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Clickadu Review: Is It A High Performing Best Ad Network?


Clickadu is a performance-based advertising platform that allows you to promote your digital products and services on the Clickadu network. It will enable you to display your ads on various publishers’ websites.

The platform simplifies advertising campaigns by providing advertisers with an easy way to upload creatives, set up ad groups, choose target audiences and monitor campaign performance.

What is Clickadu?

Clickadu is an advertising platform that connects advertisers with publishers. The company allows its users to create and manage campaigns, as well as monetize their websites through the use of ads.

In simpler words, Clickadu is a platform that helps publishers monetize their content. It also allows advertisers to reach their target audience. 

Benefits of Clickadu ad network

Clickadu’s self-serve platform has made it accessible for both parties: advertisers can start using their services right away, while publishers can quickly sign up by providing basic information about themselves and their websites.

Main benefits for publishers

  • Stable and high CPMs for webmasters
  • Strong fill rates help to maximize revenue
  • Clean ads, no malware, and viruses
  • Clickadu offers a good level of support via email and Skype among other methods
  • Various settings for the frequency of ad impressions. Amount, range, limits on CSS Classes, Up\Under
  • Setting up an advertising feed. Restrictions on certain undesirable products\offer verticals
  • The ability to customize the advertising feed to match the requirements of Pbwebmedia ( upon request from the manager.
  • Automated weekly payouts 
  • Multiple ad formats
  • 5% Referral program 
  • A huge inventory for any type of traffic
  • Also individual conditions for important clients
  • The platform lends itself to small publishers

Main benefits for advertisers

β€’ 5.8Bln+ traffic from all over the world daily fresh out the direct publishers

β€’ 3.6Mln daily conversions

β€’ 3300+ Active publishers

β€’ 41300+ Active ads campaigns and 7000 active advertisers

β€’ 22 verticals

β€’ 240+ GEOs

β€’ User-friendly SSP – A toolkit to ensure statistics transparency and campaign automation

β€’ Fast campaign moderation – You’re a coffee break away from launching a campaign to getting traffic

β€’ Fraud and bot filters – Machine Learning-based algorithm to filter poor quality

β€’ Multiple payment methods – More than five solutions to cash out or top up your balance

β€’ 360Β° Ad coverage – Your product will get noticed for sure with a wide variety of ad formats

Clickadu also offers several tools and services to improve the overall performance of ad campaigns. These include:

  • A dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7 to help publishers with any issues they may have.
  • A detailed analytics dashboard that provides information on how many clicks have been generated and their revenue.
  • The ability to view and manage all campaigns in one place and a list of all active adverts with their associated performance statistics.
  • A wide variety of targeting options allow advertisers to target specific audiences based on interests or demographics.

Clickadu for Advertisers

Clickadu for Advertisers is a platform designed to help advertisers drive more traffic, generate leads and increase conversions. It provides tools to monitor campaigns, analyze performance and optimize campaigns.


First, the platform’s analytics dashboard provides insight into campaign performance, including impressions, clicks, conversions and ROI. It also offers in-depth reporting capabilities for advertisers to track results by channel and device.

Second, the platform provides automated reporting via email and a custom reporting feature that allows advertisers to create their reports based on specific criteria.

5.8Bln+ Impressions

A major goal of executing marketing is that products and services reach users. Every advertiser seeks to reach and Clickadu for advertisers offers it in the most pleasant way possible. Clickadu is a master in terms of impressions.

It promises 5.8Bln+ daily impressions collectively to advertisers. So advertisers will get massive reach because of the highly powerful ad network of Clickadu.

Clickadu For Advertisers

3300+ Publishers

The reliability of Clickadu can be seen by the counts of publishers who are making money on this platform. More than 3300+ publishers from different countries of the world are promoting Clickadu offers in several verticals.

This impressively works in favor of advertisers who seek the assistance of Clickadu to have an impressive mark with advertisements.

Top Verticals

Numerous types of products have been analyzed in terms of getting the best service by Clickadu. It promises top-level advertising to advertisers in order to get the finest support for Gambling & Betting, Tools/Utilities, VPN, VAS and mobile carrier billing offers, social/entertainment, and eCommerce.

