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Bookkeeper Launch Review 2024 {Should You Join it Or Not?}


Today, we are living in a digital era, and to earn income there are many beneficial ways while staying at home.

Let’s suppose, you want to earn a good income then Bookkeeping is one of the important course where you can work remotely at your own place.

So, for you here is the Bookkeeper Business launch course which is a complete bookkeeping guide, created by Ben Robinson, a former CPA.

Bookkeepers Launch

Bookkeeper Business is one of the smartest Businesses, where you can invest money and time.

If you’re not sure how to start, then the following Bookkeeper Launch Review is for you to look inside on the courses available and how it teaches in a step-by-step procedure of bookkeeping. So, now you’re not far away to start your own virtual bookkeeper business or a freelance bookkeeper.

What is a Bookkeeper and Bookkeeper Launch?

A Bookkeeper is responsible for recording and maintaining an organization’s financial matters with the inclusion of sales revenue, purchases, payments, and receipts.

The technical responsibilities of a Bookkeeper are now replaced with AI and modern software with the extension of financial advising and interpretation. The good news, that modern bookkeepers have more benefits than in the 80’s time.

The Bookkeeper Business Launch is a course that offers a complete step-by-step guide on how to become a successful online bookkeeper.

Start Bookkeeping Business

It is a complete virtual training method that starting of a bookkeeping business to start your bookkeeping business, grow your bookkeeping business, scale your bookkeeping business, optimize your bookkeeping business, and completely transform your bookkeeping business.

The details of all courses in Bookkeeper Launch Review helps to understand easily how to implement them to earn more income.

If you want to start a 100% virtual bookkeeping business from scratch then this Bookkeeper Lunch course is for you and this course you’ll have 21st century Bookkeeping skills, Efficient systems, and Marketing to attract High-quality clients.

When you join this course, you’re not going to alone more, as this Bookkeeper launch community is with you who will help you out in freedom, finances, and they are like a family.

Bookkeeper Pro – Provides immediate access to the full course and also a private community of virtual bookkeepers.

Bookkeeper Launch Premier – It is the fastest way to success and you’ll get complete access to the full course and private community group coaching PLUS to guide on how to build a successful business.

Bookkeeper Launch Team – In this, you’ll get

  • The Marketing Machine
  • OPP – Outstanding Processes and People
  • Exclusive Elite community of Bookkeeping Entrepreneurs
  • You’ll get access for two members of Bookkeepers team members to teach 21st century Bookkeeping skills.

Pros & Cons Of Bookkeeper

Pros and Cons of Bookkeeper Launch


  • The course is completely online
  • Flexible payment options available
  • Can be completed in as little as 10 weeks
  • Tons of bonuses, including attorney access
  • Also teaches work life business skills, marketing, and more
  • 30- day money back guarantee
  • Bonuses for five star students


  • Needs hard work and commitment
  • If you’re a math phobia, this is not for you.
  • Some typos in video transcripts
  • Remember to save notes each time
  • To some people it is expensive

Who is Ben Robinson?

Ben Robinson is the creator of the Bookkeeper Launch course, who is an owner of an accounting firm and an experienced CPA himself.

He launched this course in July 2015, and for almost five years he reportedly helped many people and businesses of different industries across the world. He started teaching Bookkeeping in 2001, and after he released a virtual Bookkeeper program, and helped many organizations.

Bookkeepers Launch - Ben Robinson

The bookkeeping course training program will meet the needs of your firm and the course is launched with its fourth version too.

The teachers on board of this course are already graduates of the Bookkeeper launch program and give reviews on how it helped to earn income to them.

So you can learn every piece with ease. The course gives access for the lifetime including the latest updates of Bookkeeper Launch and the addition of bonuses.

Who is Bookkeeper Launch for?

Bookkeeper Launch course is suitable for everyone especially those who want to build a business and ready to work from home to earn money.

Ben Robinson has promises that you don’t need any prior experience or qualifications to be good at Bookkeeping but he points out some important characteristics that make a good Bookkeeper.

Virtual Bookkeeping Business

They are one should pay attention to every small detail, be organized, be personable, work to be a difference-maker, be a hard worker, become a competent multitasker, and must have a positive outlook.

At the same time, you don’t need to be tech-savvy as you should be able to operate the operating system at a basic level, and also you don’t need to know anything beyond the high-school knowledge of maths. If you want to run a successful bookkeeping online business, then it teaches you everything that you need from home.

