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bCast Suite Review – Is it A Best Podcasting Platform or Worst?


If you’re looking for the best podcast marketing solution in the market, then we bring the best solution that is bCast Suite. It is just not only a podcast marketing solution but also all your podcasts programs that are created for your customers will be saved in the cloud. Today, it is one of the best and popular podcast marketing software loved by many businesses, entrepreneurs, and many others.

bCast Suite allows you to create content, record the narrations, review & publish the content, and share them with the other podcast platforms. It has a very easy user interface and also it is easy to complete set up within minutes. It’s time to know more about bCast Suite about its features, pricing models, and the reviews given by the users.

😍 What is bCast Suite?

bCast Suite

The bCast Suite is a podcast suite and the creators of the suite are Abhi Dwivedi and Neil Napier and the launch date of the bCast Suite is on 27th April 2021. The launch time of the bCast Suite is at 3 AM GMT, and with this suite, you’ll get huge bonuses at the same time to use this you don’t require any skills to use this software. The front-end price of the bCast Suite is $77 and it offers 30 days money back guarantee.

✌️ What exactly the bCast Suite offers us?

bCast Suite is the audio podcasting and marketing software that helps to grow the social engagements and traffic for your podcast. It is a complete cloud-based software that helps you to build more sales and revenue as it has a complete set of tools that can drive more traffic especially with the new podcast template and resurgence of voice on the Internet.

It is designed for marketers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, affiliate marketers, and podcasters to promote their products and services. With this, you can create unique podcasts, create fresh content, voice-over recording, and for more engagements, you can create custom & automatic podcasts. Even you can grow your email lists with bCast Suite and also you can develop the online presence of your business website.

✌️ Features Review of bCast Suite

Now, let’s have a look into what are the features bCast Suite offers to us

😇 Audio Inserts

At the beginning or end of any podcast episode, with just a few clicks you can insert the audio at any period of time. It will set up in the right way and you don’t need to spend hours of time for editing purposes as it delivers to your listeners properly.

  • Easily Insert Podcast Adverts – Into your core episode, you can insert the ad provided by the advertiser, and according to the duration of your sponsorship that is agreed for a number of episodes the adverts are played. The audio insert of the advert will automatically stop when the sponsorship ends.
  • Bring Listeners into your Funnel – If you want to bring listeners for your marketing funnel, then it is simple with Audio Inserts. For this, you have to create unique and fresh content at the same time explain to the listeners about the event, eBook, or anything else by recording a 20-minute monologue. After that insert it into every episode with the help of the Audio inserts feature in a few seconds.

👍 Auto Optin

bCast Suite - Auto Optin

Many of the podcasters are stuck in generating ROI that invested in podcasting and the solution is the audiences who download your podcast or subscribe/listen to your podcast must convert into a customer. During your podcast, you have to read out the Auto Optin email and from this, the listeners will claim the special event, webinar, case study through the email. The Auto Optin feature in bCast Suite will bring the leads through your podcast.

  • Convert Listeners into Leads – If you want to increase the conversion rate of your podcast listener to lead then it is possible by using the bCast Suite email address. With your domain create an email address and after that forward all emails from your domain to the email address of bCast Suite Auto Optin.
  • Feed Leads Into Your Existing CRM – You can feed the leads generated by the Auto Optin,+ as bCast Suite allows you to do it automatically and this will happen with the integration of Zapier webhooks, and many others are coming.

👀 Transcription

With the click of a button, bCast Suite allows you to review & upload an episode and within three minutes it will share the full transcription of the episode. It is recommended to add this transcription to your show notes and add this transcript to your website, also update it to the bCast Suite podcast.

  • Fast and Automated – Content creation is easy with bCast Suite and approximately within three minutes, it can create the transcript.
  • Optimize for SEO – Regularly, you have to create high-quality content consistently according to the right customers. All you need to do is just record the podcast, transcribe it, and you’ll get content to your own control as it is the most effective and fastest way to perform SEO.

😚 One Click Submission

If your podcast has to be displayed on Google, then your podcast needs podcast search optimization which is like SEO. Into all the major directories, your podcast must be inserted and for your relevant search terms, it should be optimized. In the podcast directories, you must represent your brand with targeted keywords and all you want to do is just claim popular podcast directories such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple podcast, and Spotify.

