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Conversion Club Review: Is This Meetup Worth? My Experience


Do you know what is Conversion Club? πŸ€”

I think you may know or heard about Conversion Club if you are in the affiliate marketing industry.

But confused about what exactly it is? Or Want to Know More?

Let me share my experience with Conversion Club.

I was there for MAC conference 2021 in Moscow, Russia, I got invited by the team to attend the Conversion Club affiliate meetup party.

πŸ‘ˆ Meet Lana Rossi, Conversion Club Founder

I met with Lana Rossi, Founder of Conversion Club & a kind-hearted person πŸ’•. She introduced me to top affiliates, affiliate networks & founders and we had a great discussion which helped me to crack few deals, shared profitable offers with each other & so more things.

Overall it was a great experience & profitable to attend the Conversion Club meetup in Moscow, Russia 2021.

Let’s move ahead to know more everything about Conversion Club.

What is Conversion Club?

Conversion Club is one of the best top affiliation leagues where a group of affiliate marketers meets up to help each other to grow in the industry.

In this affiliation league, you can share ideas, figure out the measurable actions to implement to move forward for the development of the network.

Conversion Club mainly serves the affiliate marketers as a guide as well as a company too. This is because Affiliate Marketing is where the marketers are supposed to travel alone with many turnarounds, so this Conversion Club is a great platform to share everything with details on the sources to bring new traffic, pushing new networks, or new campaigns, etc. 

Conversion Club

While performing an Affiliate Business, there are several questions that come up to your mind. But where we can find solutions for such types of queries, then this Conversion Club is there for you to give straight away answers. It is a place where you can manage this affiliate marketing in the future by using these references. 

Without any risk, you can set up tracking software, for better EPC it provides a solution on what type of traffic is required, and which platform is the best to get it. The best part is without losing any performance, you can scale the hot campaign quickly. 

In other words, we can say that Conversion Club is all about in-person conversations. Yes, it values the power of data by preferring face-to-face talks rather than any online chats or conversations. For this, it conducts different meet-ups, affiliate events, and also occasional parties too. These type of meetings really helps the affiliates and can also match the affiliate lifestyle.

Without taking any risks and adventures, there’s nothing to happen in life and the same thing is said to be applied in this affiliate marketing. Travel and adventures make you understand more in-depth parts of affiliate marketing by getting to know more new faces, can make new connections, and many more. 

Conversion Club Community

Honestly, this Conversion Club is not about collaborating with the entrepreneurs but also having an analysis to reach the goals in one place. Also, you’ll get to know more exciting things that help to do a profitable marketing business. 

The business you have to do yourself but that doesn’t mean to do on yourselves, so this Conversion Club is for you to take ideas and implement them according to your requirement to taste success. 

Affiliates MeetUp Events

Conversion Club Events

Till now Conversion Club conducted different Affiliate’s meetups and many affiliates from across the world attended those events. They had their valuable time by attending and participating in these events. 

So far, Conversion Club conducted 10 different events in different places, many affiliates joined the events by traveling from various parts of the world. If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, then these events are the right platform to get to know more about affiliate marketing and also get a complete analysis on how to get traffic for your ad campaigns as well as track the business up-to-date.  

In other words, we can say that Conversion Club is an all-in-one solution to affiliates that helps to run their business without any hassle. 

What Are The Awards to be Rewarded to this Conversion Club?

Conversion Club Awards

We have a big Affiliate Space in the market, but over 2000 marketers chose the top of the best companies and they prefer Conversion Club. Of Course, from the leading influencers to newcomers everyone interacted with this Conversion Club. Everyone is involved making this industry one of the best from individuals to many companies. This results in earning an AFFILIATE SPACE AWARD IN 2021. 

The real thing here is many best affiliate companies, affiliate marketers want a platform where it can help them to reach greater heights. For those affiliates luckily, this Conversion Club is the right place where they can grow and also earned a reward in 2020 too.

What Do Attendees Say About Conversion Club?

Many attendees, marketers, affiliate networks, or entrepreneurs have shared their experiences on how this Conversion Club helped them to grow their affiliate marketing business. According to their words, Conversion Club is a platform where an affiliate can get all types of suggestions, tips, and much more needed for your affiliate marketing business. Everyone is giving positive responses and also experienced all good things by learning the techniques, strategies and implementing them by following the trends. 

Are you an affiliate? and want to know exactly what the affiliates are saying about Conversion Club then you can see the image which is provided below. As the people are given their complete experience on Conversion Club in their words.

Conversion Club Testimonials

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Post Updated On 11 May, 2022

ConversionClub Event Happening On: Wednesday, July 6th, from 8pm till 12am

Location: El MamΓ³n (Passatge de Pere Calders, 2, 08015 Barcelona)

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