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Convertri Review 2024: Is It The Best Sales Funnel Builder?


If you want to get more sales for your online business, then you must need sales funnels because sales funnels can generate traffic and also make the visitor convert into a customer.

With the help of sales funnels in your online business, you can create awareness, interest, evaluation, decision, and purchase of your product and services.


The best sales funnel with many features, options, a shopping cart are extremely useful for your online business.  We have different software programs in the market but Convertri grabs the attention of many businesses.

Whether you’re selling products or services, subscriptions, Convertri gives you everything to get traffic and sales. It offers many features, options, and also can deal perfectly with SEO & PPC, let’s have a closer look into this article as we’re providing a complete Convertri review.

Now get into more discussion on the pros and cons, pricing plans, and also its affiliate program, the testimonials, and many more.

What is Convertri?

Convertri is the sales funnel builder that helps your online business in funneling out the best leads for your website pages and converting them into leads or sales.

If you’re having a landing page or sales funnel page then you have to load the pages fast otherwise a slow loading page may cost you to lose a customer.

Convertri Record

This is why Convertri is popular in entrepreneurial circles as it has a lightning-fast feature that allows your pages to load fast. When you have Convertri, then you don’t have to wait to load the pages for more than 3 seconds.

Convertri is served nearly 153,795,150 pages and its accelerated page technology will help the pages to load fast and give a better experience to the visitors. The main agenda of Convertri to your online business is to provide the fastest landing pages on the web for better conversions by reducing the bounce rate.

Convertri is benchmarked as the fastest ever sales funnel platform that can create fast landing pages, sales funnels, and full websites too. We’re providing the details like pricing plan, pros and cons, testimonials, and many more in this Convertri review article.

Convertri Sales Funnel

You can get more leads with Convertri that you spend for loading fast pages, and under one roof you can host services, pages, and a shopping cart which helps to get more sales.

With shared headers and footers, auto mobilizing menus, you can build an entire website with Convertri. You can get complete information in this Convertri review and also know how it is a pick for many online businesses.

Features of Convertri

There’s a lot about Convertri, as it offers various features to get more conversions for your online business. Convertri is your sales funnel and you can get everything in one place such as funnel planner, mobile editor, lightning-fast CDN, Split testing, and integrated shopping cart.

Let’s discuss more in this Convertri review and know how it becomes the most favorite sales funnel for businesses.


Convertri Pages

The page editor at Convertri will give unparalleled control over every sales funnel and webpage you build. You can build any page you want with it and just take the element you want and put it anywhere on your page.

Complete Mobile Control

You can adjust the mobile view in any way you like and also you can adjust positions, rearrange your web page as you want.

Incredible Interactions

Convertri sales builder comes with various actions and events as it allows you to show or hide the elements based on the behavior of the visitor.

Create and save your own content blocks

If you want to create a page section that you want to use over and over, then you can save the page as a collection, and also it allows you to insert it into any other pages of your website.

Build the Exact page you want

Convertri sales page builder is packed with different features and elements that make your work simpler and to look the pages better. So, you can build your page as you want and it offers free-form editing to build the web pages easily.

Countdown timers

Styling, Multiple Skins, and expiry effects will allow you to create a huge amount of urgency for any offer.

Background Video

You can set background videos and all you need to do is in just two steps to create a background video.


With the auto-mobilizing element, you can easily build menus and submenus.

Extra-Fast Video

The video player in Convertri is the fastest one by adding 0.2 seconds of time to load your page.

Shared Headers and Footers

Convertri Shared Header and Footer

For your whole funnel, set up a master header and footer and adjust it everywhere it is changed. It allows full flexible editing, adjustable sizing, and you can use just the footer or just the header or both and then select which pages to view them.

Huge Font Selection

It offers thousands of fonts as it is integrated with Google fonts and all of the fonts are cross-browser friendly.

Facebook Comments

It allows your customers to comment on your Social networks pages like Facebook.

Easy Snap Lines

It allows the elements automatically on the page to snap into line with other elements and gives a good-looking design without any try.

Precise Positioning

If you don’t want to position by eye? then type in the exact web page co-ordinates for your element as it puts there automatically.


