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Codecademy Vs DataCamp (2024): Which One Is Best For Coding?


Coding has become one of the parts of digital technologies and learning coding will take our career on the right path.

If you’re one who is looking to learn to code, then you’re at the right place. We’re comparing the two best online coding platforms, Codecademy vs DataCamp

Codecademy vs Datacamp

Both Codecademy and DataCamp are good at teaching coding for the learners and let’s see which one is the better one to pick and learn.

These two are self-paced learning platforms and you can easily gain knowledge and skills of coding whereas these are good at especially on Data Science. 

😍 What is Codecademy?


Codecademy is one of the online interactive learning platforms where you can learn different programming and coding skills. The training will be given from beginner friendly to advanced level and prepares the students as job-ready by providing different skills.

On the whole, Codecademy has the best system to learn to code as it offers various courses from web development to Data Science and many more. 

If you’re looking for a full-time career then Codecademy is one of the options where you can learn everything that is required for coding. The learners can learn by doing and receiving instant feedback, at the same time they’ll going to practice through real-time projects. 

Codecademy key points

Choose What to Learn 

If you want to learn a new skill, then this platform will help you out from building websites to analyzing data, everything depends on your choice. If you’re not sure what to start, where to start, then don’t worry Codecademy support team will guide you in every prospect. 

Learn by Doing 

If you don’t have any experience previously with coding or programming, don’t worry Codecademy will teach you basic skills to advanced skills with ease. So, you’ll be writing the real code within minutes. 

Get Instant Feedback 

You can test your knowledge while the learning process by submitting the code and from this you will come to know whether you’re on the right track or not. 

Put Your Learning into Practice 

The learning process of coding will be done with real-time projects and attempt tailor-made quizzes to test your knowledge on a regular basis. 

Land your Dream Job 

In today’s digital world, coding is one of the major on-demand skills, and if you want to take your career to next level then learn everything related to coding with Codecademy and prepare according to the job relevancy. 

👍 Pros and Cons of Codecademy 


  • Easy to Use
  • It is Beginner-friendly
  • Train Coding skills easily
  • Tailored quizzes and assessments
  • All programming languages are available
  • Helps Businesses
  • Provides certificate after completion of cours
  • No experience in coding can learn on this platform
  • Offers free plan



  • The membership plan is a bit expensive
  • Impossible to skip the class
  • No certificate for free courses
  • Lack of good projects
  • Need some improvement on the technical side

😍 What is DataCamp?


DataCamp is another online education platform that helps to build all the required data skills with ease and if you’re excited to learn a new skill then it is one of the choices.

Develop your career by learning the skills with this platform and skill up at scale. DataCamp is a data training platform designed for your business too, and today more than 1600 companies upskill their teams with this platform. 

With DataCamp, you’ll learn all the data skills at your own pace, and it teaches you from non-coding essentials to Data Science, Machine Learning with ease. Start Learning with this platform, as you do not require any prior experience in coding to start learning in this platform. 

Datacamp learning cycle


DataCamp allows you to test your skills and track your progress so that it will be easy to analyze what you learn on a regular basis. 


DataCamp offers complete interactive courses and programs that are required to learn from beginner level to advanced level. The video lectures will give complete information and makes you understand easily. 


After completion of learning, DataCamp allows you to practice with quick challenges on a daily basis. So, you’ll get to know how much you understand the topic that you learn everyday.   


After completion of learning at DataCamp, it allows you to solve real-world problems with ease and this means, you’re job-ready with the skill that you apply at your workplace. 

👍 Pros and Cons of DataCamp 


  • Easy to Use and Navigate
  • Platform is for Beginners and Intermediate students
  • Learning model is in a cyclic process
  • Learn from beginning to advanced level of coding
  • Instructors are from various tech fields
  • It delivers quality content
  • It is transparent in its pricing plans
  • The price matches the quality of learning
  • Platform is a complete beginner friendly
  • Can gain more valuable knowledge
  • Provides statement of accomplishment



  • Does not offer any accredited certificate
  • Features of desktop and app versions are different
  • Some of the exercises are Vague
  • Less content for free users

✅ Codecademy vs DataCamp Features

Codecademy and DataCamp, both are having different features that help you in the process of learning, and now let’s see how these platforms create an impact in developing the career for the learners. 

Codecademy Learning Methods 👈

Codecademy offers different exclusive features especially in the pro version, and have a look into those features that help in accelerating the career.  

Codecademy pro features

Personalized Learning Plan 

Codecademy offers different paths according to the learner’s goals and interests like Full-Stack Engineer, Front-End Engineer, Computer Science, Data Scientist, Back-End Engineer, and many more.  

Access to Quizzes 

The Quizzes are a great way to help you to know on how much you learned and how much you retain the knowledge. So, attempting all the quizzes will help you in testing your knowledge on the regular basis. 

Real World Pojects 

Programming is the pick, as there’s no substitute to build something, as Codecademy comes up with realistic projects to teach you.

It provides hands-on experience, which means you can learn everything in a practical way to apply to the workplace. When you complete the projects up to date, then it will help you to learn in a strong way and build confidence in what you learn. 

