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CartFlows Review: Is This WP Sales Funnel Builder Worthy?


Having an online business with good traffic is not enough, you just need a good conversion rate. The main issue to get fewer conversions means you have to once check your website. Yes, it is important to create an attractive website & web pages, then the visitors will easily convert into customers.

If you are going to start an online business and you’re a non-technical person or at an advanced level then don’t worry this post is for everyone.

In order to avoid less conversion rates, we have CartFlows as it is an excellent sales funnel builder that can easily convert your visitors into customers. With CartFlows build sales pages for your business and also review to decide how it helps to bring customers to your online business. 

⭐ What is CartFlows?


CartFlows is an excellent platform where you can build different sales pages, funnels, landing pages, &, etc. that brings more customers & sales. Once build a sales page with CartFlows then it automatically brings & improves the conversion rates and you can see an increase in profits for your business. 

The features that are available at CartFlows really help online businesses in all aspects to bring sales. It works perfectly by understanding what the user wants and it is one of the leading sales builders in the market. 

The stats of CartFlows speaks about how the users trust this builder if we see the numbers that are more than 200K users who are satisfied with CartFlows. Since the launch date, over 82 new feature updates are consistently added according to the requirement of the businesses.

If you have an online business then you must give it a try to CartFlows sales page builder and review its features & benefits practically and decide whether it is suitable for your business or not. 

😇 What Exactly Does CartFlows Offer?

What exactly does CartFlows offer to us

The main agenda of CartFlows is to increase conversions and boost profits for your online business. If doubtful whether it is suitable for your business or not, then review on to which businesses it really does it works. 

New to Selling Products 

No matter what is your business industry, CartFlows helps to sell your products within a matter of minutes. Even though if you’re new to selling the products it assists to work your business as easy as possible. It offers 

  • Various templates for everything that you need
  • Provides training for everything to run the business
  • It allows you to use any page builder
  • It does everything to run your sales more and more with-profits

Already Having an Existing Store 

If you have a store already means, with CartFlows you can take full control of your buyer in every aspect. The things you’re going to benefit from CartFlows are

  • Easy Checkout process
  • Order bumps while checkout
  • Proceed with offering unlimited upsells and downsells
  • Prevent Cart Abondament

If you’re an Agency

You can review a full solution to your super-agency by using CartFlows. Here are the details on how an agency benefits from CartFlows 

  • It avoids all expensive SaaS bills
  • You can use your current page builder
  • Less moving parts
  • Easy to manage all your clients

✅ CartFlows Key Features

The CartFlows main agenda is to help your online business to bring more sales and review all the elements provided by it that bring more sales. Here is the list of features that are provided by CartFlows are:

Offers One-Click Upsells 

One Click Upsells

When a visitor comes to your site or store and finally on the product checkout page whether to buy the product or not. It is not a good sign for any online business but the main aim of every business is to upsell or to make a regular customer.

In order to do this, you have to create some exciting offers that tempt them to buy. If we take an example, the customer buys any electronic device, then you can upsell cover, charger, or anything else.

If not, then also you can offer the customer a down-sell. Within a matter of minutes, just upsell or down-sell to make the customer journey simple and easy. 

CartFlows One-Click Upsell is suitable for 

  • When you’re selling product with one-time offers
  • Cross-sell the relevant products with offers
  • More perfect for the course creators
  • When you sell a product with a high pricing
  • Health-related products to sell in huge quantities

Add One-Click Order Bumps 

One Click Order Bumps

In online business, you can add order bumps to the checkout page so that you can earn more revenue. Using CartFlows, just add order bumps for your business and showcase it on the checkout page on any side and review how it looks. The best part of displaying the order bumps is when the customer fills in the details, after completion of the order, or after payment details.  

Many smart shop owners are increasing their income by 10-30% because of these order bumps and now it is your turn to do so. Just add order bumps to your website checkout page with CartFlows and boost the revenue as the order bumps are one of the greatest ways to boost income. 

The CartFlows order bumps are especially suitable

  • For Selling the complementary products  
  • If you want to sell extended warranties then these order bumps are perfect.
  • When you’re selling the training programs

Allows to Perform Split Testing or A/B Testing 

Split Testing

It is difficult to analyze which version of the web page will work for your business, to get to know this CratFlows A/B Testing or Split Testing is for you. Yes, when you perform this CartFlows A/B Testing, then it will be easy to identify & review which one works and brings more conversions for your business. 

Overall, CartFlows A/B Testing allows you to tests everything that you want from a headline button to pricing. After setting the split test, you can examine which one is getting more conversions and which one is not. By recording everything with conversions and data, and choose the best one which gets more traffic & sales. So, now choose that page and more focus on it to perform more and getting results in the form of conversions.

