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Builderall Vs Kartra [Honest Comparison] Which One Is Best?


We can see there is a lot of competition in this digital business era, Kartra vs Builderall offers unique value propositions in some key features like sales funnels and landing page builders.

If you want to run a successful online business in one system without different systems, then you can go with these two platforms. The modules available in Builderall vs Kartra are landing pages, sales funnels, website builders, click map auto-responders, sales pages, analytics, heat maps, and many more.

Builderall and Kartra own popularity over the past few years, identified themselves as an all-in-one marketing suite for online business. They take away all the hustles in managing the marketing campaign and they have some differences, similarities, pros, and cons.

Let’s get into every detail of Kartra and Builderall in this article. To know which software is suitable for you and your business, here is an overview to know how each works in general. 

What is Builderall? 

The most successful marketing for online businesses is Builderall and its focus on transforming the entrepreneurship world into digital marketing. It means, all the marketing activities can do in one place, and either it does not disappoint any business as Builderall has a sheer number of features.

Messenger chatbots, SMS messages, emails, webinars, affiliates, and everything you can manage with Builderall. All the essential tools that are required to run an online business are available in it.   

The pricing to pick this tool for your business is tempting as the cost is cheaper and the people who are at their business with fewer profits than Builderall is the solution.

Without any hassle, you can manage and promote your business easily with Builderall and very suitable for beginners. If you have a decent digital marketing strategy then Builderall for you will make all your marketing easy.  

What is Kartra?  

We have one of the best all-in-one marketing platforms Kartra, that helps online businesses to run smoothly. If you want to make your online business successful then it is the perfect pick as it comes with every feature that an online business requires.

For your business record keeping and functionalities, Kartra is the right one to manage with its business-related features like a sales funnel, email marketing, landing pages, and many more. All you need to do is just create a business strategy that you want to implement then Kartra will care for your next activities.

Due to its high-quality services, it has the capacity to generate more leads to your businesses where you can get positive & instant results. You can experience any type of service by picking the right pricing plan based on the requirement of your online business.

On the whole, Kartra is a platform where it added value to run your online business like never before and also covers every area to build a brand.

Similarities of Kartra vs Builderall  

There are some important similarities between the tools when we compare and at the same time, the tools Kartra vs Builderall also have some similarities and let’s see those similarities in this section that are common between them.

Builderall Marketplace

Drag and Drop  

Both the tools Builderall vs Kartra have the drag and drop feature and it gives the functionality of creating landing pages and sleek websites. In both platforms, the drag and drop feature is combined with other apps, so that it can help to build a professional website. By doing this, you can boost the revenue of your online business.  


The analytics feature is available in both the platforms Kartra vs Builderall and the use of this feature is to help to give the relevant information and also to get the best results. With the help of A/B Testing feature in both the tools, you can able to identify that in which page the audience attracts the most.

To make the right decisions for your business, both platforms are equipped with powerful analytical tools and these tools are providing valuable information. When compared to Builderall, Kartra is having every detail and can understand with ease.

Email Marketing System  

To create and automate your customer’s contact whether it is a new customer or an existing customer, you have to need an email marketing system. Builderall vs Kartra has a powerful email marketing system to deal with your customers. Kartra has an excellent deliverability system to send all your leads through emails.

There is nothing to worry when an email is hitting to spam for your customers and subscribers. Every email that you send to your customer will be delivered and on the other side, Builderall has good email marketing features but can’t compete with big dudes.   

Customer Support  

Builderall vs Kartra, both have an awesome chat support system for the customers in high and professional responsive manner. 24/7 services are provided by both of the tools and if you’re a customer of Kartra or Builder then don’t worry about getting support from these platforms.  

Inbuilt Affiliate Marketing Software  

You can manage affiliate marketing business or affiliate marketing programs in these platforms because they had inbuilt affiliate program management software.

The affiliate marketing software tracks all the marketing activities including a number of audiences who are directed to your website and you can earn through the commission.  

Kartra has a broad and larger affiliate marketing program system with an equal marketplace and so that the affiliate can sign-up and even can promote the product of others people’s businesses. The users can easily attract to it as it has in-house affiliate program, but compared to Kartra affiliate program, Builderall has a robust affiliate system.  

Shopping Cart  

The shopping cart feature is available in both Kartra and Builderall. The shopping cart feature in Kartra is highly advanced and also equipped with extra functionalities. All the physical products are used to be sell in upsell and downsell.   

Membership Site Creation  

A membership site feature is allowed to both Kartra and Builderall, and these are allowed to monetize the website and from the members, they can collect a monthly subscription fees.  

Templates and Page Builder 

There is a wide range of templates for the users in both the tools and it is easy to create a website, funnels, standalone landing page, website, and many more by using these templates. 

Sales Funnel 

Kartra vs Builderall has the sales funnel template and this feature is mainly useful to increase the sales and conversion rates.  

