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Brilliant Review 2024: Can it Help Students To Learn Faster?


If you’re curious to develop the skills that are required to achieve the goals that you dreamt of, then this article is for you.

If you want to become an expert in math and science subjects, then it is recommended to have a look into the Brilliant platform.

Brilliant offers various courses, review all of them and choose the right one according to your interest.ย 

๐Ÿ˜ What is Brilliant?


The best part of choosing online education is, you can learn what you want to learn at any time.

In the e-learning industry, Brilliant is one of the online learning platforms which provides training in professional skills and other different skill levels.

One can get a hands-on learning experience along with interactive video lessons. Brilliant offers the best courses such as Software development, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Science, etc.ย 

You can learn the subject in a funny and better way at the Brilliant platform, and the courses it provides are suitable for people of all age groups.

As of now, more than 9 million people are chosen Brilliant to learn professional skills. Learn the problem-solving skills at Brilliant as it really helps you to step ahead for achieving the goals easily.

๐Ÿค— Details of Brilliant Course Categories

Brilliant Courses

At Brilliant, one can see math, science, and other subjects in a new way as it provides training from the basic or foundation level to the expert level.

On the whole, Brilliant comes with different problem-solving and challenging courses, the one likely to learn stem subjects then this platform is for you. Let’s review the list of course categories what exactly does Brilliant provides to us 

  • Foundational Math
  • Software Development
  • Science
  • Foundational Logic
  • Data Science
  • High School Math
  • Engineering
  • Statistics and Finance

๐Ÿ”… Brilliant Features

Brilliant, the name itself defines that one can become a professional as a mathematician, data analyst, statistician, physicist, etc. It provides training in just not only the subject, along with that learn problem-solving skills, thinking skills, key ideas, improves your knowledge in different methods.

Here is a complete review of the Brilliant features to analyze the learning procedures and what we can experience in this learning journey. 

Suitable for All Age Groups 

Brilliant - Suitable for all ages

The Brilliant platform is suitable for all age groups, so get start to learn the course from beginner level i.e, fundamental level of the subject.

After the completion of the basics part, dive into the intermediate and advanced level of courses to become a professional. The courses available at Brilliant are very ambitious so that any age group people can choose any course that they want. 

Become an Expert with Essential Skills 

The hands-on learning experience at Brilliant helps the learners to build confidence. The training provided by the Brilliant is conceptualized training with visual and interactive key ideas. The learning process is simple at Brilliant, as it helps you to learn the skill to solve challenging problems as you think in a real way. 

Learn Better with Less Stress 

Enjoy learning like fun storytelling and also guides you in every step, well when you make any kind of mistake, it automatically rectifies the mistake and it is easy to understand the real answer is. The natural curiosity in you to learn the subject will drive you into a big success in your future career. 

Master in the Subject or Course 

Master the course Brilliant

At Brilliant learn the subject in an understanding way, not like a memorized process. You’re going to build a complete understanding of the concept from the basic to expert level. At the same time, learn how STEM procedure really works and step ahead to complete the course simply and easily. 

Build and Develop STEM Intuition 

STEM learning procedure at Brilliant is nothing but a new way which is one of the prominent methods of interactive visualizations. Review the hands-on lessons provided by the Briliant, as they replace the traditional lecture videos. 

Solve Problems and Challenges 

You can improve your learning by getting instant feedback and reports. Learn the problem-solving skills at Brilliant because it is more effective when compared to watching the video lectures. 

Struggles and Paths 

The learning path at Brilliant is excellent and simple, but thing is to achieve things is not easy as you think. But the fact is if you struggle a lot of means, you’ll definitely taste the success. 

Engaging and Interactive Learning Procedures 

Engaging and Intercative Learning - Brilliant

The interactive lessons at Brilliant are the main advantage to the learners and from this one can easily grab the concept quickly.

The various interesting topics really build the curiosity in the learners to learn something new every time. Overall, the learning process is in a fun way, and the quizzes guide you to understand what should learn and also to find your stronger & weaker points. 

They provide every course with step-by-step explanations, and to become an expert it provides teaching in problem-solving techniques and in-depth explanations on the concepts. 

Learn, Practice, Explore, and Inspire

Learn by Practicing - Brilliant

Once you step ahead to learn the course at Brilliant, then you’re going to start thinking out of the box. This is an added value to the learners so that they will know the tactics and skills according to the problem. 

The courses available at Brilliant platform are created like a natural curiosity of a learner which results in a student can analyze why we are learning and what we are learning. When you have curiosity or interest, inquiry, and openness, then Brilliant allows you to learn the subject effortlessly.

