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Coach Training Alliance Review 2024: Is it Worth to Join?


If you’re looking for a way to build a successful career by earning some great income, then coaching is one of the preferable choices if it’s a perfect fit for you. In every sector, there is a huge demand for coaches as people are looking for guidance to help them in areas like Relationships, Finances, Yoga, and many more. 

If you’re one who wants to improve your coaching skills, then we brought good news for you i.e. to enroll in a Coach Training Alliance. In this certification training program, you’re going to achieve coaching skills, boost your credibility in your industry, and many more. To know more, Our Coach Training Alliance review will help you with its details in pricing, programs, certifications, etc. 

😍 What is Coach Training Alliance?

Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance Aka CTA is a professional leading coaching organization that helps people to maximize their potential in Coaching. It provides training on professional coaching, that enriches your life better with great opportunities to get a profitable income. 

At Coach Training Alliance, over ten thousand coaches are trained through its education courses and ICF Approved certified coaching programs. It offers specialized coaching programs, workshops, and courses that help you to reach your goals faster. Let’s proceed more in deep to the Coach Training Alliance review, which gives more clarity about the courses and coaching programs.  

Proven Training Systems 

It is one of the proven training systems where you can learn more, learn better, and learn faster by doing some activities as learning and implementing it to the world is the real success. 

Build Your Coaching Practice 

With the Coach Training Alliance organization, you just not only learn how to coach but also put your whole learning program into a practical way by reviewing mistakes and improving to give the best. 

Complete Coach Training 

According to real-world situations, you’ll get the best training in coaching with Coach Training Alliance where you can gain more knowledge with real clients.  

🤗 Pros and Cons of Coach Training Alliance


  • Easy to use
  • Flexible class hours
  • Affordable cost
  • Industry experts and Instructors
  • Helpful career services
  • Positive environmnet
  • Good career preparation
  • Hands-on Training
  • Live coaching sessions
  • Helps for organizations and their employees
  • Accredited Certifications



  • Does not offer any free trail period
  • Nothing much cons

💥 Explore Coaching 

If you’re an individual with unique and talented in possessing special traits, then you’re at the right place to explore coaching with different programs and courses offered by Coach Training Alliance. 

Become a Coach Workshop 

Become a Coach Workshop

Just take a minute and signup for the workshop with CTA (Coach Training Alliance) Certified Coach Lisa Pisano, who is one of the world-class mentor coaches and Director of Admissions. 

  • If you’re looking for answers on how to become a coach, then this workshop will uncover everything and clarifies all your queries.
  • This workshop is a straight talk that gives information on the challenges that are commonly faced by all the new coaches. 
  • Also, it provides details on how to discover what the clients want the most and how to fulfill their needs immediately. 
  • Just participate in CTA live coaching sessions and get to know more information which is guided by the experienced mentor coach. 

The Certified Coach Program 

If you’re seeking to become a certified life coach with growing practice and paying clients then it is preferred to go with an International Coach Federation Program at Coach Training Alliance. This is an approved coaching certification program and within six months you’ll complete this program to become a certified coach with regular practice.

Certified Coach Program

If you want to become a successful coach, then you must need some skills like coaching skills, Marketing skills, Business skills, and finally you’ll be a successful coach.  

How does the Certified Coach Program work?

How Certified Coach Program Works  Coach Training Alliance

Certified Coach Program works in different steps, let’s have a look below at the working steps.


At First, this program will start with the orientation of the teleclasses on how to become a successful coach. You’re going to discover the scoop on what the experts are doing after becoming a successful coach in the first session and along with that, you’ll get clarifications on all the queries. 

Course Delivery 

This program is a combination of Live teleconferencing, online media, and interactive software which is downloaded directly to any device.

Course Work 

After completion of the registration process, you’ll receive this course software immediately. To launch and sustain the careers, most of the coaches used this Coach Training Accelerator. Overall, it is a complete self-trained coach training program and you can learn easily with a unique learning system at Coach Training Alliance. 

Group Mentoring 

You, your mentor coach, and your fellow classmates are involved in the group mentoring, and through the teleconferences, classes will be held on a weekly basis. The sessions will be led by the instructors by targeting specific coaching tools, models, and techniques. 

Coach the Coach 

The whole program at Coach Training Alliance will give you an insight on you will coach, be coached, and have a complete observation on coaching to review. This is the place where you are going to learn by example as well as through practical experience. 

Virtual Classroom 

You’ll enjoy unlimited access to the course, as it is exclusively designed for your classes and also you can share your questions, progress, challenges, and resources with your fellow classmates at the same time you can connect with them outside the class. 

What to Expect in Certified Coach Program?

What to expect certified coach program

The Certified Coach Program will provide clarification on what to expect from this coaching program.

Class Size 

It is limited to a maximum of 12 fellow participants, or else 10-15 students are ideal. If the students are fewer than 10 members will lower the energy and if more than 15 students there will be opportunities for participation and involvement.

