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Commission Hero Review 2024: Is This Course Legit Or Scam?


Tired of your old job and don’t want to work on the desks from 9 to 5?

Then you can always consider going for affiliate marketing and promoting some offers ahead through advertisements. But where does one learn how to do the same and become a pro in it?

Commission Hero is the best course present that teaches us how to filter out the best offers from Clickbank and it also guide how to promote offers on Facebook so that it converts well.

Commission Hero Review

It has some great step-wise detail for people who are new to this concept and want to have a successful affiliate marketing venture ahead.

The course has a 3-step training that makes a person straight from a beginner to a pro. Get access to all the information and know what the affiliate marketing sector is all about, how does it work, and learn to review & figure out high converting offers from Clickbank.

It doesn’t provide specific modules but has a different kind of operation and functioning. There is some great learning material present in this course, check out more about it in our Commission Hero Guide.


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😍 What is Commission Hero? In-Depth Review 

This course is pretty different and unique from all the regular courses, and the best part is that it is curated by the #1 Clickbank Affiliate, Rob Blanchard. Learn how to make more than $1000 by just simply promoting the offers, and with time, become a pro in it.

Commission Hero

Also, get to know the same tech used by Rob to become the number one in the field. For those of you who don’t know who Rob is, he is the CEO of Blanchard Media and an affiliate marketer. When he began, he had barely any marketing background, and then he himself turned towards Facebook Advertisements.

The pearls of wisdom come from here only and after years of review & corrections, he was finally able to create Commission Hero. Check out what he has included in the course below.

👍 What Does Commission Hero Course Include?

The Commission Hero course is a vast place to learn and experience things in relation to affiliate marketing. It has a simple 3-step training that takes you straight from a beginner to a pro.

What Does Commission Hero Include?

1. Access To Commission Hero System

This is obviously the first and foremost thing of this course, and every new student gets access to this data. It includes all the desired data a person might require to generate thousands of dollars in the name of the commission. The students get access to the entire 3-step system for making money online.

2. Access To The Commission Hero Private Coaching Group

Get support from the entire support group right on the course’s private coaching group. Ask questions 24/7, use the tips and tricks everyone is using after learning from Commission Hero and be able to get help when something isn’t working out. Also, share your big wins when you achieve something really successful.

3. Million Dollar Ad Images

There are several kinds of images that Rob has used in its creatives and has become able to generate profits in a whopping million. Out of them, he provides 20 to the students so that they can have an idea or take inspiration. Create images of your choice according to that and achieve higher levels of success with the same.

4. Complete Facebook Profits Training System

Commission Hero Learn Running Converting Ads

This is the ‘Golden Goose’ of the course and Rob proudly shares it with his students. This includes several things such as scaling tactics, how to get more ad accounts, credit card tricks, steps to command higher commission, how to increase sales by at least 25%, and many such other things.

5. Specified Done-For-You Landing Pages

Landing pages for offers are really important and any affiliate who is new does not need to go through the struggle of creating their own web pages. When a student joins the Commission Hero Course, they get access to some landing pages that they can use, all they need to do is change the content. This won’t waste time and they can focus on the important thing in the right way. Also, the students will be able to achieve success in a higher and faster way.

Bonus Learning Elements

There are some bonus learning elements present in this course, and anyone who purchases it right now they can get access to special offer, which include:

Bonus Elements In Commission Hero

1. Live QnA Session & Coaching

Be present in the live Question & Answer session that even includes the founder of the course, Rob Blanchard. Every week, they host a private session and the entire team provides solutions to all the queries put up by the students. The entire team tends to save the time of the students that they’d rather spend staying confused. But, this offer is only available for a small time span, so every student must grab it as soon as possible!

2. Million Dollar Rolodex Of Contacts (Rob claims this!)

Getting amazing profits with every promoted offer still seems like a dream to many, and with this option, Rob tends to provide such offers to his students. After the Clickbank access is provided to the students, he hooks them up with offers of the same commission levels that he gets with the product owners. He ensures that all of them are able to reach the commission level from 75% to 100%.

3. Snapchat Training

This is a next-level form of training, and way more different just your regular Snapchat training. It includes coaching on how to create profits using campaigns. The Snapchat social media platform is on an all-time rise and now is the absolute right time to learn how to use Snapchat to generate money online. Generate more and more people online and reach them every day to generate some amazing profits.

4. $10k Monthly Email Marketing Module

First of all, email marketing isn’t the main concern for Commission Hero, but they want to teach that to the students because it can be a great commission source. This module is in partnership with someone who consistently makes over $20-30k per month. In this training, students get to learn how Mr. X does it in order to have a massive level of success.

5. Access To Rob’s Facebook Insider

Try finding out an Affiliate Marketing Course that gives direct access to the Facebook Connections of their own, and I bet you cannot. When a person joins the course, they’ll get access to the Facebook Insider that Rob loves the entire concept of Commission Hero. With this, the students get access to the inside scoop of how to get Facebook Likes and how can one earn a good amount of money by playing with these rules.

❣️ How Does Commission Hero Work For You?

Commission Hero Help To Earn Online

1. Make Money Anywhere You Want To

This is no desk job where you have to dedicate yourself to the laptop or PC throughout the day. Review the Clickbank offers & Run an ad campaign on FB just like Commission Hero teaches you. Be it you’re in the grocery store line, at the airport, in a cab, or in your living room, you can work anywhere you want to. Commission Hero teaches the students to earn a commission at their fingertips.

2. Million Dollar Swipe Files

Rob provides his personal file that includes data worth millions and the students can go through it to learn the same. No course curator provides data like this to the students, but apparently, they do so to provide the best information. These techniques have helped him make tons of dollars by just promoting the offers. These files are flexible and anyone can go through them throughout the day to have a broader knowledge of how the course looks like.