When you choose this A/B Testing then it offers many benefits and they are 

  • Identify the best performing website that brings traffic and sales
  • CartFlows allows you to review web pages and do the changes that are required
  • The best part of Split Testing is it reduces the bounce rates to your website
  • Choose the best-performing pages for your business and focus on them more.
  • At CartFlows, you can test everything
  • Get higher conversion values than ever before

Templates that Brings more Conversion Rates 


No matter what is your business industry may be CratFlows offers different ready-made conversion templates for your business. To create an impression, just create an attractive website for your business then automatically customers visit and stay up on your site.

Creating an attractive website is not a big task with CartFlows, as with a single tap you can choose the best template for your business. Now, the next step is just to include text, images, etc. for your website and also edit texts & images whenever you want. If still, you’re not satisfied with these CartFlows templates means there is an option to add a new template by creating & designing CartFlows templates on your own. 

There are many benefits when you choose the conversion templates at CartFlows and it can work with different popular page builders. If the main intention of your business is to get more conversions means let CartFlows make an eCommerce easy to bring more income for you. Mainly it works with Elementor, Thrive Architect, Divi Builder, BeaverBuilder, and Gutenberg. 

The purpose of having an attractive template is 

  • To get an impression from the visitors 
  • Boost the conversion rates

Design Layouts for Checkout Pages 

Checkout Layout

Any online business faces a major drawback is cart abandonment during the checkout process. According to some of the reports that more than 70% of people are abandoning the shopping cart at the checkout. Still wondering the reason behind it, yes there are major reasons to consider for this cart abandonment are 

  • Shipping taxes 
  • The extra cost that is not convincible to buy
  • Not providing any assurance
  • Does not provide any testimonials and also no guarantees

In order to reduce shopping cart abandonment, CartFlows offers checkout layouts and when you’re buying any product, it gives a complete indication about its testimonials, guarantees, order bumps, and many more. Yes, at CartFlows, there are high converting checkout layouts and it really helps your business by reducing cart abandonment. 

Even a 10% reduction of cart abandonment really helps your business and so CartFlows checkout layouts will help your business by reducing cart abandonment.

The review on the main advantages to consider about these CartFlows Checkout layouts are

  • They are distraction-free as well as high-converting checkouts
  • It offers three checkout layout designs and they are attractive. Choose the best one for your business.
  • These checkout layouts are fully customizable
  • Moreover, they are lightweight and frictionless presentation.

Generate the Leads 

Lead Generation

The lead generation funnels at CartFlows help your business to turn your visitors into loyal customers. Many online businesses fail due to being unaware of how to generate leads and how to get sales. Now, you don’t need to bother about such things when you have CartFlows.

Yes, if you’re looking to build an email address list or want to build a funnel that brings leads then CartFlows is for you to do everything. Lead Generation is a major part of the success of every online business and this lead generation is for gathering all the details of the customers for creating the sales pipeline. The next step is to nurture your customers until they proceed to buy the products from your store.  

When you have high converting lead pages as well as lead magnets, then there is a huge possibility of getting more leads. The lead magnet funnels are nothing but free subscriptions, ebooks, coupons, a free online course, and many more.  

At CartFlows, there are various high converting leading pages and review to use which page is perfect to build for your online website, and then the next step is to proceed to grow email address lists. Let’s see how this lead generation is perfect for 

  • For generating more lists as well as for building email address lists
  • It helps to create the brand awareness
  • Allows you to create different kinds of funnels for sales
  • Increase sales for your online business


Pre-checkout offer

It is nothing but to provide an offer to the customers before they proceed to checkout and this pre-checkout offer is to increase the average order value for your products. Of course, with CartFlows increase your money transaction by introducing this pre-checkout offer and therefore results in an increase in order value. 

Customer before proceeding to checkout, a pop-up will be showcased on their screen and it is one of the unique features that are available in CartFlows. Pop-up is nothing but a product offer that is displayed on the screen which is related to their buying goods. At the same time, you have the opportunity to introduce additional offers to the products. For this, all you need to do is just enable the checkout offer to your CartFlows checkout page and then your store is ready with showcasing pre-checkout offers. 

Having this pre-checkout offer to your business means there are many benefits 

  • It helps your business to increase the average order value
  • You can provide different types of discounts on your products
  • Allows you to sell the complementary as well as related products

Insights and Analytics


The CartFlows gives an in-depth analysis of how your business is running in the number format. These analytics help you out to make decisions to make a smarter move for your business that tends to boost profits.

The CartFlows analytics gives an in-depth analysis of how your checkout pages are working and also gives clarity on which products are getting orders and which ones are not. The best part is it allows you to filter the things like if you want to look at how your website working for one week then you can set that time period. Like this, you check for one month, one week, present-day, whenever you want.   

If you do not enable A/B Testing then you can cover this test in this Analytics section and if you need to rest the analytics, then it is possible at CartFlows. Overall, you’re getting deep insights on every piece with reports regarding your business. 