You didn’t need to attend the classes daily, as it allows you to attend in your flexible time as the course is available for lifetime access. The reviews are the evidences that the Bookkeeping launch course is applied to any part of the world, and along with Bookkeeping, you’re going to learn business building skills, marketing, that requires for any business.

What is inside Bookkeeper Launch?

If you want to know what is inside the BookKeeper Launch course, the review is here to provide everything on 21st-century Bookkeeping skills, Efficient systems, and marketing to attract high-quality clients.

Inside Bookkeepers Launch

 21st Century Bookkeeping skills

When you learn all the skills with this course means, you have to deliver value to your clients and it is a reminder that what you learn from the bookkeeping skills yesterday is not enough for today.

So, to achieve the financial goals, you have built upon the skills up to date and then you can easily help the business owners to serve with the skills and techniques that you learned.

The other programs will stop to the basics of credits and debits, but the Bookkeeper launch helps you to take the skillset to the next level. This is the reason why most professional Bookkeepers recommend a Bookkeeper launch course to learn every aspect and to implement it in your business or clients’ businesses.

Efficient Systems

We all know that time is precious and everyone wants to work smarter in little time to get the best results for any business. Through Efficient systems and processes, the Bookkeeper launch course will provide you the best way to deliver the services for your business.

To get the job done on time, Bookeeper launch gives the proven templates and so from this you will make your clients happy by helping them and they will be happy to pay more money with what you deliver.

Marketing to attract High-quality Clients

When you have Efficient systems and 21st-century Bookkeeping skills in your place, then it is time to get clients but you don’t just need clients, you need high-quality clients. When you deliver the right marketing techniques and services, then the high-quality clients will appreciate and likely to pay a huge amount too.

Courses Available in Bookkeepers

The Bookkeeper Launch is a 100% virtual Bookkeeping Business course that teaches everything step-by-step bookkeeping skills and the review tells that how Bookkeeper course is the most comprehensive for your Bookkeeping business.

Bookkeepers Course

Start your Virtual Bookkeeping Business

You can start or build your virtual Bookkeeping Business from scratch on your own. With this, you are going to learn the bookkeeping skills of the 21st century, develop systems, master marketing techniques that attract more clients according to your business needs and this will make your business more profitable as fast as possible.

Featured Course

The featured course in this program is Bookkeeper Launch.

Bookkeeper Launch 

Bookkeeping course is for everyone who is anticipated to learn more about 21st Bookkeeper skills, whereas the systems help you to get the things done easily, and marketing will bring you high-paying clients.

Other Courses

The other course required to start your bookkeeping business is

Cybersecurity for Bookkeepers

Sometimes, it is difficult to protect yourself and your client from various cyber attacks. A cybersecurity course helps bookkeepers to protect from these kinds of attacks and risks with ease.

Grow your Virtual Bookkeeping Business

Grow Your bookkeeping Business - Bookkeeper Launch

The Bookkeeper courses will help you to get high-paying clients, and so the profits will grow by serving different audiences.

Featured Course

The featured course to grow your bookkeeping business is Marketing Machine

Marketing Machine 

When you build an automated marketing machine, then you’ll get high-paying clients. If you want consistent profits, you require marketing techniques that deliver the right audiences, and you can predict the leads too. Inbound marketing and sales will bring such huge profits when you get into this course.

Other Courses

The other required courses are Bookkeeper lab annual and monthly, and building a 6-figure bookkeeping business.

Build a 6-Figure Bookkeeping Business 

You can discover a way to build a high-profitable and scalable business and also you can learn how to handle the hurdles while earning profits what you’re worth.

In order to build and lead a 6-figure business, you have to discover a specific mindset and adapt it throughout the journey. You can learn how to leverage technology that helps you in your quest and to get fast results, you have to uncover the roadblocks.

Bookkeeper Lab Annual/Monthly 

It is the advanced community for bookkeeping professionals and join today to get all the courses instantly.

Scale your Virtual Bookkeeping Business

Scale your bookkeeping business - Bookkeeper Launch

In less time, you’ll be done more efficiently and effectively, and this is all about processes and people in Bookkeeper course by reviewing how the work will be done faster at a low cost when you allow other people to work in your bookkeeping.

