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BannerBuzz Review: Is It Best For Custom Banner Printing?


How many times have you tried to promote your business including the products and services and have gained actual customers?

How many times did the ads benefit your brand by generating profits or creating lasting impressions?

BannerBuzz Review

Chances are your campaigns didn’t do so well because it is easier to get unnoticed among the massive amount of advertising content. BannerBuzz creates visible advertising for your brand through  quality printed solutions. 😇

In this BannerBuzz review we will be rating the platform on a number of categories while discussing the aspects in detail. Some of the factors included in this BannerBuzz review are the onboarding process, user dashboard, various advertising prints, areas of service, special offers, and customer care.

What is BannerBuzz? 

Founded in 2009, BannerBuzz is privately held and has its headquarters in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The company has extended its branches to Gujarat (India) and Ontorio (Western Australia). It is an ecommerce platform striving to provide high quality products in the custom signage and display space.

They use sophisticated technologies and offer over 300 products for every imaginable event, festival and trade show. You can customize the product display using design tools and create superior advertising products.

BannerBuzz overview

The platform has been in the market for around good 15 years and has unparalleled expertise in the sign world and the state of the art printing technology. With BannerBuzz you get access to price and quality guarantee, free design proofs, fixed shipping rates anywhere in the United States, custom sized banners, etc.

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BannerBuzz – Onboarding Process

BannerBuzz makes it super easy for you to create an account on the platform. The whole registration process takes no more than a couple of minutes. Follow the steps given below to do the same. 

  1. Open the BannerBuzz’s official website.
  2. Click on the Login/Register button present at the top right corner of the homepage. 
  3. You will be redirected to a page consisting of a form titled “Create my account”. Fill in the required information including your email address, legal name, company name, mobile number and password. Check/ uncheck the dialog boxes according to your wish.
  4. Once the form is completed, click on the “Make Me A Part Of The Buzz” button and you’re good to go.

Customers can also sign up using social credentials of platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon. 

BannerBuzz – User Dashboard 

After logging in to your BannerBuzz account, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard. It incorporates links to a number of aspects for quick access. You can view and modify various parts of your account which are as follows.

Dashboard – It displays an overview of total requested and completed orders till date along with your latest chosen product and address. 😉

BannerBuzz dashboard

Profile – You can do two tasks through profile settings, that is, edit your profile and password. You can edit and change information like your name, phone number, boilerplate dialogues and account password. 

Address Book – You can add a new address location by filling out the fields asking for your name, company, phone number, street address, postal code, city, state and country. 

BannerBuzz  address book

Orders – The page shows the total quantity of placed orders. If you’re new to the platform it’ll simply display “You have placed no orders”.

Credits – The page displays your total credit amount and credit card transactions which includes information like date, redeemed amount, added credit amount and additional comment.

Quotes – You can view all the information regarding quotations such as quotation ID, date and contact name.

Tickets – It consists of a help & support bar along with search articles. You can submit a support ticket in case you need guidance from BannerBuzz’s support team. All you need to do is fill up the form asking for details like requester email address, subject, purpose content, order number, and valid concern from the drop down box. 😊

BannerBuzz tickets

Designs – This page stores all the designs you’ve created or uploaded so far. 

BannerBuzz – Product Categories 

The platform offers an immensely varied and wide range of advertising products, printable signage and customization tools in innumerable categories. Let us look at some of them briefly.


One of the greatest and in-demand promotional solutions provided by BannerBuzz are their banners. You can customize the display design, select between the premium-quality cloth fabric and vinyl banners, choose the preferred event, and interest group. Banners are great for both indoor and outdoor promotional campaigns for your brand. 

BannerBuzz cloth banners
  1. Cloth Fabric Banners – You can design, customize and create cloth banners and have flexibility to choose among durable plastic satin, polyester and nylon fabric along with display options, lamination, and UV printing. You can make dedicated banners for a number of events including trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, sale season, press conferences, weddings, promotions, birthdays, anniversaries, charity events, reunions, billboards, parties, grand openings, new product launches, etc. 
  2. Vinyl Banners – You can craft the banners for multiple interest groups including real-estate, restaurants, automotive & transportation banners, military, church, school, sports, etc. You have full authority over how you want your banner to be like and can govern every little specs including taglines, logos, size, shape, color, texture, surface (reflective or non reflective), graphics, typeface, lamination (semi-gloss or matte), etc. They are highly durable, resilient and on top of that budget friendly.
BannerBuzz  vinly banners

Some of the occasions for which you can design cloth and vinyl banners are 4th of july, bands, now hiring, sponsors, thanksgiving, halloween, christmas, homecoming, graduation, baby shower, etc.


The flags are made from high quality and sturdy materials that not only ensure they are long lasting and durable but affordable. You can create flags for advertising your brand, hosting an event or for showing support to your country, sports team, etc.

