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Brizy Review 2024: Is This Page Builder Worth For Money?


If you want to build a new website or web pages for your online business then you must look for the best page builders that help you to create beautiful websites or pages.

We’re going to review the best page builder Brizy which is a WordPress page builder that offers many features. Without dealing with any coding skills you can build pages on your WordPress website and its editor has an easy user interface.

Brizy is available with rich features that allow you in creating pages and it offers integrations to third-party apps too. Nowaday’s we have many other page builder plugins, but Brizy page builder comes into recognition in a short period of time.

What is Brizy?


Brizy is the new WordPress page builder plugin and without having coding and designing skills or hiring a pro, you can build web pages for your website easily.

It provides perfect templates and you can pick those templates according to your business niche. This best page builder brings decent customizable and draggable elements like text, buttons, lines, tabs, counter, etc.

Brizy allows the users to control all the stuff that needed in creating a website or pages easily and on the whole, the user can experience a different editing nature with Brizy.

Brizy is compatible with all the themes and it is available in freemium and premium versions. The freemium version offers fewer features and in the Pro version you can cover up everything that you need to build a landing page.

Here is a Brizy Review where you can get information regarding its builder features, design features, Dynamic content, Marketing integrations, and many more.

Features of Brizy

Let’s start with the features of the Brizy page builder and we’re covering every feature it offers. It provides various Builder features, design features, Marketing integrations, dynamic content, Brizy Cloud & more.

Builder Features

Brizy Builder

If you don’t have any coding skills, don’t have experience in web designing, then no problem Brizy is for you to create excellent and modern websites. It is more than an intuitive tool that shows only what the user wants and hides what’s do not want. Brizy is a complex visual design-builder and let’s see more about builder features.

Drag and Drop

With a simple motion of the cursor, you can arrange and move anything you see on the screen. This means, with the drag and drop option you can position anything on the page like columns, rows, and elements.

Real Time Editing

Say goodbye to disjointed experience, you can build and edit everything in real time directly on the front end in front of your eyes.

26 Builder Elements

You can create your cool website easily with Brizy, as it offers 26 free builder elements, that you can use while creating a website.

Responsive Control

Your website is 100% under your control and it is responsive to all the different screen sizes like mobiles, desktops, and tablets.

Contact Forms

The contact form is available for free in Brizy, and so you can create contact forms as many as you like.


With just the press of a button, the blocks in Brizy are transformed into an animated slider.

Global Blocks

You can modify the global blocks on different pages of your website at the same time. These Global blocks are great for repeating the content.

Saved Blocks

You can save any block in Brizy and you can use it later on different web pages and it is great for repeating the content.

Brizy Builder Features

Reorder Blocks

If you want to reorder the content then you have to drag and drop between Live representations of your blocks.


With the undo functionality, you can go back to a previous state, and to work fast you can redo it.


Don’t lose the draft work in your Brizy WordPress account and the autosave option is available for the Brizy cloud version only.

Right-Click Menu

When you give a right click on your mouse button, then immediately you’ll quickly get access to shortcuts and the selection tools.

Padding and Margin

In Brizy, there are built-in padding and margin options, and so you will have full control over your website layout.

Resize Columns

You can resize any column of your page that you most like by dragging the handle and the content will be adjusted.

Header and Footer

You will get a bunch of headers and footers with unique options such as hamburger menu, sticky, etc.  So, by adding headers and footers to the website, it looks beautiful and also works perfectly. It is available in the Pro version and for flexibility and ease of use, you can use this across all the pages.

Pop-up Builder

With the help of Brizy tools, you can build any popup as you want that you want to display. You can automate the popups on the site within seconds by Triggers and Display conditions.

Image Lightbox

You can open the images in a large pop-up, and this will be done by enabling an option i.e., switch found on any image in your web pages.

Mega Menu

The coming up feature in Brizy is Mega Menu and it is useful for header menus that are multi-columned and complex.

Role Manager

While editing the content for your website, you can allow or restrict the access of the users.

Design Features

Most of the designer’s time-saved features are available in Brizy. If you want to change all the similar colors of your website with a click, then with Bizy is possible.

Global Styling

Brizy Global styling

Within seconds, you can change colors, fonts on your website and it is a great time-saving feature for designers. In global styling options, not only texts and fonts you can share the properties with one click.

Pre-made Blocks

In a matter of minutes, you can create a website as the Brizy page builder offers over 200 pre-made blocks, so that you can design your website in a professional way. Brizy page builder offers blocks, pre-designed pages, and pop-ups that help you to create your page according to your imagination.

Video Backgrounds

To any block, you can use Vimeo or YouTube videos as a background to the website and you can play it in loop mode.


To any element such as columns and rows, you can add box shadows.

Borders and Corners

You can style your content by adding borders or rounding the corners of your pages.


It is always a good idea to have the animations at the entry point as that brings interactions from the visitors to your website.

Image Focus and Zoom

With the unique focus point functionality, you can Zoom in a photo and also pan it around the photo.