Even though it is tough to face challenges and solving them, but you must proceed with a never-give-up attitude to achieve the goals. Today, what you experience while learning at Brilliant is helps you to solve easily when you face the same problem tomorrow.ย 

In conclusion of the features of the Brilliant online education platform, a learner is going to practice the subject more, more, and more until he becomes mastery in the course. 

๐Ÿ‘€ Instructors of Brilliant Platform

Brilliant Trainers

The course creators and instructors at Brilliant platform are dedicated math and science educators as well as lifelong learners. They put all the efforts and dedication towards their respective subjects to prepare the course for the learners.

Moreover, the instructors at Brilliant are from Caltech, MIT, Duke, the University of Chicago, and many other universities. 

Along with those people, there are experts, researchers of the industries from across the world who are also taking apart with Brilliant to share the knowledge with the students. 

๐Ÿค” For Whom Does Brilliant is?

For whom does Brilliant is

Brilliant does not offer any restrictions like it is suitable for a particular category of people or for a particular age of people. Yes, the Brilliant platform is suitable for all age groups and anyone can use this to learn the course that they are interested in. Still unbelievable, then review for whom does Brilliant platform is for. 


The learners can master the concepts and also gain problem-solving skills in all the subjects like math, computer science, and science. Instead of memorizing the formulas, one will understand the topic and build intuitive methods to grasp the subject. 


The professionals who choose Brilliant will make them prepare for technical and quantitative interviews. You are going to explore various topics at the Brilliant platform and it provides knowledge freshly up-to-date.ย  From probability to computer science, science to machine learning, everything you’ll find here in this online learning platform.

Lifelong Learners 

If you’re a learner and want to grab some knowledge on different areas, you can find anything at Brilliant. From fun and hundreds of guided exercises on various topics to daily challenges on interesting topics, you can find anything. The best part of Brilliant is it keeps your mind active all the time and also at the same time it improves your critical thinking skills. 

๐Ÿ‘‰ What are the Learning Principles of Brilliant?

Brilliant learning principles

Brilliant believes the culture of learning works around the three words, that we already discussed i.e, Inquiry, Curiosity, and Openness. All the courses provided by the Brilliant are designed by considering all these factors in a natural way.

Let’s review the effective math and science learning procedures of Brilliant platform provides to us.ย 


In the education field, the greatest challenges are disinterest and apathy, by overcoming all these riddles, Brilliant creates exciting courses for the learners.

Get into Curiosity 

The questions and storytelling procedures create curiosity so that learners can easily grab the concepts without any fail.

Active Learning 

Watching the video lessons are not enough for the students, they must understand the topic. By keeping this in mind, Briliant provides exceptional learning processes for the learners. 

Applicable Learning 

The essential part of learning is which method do you apply to learn fastly. At a brilliant online education platform, learn the concepts in a way that you learn the subject in a normal way.ย 

Discrimination is Avoided 

It does not encourage discrimination, no matter what is your gender, where are you from, which age are you. This platform is for everyone, so anyone can choose this platform to learn any subject you want. 

Allows to Fail 

The learners can do mistakes at any step throughout the learning journey process. So it is always better to recognize the mistake, rectify the mistake and learn as soon as possible. It is the best quality that a learner must and should have. 

Sparks Queries 

The main purpose of providing a great education to the students is to ask questions to the trainers. The interaction between the lecturer and students is a great way to grab the subject knowledge.

๐ŸŽ Brilliant Pricing Plansย 

Brilliant does not offer any free plans, but you have a great way which is you can try the preview of each course for free, and here is the review with complete details of the paid subscription plans.

You’re going to unlock the full Brilliant courses to get unlimited access to math, computer science, science, and other courses it offers to us.

Brilliant pricing

The monthly subscription plan costs $24.99/month, the most popular annual subscription plan costs $12.49/month. The Brilliant premium subscription for groups of more than three members costs $299.88/year.  

Looking to preview each course for free then see what Brilliant offers

  • In the today tab, you’re going to face new problems on a daily basis.
  • The wiki of the subjects like Math, Computer science, and science
  • It syncs the progress across the mobile apps and the web
  • Community discussion is available

Coming to the premium version, to supercharge the learning procedure at Brilliant it unlocks all the courses along with the daily challenges. Get everything from the Free preview version with the inclusion of features such as 

  • It archives the whole daily challenges 
  • You can view classes on offline mode on your mobile devices only
  • It provides guided courses like the foundation of the math courses, advanced contest math courses, science, and foundational computer science courses.
  • It provides additional practice sessions

Along with these subscription plans, Brilliant offers a gift plan, and yes, you have an opportunity to give a subscription to Brilliant premium as a gift to others. 

