products to purchase and then upsell on the FBA platform. eFlip can literally crawl out all the details about books and review other things mentioned on the page to display on the portal.

It helps in finding the best profitable books for as little as a penny so that it can upsell online at great prices. This way, one can get potential profit out of the sales and saves a lot of time that goes into business. eFlip helps in analyzing profitability and saves a lot of time that goes into research & manual product review. With the help of this book arbitrage platform, a person can create a great home business model.

eFLIP Software Review

There are many amazing things in it, such as great filters and pricing options. Checkout eFLIP review for more information which can give a boost to your online book arbitrage business.

⭐ Why eFlip is Best Amazon FBA Software?

Well, it’s not that there is a certain mechanism, but there’s a way the functions work in. The functions are easy to operate and there’s no hassle to understand something that’s too techy. At times there are various Softwares that are too tough to handle but apparently on eFlip the filters work by just moving the bar up and down. For someone who doesn’t even want to do that, they can just enter the numbers above.

Unlike other Softwares, the eFLIP Software is the home for online book arbitrage and things related to it. It doesn’t only show books, but things that are slightly similar such as CDs and stuff. So there’s a room for selling something extra rather than just going for books. Everything is pretty much automated and there’s no particular requirement to do anything manually unless one wants to. For a few years, the Software is pretty much ‘hyped’ but guess what, it lives up to each of those appreciations.

Features Review of eFLIP πŸ’«

There are some amazing features of this Software. Some of these are:

1. Tracks Multiple Things

eFlip doesn’t just work for books and isn’t limited to being known as a ‘book arbitrage’, but it also gives insights on certain similar things. If someone wants to sell music CDs, DVDs, or the Vinyl Records that are coming into trend again, then this is a great platform for them to use. However, the membership for them is separate from the books. But, for someone who wants to sell multiple things, they can get the membership and do the work ahead.

2. Amazing Filter Options

Filtering Option Insights

Is there any software that provides a number of NINE filters to help? I doubt not. This is the best part of this Software as it helps in finding out profitable books with the help of so many filters so that the user doesn’t face any issue. Also, it can save the details for a user & the sales rank options are so precise and clear that they can load details of up to 3 million books at the same time. Yet, there are nearly 17 million more books to look from. The search options are crystal clear and provide exact details based on the genre of the book and the publishing house.

3. Helpful Used Penny Filter

Have you ever heard of earning nearly 10 dollars on a used book? I bet no one would have ever. This is another helpful feature that can result in finding so many books available at a cent. If not a cent, then the books will be available for around a maximum of 50 cents. With this, a person can make random flips with the help of some really affordable books. eFLIP Software wants to make the seller’s experience worthwhile. In fact, they believe in making the ‘Buy From Merc Fulfilled’ a successful venture for ‘Fulfill it with Amazon’.

4. Automatic Calculator

The eFlip Calculator just requires the purchase price, and it can review & calculate the net profit margins that are possible on the product on their own. It automatically adds the fees in the same and the best part is that it keeps up with the ever-changing fee of Amazon. There is no need to worry about the fee at all and a person can always enter their desired selling price in the customs bar present below. Also, you don’t need to calculate shipping costs manually & managing a big excel sheet, it shows the shipping costs, sales tax & other useful information on the panel.

5. Works With Other Stores

Other Buyer Networks

The eFLIP Software works with various other e-commerce stores as well but lets one sell only on Amazon FBA. If a person can find the used book on other platforms such as AddAll, BookFinder, or Walmart Book Store, then they provide data for that too. But, they always recommend buying through Amazon Merchant Fulfilled since they’re more accountable and responsible for the product. But, if someone wants to go for any other buyer at a particular platform apart from Amazon, then why not?

6. Great KEEPA Insights

The eFlip itself recommends installing the KEEPA Chrome extension while using the software. The extension helps in getting clearer information about when the product was sold in which month, how is the selling frequency, and what is the item’s current selling price. This helps in analyzing any product’s outcome in a better way. In front of every item, there is a location bar that loads these insights from KEEPA.

7. Specific Prime Visibility

The software provides information on various prime products after one is done searching for the merchant fulfilled prices. All a person needs to do is just click on the ISBN No. that provides information about the Prime Prices of that specific item. You just need to click on that and it’ll automatically load. If the user clicks on the product and wants to know the details while looking at the purchase price, then there’s an option to click on Prime on the left side. This way, it is easy easier to find flips than ever!