Featured Course

The featured course to scale your bookkeeping business is OPP.

Outstanding Processes & People (OPP)

You have to get rid out of the mundane when you want to add the most value to your bookkeeping business. At first, it is important that your document should be processed and then it is optimized. To take your business to the next level, find, hire, and educate other people and this is the essence of OPP (outstanding process, and people).

Other Products

The other products are

Pricing and Packaging

It deals with how to increase your profits that you deserve by overcoming the objections from the present clients and get buy-in from other prospects.

This course will give you exact information on why pricing by the hour is the most dangerous pricing method to use and what are the things should perform to get profits. At the same time, inside the course, you can learn how to earn back the investment with just one client by implementing the proven strategies.

Build a 6-figure Bookkeeping Business

To build a high-profitable and scalable business, you can discover the way for it with this course program and also you’ll get to learn how to handle all the hurdles that you face while growing your business.

You have to discover a specific mindset and adapt it throughout the journey because then only you can build and lead easily with this 6-figure business. To get the fast results by uncovering the roadblocks, this course will teach and also you will understand how to leverage technology that helps in your quest.

Optimize your Virtual Bookkeeping Business

Optimize Your bookkeeping business - Bookkeeper Launch

By taking the Bookkeeper launch courses, turn your bookkeeping business into a perfect way by learning and implementing and also you can optimize and systemize the products and services.

Featured Product

The featured product in Optimizing your bookkeeping business is

New Client onboarding

If you struggling to get new clients then you are going to learn in this course how to streamline the system for bringing the new clients.

You’re going to cover all the basics of onboarding, and why it matters. To position for success, the 6-step onboarding system, step by step streamline onboarding, tools & best practices, summary, and action plan are required.

Other Products

The other products are Pricing & Packaging and cybersecurity for Bookkeepers.

Pricing and Packaging 

In this course, you’ll know how to get buy-ins from other prospects and also overcome the objections that you facing through the present client. So, from this you can earn knowledge on how to grow the profits that your business deserve.

The most dangerous pricing method is pricing by the hour, so you can get the exact information on it and also you’ll learn how to use it to get more profits for your business. You’ll also learn how to earn back that you invest with just one click by implementing the strategies that are already successful.

Cybersecurity for Bookkeepers  

Sometimes, it is difficult to protect yourself and your client from various cyber attacks. A cybersecurity course helps bookkeepers to protect from these kinds of attacks and risks with ease.

Transform your Virtual Bookkeeping Business

Transform your bookkeeping business - Bookkeeper Launch

Move beyond the financial statement preparations and transactions, as well help the clients that change positively to the future. You can transform your business by adding value and get paid well. This is where you get more fun.

Featured Course

The featured courses to transform your bookkeeping business is

Advisory Services 

You’re going to learn how to perform the advisory services. By implementing the marketing system, it allows you to sell the services without any arm-twisting. In avoiding bots and AI, an advisory is the key and allows you to earn much more profits.

Other Products

The other products required to transform your business is mentioned below.

TaxBiz 2020 12 Pay 

TaxBiz – The entire course owning a successful digital tax business that values $2999

Full access tax skills – If you develop relevant tax preparation skills so that the clients will pay more for you. By giving real world examples, you will gain hands-on experience.

2020 Tax Skills Included – You’ll get access to 2020 tax skills when you invest in it and also get immediate access to 2017, 2018, and 2019 tax skills.

Marketing and Business setup – For your digital tax business, find quality clients for you, Taxbiz will outline how to attract the right clients and also repel the wrong clients. For a digital tax business, TaxBiz is the only marketing blueprint that dedicates to it.

Exclusive Members only Community – In this journey, you’ll not alone as you’ll always get support and encouragement from the family of Bookkeepers launch.

Unlimited access – You’re allowed to use all these materials for a long time as you want and the skills of 2020-2017 will be yours as well you’ll get exceptional updates of annual taxes.

TaxBiz  2020 Full Pay 

In this also you’ll get all the features that are available in TaxBiz 2020 12 Pay. Full access to tax skills, 2020 tax skills are included, marketing and business set up, exclusive members only community, and unlimited access.

Podcasts of Bookkeepers

Bookkeeper Launch - Podcasts

You’ll get access to all the tips and tricks provided by the Bookkeeping professionals. It will be featured in the form of episode wise as you can find everything regarding the bookkeeping course and it is provided by different guests.