Course Length  

It will take six months of training to complete the course that means considering 22 weeks with time off, holidays, etc. To finish this program, one should not delay the classes and open up to learn according to the schedule. 

Typical Week 

Per week the tele-sessions will take 60-90 minutes. 

Self-study will take 1-2 hours per week. 

Course Outline

In the Certified Coach Program, the five major sections are 

  • Coaching from Center 
  • Impeccable Business Sense 
  • Effective Coaching Tools 
  • Becoming a Client Magnet 
  • Masterful Coaching sessions

😇 Organizational Coaching

In an organization, employees are a key role to play in the growth of the organization. So, your employees must be coached with skills and empowered to advance in their knowledge to become more valuable for your organization. Let’s see what Coach Training Alliance brings to your organization. 

For Individuals – Explore Organizational Coaching 

Organizational Coaching

Coaches support organization clients and individual employees, managers, departments in building strategic goals by considering the capability of every individual and implementing the plans. The Human Capital Coaching Program and certification course will prepare to organize, lead, develop, and give coaching to others in the organization. This program will take 3 months, 90 minutes per week, 2hrs/week of self-study, and per class 12 students. 

This program is beneficial for Human Capital Management, HR Business Partners, Talent development, OD Professionals, Internet coaches, Consultants, and Trainers. The students at Coach Training Alliance are highly interactive and engaged with the course as the learning and reviewing the concept is 10% presentation, 40% discussion, and 50% Live coaching.

Suppose, you miss a class then its recordings are available to participants and whenever you’re free you can listen to them to follow up your schedule without any delay. One should not miss more than two classes, otherwise, they don’t receive graduation certification and including live training, the course material that will fuel up your confidence in your coaching skills.

In just 12 weeks you’ll be certified when you read classroom exercises regularly as a responsibility. 

You’ll be going to gain knowledge on coaching skills from the industry experts, and the proven techniques will help the employees to solve challenges. To lead any organization, develop the necessary skills and acquire them to overcome the challenges when they are necessary.

In performance-wise, create meaningful contributions in planning sessions and learning, also support others efficiently by motivating & supporting. After completion of the program, get certified and become a coach to get paid by coaching in groups or individuals.

For Organizations – Co-Creative Leadership Coaching

Co-creative Leadership Training

Coach Training Alliance believes in providing training through practice and actively interacting with the courses rather than stressing mechanics and theories. For an organization that wants to develop coaching skills for the management teams then this Co-Creative Leadership coaching program is for them. It improves the coaching ability through regular practice as this program is designed consistently and methodically. 

Through a Live conference call, this program is conducted for the people and on-site presentations will be coordinated with the organization members. On the other side, participants at Coach Training Alliance will review and solve real work challenges during class time and also involve in the discussions and practice sessions too. By this, one can inspire personal growth as well as co-creative leadership skills. 

The maximum number of students for the class is 12 members, for the individual attention connect with class peers to focus on learning. In just 12 weeks, the co-creative skills program will be done, and get certified to implement all the strategies for your organization.  

Today, most of the top-rated companies like Google, American Family Insurance have developed co-creative skills for their team to assist them via challenges by creating opportunities to meet the goals of the organization. This training program broadens the next generation of skills by frontline managers, emerging leaders, senior leadership, and many more. Co-creative training benefits are 

  • Leverage talent at different levels 
  • Allows to create world-class managers 
  • Employee development through engagement, empowerment, and purpose. 
  • Implement changes when required and respond to challenges 
  • Personlaize employee inclusion

Online Self Study Fundamentals of Coaching 

Fundamentals of coaching

Self study program provides access for all the materials, assignments, recordings, and tools that are required before to start learning any course or program. The fundamentals of organizational coaching will give complete info on

  • For what coaching is? 
  • How to introduce it to your organization?
  • How to apply it to your role?

Firstly, develop skills and secondly integrate the skills into your leadership style, and lastly, you’ll receive a structure to implement a coaching culture. As Coach Training Alliance provides 

  • Easy and effective coaching model 
  • Real coaching session recordings and transcripts 
  • Live support and client resources

The total time investment is 5 hours approximately, six video presentations, required reading hours is two, and finally coaching demonstration is one hour. 

👊 Core Coaching 

Most of the businesses’ main problem is they do not find any change in growth and benefits, and for such businesses core coaching program works effectively. Co-creative leaders will strengthen the organization by implementing strategies and stimulating the insights of their employees. Educators will understand when to use coaching skills to impact strategy, strengthen the organization, engage employees, and build opportunities for innovation. The course length is 12 weeks, it takes 60 minutes/week Teleclasses, and 12 hours for self study purposes. 

Core Coaching for Effective Change 

Core Coaching Effective Change

Who want to develop coaching skills in the organizations for their management teams, then Core Coaching effective program is for them. This program at Coach Training Alliance is designed, reviewed, and structured methodically to earn improvement in coaching ability through continuous learning and regular practice. Through the Live Conference call, the program is conducted, and a maximum of 12 members will attend the class, the weekly calls are 1.5 hours in length as they are highly interactive and engageable. 