Brizy design Features

Vector Icons

You can find every icon in Brizy as it offers more than 4000 vector icons of 27 categories. So, these icons will help you out to do any type of project that you want. With the help of a search tool, you can find the right one as it is available in both outline and Glyph.

Shape Dividers

If you want to create a creative and interesting website for your clients then the shape divider option is for you to do so.

Premium Layouts

Brizy page builder added over 150+ premium blocks and layouts and if you want to use the premium layouts, then you have to switch to the Pro Version of Brizy.

Pro Elements

You can get a bunch of exclusive elements for designing purposes in the Brizy Pro version to use.


With the non-destructive filters in Brizy, you can improve your media looks and at the same time, the color corrections are said to be done directly. So, you don’t need to switch to expensive and complex image editors.

Custom Fonts

Inside Brizy, you can upload and use the custom fonts as it is a great option for client corporate texts/fonts.

Map Styling

Brizy has some built-in options, that help you to style your Google map.

Dynamic Content

Brizy Dynamic content

Without any coding and designing skills, you can design the elusive web pages in Brizy. Some of the pages of your website like Search results, Posts Templates, Archives, 404 pages, etc, are hard to get.

To design such pages, you must need coding to style and edit them, but with Dynamic content feature in Brizy will make it simple and easy.

WP Templates

With the dynamic templates, you can reach easily any corner of your website or theme. It is powerful, easy to use, and it will let you customize everything.

WP Content

With WP dynamic content, you can populate your pages by using the power of dynamic content.

Dynamic Text

When you give hashtags to your content, the text element will be populated with the dynamic content.

Dynamic Images

Based on your needs, the image element can be populated dynamically.

Dynamic Video

Based on your specifications, the video element can be populated dynamically.

Brizy Dynamic

Block Conditions

If you want to display the newly created templates or blocks on different pages dynamically, then you can use these block conditions. All you need to choose is the location and what type of content to display. This helps each area of your website to customize neatly.


The most popular custom fields plugin in the market is ACF and in the Brizy pro version, it works great.


You can build your own directories, own listing sites, and membership sites with Toolset.


The pods in Brizy will allow you to manage all the custom content needs in one place and it is available in the Pro version.


In WordPress, you can instantly generate custom fields and expert meta boxes.

Posts Elements

It allows you to design custom WordPress post listings dynamically.

Menu Element

For your headers and footers, you can create beautiful dynamic WordPress menus.

Sticky Header

To make your website stand out, you can create animated or sticky headers and this feature is available only in the Pro version of Brizy.

Dynamic Navigation

Like any other WordPress website, you can create menus inside WordPress. So, you can bring navigation, menus from the WordPress database and then customize the looks inside this Brizy builder.

WooCommerce Builder

On any page of the website, you can display the WooCommerce shopping elements with the help of dynamic elements like categories, pages, products, and many more. Using Brizy, you can design your products and then archive the products page.

Marketing Integrations

Brizy Marketing Integrations

The marketing tools that are available mentioned down below in this Brizy review and many of the tools are coming soon.

WP Email

If you want to receive the leads on your email, then you have to connect the contact form with WordPress.

WP Leads

Brizy saves all the leads information in WP admin and so you can access it later.

Pop-Up Builder and Pop-Up Designs

You can create the pop-ups instantly right on your website or page. You can use a bunch of ready-made premium popups in the Pro version of Brizy.

Advanced Form

The ultimate contact form element comes with file uploads, toggles, and more.

White Label

The Brizy builder is used to build a website for your own or otherwise for your clients. And it is very suitable for web agencies.

A/B Testing

This A/B Testing or Split test is good for marketers, as the test is with multiple variations of a page to find out which one works more effectively.


Within seconds, you can connect your Brizy contact form with ConvertKit.


Within seconds, you can connect your Brizy contact form with your Drip account easily.

Brizy Marketing


Within seconds, you can connect your Brizy contact form with your Mailchimp account.


With your Sendinblue account, connect your Brizy contact form within seconds.


With your Zapier account, you can connect your Brizy contact form within seconds.

Campaign Monitor

You can connect your Brizy contact form with the Campaign monitor account in seconds.

Active Campaign

Connect the Brizy account contact form to the Active Campaign account with ease.

Get Response

With the Get Response, you can connect your Brizy account contact form with ease and it will take less time to do it.


In seconds, you can connect your Brizy contact form account to MailJet easily.


Connect the Brizy contact form with the E-goi account within seconds of time.

Hubspot and MailerLite

You can connect your Brizy contact form to your Hubspot and Materlite accounts within seconds easily.

Brizy Cloud

Brizy Cloud

With Brizy Cloud, create highly converting websites, landing pages, and blogs in a breeze. Also, even you can connect with potential customers and collect leads.

Brizy cloud is an innovative platform that empowers anyone, and so the businesses can get more clicks and convert into a customer fastly and easily with Brizy Cloud. With the drag and drop builder, you can publish your first landing page within minutes.

You can collaborate with the Brizy cloud team for your projects and optimize your website for different screen sizes. Even with Brizy Cloud, you can manage your clients and the projects efficiently.

There is a low conversion rate for your business when the loading speed of the page is slow. So, Brizy Cloud helps you to load the pages fastly as that leads to more customers and conversion rates.