  • Full Control Immediate Updates – It is easy to take control of every aspect of your listings in directories with bCast Suite and it is also easy to edit at any time. To all the directories, the RSS feed is updated and pushed on bCast Suite when immediately you publish the podcast.

✔️ Custom Domains

bCast Suite - Custom Domains

The main aim is to deliver your product motto properly to the right audiences and the users of bCast Suite can publish it on their custom domain or sub-domain.

With your custom domain bCast Suite website, it is easy to host podcast episodes, whereas bCast Suite can generate SEO juice and this will happen when you embed it into your main domain. At the same time, there will be a standalone podcast of your show for another domain or sub-domain.

😛 Guest Notifications

The listeners of your podcast will be your future customers, and so all you need to do is just add the name and email address of the guest into the episode screen, then bCast Suite will send your podcast link to their email and all the links are shareable to all social networks. So, from this, you will get more shares and subscribers too.

😘 Podcast Website

It is difficult to create content of all your podcasts & to upload it to your blog, and instead of this, with just one click you can add another SEO-optimized website to the arsenal in your bCast Suite dashboard.

👊 Publish to Youtube

Within minutes, you can combine your podcast audio with any image & publish it as a YouTube video with bCast Suite. Just you have to connect your Youtube channel with your bCast Suite account and then within few seconds, your podcast will be published as a Youtube video.

✅ Headliner Integration

To get more attention from the audiences, you can create highlights of your podcasts and share them on all the social networks. bCast Suite is integrated with the headliner app and if you give a click from your episode page then from there it is very easy to edit videos & you can export it to post it on your Social media platforms.

🤔 Podcast Hosting

If you want to podcast your content to your audiences across the world, then you must need a podcast host as it will do with simple steps at any time. If the podcast host is good then you’ll podcast audios will be saved and also allows you to download those files at any time. And bCast Suite is for you and it even does some extra things that help to grow your business.

🤠 Customer Reviews on bCast Suite

bCast Suite - Customer Reviews

Check the above users review screenshot given by the users of bCast Suite and from their experiences, we can judge how this software is effective for the growth of the business.

Pros and Cons of bCast Suite 👈


  • Has AI voice creation technology.
  • User-friendly.
  • A complete cloud-based software.
  • Offers advanced content research tools.
  • Automation and Email optin features.
  • One-click submission.
  • Affordable price.
  • Works with custom domain.
  • They Offer Money Back Guarantee.
  • Offers Transcription.
  • Podcast Hosting with no extra cost.
  • Easy to publish on Youtube.



  • Has fewer promotional options.
  • No more cons.

👀 Review on Pricing Plans of bCast Suite

Pricing Plans of bCast Suite

bCast Suite Personal Costs – $75/one-time payment. In this version, you’ll get

  • bContent, bVoice, bCast
  • Create one podcast
  • Search and edit your podcast
  • Auto-create SEO-friendly podcast
  • Embed, publish, and share your podcast – 50/week
  • Fast action bonuses

bCast Suite Commercial Costs – $77/one-time payment.

  • bContent, bVoice, bCast
  • Create three podcast
  • Search and edit your podcast
  • Auto-create SEO-friendly podcast
  • Embed, publish, and share your podcast – 500/week
  • Fast action bonuses

🔥 Final Conclusion on bCast Suite

bCast Suite is a software where you can create podcasts to reach huge audiences and this suite is a complete cloud-based application. You don’t require any technical or special skills to use bCast Suite and it helps you to create unique and high-quality content. You can also build your email list with the Podcast website, and it offers unlimited podcast hosting, Youtube publishing, transcription, Auto optin, etc.  and customize your podcasts too. It’s your turn to start your profitable podcasts with bCast.

bCast Suite infographic

😇 Frequently Asked Questions

😇 Is bCast Suite offers a free trial period?

Yes, bCast Suite offers a Free trial period for 14 days and after that period it proceeds for payments.

🤞 Is it possible to do unlimited podcasts with bCast?

Yes, you can do unlimited podcasts with bCast Suite when you're ready to go with the legendary version.

👊 Is it easy to covert valuable audio content into written content?

Yes, the Transcription feature in bCast Suite will seamlessly convert audio to written content.

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