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Buzzious Review: Is This A Best All-In-One Website Builder?


Do you want to generate real passive income online?

Yes, we brought you some interesting software review, here is Buzzious where you can create high-quality content and generate passive income 100% of your own. It is a money making site builder where you can get hands-free passive commissions.

Buzzious Review

If you’re a Digital Marketer or Affiliate Marketer, then you’re at the right place to earn passive income and profits for your work with Buzzious.

Do you still feel unbelievable? then don’t worry, here is a Buzzious review, from this let’s analyze in a brief how it generates passive income to an individual, and also we will go through its pricing plans, customer reviews, and many more.

😍 What is Buzzious?


Buzzious is an all-in-one new website builder that helps you to launch fully optimized and fully monetized trending as well as viral content or videos that tend to get more traffic, engagements, leads, and huge revenues too. And to use this tool, you don’t require any technical skills or experience as it is user-friendly.

Buzzious platform is especially designed for Affiliate marketers and Digital Marketers as it helps to grow their online businesses by getting visitors engagements & huge profits. As Buzzious will help you to create trending and viral videos, ads, and many more. If you’re likely to earn more income then Buzzious is the absolute pick and let’s aware of how it is more beneficial for online marketers through Buzzious review and now your turn to start earning money.

Especially for Digital marketers and Affiliate Marketers, Buzzious is a platform where they can grow more engagements and generate huge revenue. All you need to do is just create content of viral videos or trending videos, images, ads, product/service links, and many more. If you’re interested to earn passive income means, this is the best pick for you.

πŸ’œ Features Benefits of Buzzious

Here are the main features and benefits that are offered by Buzzious

  • It is easy to create multiple viral news sites with professional and curated content.
  • If you’re likely to create viral content, then you can search for various viral trending articles with the help of keywords that are available from top content sources.
  • You will get a free subdomain & you can publish post with the help of Buzzios.
  • If you want to drive huge traffic, then it can easily optimize sites and URLs according to the search engines.
  • If you want to generate huge profits per click, then you can monetize your website and Buzzious will perform by placing any type of Ad code including Google Adsense.
  • You will get to know how much traffic you get, how many page views, ad views you get easily as this tool is integrated with Google Analytics.
  • To insert an RSS feed, it provides custom RSS support and so you can easily pull high-quality & fresh content from various sources.
  • Even it allows you to add unlimited posts or pages to get huge traffic and revenue, again and again.
  • If you want to edit your videos, images, posts, pages, links, etc. then the WYSIWYG editor is here for you and it also builds authority to your content.
  • You can capture everything from one dashboard such as manage registered emails, visitors emails, users, newsletters, etc. as it has an inbuilt lead generation system.
  • With Buzzious, it is easy to build professional websites with the help of various themes, responsive design, GDPR notice, sortable sliders, editable navigation.
  • Overall, Buzzious is packed with various advanced features like updating categories, search features, sitemap generators, adding/deleting categories, pageview counts, etc. as it will help to know the visitor engagement.
  • To get better rankings for your website you can change the site description, title, logo, etc.
  • The dynamic comment system in Buzzious will manage your comments, messages, and replies.
  • It allows you to turn your hobbies and interests into a passive income.
  • It does not require any skills as it is newbie-friendly and it is a complete cloud-based system.
  • It provides step-by-step video training for new users and it is very easy to use, at the same time it offers 24/7 customer support.

βœ… Get Started in Three Steps

3 steps to start with Buzzious

If you want to earn passive income with Buzzious, then you have to go with the three main steps.


You can easily curate the content from all the top sources by entering the keyword of the viral videos/content.


Now, it’s time to edit your post, and in that post, you can insert the codes, CPA offers, affiliate links, and many more.


In the last step, you have to review and publish the post to get instant tons of traffics and huge profits with Buzzious. It’ll take five minutes to reach the audiences and then easily you’ll start earning.

✌️ Pros and Cons of Buzzious


  • Wide range of features
  • Easy to use and Newbie-friendly
  • Integrate with social media networks
  • Create images, graphics easily
  • Allows to sell your images to your local businesses
  • Drives more traffic
  • Easily customize your images
  • Edit your own images
  • Affordable cost
  • Gain Passive income easily
  • No skills are required
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy to create ad creatives
  • Suitable for Digital marketers and Affilaters



  • No cons are found

πŸ‘Š Unleash the Power of New Sales to Make Passive Income

To earn passive income, you have to perform the below steps.

Create Premium Quality Viral New Sites

Firstly, you have to create quality content by searching viral videos of any niche and then drive traffic to your content, after that monetize the traffic passively.

Curate Content Like a Pro From Hundreds of Feeds

If you want to get fresh and trending content of any niche, then you have to enter the keywords and it will show hundreds of feeds to post on your site.

A Proven Passive Income Solution

Monetize your websites by inserting Affiliate links, CPA offers links, Adsense, Banner Ads, Amazon Ads, and many more. Even it also help to sell your products or services.

Convert Images to Other File Formats

The innovative tools in Buzzious will help you to convert the existing file into another format like JPG to PNG or JPEG.