The outside dedicated software like Photoshop, allows you to select, move, and edit the elements of multiple pages at once. So, this type of feature is available in Convertri to edit multiple pages at once.

Element outlines

Building a web page is never easy but Convertri makes it simple and easy, as it allows you to see the whole structure of the page at a glance.

Adjustable image compression

Convertri allows you to optimize the images for blistering speed automatically and manually, Even you can serve the raw file if you want.

Element cloning

If you’re not likely to repeat the work twice, then the Elementor provides to give a click on the clone button to get a perfect copy to review, and after you can place it on the page.

Form Validation

You can stop collecting junk addresses with Form validation as it will stop taking invalid e-mail addresses that are submitted and this is because to stay accurate for your conversion stats.

Custom CSS

When you have huge flexibility with the Convertri editor, you don’t require CSS, and still, if you want your own CSS means just add it to your page.

Custom Scripts

For easy retargeting, custom analytics, and more you can set scripts at pages, funnels, and to your website.

Custom HTML

To embed a huge variety of custom elements easily by adding your custom code to the page.


It allows you to keep the design consistent across all the web pages, funnels, and websites with a collection of repeating the elements like forms, headers, body text, footers, and hero sections to look every time pixel-perfect.


It allows you to build a mini slideshow for products, services, testimonials, special features, galleries, and anything you want to see the visitor and click on it.

Add Incredible Levels of Interaction to Boost conversions

Convertri Actions

A few ready-made effects are provided by the other page builders and it’s difficult to pick and build a website as you want. Coming to Convertri, it is quite different from other page builders, it provides the building blocks to create as you want. It is a website lego and works awesome.

Pass on data with Query Strings

It allows you to add query settings and hidden fields to gather the data and pass it via your funnel.

2-step opt-in

Capture e-mail and name before the rest of your data, which lets you follow up the leads if the audience turns from the Sign-up.

Pre-fill form fields

Set your form fields to be filled up from query strings automatically for your visitor.

Personalize thank you pages

To deliver a personalized message for the new subscribers, pass form data on to your thank you page.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Convertri Dynamic Text Replacements

You can use just one to build pages for 1000 different sub-niches with Dynamic test replacement as it allows the users to adjust the copy based on the keywords of the ads. This will boost conversions and sales.

Better Targeting

To increase the ROI, you have to tailor your landing pages to match the ads.

Higher conversions

It is important to make your audience think that you’re talking about your product/service directly.

Less work

Use a single sales page, landing page, or homepage for different niches.

Sticky Headers and Footers

It is always important to keep in mind your buy button, call to action, or opt-in form where your visitors can convert into a customer by clicking it.

Build pop-ups

The pop-ups you may like or hate but work for your business. For some people, a popup builder is a whole product/service to reach audiences. And in Convertri, the pop-up is a small part of the package.

Timed elements, triggers, and invisible layers

It allows you to set layers, triggers, and elements to hide or show after a certain period of time has elapsed, and also pay attention to where exactly you need it.

Exit Intent

You can convert your visitors into customers with a last-minute message, and the text will be displayed on the screen when they are about to leave the page of your website.

Video hooks

You can hook page events into the web page itself with Convertri Presto video player. You can show or hide elements, reveal layers of fire scripts when the visitor has watched a certain section or reached a certain point of the video.

Script- firing

It is good to delay Script-firing until the visitor proceeds to take a certain action and letting you drop pixels after the visitor interacted with the website, and so the targeted audiences are laser-targeted.


Ensure the cookies of your site drop only after the visitor accepted them by keeping GDPR-friendly 100%.

Create a Mobile Experience designed for mobile

Convertri Mobile Experience

Today, 50% of the web traffic is coming through mobile and the mobile responsive website is not enough, mobile SPECIFIC is required and Convertri offers it.

Dedicated Mobile Conversion

In this, no need to overlay every element as Convertri has a dedicated mobile editor that will create mobile version pages that leave you making any tweaks and also review them before publishing.

Separate versions

Without affecting your desktop web pages, you have to adjust the position and size for the mobile element.

Individual element select

You can show individual elements on the mobile page by switching the element on and off with a click.

Mobile text scaling

Convertri will able to scale the mobile text without using desktop-size fonts.