All you want to do is STEP up your business, as this step framework addresses every challenge or opportunity presented by the guest. The term STEP stands for Strategy, Team, Execution, and Profitability.

The categories of podcasts available are strategy, execution, vision, marketing, and sales. You can listen to all the podcasts whenever you want where the guests share the experiences and reviews on the Bookkeeper launch course that help your bookkeeping business.

Pricing Plan of Bookkeepers

The pricing plan of the Bookkeeper launch pro version is $195 per investment and if you are likely to pay for a single payment then it costs $1851.

In this plan, you’ll get a Bookkeeper launch system, resource library access, bonus one hacks and facts, bonus two profit maximizers, exclusive members only community, and unlimited access and updates.

Bookkeeper Launch Pricing

The cost of bookkeeper launch premier is $245, if you pay for 12 investments, and if you’re likely to pay through one investment then it costs $2351. In this plan, you’ll get everything in Pro…plus, 9 Group Coaching Sessions, Unlimited Open Mic Sessions, Fastest Path to Success, Avoid Costly Mistakes, Led by Ben Robinson.

The bookkeeper launch team costs $445 for 12 investments and for the payment through one investment $4351. In this plan, you’ll get everything in Premier…plus, the Marketing Machine, Outstanding Processes & People (OPP), Exclusive “Elite” Community of Bookkeeping Entrepreneurs, and 2 Knowledge Licenses for your team members (Bookkeeper Launch Skills). 

Testimonials of Bookkeepers

You can see different people who are graduated and students of the Bookkeeper community talk about the course and review their journey throughout the Bookkeeper Launch course.

Every student or every graduate says that the trainers are well explained and the bookkeeping businesses to run the path to success.

Bookkeeper Luanch Review

Final Words On Bookkeepers Review

Bookkeeper launch is the course that guides you on how to set up your bookkeeping business from scratch and it is suitable for everyone. If you want to become a successful bookkeeper then this course suits and don’t miss this course that brings a huge income through online.

You can start a very own bookkeeping business because it contains all the important information to the point with full clarifications and so you can easily become a bookkeeper. It is not just a bookkeeping course, as it gives full on information on marketing, and business skills that tends to take into action on your bookkeeping business.

Today, we can find many other courses for bookkeeping but they don’t teach you about how to manage the bookkeeping business. But, this bookkeeper launch does, as it teaches how to perform the work, how to find high-paying clients, and finally how to run the bookkeeping business.

From the fundamentals of bookkeeping to the advanced program will guides further as an established business. This course is widely recognized around the world, and it is the best training program that helps you to become a proficient bookkeeper.

From this course, you can build a professional career in bookkeeping by adapting all those skills and implementing them to your bookkeeping business. Till now, it created a track record of creating successful bookkeeping business owners.

The creator of the Bookkeeper launch course is Ben Robinson, who trips a road to all to earn real income from home to become successful through the Bookkeeping business.

So, we highly recommend Bookkeepers Launch, if you’re seeking to start a bookkeeping business as it is a comprehensive training program that gives a deep insight into bookkeeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

🤞Does the Bookkeeper Launch course suitable for those who don’t have experience in running a business?

It is perfectly fine if you don’t have any experience as the entire program teaches you everything from starting point of bookkeeping to how to earn income in real-time for your bookkeeping business.

🤔How this course is different than going to college to learn bookkeeping?

If you want to learn bookkeeping, then you don’t need to go to college and train because the world is drastically changed and everything is on your finger tips. At your own place everything is will be taught in detailed and the community will help you to solve all your real problems. You’ll going to learn all the skills and within less you’lk get a high-paying client.

👊Is Bookkeeper course is just for accountants or for professional bookkeepers?”

No, bookkeeper course is for everyone especially who are keen to learn are likely to start and it will helps you to grow your own bookkeeping business. If you don’t have any experience, you can start and or if you have a professional accounting or bookkeeping expereince then it is a big start.

✌️How does this course work? Does it give access to the entire course at once?

Yes, you’ll get the entire course at once and it is designed to learn at your own pace. At any time you can learn this course, during the training program you’ll get through a ton of content and at some time might be a little content.

🤔Do it offers any technical support inside the program?

Yes, it offers technical program that related to accessing Bookkeeper launch, it teaches all the technical department as well as most likely to run into some technical challenges.

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