Coach Training Alliance is always with you to customize the core coaching for effective change program introduction and the implementation of the strategies & plans for the leaders in your organization. They will assists everything in communicating the purpose of this program training, and how it creates an impact on the employees as well as the organization.

Also, it provides what to expect from the training sessions through ongoing Live, virtual, and on-demand sessions. After completion of the program, you will get a certification approved by International Coach Federation. 

The coach is responsible to 

  • Discover, allign, clarify with what the client want to achieve
  • Encourage client self-discovery 
  • Elicit Client generated strategies and solutions
  • Hold the client accountability and responsibility

Yoga2Life Coaching 

Yoga2Life coaching program

If you’re looking to integrate yoga into your life then you’re at the right place. Yoga is today’s one of the growing professions and industry rapidly. For many individuals, coaching is required to move forward for the change to see in themselves and coaching is the inspiration and acceptance for the people. Learn coaching Yoga on how-to guide and its principles that are required. The class size is 12, it is a 12-week course length with 90 minutes/week teleclasses, and 36 hours of self-study.  

What will you learn with this Yoga2Life coaching?

Coaching: What is it, Why it’s effective, and How to coach?

  • Yoga Parallels: Intention, compassion, struggle, inquiry, and growth
  • The simple coaching model 
  • Adavnced coaching skills and Techniques 
  • Identifying and Creating Coaching Opportunities
  • How to Begin and Competently Hold a Coaching Conversation
  • Integrating Coaching Lessons Back Into Your Yoga Practice
  • Introducing New Coaching Skills to Potential Clients, Co-workers, and Your Community
  • The Business of Coaching and Yoga (applications, opportunities & strategies)

Yoga2life yoga coaching program is mainly focused on five major areas & it will integrate to existing skills to experience as a Yoga mentor coach.

Lesson 1 – Introduction: Mentor Coaching Definition and Scope in the Context of the Yoga

Lesson 2 – Core coaching skills 

Lesson 3 – Core Coaching Principles and Tools 

Lesson 4 – The Process of Change 

Lesson 5 – Co-creating and sustaining success with clients

In this program, you’re going to gain personal growth and development, the coaching techniques, strategies will overcome challenges at the same time acquire new skills to support others. As a yoga life coach, invest time in your personal growth too. To achieve physical alignment, discover new strategies to guide and extra techniques to connect with the practice. 

Coach Training Accelerator 

Coach Training Accelerator

Develop your ability as a coach in many ways like facilitating workshops, starting your own business, taking leadership skills to another level, become an accountability partner, helping other people to see the change. You can grow and earn professionally with the coach training accelerator as it is on-demand/online self-paced to create successful life coaching practice. 

Benefits of Coach Training Accelerator 

  • You can do what you love, and enjoy helping people by sharing knowledge on what they want as a coach. 
  • Acquire skills that are on-demand and also invest in your development personally and professionally. 
  • Get to start with the programs immediately and earn while learning, after that begin coaching the right way. 
  • Time management and be in control, enjoy the freedom by setting own hours, work from home, etc. according to your convenience. 

❣️ Graduate Reviews on Coach Training  Alliance

Graduates Reviews - Coach Training Alliance

Th graduates at Coach Training Alliance shared their experiences of their learning experience via text, audio, and video submissions. The testimonials are submitted individually are enrolled in to the programs provided by CTA. Most of them are send positive responses to these programs provided by CTA. 

🎁 Review on Pricing Plans of Coach Training Alliance

The Coach Certified program cost - Coach Training Alliance

The pricing plan of The Certified Coach Program is $3,547 tuition includes and it is the first payment processed upon enrolling and after 30 days next payment will be processed. 

Fundamentals of Coaching Price - Coach Training Alliance

The Pricing plan of Fundamentals of Organizational Coach original price costs $149, but you’ll get at $79

Core coaching for effective change cost - Coach Training Alliance

The Core Coaching effective change costs $500 for registration and it allows you to cancel after 14 days of receiving the course. It does not offer any refunds. 

Yoga2Life program Cost - Coach Training Alliance

The pricing plan is payable in four parts for Yoga2Life yoga learning and the first payment is $337.25. The remaining payments due will be paid after the class begins of 30, 60, or 90 days. 

🔥 Final Review on Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance is a training program provides for people who are looking to become successful coach. It offers the  programs by conducting Live teleclasses and the instructors are industry experts. Compared to other platforms, it is a quite unique learning platform and the training delivery is quite impressive ones. 

After completion of the program, it provides certifications aproved by ICF Accredition. The cost of the programs are available for affordable and so enroll the program that you’re interested in.

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

😘 Is Coach Training Alliance is Accredited?

Yes, it is accredited by the ICF International Coach Federation and after the completion of the program, you’ll get certified. The ICF accredited certifications are worthy.

🤞 What are the coaching offered by CTA?

It offers a Certified Coach program, Explore organizational coaching, co-creative leadership coaching, Fundamentals of coaching, Core coaching for effective change, and Yoga2Life coaching.

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