For optimized conversions, Brizy cloud offers 700 premium design blocks, 45 popups, 150-page layouts for your landing page. Brizy cloud also allows you to create professional multi-page attractive websites for your clients too.

The upcoming features in Brizy builder are collaborations, Analytics & Tracking, and Funnels.

The free publishing options in Brizy builder will help you to get online in minutes.

Custom Domain – To publish on your website, use your own domain.

Subdomain – You can pick a subdomain in this Brizy site main domain.

Server Sync – Use Brizy scripts to sync projects in real time to your server.

Export HTML – You can download an archive that contains CSS files and HTML.


The design assets that are available in Brizy are Layout packs, Landing pages, Blocks, Popups, and other Elements. You can start with beautiful pre-made designs that resemble the websites in Brizy and you can click the preview for the demo.

The templates are available in different categories like business, education, food, travel, personal, sports, portfolio, and many more.

Layout Packs

In Layout packs, there are different templates that are suitable for websites, and no matter what your business niche is, you can find pre-designed templates according to your business. Brizy offers live demos and you can click the preview button on the website and watch them.

Brizy Layouts

Landing Pages

For your landing pages, Brizy offers beautiful pre-made design templates and you can pick according to your business requirements. You can see the live demos by giving a click on the preview button on the Brizy website.

Brizy landing pages


Brizy offers various beautiful and modern block designs that are ready to add to your website and the blocks are available in light and dark versions.

In the free version, you’ll get only a few blocks and in the Pro version of Brizy, you’ll get access to all the blocks. It offers 500+ designs, 11 categories, and two variations.

Brizy Blocks


With Brizy pop-up builder, you can create beautiful, engaging, and easy-to-use interactive models and the pop-ups can be designed in any form or shape.

With simple clicks on the elements page, the pop-ups that your build is triggered and it works on specific conditions like where and when the pop-ups to be displayed. The pop-up designs are sale & promo, features, newsletter, media, sign-up, and cookies & GDPR.

Brizy Popup builder


If you want to create websites easily and fastly, then the Brizy page builder offers a wide variety of elements and it allows you to build any content with its main elements, social elements, WordPress elements, and WooCommerce.

Brizy elements

Brizy Associates

Brizy Hosting partner

Brizy is associated with some of the popular hosting services, themes, and plugins, and Waas.

In Hosting services, the Brizy is connected with EasyWP, Site Ground, and Cloudways.

The Themes and Plugins that Brizy is associated with Blocksy, Neve, TranslatePress, Astra, Page Builder Framework, Ocean WP, Zita, and Suki.


Brizy WaaS program

With Brizy Pro network settings and multi-site functionality, you can easily create your WaaS account and start on your own cloud based service.

For unlimited sites, WaaS program costs $399/year and in this, you’ll get all Pro functionalities, 150+ premium designs, multisite capable, multisite network settings, one year support and updates, and white labeling.

All you need to do is apply for WaaS program by filing the form, purchase the WaaS program, and finally install it on your server and activate it.

Review Of Brizy Pricing Plan

Brizy Pricing

Brizy builder offers a free version to the audiences but it is available with limited features and if you want to experience more features you can go with the Pro version of Brizy.

In the Pro version of Brizy, it offers the plan in three categories personal, studio, and lifetime. In personal, the price is $49/year and you’ll get all pro features, 250+ premium designs, and can manage for three websites.

In the studio, the cost is $99/year, and can manage unlimited sites and this plan is perfect for the client work. For the lifetime plan of Brizy, the price is $299 and it manages unlimited sites. If you do not satisfy with the plan then it returns your money within 30 days of your complaint.

Pros and Cons of Brizy


  • Easy user interface
  • Global linked colors and Fonts
  • Inline Editor
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • 4000 useful icons
  • professionally designed blocks
  • Clutter-free


  • A limited number of elements
  • Limited popup features
  • Lack of content in the Help center
  • Doesn’t support add-on
  • Doesn’t support display condition on header/footer

Testimonials of Brizy

Brizy Testimonials

Many of the users recommended using Brizy page builder as it satisfies the needs in creating or building the web pages.

Here are some of the reviews of Brizy given by its users and from this, you can understand how it creates an impact for most of the online businesses by using this plugin to your WordPress.

Final Say on Brizy Review

When compared to other page builders, Brizy is lacking some features and it is a new page builder, so it takes time to develop more features that help to build a page.

According to the website, many features are on the road map, so if you’re an agency then go with the lifetime deal plan.

For simple web pages, Brizy is the first choice and the best part is it has an easy user interface. It is integrated with marketing tools, and other software is a plus point and in Coming years, it has a bright future, so decide whether it is suitable for your business or not and the pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

😇 What happens to a website, it didn’t renewal after a year?

If you do not proceed to pay for your yearly subscription plan after a year, the website will continue to work. But you didn’t get any Brizy Pro version anymore and the features are restricted.

🤔 Is it possible to use Brizy Pro to build websites for clients?

Yes, you can create websites for your clients or else for your own online business too.

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