Intelligent adaption and Delivery

All you need to provide the best experience to your audiences, and Convertri will easily detect the device your visitor is using, from this, it automatically can show the best version for them.

Better Conversions every step of the way

On the whole, the Convertri system will allow keeping your sales funnel under one roof as it captures the lead to a sale for every online business in every step.


Convertri Video

The most popular conversion tool is video, and there are also chances to ruin the page speed with video players. But with Convertri you will have both high-converting videos and incredible page load times. In this Convertri review, let’s know how it manages the videos on the website.

Advanced Conversion Features

Convertri Video Play

The video player in Convertri isn’t built for just speed, but to turn the visitor into sales. This means it gives attention to your audiences when you build the video with beautiful themes that fit into the page. Videos to create at Conevrtri are great that can turn into better conversions.

Interactive video

The hook page events in the video player will change the content of the page according to the visitor how much of the video has been seen. When the video starts, it reveals buy buttons to get the sales strategically with testimonials appearing when the video plays. With Convertri, you can experience the video like no other platform.

Fully Integrated video Hosting

The visitors are not likely to watch full-length videos, so with Convertri, you can break down the videos into small packets to give higher conversions and happier visitors.

Lightweight and powerful

A powerful and lightweight video player will not show any impact on the page speed insights. If you have 20 videos on your page, you’ll still score better than any content page with just one video YouTube player.

Build high-converting retargeting audiences

You can set the pixel to drop when your audience when watched a specific amount of the video or even after the audience watched a specific part of the video. This is to build your targeting audiences more for high-conversion rates.

Buy button reveal

After a visitor watched any amount of video, the Convertri intelligent triggers allow dropping the buy button, not after they’ve spent that amount of time on the website.

Animated play buttons

Get more visitors and engagements by playing animated buttons that jump off the page.

Dynamic page content

You can update the content of your page according to the video play.

Show/hide controls

You can select exactly how much control that you want to give to the visitors.

Sticky video

You can boost the conversions with sticky videos by 28% and with the flick of a switch, you can add it.

Desktop and mobile autoplay

Convertri sales funnel has intelligent autoplay that automatically plays your video with music if the browser allows it and if you mute the sound, it doesn’t.

Advanced auto-play options

You can get the conversions through the ability when autoplay the video when unmuted, only autoplay a video on the first view, or autoplay the video always when muted.

Player skins

The six-player skins in Convertri will effortlessly match the player to your web page, product, and brand.

Works with any self-hosted video

On any of your own hosting, just place the video and then add the URL into the box. There is no requirement for any complicated integrations to do it.

YouTube, Vimeo, Wistis Integration

If you want to keep the video on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or any one of these platforms but you won’t get every benefit with Presto. You have to need a ready-made template to put your videos onto your web pages in a flash.

100GB Hosting

Convertri is designed to meet the needs of the most hardcore power seller and with this, you can get a bandwidth of 100GB each month.

Stop Traffic Leaks

Stop the attention leaking or sales to YouTube’s Up Next Algorithm as there is nothing to distract the visitors from the sale.

Shopping Cart

Convertri Shopping Cart

Within Convertri, you can sell products/services, manage your orders, and track sales. A part which you can’t afford with integration is Shopping Cart and there’s a built-in shopping cart in Convertri.

One-Click Upsell

One-click upsell will convert the visitor into a customer and all you need is to do click the box to make a sale.

2-Step Checkout

Before the main checkout process, you have to link all your pages that allow capturing the contact details of the visitor and that allow you to follow the abandoned orders to boost your conversions massively.


The best kind of income is Recurring income, and the shopping cart of Convertri will let you set up a regular payment mode to keep the money rolling in all the time.

Trial Payments

By offering a trial, get more users on board for the free or paid version for an affordable amount.

Payment Plans

The payment installments with Convertri will be easily done.

Bump Sells

Powerful stuff to increase the revenue is by offering a bump offer that tempts your customers into one extra purchase of your product/service.

Unlimited Products

If you’re selling core products or in bulk, Convertri allows you to set everything up and then easily convert the visitor into a customer by connecting them to payment forms.

Detailed Reports

You can look into the customer who bought your products, and when the purchase happened, you’ll get how much revenue you’ve made over time with all the details.