3. Facebook Ads Training

By everything, they literally mean everything and every pinch of information provided to the students. They provide complete training for Facebook Ads such as creating flexible Ad Creatives and turn straight from a newbie to a pro. The training is very helpful and everyone gets an idea of how to create Ads that are promoted.

4. Financial Freedom

At Commission Hero, they tend to make the students realize the meaning of actual freedom. They make the students independent and make them capable of making their own decisions, both financially and emotionally. With this, the students will finally be able to say ‘leave the 9-5’ in a better and easier manner.

5. Catapult The Commissions

How to use both Clickbank and Facebook Ads to bring the commission to your account, is something that the course teaches to its students. Get this affiliate marketing thing under control in the way Commission Hero Teaches you. Create a future where you get to understand different things and make a good amount of profit out of the offers.

6. Huge Commissions

Students get to learn how to generate a 1000 dollar income with the help of Commission Hero on an everyday basis. Promote other people’s products and services that you find on Clickbank on Facebook and make a huge amount of commissions out of the same, with the utmost ease.

7. Guide Of #1 Clickbank Affiliate

Use the exact same techniques as offered by Rob, who himself ranks on no. 1 being a Clickbank Affiliate. Not every course provides this kind of private data, but apparently, they do to understand the concept of affiliate marketing. With this, Rob is easily able to make $1000 on an everyday basis.

8. A Simple 3-Step System

They have a simple 3-step system through which the students can psychologically fit their minds in the affiliate marketing sector. This can help them in buying offers that are really worth the while and investment. This method has proven fruitful over and over again for the affiliates.

Commission Hero Students Success Stories

💥 What Possibly Use Alongside Commission Hero?

Link Tracker To Use Alongside Commission Hero

Now you understood Commission Hero, once the students learn the concept of offers, then you can purchase ClickMagick. It is an affiliate tracking tool that tracks the entire status of orders with the utmost ease.

This third-party data tracker facilitates faster & smoother tracking and also ensures that the bots are blocked before they lead towards the landing page. Know whether the offers are converting, and use their data for taking some steps ahead.

If the ad is not converting, improve your creatives to generate views & sales, and if it’s doing good, try creating more creatives with the same ideology. The tracking process is also very simple, users just need to enter their offer link and this tracking tool will do the needful.

Having a tracking tool by the side, especially when you’re promoting some efficient offers is very crucial. For this, ClickMagick is an amazing affiliate tracker that provides real-time data, and also if you manage funnels, then this might be the right tool, Read ClickMagick review to know more about it in detail.

🤔 Commission Hero Pricing Plan

Commission Hero Pricing

There are two options present, check them out right below:

One-Time Payment: $997.00

Installments: $597.00 two times, therefore the total is $1197.00.

🤗 Commission Hero Testimonials & Reviews

There are several testimonials present on their Facebook page, and these motivate a student to finally go ahead with the course. A review claims that Commission Hero has helped him in generating the first Clickbank commission in midnight, and felt it was a great way to get things going. He feels that rather than investing in other courses, Commission Hero Course & Inner Circle Coaching is a way better investment.

Another review claims that Commission Hero has helped him in scaling the weekend both 17k and 19k dollars in a day. In an entire week, he has been able to generate 76k which is huge and a great amount to earn in a week. He is willing to scaling out some more offers in the next few months and looks forward to it ahead.

🔥 Pros & Cons Of Commission Hero


  • Easy to understand course.
  • Special guidance from Rob.
  • A detailed course for students.
  • Different bonus learning options.
  • Create campaigns from every niche.


  • A little bit pricey.

Final Verdict: Is Commission Hero A Good Course?

Those who wish to learn everything about affiliate marketing, this is the right course for them. It is a great course with different modules and bonuses that makes a person straight from a beginner to pro. The best part is that the course has no strict learning, but one can go through it based on the time they’re able to take out. It is a very flexible course and Rob has dedicated himself to the betterment of students.

He provides his personal data to all the students that they can go through and understand the techniques he himself uses in affiliate marketing. In other ways, it is an exact pathway to success and all those who wish to leave their 9 to 5 job behind to earn huge amount of money, they can go for it.

This course makes the students independent and tension free. Learn how to find the best offers with the help of Commission Hero, and promote them on Facebook to generate a huge amount of commission.

🎁 Conclusion Of Commission Hero Review

The next time you worry about what you need to do for entering affiliate marketing and what course you should go for, check out this Commission Hero Review for more information. It is literally the best course to BOOST the commissions via promoting offers on Facebook Ads. However, the only con present is the expensive pricing, else way, it has everything that affiliates might ever require for learning.

Commission Hero Founder

The modules are different and unlike specific module learning, they provide holistic knowledge to all their students. A budding affiliate can close their eyes and trust the course, that’s all they need to do.

Going for Commission Hero might be the best decision they’d ever make as this makes them ready to promote some amazing offers for a higher commission. Just go for it, and trust it for getting knowledge about affiliate marketing.

✔️ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time should I spend on the course?

It depends on the free time you have, but a good 2-3 hours in a week will be very beneficial for understanding it completely.

What if I don’t like the course?

There is a 12-month money back guarantee and you can claim your money if you don’t like the course.

How much extra capital is needed for working after the course?

A minimum $10-20 dollars might be required daily to spend on the ads.

Can I get this course despite living in any other country apart from The US?

Yes, a student can access this course from anywhere across the world, with the utmost ease.

Commission Hero Review
Is Commission Hero A Great Course?
Commission Hero is a great course for those who want to learn affiliate marketing and finding offers on Clickbank to promote on Facebook. It is a great course go for and definitely worth the money.
Understanding Ability.
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