Upload Your Own Images to Edit

Buzzious comes up with an inbuilt arsenal of media assets, as it allows you to edit your own images by uploading to their server and the image editors in this tool will help to customize the images.

Share Images/Memes to Facebook and Pinterest

It integrates with all social media networks Facebook, Pinterest, and easily you can share your content with a click.

πŸ€” How to Create and Edit Content in Buzzious?

With Buzzious, it is easy to search, create, edit, convert, review, download, upload content, and with just a few simple clicks you are allowed to share graphics, videos, images, memes, vectors, and icons.

Download Unlimited Images

There are no limitations to download the images as it allows you to do as many as you want from its library and use them for your content.

Create Unlimited Graphics/Ads

It allows you to create unlimited ads, unique graphics, memes, banners, gifs, and more, and without any technical skills you can edit them with the help of easy-to-use live image editors.

Edit Images/Graphics

Even it allows you can add stickers, filters, texts, shapes, blur effects, colors, and more for your images in just minutes. Along with that you can change file formats of the images, edit the images, and share them on your social media networks.

πŸ˜‡ Why Images are Important?

Why Images matter - Buzzious

Images plays a key role to attract visitors, and 99% of audiences will leave the website if the images or graphics are not featured. If images are featured in your articles, then you’ll get more views and it is true that our brain will attract the images rather than texts.

A post with images produces high engagement when compared to the text type of posts. The images on social media gains more engagement and impressions than videos or links. If you tweet with an image then you’ll get 150% more retweets.

Well-designed visuals make the visitors to read your content and the images are the main reason for the marketers to reach their goals. To increase the followers or subscribers, images are very important and so you can put more interest to the images for your website to grab more number of audiences.

Things to Remember πŸ‘ˆ

Before putting the images or graphics to your post, you have to remember the things are:

  • You should not use low-quality images or not customized images, if so there will be a huge loss in gaining visitors for your post.
  • Another important thing is you have to use the images which are 100% copyright free or it must be licensed correctly. You cannot use the images directly that are available on the internet and if you use those images means your website will be blacklisted by the search engines.

πŸ€— Three Options to Tap into Potential of Images

If you want to use quality images without copyright issues means

 Buy Stock Images from Popular Stock Sites

Buy stock images from popular stocks

You can get images from Getty Images, Shutterstock, etc as those sites provide ready-made images of any niche and they offer expensive prices for the images. Buying hundreds of images with a high budget is not good, then proceed to the next option.

Create your Own High-Quality Images

To create images on your own means you need high skills and also to spend more time on it. Also, you need an expensive camera, other equipment at the same time you have to learn design and editing skills. It is for professionals and if you have business and want to spend more on other aspects then it is not for you.

Hire a Graphic Designer

So hire a professional, and are you ready to spend lot of amount to pay the designers. What if they did not deliver the designs as you want and putting more power on pictures to get more traffic, and sales is a tough job.

To get the command of audiences, good and unique images will play a vital role even also they keep you ahead of your competitors. But creating an own image is complicated and expensive too, and it is not for you.

So, to make it easier Buzzious is for you and solves all your problems as it is easy to create, review images, and also you can design customized graphics within minutes whereas Buzzious has a Zero learning curve.

πŸ’₯ Amazing Benefits of Buzzious

Benefits of Buzzious
  • Get over 9 million searchable images, memes, icons, stickers, graphics, and many more of any niche.
  • You’ll benefit from various stock images, vector graphics, animated graphics, avatars, quote images, logos, eCovers, and more.
  • Buzzious offers two innovative image editors and you can edit the images simply with point and click.
  • You can easily transform simple images into jaw-dropping images.
  • Share the images to all social media networks instantly as Buzzious is integrated with Facebook and Pinterest.
  • You can create customized designs and stand ahead of your competitors, as you can get everything that you need with Buzzious.

To grab customers and make those people to take desired actions by delivering high-quality & customized images, memes, GIFs, and more. As these images will build your brand and boost your business too.

πŸ”₯ Get Jaw-Dropping Designs in 3 Steps

You can transform your images with jaw-dropping designs easily in three steps.


From Buzzious library select the image that is perfect for your niche and start creating eye-popping designs with a blank canvas.


According to your taste customize the image with logos, stickers, icons, texts, effects, filters, etc.

Save and Publish

Now, review and save those images after that publish them on your website, social media, landing pages, and the visitors will attract and convert into the customer as Buzzious does not offer any complicated learning curve and so you can happily design the image in minutes.

🀠 Image Creation and Compatibility

Buzzious Image Creation

Let’s see how it is easy to create images with Buzzious as this tool is all-in-one solution for your designing and graphics needs. It has over 9 million images, graphics, stickers, memes, and more of any niche and you can search them with the help of keywords.

Even it is compatible with the editing and designing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, GIMP, Canva, CorelDraw, DesignBundle, Pixamattic & more.

Buzzious Comaptible tools

Along with that 288k+ downlaodable and ediatble visual assets. Everything is available under one dashboard that you want.

🎁 Buzzious Library

There are various images, graphics, stickers, and more in Buzzious library, you can search any image & review the best one for your website to add.