Easy Lead Export

In Convertri, all your leads are automatically recorded and then you can export the recorded details as a CSV file with a single click.

Custom Checkout pages

Convertri allows you to build your own checkout page with Convertri’s editor that perfectly matches your brand and also it minimizes cart abandonment.

Ready-Made Modal Checkout

If you’re not likely to build your own checkout page then Convertri offers to use ready-made ones to use.

Webhook support

For purchase, refund and cancellations, industry-standard webhooks are provided and so you can automatically deliver the content to your audiences and without manual work revoke access.


Convertri Sub-accounts

Convertri allows you to manage the client pages and business with routine maintenance as the free-form editor will provide complete design flexibility.

So, you can design the page according to what exactly the client wants with incredible page speed that converts better visitors into customers.

Even you can provide every client their own domains and integrations with Convertri Agency’s sub-accounts. Let’s know how to manage the Sub-accounts.

4 Steps away to the perfect web agency

By entering the email of the client set up the sub-account, and they’ll get login details automatically. From your main account, can easily switch between the sub-accounts. Clients will access what’s in the sub-account when you provide them.

Build funnels, pages, and websites easily inside the client’s sub-account with all the same power and flexibility as your main Convertri account. You’ll be in complete control as at any time the sub-account access is revoked.

Instant Speed increase to make your clients go wow

If the clients aren’t concerned about the speed of the page, they fail to impress when you compare your pixel-perfect Convertri copy and their current website.

For some people, it is the whole pitch, and making the Convertri copy is a matter of minutes with the page importer and just hit the button, you have an instant clone.

Build a better agency with sub-accounts

The web-design services and funnel creation for the sub-accounts are making the clients a zero-fuss process and all you need to set up everything automatically and get paid. Sub-accounts to your Convertri account is available as an add-on and you can find them from the dashboard.

Sell pages, funnels, and websites

Sub-accounts make it easy to deliver websites, pages, and funnels to the clients and you simply build the pages in the sub-account that you provided, and then they’ll have instant access.

Easily add WordPress blogs

You can simply set up a WordPress backend on a subdomain by following the guide given by Convertri. With the Convertri front-end, you can create a perfect blog or product catalog easily.

Build a recurring income

The clients will expect recurring income as they won’t happy with just a small monthly fee as you’re providing the hosting services through Convertri.

Top-tier rankings

You can easily rank your Client’s pages with Convertri’s SEO settings and amazing page speed as every client wants to be in the top position of Google.

Give Client page edit access

The holders of sub-account can edit and publish any page in their account and if they need a new page then they have to come to see your quote.

use multiple currencies

Not just your own doorstep, you can take anywhere your clients as each sub-account have its own currency.

Automatic account setup

After adding a client to the sub-account, they’ll receive an email automatically prompting them to set the password as this avoids the admin hassle.

Custom domains

To any sub-account add custom domains, let your client use existing domains, and keep promoting on them.

Separated Integrations

To every sub-account connect different integrations and each client can use their own merchant account, auto-responder, and webinar service.


Convertri Infrastructure

It is simple, and powerful with a click to publish your page with Convertri. Let’s know how publishing works in this Conevrtri review.

Next Level Publishing

You can put your page live with one click on the Convertri network and from a custom-designed CDN, your funnel will be beneficial as it is designed as solid as Fort Knox and as fast as an F-18.

Stress Tested with Live Traffic

The custom CDN at Convertri will serve the pages even in under-pressure and it supports millions of dollars in sales also without blinking can take one lakh hits a minute.

Free Hosting

For all your valuable pages, get a free domain with your account. So, you can cancel all your hosting accounts.


SSL is free for every Convertri account and no complicated services certificates or setup is not required as it’s part of the service.

Custom Domains

Without any problem, you can get a domain that you really want to use. First, you have to set up Convertri, and you can publish it easily.

WordPress Plugin

After Installing WordPress, you can add any Convertri page to your WordPress blog.

Lightning delivery

The pull-request time is not more than 150ms. It means your web page is live before clicking on the publish button.

Speedy editing

You don’t require any long time to wait for everything to filter throughout the system, instantly you can make edits to your page and can fo fixes if necessary.