Clickadu To Verticals

So if you are an advertiser and any of these domains match your requirement then Clickadu is the top quality ad network platform for them.

Ad Costing

The services in the finest pricing plans are available on Clickadu. Services related to Banner Ads, Popunder, Push Notifications, page push, Instant text messages, video ads, and skim are provided. The prices of the same depend on the country from which users belong to.

Clickadu minimum ad cost per GEO's

As prices differ from place to place, Clickadu has tried to maintain lower price rates for everyone. The lowest CPM offered by Clickadu is $0.02.

Self Serve platform

Advertisers don’t have to depend on any third person in order to get the work done. Clickadu is a self-serve platform on which advertisers can sign up and avail of all kinds of services without any kind of third-party assistance. It makes work really easy and gets the finest mode of advertising in function.

Sign Up as an Advertiser

Clickadu sign up as advertiser

Registration as an advertiser isn’t very tough, only users have to visit the official website of Clickadu. After making your kind to pick Clickadu to connect to the publisher register yourself by adding details in the option of “register as an advertiser.”

Clickadu for Publishers

There are two types of accounts on Clickadu: publishers and affiliates. A publisher runs websites and creates content for their readership, while an affiliate is a marketer or business that uses the platform to make money.

If you’re a publisher, you can create an account by going to the homepage and clicking on “Join Now” in the top right corner (or going here). You’ll then be asked to add your website(s) to get them approved by our system before being added to your account. Once they’re approved, you can use our platform as much as you want!

Once you’ve created an account and added your site(s), it’s time to start creating campaigns and start promoting offers.

Multiple Ad Formats

Clickadu Ad Formats

Clickadu offers advertising in different kinds of ad formats so that publishers get different advertisement options. These ad formats are based on different kinds of functions related to the structure of the publishers themselves.

  • Banner Ads
  • PopUnder
  • InPage Push
  • Push Notifications
  • Video Ads
  • SKIM
  • InstantText Messages

This gives a major edge to publishers as they can generate all-around earnings from ads of all types.

Easy payouts

Easy payouts are made for publishers so that they can get the money they have earned through different payment methods such as Wire transfer and Paypal etc.

So no worries if one wishes to work as a publisher with the strongest Clickadu as it is going to assist in every way which is possible. On the other hand, automated payments are another major thing to get focus on.

Clickadu Payout Methods

Safe Ads

No publisher wants to get the unethical type of ads on their domain. The matter of security is always concerning because no one wishes to get in trouble and when an advertiser runs an ad then it somewhat gets related to the name of the publisher too. This is the reason Clickadu promises to deliver safe ads only.

Higher CPM Rates

Clickadu has the vision of generating profit for everyone which keeps it motivated to keep the CPM rates higher than any other ad network in the market. CPM stands for cost per thousand which narrates how much an advertiser pays for one thousand views on their ad to the publisher. So if you are a publisher working with Clickadu then surely offer higher CPM Rates, which can boost the earnings


Tons of publishers rely on Clickadu for publishing ads and make a pretty cool earning. For those who will become the perfect publishing partner then nothing is better than having Clickadu on your radar.

Sign up as a Publisher

Publisher ClickADu

The signing-up process for publishers has also been kept pretty simple.

  • First, Publishers have to visit the official website of Clickadu.
  • Add your website & get approval.
  • Insert An ad code in your site
  • Start earning.

Clickadu Reviews

Conclusion – Final Say

Clickadu is the top ad network platform developed by Slava D. With features for advertisers and publishers it gets a special impact for both and delivers the best assistance.


From massive earnings for publishers to grand impressions for advertisers, it gets all of the work in place. Being reliable and accessible to most countries it has delivered the finest support to the users.

So connect with Clikadu because missing out on something like Clickadu can cost a lot in the long run to both advertisers and publishers.


What amount of impressions are available for advertisers?

On average collectively billions of impressions are made via Clickadu.

What kind of CPM is available on Clickadu?

Clickadu delivers collectively higher CPM rates for users working as publishers with Clickadu.

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