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EaseUS Easy & Safe Free Data Recovery Software Wizard


In this digital era, most people prefer to store data on their computer to either work on it or analyze it. But, what will you do in case you mistakenly delete any file with crucial information? Worst case scenario, you or someone else have pressed SHIFT+DELETE as a habitual practice.

You cannot even retrieve the data from the recycle bin and all your hard work and long-lasting hours, you put into refining the data are gone in a jiffy. This can be an ordeal for anyone. Don’t be hysterical at this point, not until you read this article!

The uplifting news is that whenever you delete any digital information, even if, you cannot see it on your computer; it remains safe on your hard drive. Now the question is how to retrieve that information or digital data from the hard disk of your computer? And the answer is “data recovery software.”


You can find various free and paid data recovery software on the internet and in the market as well. Today, we are going to write a review about one such software known as EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.0. And it is free.

While, it has both window and Mac versions, here in this article, we are going to talk about the Data Recovery Software’s window version. The installation of the software is quick and straightforward. The size of the EaseUS Data Recovery Software for windows is 16.1 MB, and it occupies 41 Mb disk space once installed on a PC. It does not impact the home page of your browser in any way. Besides, it does not consist of any free adware.

The free version of the software offers you the 500 MB as a data recovery free as the maximum limit. However, if you propose it to other people on the social media sites such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, the recovery data limit can be extended by 1.5 GB. That means only by sharing it on the mentioned media sites, your data limit can be maximized to 2 GB.

Installation and Working of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11

First of all, go to the official site of the software and download the recovery tool from there and follow the instructions to install it. Once the program is installed, then press on run, and it will enlist all the storage places existing on your computer. You just need to choose the drive from which you need to recover your files or folders. Once you select the storage area, press the scan button displayed at the bottom, and this will initiate the scanning process of the deleted data or files. This will now automatically show all the deleted as well as lost files, present on the hard drive of your PC.

This recovery software may take some time to scan all the files based on the amount of the data on the hard drive. It may even take hours if the size of the drive is large. After the scanning process is completed, three panels will be shown. While the top panel is for the quick scan results, the base will display the broad scan results. The files at the middle are retrievable documents.

The retrieved documents and files can be sorted by size, type, last modified date, and names. Now there is a Recover button placed at the bottom or the base of the program, towards the right side. Select the required file and click on the recover button to restore the lost data on your PC.

Specifications Of The Windows Versions Of The Data Recovery Tool

Compatible Platforms:

    Windows Vista (32 bit),

    Windows Vista (64 bit),

    Windows XP,

    Windows 7 (32 bit),

    Windows 7 (64 bit),

    Windows 8, and

    Windows 10

Publisher: EASEUS

Software Version: 11.0

Software License: Freeware

Some Important Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 11.0

  • This free tool is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, 9, 7, XP as well as Vista. It is also compatible with Mac.
  • With the aid of this data recovery software tool, you can retrieve all your lost files by type and date along with the specifications about their time of deletion.
  • The program offers an interface like windows explorer, which allows easy browsing through the files.
  • The data recovered with the help of the recovery tool can be stored easily as a backup, so that it is convenient for you to use the data again when required instead of going through the time-consuming recovery process again.
  • The data retrieved can be stored by their file type, file name as well as the date of deletion.
  • The EASEUS Data Recovery Software Free Version 11.0, allows you to do the in-depth research of the drive for the thorough assessment of all the deleted files and folders. This deep scanning might take more time as compared to usual and quick scanning.
  • The deleted files can be retrieved from the window PC drive, even if the drive had been formatted using the Mac HSF+.
  • Devices Compatible with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The EaseUS Data Recovery Software is harmonious with many devices including laptop, mobile, computer, hard drive, digital camera, music player, memory card, USB drive, SSD, micro SD, External Disk, iPod, Video player, Zip Drive, CF/SD Card, RAID and many others.

Add on Features in EaseUS Data Recovery Software Version 11.0

    New advanced and User-friendly interface to make the recovery process simpler.

    Better scanning with improved efficiency

    New refined filtration for the files for easy and quick browsing


    Extensive support for huge range of digital equipment

    Compatibility with almost every of file types

    Sensible, user-friendly and comprehensible interface


    The scanning in free version is restricted to 500 MB. It can only be increased to 2 Gb, if you share the wizard on the one of the social networking websites that include Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Some more Facts About EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.0

The EASEUS Data Recovery Software has been in the market for quite some time now. However, with the newer version of the tool, there has been a significant improvement in the features of the recovery software. In fact, some of the latest features have been added in the software for the better working. The software interface has been upgraded significantly, making it easy for users to work on it. The file recovery system has also improved. Although the software has a huge selection of languages, yet in the new version they have added two more languages, i.e., Arabic and Turkish.


We had installed the Windows Version of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.0 for trial. After operating, analyzing the software and evaluating it for a few days, we have come to the verdict that the working of the EaseUS recovery software is very competent and this wizard is easy to use.

So from now onwards, whenever your data is deleted either mistakenly, or unknowingly, EaseUS Recovery Wizard works as a protector to recover your valuable digital information. Hence, in any case, even if you are careless with your data, you can install the EaseUS program that will safeguard your data which usually disappear after deletion. This recovery software is an excellent tool and is highly recommended.

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