Access to Practice 

Codecademy provides access to the practice tab so that you can easily access a number of projects and quizzes. This will helps to practice your skills regularly. 

Mobile App 

Codecademy has a mobile app called Codecacdemy Go, and in this app, you can practice coding, review the concepts of coding, at the same time read articles, stories, that help in achieving your goals. This app version will you get when you proceed with the Codecademy Pro subscription plan. 


For over 100 on-platform pro projects, Codecademy added learning videos as the learners can learn coding with ease. To drill the concepts of coding, the expert or instructor will guide you in step-by-step procedures and so it is easy to review again and again whenever you want. 

Codecademy features

Exclusive Content 

To make online learning most interactive engaging, Codecademy will give access to the full curriculum and all you need to do is just follow and learn according to the schedule.  

Hands-on Experience 

It helps the learners to make real-world projects and allows them to learn on their own and then it explains where they did the mistake. 

Better Knowledge Retention 

To gain more knowledge, you have to remember what you’ve learned with quizzes and practice packs for each lesson. 

Tangible proof of progress

After completion of your pro course at Codecademy, you’ll earn a certificate and you can show off your certificate by adding it to your job portal sites or to your resume. 

DataCamp Learning Experience

There is no requirement for installations as you can run code from your browser, which means you’ll have full hands-on experience with DataCamp. Learn from the best instructors, interactive exercises, and short videos, practice and apply your skills. 

True Interactive Learning 

Datacamp - True interactive learning

With hands-on experience and short video tutorials, it is easy to grow your data skills. 

Training for all data skills and levels 

It has the support to every skill level because DataCamp has extraordinary content. If you want to become more data fluent, want to grow your skills then this platform offers more than 900 data oriented courses, projects, and practice exercises.   

All learning happens in-browser 

With DataCamp, fast track your data skill management with the help of all learning and interactive exercises directly on your browser. Yes, it does not require any download or installations whereas you can directly use DataCamp on the browser at any time and anywhere. 

Collect rewards as you learn 

Everyone will be trained from data concepts to coding at DataCamp is interactive and in the browser, the learners will learn everything with hands-on experience. Along with that, they receive real-time feedback and also rewarded to get more progress. 

Trusted by 80% of the Fortune 1000 

This platform is trusted by over 6 million users across the world and they transform their career by learning skills with DataCamp. 

Real-world Projects 

Datacamp Real world projects

Just apply your learning skills to the datasets in your browser and now you can easily solve real-world problems. Learn code on your own, build your data science portfolio, and finally get real-world experience. 

Collaborative Workspace 

Within seconds, you can start your own data analysis, this means in your browser write, run, and lastly share your data analysis. If you’re starting your data science journey or otherwise if you’re an advanced data scientist, the workspace is the tool to write, run, and share data analysis on your browser. 

Get Started Instantly 

From one of the templates at DataCamp, pick one and start your analysis or else you can link to your data without any additional installations. 

Run Your Analysis 

Use your present skills in python to write and run a code that you’re comfortable with the development environment. 

Share your Work 

At the end, publish your workspace and share it with your colleagues, friends, or recruiters otherwise you can build your data science portfolio by adding your publications to the DataCamp profile. 

Skill Asssessment

Datacamp Skill Assessments

With DataCamp Signal, you can learn the coding skills effectively and it starts right from the assessments. It will pinpoint the strengths of the company and skill gaps at scale. 

Save Time from the Start 

Yes, you can learn the skill in no time, which means before starting learning make sure to assess all your skills and it is easy for you by only focussing on the required skills. 

Get your Personalized Plan 

Every assessment at DataCamp will provide personalized learning recommendations and so you’ll get an idea of what to do next to grow the data skills. 

Learn from your Mistakes 

Every mistake that you made today is an opportunity to improve tomorrow. So, these signal scores will give complete information about your mistakes and all you need to do is to learn and improve your learning methods. 

Track your Progress 

After the completion of learning recommendations, retake your assessments and so you’ll understand how much you’ve improved and which part you have to still work on. 

Working Process of DataCamp Signal
  • The assessments will help the learners to write the real code, that results in more accurate score at DataCamp signal and this will reflects real-world abilities. 
  • It is adaptive and according to the learner’s performance it automatically adjusts. 

DataCamp Mobile

Datacamp for mobile

The DataCamp for mobile will help to grow the data skills by making progress with its mobile courses and daily five-minute coding challenges. 

Learn anytime, anywhere

To reach your goals faster, this DataCamp for mobile will help you with its mobile interactive courses, bite-sized exercises, and daily challenges. No matter where you are, grow your data skills in your morning, or on your lunch break. At first, install the app and proceed to the next step for data fluency. 

Grow your Data skills 

It is always fun and rewarding while learning new skills with DataCamp, just write code in-app, and receive feedback in real-time, and at last, collect the experience points. From this, you will grow your skills with this platform. 

Pick the Way you Learnt Best 

There are many ways to start learning coding skills with DataCamp, as it allows you to choose between mobile-only plans to get access to unlimited courses and practices directly on your mobile. The desktop plans of DataCamp come with a seamless learning experience across mobile and browsers. 