8. eFLIP University

eFLIP University

With each membership, there is an eFLIP University option present that has various video tutorials from Introduction to the platform to how to fetch great profits. This platform helps in learning more about the Arbitrage functioning and helps in having way better and smoother understanding of how everything works.

9. Facilitates Working On Any Device

eFLIP can work on any device. It isn’t something that needs to be downloaded and installed, but it is completely web-based. Therefore, there is no need to worry about carrying the laptop anywhere, just log into the phone or tablet and it’ll work on it without any hassle. It has a very user-friendly and cooperative interface.

10. Available 24/7

The Software’s support staff is present literally 24/7 and it also works throughout the span. So, if there’s any problem with regards to the eFlip, it can be solved there without any compromisations. Customer support is always there for all users & they try to resolve queries very fast.

11. Works Anywhere in the World

Be it a person from Tier 1 country such as the USA or a Tier 2 country like New Zealand, the Software can work literally anywhere. Anyone can operate the eFLIP software from anywhere & start online arbitrage business in any country .

12. Private Facebook Group

The Software provides access to a private Facebook group which includes all the users who are using it for years and even Caleb is present over there. People share their insights, profits, outcomes, and the trending products on the group that motivates a person to work even better.

13. Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program works as a ‘referral commission’ to help earn even better. Each time when a person joins the platform, the user gets a 25 percent commission.

How does eFlip work? πŸ’‘

The Four Goods to Sell

eFLIP Software Working

With the help of eFlip, a person can search & review for sales data from 5 options. There is an Outlier Option, that is different, but the rest of the options can filter out data. The option of ‘All Books’ can filter out data for both textbooks and regular books, whereas the ‘Textbooks’ option can find out only belonging to that niche. While there are over 20 million books to search from, there are also great options available for CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl Records. With this eFlip option, a person can find & review whatever they need from any niches.

Outlier Option

Outlier Option


The Outlier option is not available in any other online book arbitrage software or platform. In fact, eFLIP calls it here secret weapon that uses two unique filters. With this, a person can compare two of its own prices that they wish to keep, and then the option will display the Amazon price trade in value. However, the ‘Max Used Buy Box’ and ‘Max eScore’ options are the ones that are really different. The eScore lets one know the number of days a book has sold at least one copy in a day in the last six months. This way, one gets to know how successful it’ll be to flip that book and whether they should go for it or not. If it seems like the book is selling well, then they can go for it, but if not, it’s better to search for new ones.

Search OptionSearch Option

With the help of the search option, it is easier to find profitable books based on a niche or genre with the best search results. For example, I am a seller who specializes in selling ‘Romance’ books, then I can always search for good books that can have great profit outcomes. Also, IfΒ  I want to sell a book of a specific book based on a publisher, then I can do that too! All I need to do is place the publishing house’s name and that’s it. This option eases up the entire task to the core and helps in finding things in a shorter time span.


There are a whopping 9 filters to use that’ll help in finding profitable books in a better way. A person can set up the max used price, the max new price, max Amazon Price, Offers on both new and used books, the ranking of the book, average ranking, sales rank, the publishing year, and also trade in value. Let’s see below how it works:

eFLIP Software Filters

    • For example, I want to sell a used book but first want to buy on Amazon, I can filter out books based on the lowest selling price of the book, say a penny. eFlip will straightaway review & find me the best books that are selling at the cost of a penny so that I can sell it on a higher price for maximum profit.
    • If I want to check the price at which the new one is selling, then I can check it with the help of the ‘Max New Price’ bar.
    • Next, If I want to set the maximum selling price at Amazon, then I can take the lower bar up to say $30. It’ll show me the price it’s selling on Amazon at the moment.
    • Offers on the books can be found with the help of the ‘Max Used Offers’ and ‘Max New Offers’ bar.
    • The most important thing, the ranking of the book can also be checked with the help of the ‘Max Sales Rank’ and if I want to be more specific, then the ‘Max Avg. Rank’ bar will help me do so. The bars run on numbers such as 250,000 and 2,000,000, etc. If there’s a need to be more specific, then the number can be typed in the bar above such as 1,800,000. With over 20 million books, it can be tough to find the books, that’s why the software can load up to a rank of 3 million for better and faster results.
    • Based on setting the publishing date, a person can decide what books they want to sell and from which year. It can be either old or new, this Software will scrape out information from the depth.