Differences of Builderall vs Kartra  

Kartra is recognized among marketers as the most professional tool when compared to Builderall. The newcomers of online business can attract Kartra because of its professionalism and also having quite unique features when compared to Builderall.

There are many things in between Kartra vs Builderall and at some point, both differ from each other. We are here to explain the main differences between the two software platforms.  

Quantity and Quality  

For marketing your online business, the two platforms Builderall vs Kartra perform efficiently and effectively. If we talk in-depth, one platform is more of quantity and the other platform is more of quality. 


Builderall is with a lot of marketing tools integrated with many features and it is difficult to compare with other relative counterparts. When it comes to more features, Kartra is the tool that can perform seriously and it is the reason why in the race with Clickfunnels. For quality, Kartra is the boss, and for quantity, Builderall is the pick.


If we talk about a user-friendly interface, Builderall is a little bit clumsy and on dashboard, there are many tools that tend to be overwhelming. When it comes to the features of Kartra, it is sharp, very focused, and precise as most of the features are to be used easily.

But still, you just need a handful of experience on the dashboard. Both the tools are actually good at their responsiveness and speed.  

Webinar Tool 

The users can create high-quality engaging and appealing videos with the help of the webinar tool in Builderall. And this tool is completely inbuilt & fully automated whereas Kartra does not have this feature.

If the user of Kartra wants to use the webinar feature then must go for the sister tool like EverWebinar and WebinarJam.  

Chat Support 

The customer support of Kartra is quite responsive as early as possible and better than Builderall. The customer can expect the response within a day at Kartra but coming to Builderall, it will make to wait for days.   

What’s in Builderall not in Kartra? 

Kartra offers many features but coming to Builderall we can see a limited feature and it is overall depending on the plan you pick. It is easy to build a page or funnel with Builderall and managing the calendar, affiliates, webinars, video animations are also possible with this tool.

Builderall Features

It also has the drag and drop feature is known as cheetah and it helps to modify your page as you want without any restrictions. You can choose different funnel templates as it offers in dozens like video sales, reverse squeeze, squeeze, product launch, invisible, and many more.

There is a big improvement in the mailing sector of Builderall as it has an autoresponder feature and script generator. To create a perfect sale, a script generator will do it for free when you just put relevant information.

Users can identify their audiences better with the help of split testing or A/B Testing by comparing the performances of different marketing campaigns.  

  • Blog builder  
  • Presentation software  
  • A content share locking feature  
  • Social proof software  
  • Auto post for social media  

What’s in Kartra not in Builderall? 

Kartra allows the users to create their own pages, build email marketing campaigns, build leads, add lead capture forms, organize their schedule using the calendar, and upload videos.

It can easily recruit your affiliates and track them, along with that, it can program your own custom add-ons.


If you want to create webinar funnels then Kartra is with you, but have to hire a separate service to access webinar funnels.

To generate leads, Kartra page builder makes it easy to create them and there are many template designs to choose. If you want to track the users and their profiles, Kartra introduces BAM technology, to know who is your audience is.

It has an excellent support team to fulfill all your needs and requirements. If you’re new to the online business and want to save your effort and time, then Pregade Campaigns at Kartra will help you as it came up with a bunch of marketing ideas. Some, of the list of features that are not available in Builderall but in Kartra is 

  • Calendar and event booking tool 
  • Affiliate Marketplace  
  • Progress bars for membership sites  
  • Kartranault training  
  • Behavioral Adaptive Marketing Technology – BAM  
  • Video Hosting  
  • Helpdesk Software  

Pricing Plans of Kartra vs Builderall 

A free trial period is available for both the tools Kartra and Builderall.

Coming to Kartra, the pricing plan of the starter is $99/month and can save $240 when you go for the annual billing. For the silver plan, it costs $199/month and you can save $600 when you go with the annual payment structure. You can go for the gold and platinum plans, that is available for $299/month and $499/month.

You can save 25% of your money by picking the annual bill payment structure. $840, and $1440 are the saving price for the gold and platinum plans. The bonus of picking any one of the pricing plans silver, gold, and platinum is Kartra agency is free of charge. 

The Kartra plan includes Kartra Checkouts, Kartra Pages, Kartra Leads, Kartra Funnels and Campaigns, Kartra Mail, kartra Memberships, Kartra Forms, Kartra Affiliate Management, Kartra Videos, Kartra Helpdesks, Kartra Agency, Kartra Calendars, and Kartra Market-place.

In addition to this, you can get additional domains, integrations & API, and Emails & Bandwidth. If you’re not satisfy with Kartra, you can get money back within 30days. 

Builderall offers a free trial and also offers a demo funnel plan to the users and in free plan you can experience limited features. The Builderall builder plan is $29.90/month for one domain, five subdomains, 5GB storage disk space, and 2000 subscribers.  

Select the monthly plan of Builderall and start growing your business. 