Datacamp certification

If your dream job is to land in the Data Science field, then start learning with DataCamp and start achieving your goals.

This platform will cover everything from certification Data Science to personalized resume reviews. It provides Six timed assessments, a coding challenge, a case study, and a certificate. The certification at DataCamp of Data Science is designed for

  • If you want to learn a new skill or want to advance the career in Data Science. 
  • Entry-level data scientists 
  • Prove your data science skills to your employers or recruiters
  • Stand out from all the resumes

✌️ Codecademy vs DataCamp for Business?

Codecademy or DataCamp is just not only for students but also helps for Businesses and let’s see how it helps the business or organizations. 

Codecademy for Business 

In this, you’re going to develop more than skills as it gives knowledge, experience, and confidence to the teams to tackle the problems easily. 

Codecademy for Business

Interactive Learning 

Practice and learning are the main agenda for Codecademy, and so your team will start learning the new skill and put it into action from the first day onwards. 

Individual Guidance 

It provides guidance for every employee individually in both skill paths and career paths. 

Proof of Progress

You’ll see your team’s weekly reports on how much they learned to get a certificate after the course completion. 

Courses that Evolve with You 

Your team can accomplish the course with ease from visualizing data to building a website, from creating advanced chatbots to artificial intelligence. 

DataCamp for Business

Data training is provided by DataCamp to run your business smoothly, till now more than 1600 companies are joined to upskill their teams. 

Datacamp for Business

Skillup at Scale 

This platform is the power to upskill everyone in your team that results in better and faster data-driven decisions. 

Flexible Online Training for Every Role

The leading experts will teach everything for businesses from non-coding essentials to data science, machine learning, etc. 

DataCamp Business Features 

DataCamp for businesses will help to track the team’s growth and progress, at the same time it provides reports of usage of the course.

You’ll be going to measure adoption, engagement, and also demonstrate the learning & development of ROI. DataCamp will train your organization with ease as it creates a learning path for every employee and the learning assignments are the main advantage of the learning process because it offers a custom learning process. 

🎁 Pricing Plans (Codecademy vs DataCamp)

DataCamp Pricing Plans 

Datacamp pricing plans

Free version – $0

  • First chapters of every course
  • Three Data Literacy courses
  • Seven Projects
  • 3 sets of Practice challenges
  • Unlimited skill assessments and quizzes

Most popular standard version costs – $25/month

Everything is available in the free version including:

  • 335+ courses
  • Career tracks 14 
  • More than 50 Skill tracks
  • Unlimited practice sessions & challenges 
  • Access Live coding 
  • All mobile app courses and practice sessions
  • Community chat support

The premium plans cost – $33.25/month 

Get everything in the standard plan including:

  • Projects 80+
  • Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle Content 
  • Priority Support System

Coming to Business plans, the Professional version costs $25/month/user

You’ll get everything in premium including:

  • Admin roles and access permissions
  • Assignments 
  • Admin dashboard for operations
  • Live chat facility for admins

Enterprise plan contact the vendor 

You’ll get everything in a professional version, including:

  • Dedicated customer success manager or learning solutions for over 20 users
  • Single sign-on SSO 
  • LMS integrations 
  • Advanced reporting functions
  • Data export system
  • Custom learning tracks and records
  • Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle Content 
  • Priority support system

Codecademy Pricing Plans

Codecademy pricing plans

The basic version costs $0 

  • Interactive lessons and daily practice
  • Basic courses 
  • Limited mobile practice 
  • Peer support facility

The pro version costs $19.99/month including the basic version

  • Members-only content 
  • Unlimited mobile support 
  • Real-world projects
  • Step-by-step guidance 
  • Certificates of completion 

For Teams, contact the vendor for pricing plans available in the pro version including

  • Real-world projects
  • Step-by-step guidance 
  • Team performance reports 
  • Unlimited license switching 
  • Flexible start dates

🤡 Codecademy vs DataCamp – Testimonials

Here are some of the learners of both platforms who are provided their learning experience and how these platforms helped to advance their careers. Let’s see their reviews below 


Codecademy Testimonials


Datacamp Testimonials

🔥 Final Words On Codecademy vs DataCamp 

Codecademy and DataCamp are both good at their services and to pick the best one means it completely depends on your need. 

Select Codecademy if:

  • It offers quizzes, assessments, projects 
  • It provides instant feedback 
  • Has skill-based curriculum with multiple programming languages 
  • No need of experience to learn coding

Select DataCamp if:

  • To focus on Data Science 
  • To know minimal programming fundamentals 
  • Ideal for coding 
  • Track the performance to test the knowledge
  • Upskill your organization 
  • Certification after completion 

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

😇 What is the difference between free and paid subscription plans in DataCamp and Codecademy?

In the free version, you’ll get few features with basic knowledge, and in subscription plans, you’ll get an advanced version of learning courses.

😛 Does it require any prior experience before starting learning in these platforms?

No, these platforms are beginner-friendly & also advanced learning platforms.

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