Clear and Save Option

Clear and Save Option

With the Clear and Save Options, things can be saved, and the past filters can be removed and a person can start from a new stage. For example, if someone wants to save details about a certain book, then they can just click on save and a link will appear, they have to copy the link and paste it anywhere such as Google Drive, MS Word, etc. Also, if they’re wanting to search for some other books, then they can just click on Clear and the Software will do the rest.


eFLIP Arbitrage Pricing Calculator

The calculator helps in finding the best profits a person can earn on the book, including the shipping fees & other costs. For example, a book is at a purchase price of a cent, then one just needs to enter $0.01 in the purchase price section. Further, it’ll show how to make profits on the book. The available option ranges from 25 percent to up to 300 percent. If a person wants to look for more options, then they can enter a ‘Custom Price’ below to know profit details.

Pros and Cons Review of eFlip

Here are a few Pros and Cons of the eFLIP Software:


  • Easy to use.
  • Great options for filters.
  • Affordable Pricing Packages.
  • Detailed Insights.
  • Available at any time of the day.
  • Completely Web-based.
  • Free trial available.
  • Always shows best & profitable search results.


  • No quarter-based or annual packages.
  • No price alerts feature when dropped.
  • Prep Service Not Available.

Pros in Detail πŸ‘

  • Easy To Use:

This Software is really easy to use & a great interface, there’s no need to learn anything specific about it. Unlike other Softwares that include slight mechanism, the eFLIP Software has easy to use bar-like filters that can be adjusted.

  • Great Options For Filters:

No Software can ever have such great filters like this platform. There are a great number of filtering options available in it, and also there are some outlier filters.

  • Affordable Pricing Packages:

The pricing packages from books to vinyl records are really affordable. It starts with Vinyl Records at 29 dollars and the last and the most popular package for books costs at 79 dollars.

  • Detailed Insights:

The details are absolutely accurate and top-notch, filtered out based on a person’s requirements. Also, the KEEPA Insights help to find out information about a product in a better way.

  • Available at any time of the day:

eFLIP Software and its Customer support Staff is available throughout the day and there is no need to work according to a specific time one. They also offer text message support to resolve queries.

  • Completely web-based:

There is no need to download this Software, eFlip is a Saas based. Just when the word Software comes in mind, a person thinks about installations and everything, but this is completely web-based.

  • Free trial available:

There is a free trial available for 21 days that helps in knowing about this software and how it works. If a person is satisfied, they can go ahead, or else there’s always some time for cancellation. Also, if someone still can’t make their mind after 21 days, then they can ask for a refund by mailing them.

Cons in Detail πŸ‘Ž

  • No quarter-based or annual packages:

The packages are monthly based and there is no option for subscribing to it for a quarterly or annual basis. This is a major hindrance as the permanent users feel to have some offers or pricing packages to which they can subscribe one time and there’s no need for a renewal every month.

  • No Price Alerts Feature When Dropped:

There’s no price alert feature if the price is dropped this can be done with the manual method, but if you don’t have much time for the manual method & want to go for automatic then Zen arbitrage can be best for this because they have a great option for this & they also email price alerts. If you want to go for some extra features then Zen Artibrage can be the right option.

  • No Prep Service:

Again there’s no option for prep center in eFlip but Zen arbitrage provides this service. If you don’t know about Prep Service then it basically helps to automate the packaging & shipping to the FBA warehouse.

What is the vision behind eFLIP Software? πŸ‘€

eFLIP Arbitrage Founder


Created by Caleb Roth and his brother, the idea behind this Software was to facilitate smooth Arbitrage sales. Both of them are Amazon Book Sellers and have a fair and square idea of how the entire thing works. A seller for years, Caleb launched eFLIP in 2015, and later his brother too joined.

He wishes that more and more people are able to find a source of business through Amazon FBA, and what better than books! Also, there are certain myths behind online book selling such as it won’t get good profits.

He wishes to dump all those myths aside by putting great methods for everyone on the table. The reason why nobody can claim this Software a bust is because of his dedication. He is into updating the data on a daily basis and guides people through the option of average ranking.

With over 20 million books, it can be tough to find the right book online for a profitable flip. That’s why the eFLIP Software shows search results for up to 3 million books for better analysis. There is also a searching option that can filter out items based on a selected niche and genre.

