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CPARoll Review: Should You Join This Affiliate Network?



The affiliate network CPARoll is recently founded in 2021 (By RollerAds). It makes sense if you’re hesitant to sign up for a network that’s just starting off, whether as a publisher or an advertiser. The purpose of this article is to review this network and examine its features.

Keep reading to find out if CPARoll is worth going for or not. 

What is CPARoll?

The RollerAds team established the CPARoll affiliate network in 2021. Its GEO coverage encompasses practically all nations on the planet, and there are more than 400 offers across several verticals.

The company focuses mostly on antivirus goods and makes direct offers for the majority of the best products available. Sweepstakes is one of CPARoll’s key verticals; the platform partners with most direct advertisers in this market.


For people who work with utilities and VPN services, the company offers a wide range of different programs for iOS and Android that can be used to monetize pop, push, and in-app traffic sources.

Verticals for investments and cryptocurrency offers are smaller than other CpaRoll specializations, but they constantly generate revenue through push and in-app visitors. The CpaRoll team is also actively expanding the lead generating area and giving affiliates access to deals on things like auto insurance, home improvement, health care, financial aid, mortgages, and other things.

Main Feature of CPARoll

GEO Tracking and Coverage

CpaRoll has offers in practically every GEO. You will get the chance to work with items from Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 by joining this affiliate network.

Regardless of the fact that the CpaRoll affiliate program has already expanded to include well-known nations, it also has plans to penetrate and grow new markets in order to offer affiliates new and exciting items. For the time being, the firm plans to expand GEO in nations including France, Germany, India, Philippines, Australia, and Thailand.

CPARoll Advertisers, Handpickd Offers

Affiliates are advised by CpaRoll representatives to pay close attention to deals for India, the USA, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia and Germany.

Working with CpaRoll is like collaborating with a platform that has been carefully tailored to be a tracker. Any tracker that allows S2S post-back to the platform is always compatible with integration. Additionally, you may work with conversions using Facebook, TikTok, and HTML pixels.

Since the data in your personal account include all the aspects of the affiliate’s activity and are updated in real time, you may work fairly comfortably in CpaRoll with no tracker if you choose.

In the event that you need to set up a post-back, you may either follow the tutorial (in your dashboard) or approach the manager for assistance.

Tools & Statistics

For webmasters, there is software for traffic statistics that allow postbacks to be customized for various offers or promotion plans. Your account allows for the unrestricted addition and customization of postbacks. It has a high degree of accuracy when detecting IP, proxies, and mobile providers.

Offer and Traffic Sources

CpaRoll offers more than 400 direct offers. Nearly every day, affiliate networks provide new deals for you to use. Additionally, the business is prepared to link fresh offerings upon the affiliate’s request. Through your manager, you can enter a fresh offer into the database.

The affiliate network runs in self-serve mode, where most offers with restricted access are available to platform users; nevertheless, in order to see their terms and start, you must get in touch with the management for an activation. Each unique private offer is discussed separately.

CPARoll Affiliate, Approach

The business will take practically any kind of traffic, including Pop-Under, push ads, in-page and in-app, Google, Facebook, and TikTok traffic. Working with fraudulent and incentive-based traffic is, however, strictly prohibited.

By employing push alerts and email newsletters, the platform keeps its affiliates informed of all updates and looks out for their needs. Managers repeat all essential updates to the discussions on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It includes information regarding offers that are activated or deactivated, terms that are changed, invoices that are transferred for payment, the actual payment of invoices, etc.

Affiliate Support

Upon request from its affiliates, CpaRoll is prepared to give pre-landings and offer creatives. They can also design custom funnels just for you or provide you pre-existing ones for the goods that are currently successful.

On the platform, each affiliate is given a personal affiliate manager. There are support managers as well, who are prepared to address any inquiries about CpaRoll. Although managers typically respond within 30 minutes, they act practically immediately in an emergency. Your affiliate manager’s contact information can be found on the personal account’s menu tab.

CpaRoll Commissions & Payouts

CPARoll For affiliates

Payouts are among the most crucial things to take into account when selecting an affiliate program. With the single-tier commissions provided by the CpaRoll affiliate program, affiliates only receive payments for purchases they really bring in.

A set commission structure is provided by the affiliate program. The process of creating invoices is based on the payment cycle; when the time for payment arrives, money is transferred to the wallet of the payment system selected on the platform.

CPARoll Payout opportunities

You can earn up to $5 Per install, up to $7 for SOI sweeps, CC Trial Sign up to $35, E-com per sale commission of up to $50 & Desktop software purchase can help you to earn up to $120 which is humungous.

There are various methods for taking your profit. The major ones include Webmoney, Capitalist, Payoneer, Paxum, Wire, and Capitalist. You can choose the payment currency in your personal account; all currencies, including the US dollar, are supported. Upon request, you can utilize different payment methods on an individual basis.

The default payment cycle is monthly distributions, with $50 being the minimum withdrawal amount. Since the hold period in the affiliate network isn’t set in stone, it may change for special offers where a particularly in-depth traffic check is necessary.

Pros and Cons


  1. CpaRoll is a brainchild of the RollerAds team, a well-known brand with a long record on the market.
  2. Global GEO coverage.
  3. There are over 400 offers.
  4. Ready-made promotional materials.
  5. Analytical information in your own personal account.
  6. Internal offer for push subscriptions that requires payment.
  7. Post-backs that can be customized.
  8. Terms specific to verified affiliates.
  9. Exclusive bonus scheme.


  1. To use this platform, you must have some level of experience. 


CPARoll is an affiliate network that offers more than 400 offers across a range of potential verticals, including lead generation, antivirus, sweepstakes, VPN, utilities, investments, and cryptocurrencies.

The business operates in all GEOs and provides pre-made marketing collateral, sales funnels, and in-depth analytics for convenience sake. Payments can be made via well-known payment services. Depending on the unique request, you might agree on specific working circumstances.

CPARoll Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is CPARoll’s Payment Frequency

Monthly distributions are the default payment schedule, with a $50 minimum withdrawal requirement. The hold duration in the affiliate network may alter for special offers where a very thorough traffic check is required because it is not a predetermined period.
Affiliates are free to discuss their own working situations in-depth on an individual basis.

How many nations does CPARoll cover?

You will get access to products from Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 by becoming a member of this affiliate network. The business presently has expansion ambitions for GEO in nations including India, Australia, Thailand, and the Philippines.
Affiliates are instructed by CpaRoll representatives to actively follow discussions for Taiwan, the USA, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, and Germany.

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