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How To Grow Your Instagram Follower Base With Combin?

Instagram has become a great tool for connecting with friends and family and engaging an audience to view the photos, videos and blogs that you post. People see it as a great platform to showcase their skills and talent and thus create a strong and supportive fan base as a result of effective promotion. If you aspire to be famous by promoting your ideas and objectives, you need to create an effective base of people who act as your permanent

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Social Media Marketing Tips: Infographic

Social Media has taken the world by storm, giants like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have proven to be a great platform for advertising your product or service and create an image and following of your brand. Businesses from various sectors invest a lot of time and money to create a following and engagement on their social media profiles. Social Media is more beneficial for small businesses than big corporations, with 1.19 billion active Facebook users and 232 million Twitter account

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Benefits Of Video Marketing: Infographic

Video marketing  has always been my preferred media of advertisement, it is one of the best ways to make people aware of your product. It is more interactive, entertaining and gives a personal touch. Companies today spend thousands of dollars in creating marketing videos to attract their target audience, it is easier to convey what your product is about? what does your company believe in? to your audience through a video. You can market the salient features of your product

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NexGTv & Fluence to Create India’s First ‘Mobi-Serial’

nexGTv – India’s preferred entertainment destination on the mobile, from Digivive Services, has entered into a strategic tie-up with CA Media Digital’s first venture Fluence – India’s largest celebrity digital network, to create celebrity led ‘mobi-serials.’ Taking the next step in digital entertainment, Fluence will create and produce for the first time in India clutter breaking, original content for nexGTv. Elaborating on the tie-up Mr. G. D. Singh, Director & CEO, Digivive said, “Mobile is increasingly becoming the preferred platform of

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Facebook Launches New Riff App: Make Collaborated Videos

Facebook has launched the new Riff App for its users. Now you can make collaborative videos with your friends in as much as 20 seconds! I believe it may in reply to Twitter Launching its video streaming app Periscope but none the less the cumulative profit is to the users. The launch was announced by Josh Miller, the product manager at Facebook who also said that the riff app will allow friends to make short videos In just 20 seconds.

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Facebook F8 : Redefine the Internet and Online Media

Facebook has begun its annual developer conference which goes by the name of Facebook F8. A number of announcements were made on the first day almost all of which had some interesting things to listen to. The future of facebook as a platform and many other things like Spherical Video, LiveRail etc. were talked about. Let’s take a look at the first day of Facebook F8 annual conference   Facebook is all set to launch some big changes in its

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10 Secret Facebook Tricks You May not Know

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Everybody you know uses it to do a lot of things. You can share news and important updates with friends and family. You can upload pictures and videos and share what you want with people living across miles from you. Moreover, you can also engage in fun activities like liking pages and reading posts and links shared in your network. That is why it is huge source of engagement in the

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Difference between PNG, JPEG, GIF Images

Different file formats are available with regards to photos. Three of the most common formats are JPEG, GIF and PNG.  Though, once you open the files, you won’t be able to figure out any difference; however, there are certain distinctions which differentiate these three file formats from one another. It needs to be mentioned in this context that all these three separate file systems are unique in their own way. Let me discus the features and characteristics of these three

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