The analytical insights give information on 

  • Total number of visits
  • Conversion rates
  • How many conversions happen
  • Revenue generated at each step
  • The order value average number
  • The gross sales
  • How much revenue is generated through the order pumps

Now, CartFlows allows your eCommerce business to run smoothly and earn a huge number of profits. 

💙 CartFlows Customer Reviews and Testimonials

CartFlows users are the happiest customers and they trust this platform to achieve their goals easily. This is the leading sales funnel builder in the market which improves your website checkout pages to get more customers which results to earn more income. The customers of CartFlows were rated 4.9-star ratings which are given by 100+ customers. Now, we can see the CartFlows reviews provided by its customers in the below image. 

CartFlows customer reviews

👀 Pros and Cons of CartFlows 


  •  Offers free version
  • 100% Money-back guarantee
  • Provides a great customer support by its team
  • Prices are affordable
  • It increases your conversion rates for your online stores
  • Checkout system is good
  • Provides ready-made free templates that bring more conversions
  • Split testing is possible
  • A lot of amazing features
  • One-click downsell as well as upsell
  • It is very easy to build an optimized sales funnel
  • Suitable for newbies, agencies, and for existing store owners
  • Create an excellent checkout process
  • Deep insights and analytics


  •  The free version has limited features
  • Does not offer any monthly payment/subscription option
  • No cons

🎁 CartFlows Overview on Pricing Plans 

CartFlows offers a free version but has limited features and for sure this free version definitely does not help you to reach your business goals and coming to the review on the paid plans are

CartFlows Pro pricing, the annual version costs $239 and the lifetime license costs $999. The lifetime deal is just paying at a time and use forever without any monthly subscriptions. Both annual and private lifetime offer provides the same features and they are

CartFlows pricing plans
  • It allows you to use up to 30 websites
  • Gives access to build unlimited sales funnels
  • Offers premium templates
  • Provides conversion checkouts with optimization
  • Access to provide checkout offers
  • An one-click order bump option
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Excellent support
  • The user community is extraordinary
  • Video Tutorials and amazing documentation

It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can choose any plan and use it without any risk. If you’re not that much impressed with the product, you can just simply ask for a refund, they’ll return the money that you invested without asking any questions. It allows you to change the plans or else cancel the plans at any time you want. All the payments are fully secured with Norton and McAfee. 

If you’re looking to choose the free version of CartFlows then the Pro version, then here is a great idea to review the free version and pro version features in a table format. 

CartFlows Free vs. Pro Features 

FeaturesFree VersionCartFlows Pro Version
The Order Bumps✔️
Upsells and Downsells ✔️
Checkout – One Column ✔️
Checkout – 2 step ✔️
Split or A/B Testing ✔️
Custom fields for the checkout process ✔️
Reordering the field ✔️
Hiding the fields ✔️
Change the Field labels ✔️
Templates for landing pagesLimitedYes
Templates for CheckoutLimitedYes
Templates for Thank youLimitedYes
Templates for UpsellLimitedYes
Thank You Page ✔️ ✔️
Checkout in two-column ✔️ ✔️
Cart Abandonment ✔️ ✔️
Dynamic Links ✔️ ✔️
Integration to Facebook ✔️ ✔️

💥 Final words to say on CartFlows Review 

For all the sellers this CartFlows is a perfect solution that helps them to boost their conversion rates and profits. It works for any industry as it allows you to build converting sales funnel builders for your online store. 

One can easily attract customers with CartFlows templates and make them buy the products from your stores. You’re new to seller business, then don’t worry CartFlows has custom script support from its team to you in every aspect, and moreover, it is suitable for existing business along with agencies. 

You can use templates that meet your requirements to get impressions from the audiences and also utilize all the features so that the visitors can automatically turn into loyal customers.

For more interesting make the checkout custom fields simple and easy and also use additional options such as order bumps, pre-check out offers, and many more to get more sales. Even though it does not offer any regular price, you can proceed with annual or lifetime payment options as they are worth to invest to run your business successfully.

In conclusion, CartFlows review states it is a power-packed best sales funnel plugin that can easily bring more sales for your business and it does not take much time to bring sales. Once you get the sales means there will be a significant increase in earning more profits. 

🔅 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Does CartFlows work for Divi?

Yes, CartFlows work for Divi and along with that it works on WordPress, WooCommerce, Thrive Architect, AliDropship, LearnDash, Beaverbuilder, and Elementor.

✌️ Does CartFlows offer any free trial period?

No, it does not provide any free trial offer, and even the free version has fewer features. So, it is good to go with paid plans. If you do not satisfied means, they’ll return all the amount that you invested in it without asking any questions.

👊 Does CartFlows work with Shopify?

No, at present it does not work with Shopify as it works with WordPress and WooCommerce.

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