Not only books, but eFLIP is also now there for CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl Records too. So, its like selling multiple things, with the help of particular software. The best part is that there is a 21-day free trial, and even after that if someone isn’t satisfied, they can mail Caleb anytime! His motive behind this Software is to help people, and not to keep their money with him.

eFLIP Software Pricing Packages

eFLIP Software Pricing Packages

There is a particular plan for every product, and all of them are really affordable. All these plans provide access to all the filters, so everything is included in the costs with no extra charges for a particular service. Check out the details mentioned below:

1. Books Plan- $79.00/Month:

  • Full Access to Outliers.
  • Unlimited Searches Allowed.
  • Access to eFLIP University.
  • Complete access to both books and Textbooks Database.

2. CDs Plan- $49.00/Month.

3. DVDs Plan: $39.00/Month.

4. Vinyl Plan: $29.00/Month.

Bonus: Free Trial for 21 Days:

Earlier the trial was available for 3 days, but the platform realized that nothing can be analyzed in a span this short. Therefore the trial period extended for 21 days for all new users.

There is the reason behind shifting to 3 weeks:

  • 1st Week-Sourcing Books:Β Learn how to use eFLIP and but the first-ever items to resell.
  • 2nd Week-List:Β Orders begin to arrive and one can list those items for sale on Amazon.
  • 3rd Week-Sell: The items should arrive at the Amazon Warehouse and the products will be on sale.

What Do The Testimonials Claim?

eFLIP Software Testimonial Proofs

There are certain testimonials that claim that the eFlip is pretty helpful. Let’s take an example of Reezy here, who claims testimonial review about eFlip that he just started doing online book arbitrage as it was a rainy season in North California. He claims that he has earned great money just while sitting in his Js at home. It’s really fun to use this software according to him and helps to earn big profits. Just like this, there are various other testimonials with proofs that claim that the prices are really great and it helps in scaling as much as at least 10 dollars on the platform.

eFlip Software Testimonial

Next, here’s a review that claims that it was their first eFLIP purchase that has held them sell the book super fast and they’ve earned 15 dollars with the help of this random flip. Such testimonials prove how great the software is. Also, when they claim that random flips do happen, such testimonials are proof that yes, they do happen. 15 dollars is a really great outcome for someone who is new to the platform.

Final Verdict – Of course, YES, It’s definitely worth the money!πŸ’°

Looking at the eFLIP Software, I’m highly astonished that an online book arbitrage can be multitasking and can help in selling other related products. Also, the great features and filters amaze me to the core and it feels so interesting to use. It is a great Software for those who wish to make some big money in the comfort of their home and by big, we mean good money. Costing at such a small amount, this platform is pretty really helpful and provides detailed insights, and they’re not just inclined to Amazon, but have the options of other online stores too, but they only let one sell on Amazon FBA and also recommend purchases through them.

It is a definite value for money and promises some good profits. At the end of this eFlip review, we suggest you give a try to this software because they are offering best services with a free trial of 21 days without any cost, So try it & share your experience with us.


πŸ€” How many books are present in the eFLIP Software Database?

There are around 23,280,157 books present on the platform. However, if someone wants to search based on ranking, then it'll only initiate the first 3 million books for better results.

πŸ€” Does eFLIP Software works?

Yes, why not! The software not only works but provides detailed insights to the users that are a hundred percent accurate.

πŸ€” How many books can one purchase with eFLIP Software?

As much as one wants to. If a person wants one, then they can purchase, if they want 500, they can do that too! There's absolutely no limit with eFLIP Software!

πŸ€” Zen Arbitrage vs eFlip? Which one is best?

Both the software's work well with the 100% accuracy, only the difference is eFlip have only basic features as compare to Zen Arbitrage. But eFlip can work for many things like books, textbooks, CD's, DVD's, Vinyle Records which Zen Arbitrage can't work. Overall it depends on what you are looking for.

πŸ€” Can a person make good profits with eFLIP Software by their side?

Yes, anyone can make good profits but it depends on the user, if they follow the insights & guides properly. If one follows the insights, they'll have profit, and if not, the book will be there in the warehouse for a long time.

eFLIP Software Review
eFLIP Review
eFLIP is an online arbitrage Software for books, CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl Records that provides detailed insights. It is an amazing SaaS software that can be a game-changer in the Amazon FBA business.
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