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EasyVSL Review: Is This Video Creating Tool Worth To Buy?


The VSL in EasyVSL stands for Video Sales Letter. Basically, EasyVSL is a video creation software that helps you create professional video sales letters in a short period of time.

Even if you don’t have any experience creating videos, EasyVSL will help you make professional-level videos without the technical expertise needed. 

EasyVSL Review

Video Sales Letters, abbreviated as VSL, is the video equivalent of a print sales letter. No matter which product you are selling, video sales letters are a great form of advertising since people prefer video content over text. 

Developed by Matt Cullen and Mark Thompson, the Adobe Air based software tool runs on both PC as well as Mac. One can create text and graphical slides in a matter of minutes without having to use PowerPoint. The text-to-speech tool helps users who do not want to face the camera work on a video sales letter.

Even a person with no knowledge or experience of video creation can create some pretty impressive videos in an hour or so. With a database of more than 1 million images, EasyVSL helps you to add graphics to your video. 

Why Video Sales Letters instead of text? 

It is a known fact that people love to watch a video instead of going over pages of text if they want to check out a product. Videos also help customers understand the product better.

It is proven that video sales letters offer a 220% more conversion rate compared to text based sales letters.

EasyVSL Key Features

That being said, let us take a look at some of the features the software has to offer: 

Automatically create slides 

Just paste the text from your copywriter and EasyVSL will help generate slides for you based on the content, thus helping you skip the pain of manually typing content. 

Several Font options 

The software lets you choose from more than 30 fonts, which can be done at a click of a button. 

Auto Translation tool 

EasyVSL comes with a translation tool, which helps you translate your VSL into several languages without having to work on them separately. 

Import your PowerPoint Presentation

In case you have created your presentation in PowerPoint, EasyVSL lets you import all your slides in just one click. 

Powerful Timeline Editor

EasyVSL Audio

With the release of EasyVSL 3.0 the timeline editor has been upgraded and lets you add multiple audio and video files, hence eliminating the need for a 3rd party editor. 

Integration with YouZign 

YouZign is a tool that lets you create social media covers, graphics, and ads. The popular tool is now integrated with EasyVSL, letting you import all your created content from YouZign. 

Image and Sound effect library 

The latest version of EasyVSL now lets you easily search and find images from its giant collection of more than 1 million images. You can also add several sound effects to make your videos more attractive. 

Typography style videos 

The software also lets you create your videos in a typographical style, which has recently garnered the attention of the masses.  

Export existing EasyVSL presentations 

Added recently is the ability to export or import EasyVSL presentation from one computer to another, so you can continue working where you left off, regardless of your device. 

Multiple Device installation 

Unlike most software, which allows users to install the software on a single device, EasyVSL lets you install the software on up to 5 devices. 

Slides to PDF 

EasyVSL For Slideshow

Now you can even export your slides into a PDF document, making it extremely easy for people to share. 

Import any video clip 

In previous versions of the software, you needed a video editing tool if you wanted to add your own video to the timeline. But that has changed in EasyVSL 3.0, and now you can import any video from any source to your VSL. 

Create different types of videos 

EasyVSL helps users create different types of videos depending on their requirements, Not limiting to sales videos, you can use EasyVSL to create different types of videos such as Webinar registrations, live training events and even Lead generation videos, with zero technical design skills and technical know-how. 

Built-in Templates 

EasyVSL provides more than 25 professional-looking templates so you don’t waste time finding a good template for your slides. They also let users add their own theme. 

Upload video to popular websites in just a click 

You can also upload your videos to popular video sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube in just a click in HD format. The app also lets you embed an mp4 file anywhere you want thus ensuring cross-compatibility across devices. 

Is EasyVSL the right solution for you? 

If you want to create a professional video sales letter with just a few clicks, then EasyVSL is for you. People who don’t want to place themselves in front of the camera but want to create VSL will find this software as an excellent solution to do so.

If you are a marketer, you will probably fall in love with the numerous click and drag functionalities the software has to offer. 

Even if you have little to no experience in making videos, EasyVSL offers some tutorials which will enable you to quickly learn how to work with the product.

EasyVSL For Sales & Training

EasyVSL Pricing Plan

The basic version of the product is priced at $97.00, and then $9.99 per month afterwards. They also offer a yearly subscription priced at $197. In case you are unsatisfied with the features the software has to offer, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The basic version includes some fonts and themes to help you get going. But if you want to use EasyVSL’s vast image and audio library, opt for the regular version. 

EasyVSL Pricing

Customer Support

According to various testimonies from its customers, the customer support offered by the company behind the software is pretty good. The customer support representative is most of the time responsive. They seem to have the required technical expertise to resolve common issues. 

Pros and Cons


The software is considerably cheap compared to other video creating and editing solutions. The simple design paired with the drag and drop interface makes it simple to work on, unlike other video creation solutions which are known to have a steep learning curve. 

Since it comes with a speech to text editor, you won’t have to manually type every line, thus saving you considerable time in the process. EasyVSL also offers a vast library of graphics and themes which will help you create high quality videos, which in turn might lead to a higher conversion rate. 

It can also translate your video to other languages, thanks to the in-built translation tool. With more than 30 fonts, the software offers unparalleled options in terms of customization. 


To be honest, EasyVSL has few disadvantages if we compare it to the number of features it has to offer. First of all, the software has changed from a one-time payment platform to a tool you have to subscribe to every month. 

Also, the text to speech offered by the software sounds pretty robotic, dull, and monotonous. This is one area EasyVSL can work on. The upselling pricing structure also makes it hard for people to understand and often customers end up buying packages they might not even need.  

EasyVSL is a presentational style video creator, so if you are looking for product demonstrations, there are a lot of better alternatives available in the market. 

EasyVSL Customers Review & Rating

Why prefer EasyVSL over others? 

Simply put, if you want to create presentational style videos in a matter of minutes, EasyVSL is the best tool available on the market. Due to its simplistic approach and easy to understand design, EasyVSL stands out among its competitors. With over 40,000 users, the software is updated regularly with new useful features added in every major version upgrade. 

The slide synchronization feature is unique, and help you save so much time. This literally cuts down the editing time to zero.

Create Professional Videos With EasyVSL

Final Conclusion of EasyVSL Review

EasyVSL is a video creation software that helps you create high-quality video sales letters in a matter of minutes. If you use traditional video creation tools, the process might take several hours depending on the complexity and the length of the video.

Its affordable price paired with advanced features makes it one of the best if not the best video creation software available right now. If you are on a tight budget and are looking to boost your product conversion ratios, be sure to give EasyVSL a try. 

Although the lack of a free trial might be an issue for some, one can buy the basic version and try it since EasyVSL comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there are hidden costs associated? 

No, there are no hidden costs associated with the software. With an initial price of $97, EasyVSL works on a monthly subscription which will cost you $9.99.

If you decide not to continue the monthly subscription, you can still access your existing Video Sales Letters. That being said, you won’t be able to create new videos unless you renew the monthly subscription.

Alternatively, you can buy the annual plan priced at $197. 

What if I use sales scripts? Is EasyVSL compatible with them? 

As a matter of fact, EasyVSL works with all Video Sales Scripts. Just import your text to EasyVSL and the tool will take care of the rest. From sorting to autofill, the software will help you create videos in just a few minutes. 

Do I have to pay for features when the software is updated? 

No, since EasyVSL has shifted from a one-time payment software to a tool you have to subscribe to every month, you will be getting access to most of the new features. 

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