Ring-fenced pages

Once your web pages are published, no one can touch them even your system is attacked by anonymous or abducted by aliens. Convertri will help your pages to stay alive and safe.


If you don’t want to index in Google then in the page meta information panel you have to tick the no-index box before publishing.

Stop leaking link-juice

With a simple click, switch between no-follow and do-follow and ensure that to keep all your link juice where it belongs to.

Custom 404 pages

For incorrect URLs, you can create your own 404 page and show it to the visitors.

MX record Access

For your domain use Convertri name servers and it gives access to MX records and so your domain email address can keep it yourself.

Domain-Level redirects

If you’re moving a website, then Convertri automatically redirects your audiences from the old domain to the new domain.

Templates of Convertri

Convertri Templates

You can build any page as you want with Convertri editor and it does not mean that you have to start from a black canvas. No matter you build the page for conversion or speed, Convertri offers a collection of impressive ready-made and fully-customizable templates as you can review and use on your website.

You’ll never get stuck with what the template gives as Convertri’s editor is flexible and you can do more things like adding new sections, add elements, extending panels, and can remove the ones you don’t want on your page, and many more. You’ll just get off the starting blocks faster, apart from this Convertri templates allows you to build pages on your own.

Software Funnel

Convertri Software Funnel

The software at Convertri will showcase its flexibility with videos at every stage, a customized checkout, and pages for upsells and downsells.

Free-Plus-Shipping Funnel

Convertri Free-Shipping-Funnel

This funnel is suitable for physical products as it builds excitement for your wares with an embedded video and space for benefits and features. From this, your visitor prefers to purchase the product without any second thought.

Webinar Funnel

Convertri Webinar Funnel

Provide offers to the customers by fueling up with urgency. A high-converting webinar funnel is the most powerful marketing idea on the web which will have your prospects to sell by attracting them.

Lead-Gen Funnel

Convertri Lead-Gen Funnel

You can build a loyal page with Lead-Gen graphical superior funnel, that tends to draw more conversions by using full-width backgrounds, comprehensive forms, and embedded videos.

Info Funnel

Convertri Info Funnel

The Info funnel will let you sell your irresistible info products with ease of upsells, downsells, and a space for the VSL.

Plus, there are more than page templates, and here are a few of the templates from the collection, and plenty more templates are coming soon.


Adventure, OldSchool, Chapter, Business Social, Legal, and Deep Blue are the templates.

Sales Letters

In Sales Letters, you’ll get Assessment, Conversion Cloud, GymX, Ecourse, Long Opt-in, Manful templates are available.

Coming soon templates

The coming templates that are available soon in the Convertri are Adventure, App, Light Plus, Delicious, Fashion, and Bootcamp.


Aflame, Beast Mode, Blueberry, Consultation, Dream Home, and Float are the templates in the Delivery category.

Thank You

Agent, Blue, Bridge, Performance, Pitch, Rustic, are the templates offered by Convertri that are helpful to create a page.



You can pick your choice as fast and easy HTML or one-click API, you can easily connect to the service as you want as Convertri has a wide range of ways and so it can slot seamlessly into the marketing stack.


If you want to connect to thousands of third-party apps, then use Zapier. From form and checkout submissions, you can use everything with Zapier.

Huge range of native API integrations

With the collection of API integrations in Convertri, you can connect directly to a wide range of services and also be added all the time.


In the Autoresponders category, you can connect with

Convertri Autoresponders

Webinar systems

Convertri Web Systems

Payment processors

The payment processor to connect is with Stripe.

HTML form integration for everything else

You can integrate your system to provide HTML forms, good news is you can add the code and connect your form directly to your page created with Convertri giving full freedom of design.

Custom Scripts

It is not simple to a page to add HTML snipper or a script but for Convertri it is simple as copy, paste, and publish can work simply. With a simple click, you can add scripts to the body or head of your Convertri page. Also at once, you can add scripts to multiple pages, across your funnel, domain, or account without adding multiple times.

Comparison Chart

In this section, let’s know how Convertri works when compared to other sales funnel builders.

Convertri pages benchmarked as the fastest ever

The speed tools for a page are really useful, but Convertri will care more about how the pages work on the web. So, this is the reason, Convertri focuses on the metric to load the pages fast.

