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Wondershare Data Recovery: A full solution to Recover Lost File from you Computer


Breaking a phone or losing a device is no big a deal. Maybe your insurance will cover that. But, it still can’t bring back the data lost in the process. Ensure a one hundred percent security of your sensitive data with the WonderShare recovery toolkit. The application is a remedy to almost any kind of accident which may cause the loss.

Here’s a little something about WonderShare recovery and the know-hows that can get you pass any data trouble.

Wondershare OFFICIAL Wondershare Data Recovery Retrieve Data Software

Why prefer WonderShare?

Multitude of recovery

It’s not just the phone, but any device with storage facility can be compromised by one thing or the other. But, WonderShare can easily retrieve commonly used file types like music, video, images, emails, documents, and others across different platforms. So, you can summarize its benefits to secure your USB, external hard drives, and major storage devices.

Cause doesn’t matter

Irrespective of whether the loss happened due to deleting, formatting, sudden inaccessibility, virus attack or improper operations; this one app can do a lot more within minimum space requirements. The product claims to recover over 550 unique kinds of file format. Out of so many numbers, I am sure that they must be covering your file type as well.

Quick and deep search options

For detecting the data lost from your current device, simply connect it with the laptop and run a quick scan. If the results don’t show up, run a deep scan for an intense filtering.

Preview results

Don’t worry; WonderShare won’t fish out every other lost data. It provides you with the preview of everything that has been filtered while you choose the ones which are to be restored.


The product will not fail to tempt you with its 100MB of free file recovery under the trial version. In fact, WonderShare is so confident in its performance that it provides a risk-free data recovery.

Types of Recovery


WonderShare tackles data recovery in five different modes. Choose the one that defines your problem and gets started for instant data replenishment.


Wizard Mode Recovery

It is the one-stop shop if you are confused about where to look for an answer. Launch the WonderShare application to be redirected to the Wizard Recovery Mode and the application will ask you two simple questions. Answer them and the wizard will take over the remaining process; hence the name. This is what you have got to specify.

1. File type to be recovered –

Select the file format in which the recovery will be made. In case if you wish to recover everything; Select all.

2. Last location of the lost file

Under this column, you can choose from one of the various options that include devices both internal and external. If you are unsure about it then select ‘I can’t remember’. However, if you are just unaware of the drive then you can go for ‘I can’t find my partitions’.
Now that the Wizard Recovery Mode is all set, you can run a quick or deep scan, as per the needs. Select the option and hit the Start button.

Lost File Recovery

Any data that has been lost because of being deleted or formatted can be recovered under this option. The retrieval is to the extent of the original file name and save path. It even covers for loss due to the permanent combination of ‘shft+del’. Follow this link to download the WonderShare application and follow the below steps.

  • Connect the device with your laptop and launch WonderShare.
  • Once the program is running, select the ‘Standard Mode’. Here you will find various options of recovery, out of which you are to choose Lost File Recovery.
  • Select the location of lost file and then decide for a quick or deep scan accordingly.
  • Preview the recovered items and select the ones which are to be kept and select ‘Recover’.


Partition Recovery

Any data lost to a glitch in the partition can be regained with the Partition Recovery Mode. It can get back the resized and formatted partitions as well. Here’s how to use this mode on your device.

  • Connect your device to the system and run the WonderShare application.
  • Choose the Partition Recovery as your ‘Standard Mode’.
  • Select the location of the file in your drive and run the search. For viewing the recovered data in accordance with their file type, use ‘raw recovery’. It does not display the file name and takes a little more time. But, it can recover media and images that have been long lost.
  • Preview the reclaimed data and choose the files to be recovered.

Raw Recovery

Wondershare Data Recovery Retrieve Data Software

It is the final solution to all your data recovery troubles. If your files are long gone or have faced an unbearable shredding, then Raw Recovery is the last line of defense. One click of it will net out all forms of data that could possibly be recovered. Although, the in-depth process does not allow WonderShare to show you files with their names but they are certainly organized according to file types. Here’s what to do.

  • Connect your device with the laptop and launch the WonderShare app.
  • Under the Standard Mode, select Raw Recovery option.
  • Select the drive where the data could have been located and you can scan either all the files or just the deleted ones.
  • Run the scan, select your file and hit recover.
  • Resume Recovery

You can only resume something which can be paused and indeed the WonderShare provides you that luxury. If you cannot continue to run the recovery scan then it can be paused. When you return, just go to the Standard Mode and select Resume Recovery. Rest is very intuitive.


Most of us are know with how to handle the minimal requirements of hardware or software. WonderShare exploits this knowledge for creating a user-friendly environment and empowers you to recover your lost assets from within deep reaches.

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