The Builder version costs – $29/month 

  • Allows to manage1 Domain
  • 5 Subdomains 
  • 5000 Subscribers 
  • Disc Space 5GB

Premium version costs – $69.90/month 

  • Get 15 Domains 
  • Unlimited Subdomains 
  • Unlimited Subscribers 
  • Disk space 10GB

Funnel club first payment – $199/month and from the second month it costs $99.90.

  • Access to 15 Domains 
  • Unlimited Subdomains 
  • Unlimited Subscribers 
  • Disk space 10GB
  • Experience all tools, funnels, templates, and automatic approval as a PRO affiliate

Pros and Cons of Builderall vs Kartra 

Like any other software tool, Builderall has also some pros and cons and here is the list.   

Pros of Builderall:   

  • The pricing is quite affordable and if you running a small business then Builderall is the pick for you.  
  • Offers great features 
  • Builderall has a simple and intuitive builder 
  • Using Builderall, can get good affiliate commissions 
  • It frequently updates with new features and functions 

Cons of Builderall: 

  • For each type of device, you have to create a website manually 
  • This platform has often bugs and lags 
  • Does not offer proper customer support to the users 
  • For starter plan of Builderall tools may be overwhelming  
  • The main focus of this tool is on updating with new features  
  • The user interface as well as apps are not in a professional way  
  • It has inconsistent user experience 
  • Does not offer free trial  

The list of Kartra’s pros and cons are mentioned below, have a look into it.  

Pros of Kartra:   

  • For every pricing plan in Kartra, the users are allowed to use every feature in it including starter plan. There are different set of instructions in each plan and the users to pick according to their business requirements.  
  • Kartra is considered as all-in-one online marketing platform like as Clickfunnels software tool. 
  • The helpdesk in Kartra is handy tool and can done for all your marketing analytics. 
  • It has in-built video hosting app and so the users can host the videos with ease. From the membership ports of Kartra to different web pages, you can use these videos anywhere.  
  • There are plenty of various functions in Kartra’s membership portal along with the addition of video embeddings, subscriber management, file sharing, and many more. 

Cons of Kartra: 

  • When compared to other marketing tools, the loading speed of pages and the process of checkout system is relatively low.  
  • Coming to comparison of Builderall vs Kartra, there are fewer features to build the web in Kartra. It is good to have more features in Kartra.  
  • For less experienced marketers or beginners, it is a time taken process to adjust Kartra because the page builder is little bit complex.  
  • The pricing plan of Kartra is cheaper to other tools including with Starter Plan, Gold Plan, and Silver Plan for the annual payment billing structure.

Conclusion  {Builderall Vs Kartra}

Kartra vs Builderall has impressive marketing solutions and offers many features to the users that aid in setting and executing marketing campaigns.

Builderall Facebook Mentions

To reach potential clients, these platforms will optimize all your marketing efforts and also introduce new features frequently. The incredible functionality of Kartra, it creates a huge impact on many businesses in generating leads.

While Builderall is a leader in the field of marketing that can cover many features and it is more suitable for a well-established business. If you want to implement advanced features for your company then go with Builderall.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Which one is better, Kartra vs Builderall? 

According to the user perspective, Kartra is more responsive and focused on getting leads, increasing the conversion rates for more money, and monitoring the visitors. On the other side, Builderall tries to be good in providing various features but they all are mediocre.  

Is it good to switch from Kartra to Builderall? 

If we talk about the pricing range between these two tools, Builderall is cheaper and Kartra is a little bit expensive. More money or more time, depending on this you have to pick the right software.

In reality, Kartra is perfect in saving time when compared to Builderall and yes Kartra is expensive but for a better conversion-focused experience Kartra wins. If you have less budget and more time, then Builderall is good to use. 

What is the main problem with Builderall? 

 Builderall is a confusing, intuitive, and awkward page builder, especially the dashboard. The other disadvantage of using Builderall is it provides tons of applications that are not great to use.  

What is the Problem with Kartra? 

For small businesses and owners, Kartra is expensive and can’t afford to pay for such an organization. This is quite a disappointing, apart from it, Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that suits any industry.  

How to know which is good for a business in between Kartra vs Builderall? 

Builderall is a cheaper tool that offers numerous features and applications and this platform is ideal for those who are creating a website on a budget or a new online business.  

Kartra is another platform that reflects advanced features and is also an expensive pricing tool. It is more suitable for bigger businesses to utilize the sales funnels that tend to increase conversion rates.  

The main advantage of Builderall is having a number of tools and it seems that Builderall is focusing on adding of tools. This makes it is not a master of any feature to the businesses and it is great when it works on a complete marketing-suite.

So, it can help the users in serving sales funnels to increase the sales than connecting with all the tools. Apart from that, Builderall vs Kartra has competition in pricing and both are also good in affiliate programs to promote the products/services. Kartra is the win, without any doubt.   

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