Unlimited Downloads

You can download unlimited images from the Buzzious library with or without customization in any format and it does not offer any restrictions to download the image immediately as it allows you to save them and download it later whenever you want.

Two Different Live Image Editors

Within minutes, you can make your image fully customizable with two inbuilt image editors, and all you need to start with black canvas, add text stickers, effects, filters, shapes, colors, etc. To do this you don’t require any prior experience or skills.

One-Click Sharing on Social Media

Say goodbye to download and share the images to social networks as Buzzious will do share them directly as it is integarted with Pinterest, Facebook, and you can easily get viral traffic.

Image Library to Upload Your Own Images

You can edit your own images with Bizzous as it has advanced media editors to edit your images seamlessly. When you upload the image, the two live image editors in Buzzious will edit the image and also you can review them and do changes wherever you want smoothly.

File Converter

You can convert the file format as you want easily with Buzzious flexible media editors. Just pick the format that you want for your image then the files will be converted into the desired format like JPG to PNG or JPEG or GIF, etc.

Create Unlimited Logos, eCovers, and Avatars

You can create as many as logos, avatars, eCovers as you want with the Buzzious advanced built-in editor, within minutes you can build your own artwork as you want to get huge results.

Fully Compatible

Buzzious is compatible with every image editing and graphic designing tool and so with the image editors you can easily edit the images or graphics on your own.

🀞 What’s Even Better According to Agencies?

Agency rights - Buzzious

For internet marketing business, logos, graphics, images are the main assets to reach the bigger audiences and offline businesses also frequently need images & graphics too. It means, the business image or graphics are very important to represent the business. With Buzzious, all the things are easy now and you can do projects for your clients too. When you deliver the right work, they’ll happy and ready to pay more for your work.

πŸ€” How to Earn 4-5 Figure Per Month?

Now, you can make money easily with Buzzious and build 4-5 figures easily.

Sell Stunning Customized Images or Logos to Local Businesses

Every business needs images, graphics, stickers, logos, and more to identify their business and also grab the audience attention. So, you can create everything with Buzzious and sell them to your local gyms, restaurants, hotels, bars, events, and other businesses to earn more income.

Sell Captivating Designs to an Endless Market of Hunger Buyers Online

If we see some of the websites like 99designs, Freelancer, many of the people are looking for unique designs and these sites charge a huge amount of money for graphics, logos, etc. But with Buzzious, you can create engaging images and sell them for pure revenue. Buzzious does not charge any extra money as it allows you to create images, graphics as many as you want.

🀑 Is Buzzious is the Multi-Purpose Platform?

Now, we’re reviewing whether Buzzious is the multipurpose platform or not

Online Marketers

Every online business must need to convert the visitor into a customer, and after that from customer to long-term customer. So, for this, you have to stick your audience on your posts, pages or website and make them buy your product/service by showing attractive and excellent visuals.


Bloggers can boost your subscribers, and increase visitors by designing your posts with eye-catching visuals.

Website Owners

With the customized images or graphics, it is easy to get more viewers and audiences to your site.

eCommerce Business Owners

The products or services that you sell must need a design for the social media ads to share on Facebook, and other networks to gain more audiences. For any product or service it is easy to create ad creatives, graphics for eCommerce business.

Affiliate Marketers

Promote the attention-grabbing images or graphics that you create with Buzzious and then make the visitors buy with your offers affiliate link.

Social Media Marketers

By posting attractive images on social media, you can generate free viral traffic with utmost ease.

Local Business Owners

You can create images or graphics for any niche and sell them to local business owners, and get paid more.


You can create ads and convert the visitors into buyers easily and also make them buy your products/services repeatedly.

SEO Professionals

If you want to get ranking in the search engines then Buzzious will help you out to make your content SEO friendly with images.

❣️ Customer Reviews on Buzzious

Reviews on Buzzious

Here are the reviews screenshot given by the customers of Buzzious and they have given almost positive responses by sharing the experience of creating images or graphics for their business with the help of Buzzious. From this, we can understand how it helped in their businesses.

🎁 Review on Pricing Plans of Buzzious

Pricing Plans of Buzzious

For personal purposes, buy Buzzious plan that costs $47, and the most recommended plan Agency Rights costs $57. If you’re not satisfied with these plans then it offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. Payments are accepted via Mastercard, VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Try now! it is a risk-free platform.

πŸ”₯ Final Words

Buzzious is an all-in-one site builder software where you can create and launch content easily with just few clicks. It is very perfect for those who are looking to earn passive income online and it is specially designed for affiliate marketers and digital marketers. You just create content and publish it as instantly to gain passive income. You can create content of viral videos or trending videos, review & edit your post, and then publish it with Buzzious. Within few minutes it drives 100% free traffic, Start with Buzzious now to start earning more profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

🀞 How many images can create and download at Buzzious?

No limitations, you can create as many as you want as Buzzious allows you to create and download from the library at any time with or without customization as your requirement.

πŸ‘Š Is any trainaing is provided by Buzzious?

Yes, Buzzious provide step by step guide through video tutorials and how to use this tool, and how to create and edit images or graphics in less time.

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