โœจ Pros and Cons of Brilliant 


  •  Offers a great user experience
  • Interactive learning method with advanced topics
  • Unlimited access to the courses
  • Offers professional courses
  • For only mobile devices it offers offline access
  • Allows discussions within the community
  • Additional practice sessions are available
  • To the web and mobile devices, the reports are synced
  • For every course, there is a preview option
  • A suitable platform for any age group
  • Learn the course in a better, funny, and easy way
  • Provides training on problem-solving skills
  • More than 60 courses are available
  • Daily challenges
  • Compatible with all devices


  •  No free trial period
  • The cost of a group plan is expensive to invest
  • No free membership option

๐Ÿ’š Students Online Reviews of Brilliant.orgย 

Brilliant is becoming day by day the best place on earth by offering different professional courses like math, science, etc. The users of the Brilliant platform share their ratings, reviews in a positive way.

If we consider the ratings, it received more than 50,000 5-star user reviews for the app version i.e available on App Store and Play Store.

One of the customers Jacob Snider wrote “The engaging and well-structured courses at Briilinat helps to learn and understand the Mathematics subject easily also felt confident to approach both problem-solving situations in real-world as well as technical job interviews”.

We can see some of the reviews provided by the learners are mentioned below in the picture format. 

Brilliant Testimonials

โšก๏ธ What are the Learning Methodologies of Brilliant?

Brilliant learning methodology

The natural process of learning methodology at School is learning through the formulas and it is popular as the traditional approach of learning. This method of approach is not really useful for the students, as they are lack in having problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, a deeper understanding of the subject, and other main useful skills. 

But coming to Brilliant provides everything that mainly focuses on providing the skills for the learners to grow professionally. From learning, trying, failing, again learning and understanding these segments helps to solve any type of problem in real-time. 

  • Brilliant starts teaching by providing simple questions and the stories. It is the base foundation to learn the subject with curiosity.
  • Next, is to solve the problems which are beyond your ability.
  • Later, learn the different ways to solve the problem which are unable to solve.

Today, across the world millions of people are increasing different skills like problem-solving, critical thinking with the help of the Brilliant online learning platform.

On the other side, the team of Brilliant is working on which one works and which one is doesn’t, as these methods is to provide the best training to the learners. The main aim of Brilliant is to provide high-quality content and also provide a great community for interaction purposes to benefit the learners.

๐Ÿ”ฅ Conclusion Of Brilliant Reviewย 

Brilliant is one of the online education platforms that provides training in professional courses like math, science, computer science, web development, and many more. The best part is it provides a free preview for each course and also this platform is compatible with all the devices.

The hands-on learning experience and interactive video lessons of Brilliant platforms take to another level. All the courses are related to tech and professional, so one can easily grow their professional skills easily and quickly. It provides coaching from the basic level to advanced learning procedures, so you can dive deeper into the concepts.

Brilliant is perfect and suitable for anyone in the world of all age groups and the video course content is excellent with high-quality teachings. The challenges and problems on a daily basis make sure to practice more and more until you get it perfect.

The instructors are industry experts, researchers from across the world, and from various institutions & universities. Coming to the pricing details, the annual and monthly subscriptions are affordable but the group plans are expensive. No matter which plan do you pick it gives unlimited access to all the courses that it offers to us.

So, now it’s your decision which course to pick as the Brilliant review states that the courses are well explained and also provide excellent skills that help to achieve the goals with ease.

๐Ÿค  Frequently Asked Questions

๐Ÿคž What will a person experience at a Brilliant learning platform?

The Brilliant learning platform provides courses like math, science, and computer science. One can just not only learn the course but also skills. You’re just not only learn the basics or fundamentals of math, along with you’re going to learn advanced topics such as programming, data structures, etc.

โœŒ๏ธ Is Brilliant good better or worse than an undergraduate-level course?

Brilliant offers courses that are suitable for all age groups, but here the main agenda of Brilliant is to provide training to learn the skills as well as keep the brain active with exercises and practices. It is not providing college-level education but makes sure in providing how to solve problems when you face technical interviews.

๐Ÿ‘Š How Brilliant online learning platform is different from other online education systems?

Brilliant is only concentrates on providing math, science, computer science, data analyst, and many more. When compared to other online education platforms, Brilliant offers training the learners to get professional skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and many more. Even it provides daily challenges to practice more and more.

๐Ÿ‘ How the courses at Brilliant does actually works?

You can get a deep understanding of the course with step-by-step explanations by solving the quizzes, challenges that it offers on a daily basis. Whatever the course at Brilliant you choose, you’re going to learn the course with curiosity, inquiry, and openness.

Not all problems are easy and not all the problems are hard, this means it identifies your mistakes and you can easily rectify them. Overall, the courses of Brilliant really work from learning, understanding to practicing and implementing them.

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