The Split Test

Convertri builds the landing pages for different systems and the pages are designed including all the elements for the best user experience with fonts, forms, video, and images. Different systems have different capabilities, by keeping this in mind Convertri keeps the pages as identical as possible by making necessary adjustments.

Not every system has a built-in video player, so Convertri added the videos to the page by using YouTube embed. From Pixabay, you’ll get the images and by using the Pingdom speed tool, you can test the speed of the pages.

Convertri is not just about speed, it delivers pretty solid features while creating a page.

Recreate all your pages in Convertri at the push of a button

Stepping into a new page builder is tough, and all you need to perform everything from the ground up, or else can pay extra which page builder offers a Concierge service that does it for you. With Convertri it is pretty easy with a click by pointing out the page importer to the page you want to shift to Conevrtri.

In the Convertri editor, you’ll get a clone built for you as it allows you to do as you want. Before Concierge has finished, it let you have every page up to run on the web.

Page Importer

Everyone wants hassle-free in recreating existing pages on a new sales funnel page builder. So, with Convertri you can transfer your page within seconds with concierge service without paying any extra penny. The page Importer in Conevetri can clone every page on the web by giving the URL to Convertri and clicking the button.

Recreate your page in five steps:

1.) Grab the URL of the page you want to clone.

2.) Paste the URL into the Convertri Importer

3.) Convertri will pull the entire page including text, images, and videos.

4.) Now, you can edit everything with full flexibility as you want with the Convertri page or template

5.) Next step, you have to publish your new page and enjoy the huge loading page with improvements and extra conversion rates that Convertri brings to you.

Demo Webinar

If you don’t know how to build a sales funnel with Convertri, then nothing to worry about it as Convertri offers webinars and it tells everything from building a page to how to get more leads to your business.

You’ll learn how to build a simple sales funnel, you can see a few hacks on how to use the Convertri editor, and get answers to everything through live chat sessions. Even all the webinars are recorded in Convertri and you can learn from all these videos.

Pricing Plan of Convertri

Convertri Pricing

Convertri offers a free trial period for a limited period as you can grab every feature to analyze how it works for your business. If you go with a monthly payment structure it costs $99/month and you can save 24% if you proceed with an annual payment structure which costs $75/month.

The features you get are 250,000 impressions/month, 25 funnels, 250 pages, 10 custom domains, 10 team members, 400+ templates, 20 video hosts, 100GB/month video bandwidth, unlimited products, split testing, SSL, and page importer.

Pros and Cons of Convertri


  • Incredible fast loading pages
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Suitable for digital products
  • within 2 minutes you can import pages
  • Affordable pricing
  • Also used to build a website
  • Free SSL
  • Can share funnels and pages with others
  • Integrated Shopping cart
  • Custom HTML and CSS


  • Limit in pages, traffic, and funnels
  • No inbuilt member area
  • Not suitable for large enterprise
  • Less pricing options
  • No marketing tools like email marketing

Support of Convertri

Convertri Support

You can support Convertri through social media or else you can contact them directly. And also on the Convertri website, there are some published articles regarding Integrations, resources, editing and you can everything you want from the informatical articles.

Testimonials & Reviews About Convertri

The people who used Convertri are provided their experience in some reviews and here are some of them

Convertri Testimonials

Final Thoughts On Convertri Review

Convertri is a sales funnel builder that impresses everyone with the speed of the loading page and its main advantage is beginner-friendly. You can create upsell, downsell, and bump sell with ease by using Convertri and it is most recommended to PPC agencies, small business owners, and start-ups.

It offers reasonable pricing and has the capability to create pages quickly. With page importer in Convertri, you can switch from one-page builder to Convertri easily.

You can build pages fastly and aid everything Convertri offers some tutorials on how to build pages. Hope you get to know about Convertri everything in this review article and decide whether it is suitable for your business or not.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

🤔Is it possible to build websites with Convertri?

Yes, you can build websites with Convertri as it offers elements that need everything to create a website.

😇Why do pages require to load fastly?

Simple, to earn more revenue as most of the people are leaving a website because its loading speed of the page is taking more time.

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