You can choose the type of flag you need from a wide variety of categories and filters like flag type (country or pre-printed), color palette (7 available options), shape ( blade, feather, rectangle and teardrop), size, graphic (custom or pre-designed), and message.

Some of the advantages of BannerBuzz flags are that they are waterproof, UV Resistant, and fully customizable. The available array of flags include giant wind, pinpoint, L-flag, shark fin, concave, golf, garden, suction cup, desk, backpack, burgee, crowd, pride, car, swooper, etc.

BannerBuzz  flags

Stands & Display

Your display graphics like promotional banners and flags need more than just the prints. You need just as strong and well built stands to hold them up for your ad campaigns to look clean and well organized in order to get noticed. 😉

You can pair up your signage with banner stands, backdrops, canopy tents, step & repeat displays, sky tube hanging banners, inflatables, pop up banner display, frames, trade show display packages, full modular displays, sneeze guards & partitions, green screen backgrounds and umbrellas.

BannerBuzz  stands and displays

Signs & Decals

Take the promotional campaigns to the next level by advertising them through signs and decals. You can display your prints on cars, streets, windows, and yards. You can paint wall murals, create posters, custom parking signs, letters, numbers, backlit films and so much more.

Compliance Signs

You can craft or order a number of compliance signs including one for fires, warnings, cautions, safety, no smoking zones, constructions, parkings, etc.

BannerBuzz compliance signs

Marketing Materials & Clothing

Marketing is not limited to just printable artwork or digital ads and therefore you can always find some ways to reach greater audiences. You can make personalized clothing merchandise (Polo shirts & T-shirts), face masks, greeting cards, stationery materials, custom business cards, flyers, stickers, etc. 😍

BannerBuzz marketing materials

BannerBuzz – Areas Of Service

The platform is operational all throughout the United States and some parts of Canada. Following are the few locations where the BannerBuzz services can be availed; Kansas City, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Madison, Boston, Baltimore, Charlotte, California, Chicago, Fresno, Florida, Houston, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, North Dakota, New York, Plano, and many more. 

BannerBuzz – Artwork Shipping Process

The platform charges fixed shipping rates anywhere in the United States but it largely depends on the order size.

Once you have ordered the artwork you want, you will have to wait for BannerBuzz to approve it. Upon approval, the BannerBuzz’s team will start working on your artwork which takes no more than 12 to 24 hours time period.

The finished product will be dispatched and depending on the shipping type, you can expect to receive your order within 3 to 9 business days.

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BannerBuzz – International Shipping

The platform also offers international shipping to countries outside of the US and Canada. The following are the countries where the packages can be delivered; Finland, Australia, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Germany, Spain and Denmark.

The general prices are given below, however, to receive further information regarding it you’d have to contact the sales team. 

BannerBuzz  international shipping

Irrespective of order value you can opt for free shipping on super saver or any of the other three available delivery types, namely, standard ground, express and priority. 😚

For $0 to $99 worth orders get priority delivery for $28.93, $100 to $199 for $47.78. For Orders worth between $200 to $299 and $300 to $399, you’d have to pay $65.18 and $85.48 respectively, if you choose priority as the desired delivery type. On orders of $400 and above you’ll be charged 21.75% of the order value.  

BannerBuzz  international shipping charges

BannerBuzz – Special Offers 

The platform regularly hosts some kind of exclusive deals which you can use to gain as much as possible. The ongoing deals are as follows:

BannerBuzz special offers

  1. Mid Month Sale – Valid till 20th march, 2022 you can avail 22% off sitewide with Free Super Saver shipping for all orders above $99. Use coupon code “FLASH22”.
  2. BB Savings Sale – Use code “BBSAVINGS”, available till 30th April, 2022 and offers 20 to 40% discount on their top sellers along with Free Super Saver shipping for all orders above $99. 
  3. Flat 20% – Valid throughout the year, you can avail 20% discount  on your first ever order as well as free shipping by using coupon code, “FIRSTORDER”. 

BannerBuzz – Customer Support 

Better the customer care and support services, higher are the chances of customers interacting, engaging and investing in your services, regardless of any circumstances. BannerBuzz offers unrivaled customer support to their users and multiple options to reach out to their help team.

BannerBuzz customer support

The platform offers a dedicated FAQs section which includes questions related to artwork & graphics, products, quality, materials, orders, payment, and shipping.

You can contact the BannerBuzz’s representative through either of the following; submitting a mail ticket from a website, 24/7 live chat and phone call services on number:1800865276.

You can connect with BannerBuzz and become a part of their social communities on forums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. 

BannerBuzz Customer Reviews

Daisy your agent was more than a great help. I had a big order and did not know how to get my designs stored in my account to five flags. She walked me through all of it — and again, Thanks to Daisy! (Full Review)

What the BannerBuzz team loves the most about Freshdesk Contact Center though is the ability to take phone calls directly from the browser. No more tangling with physical phones – the BannerBuzz team can take phone calls from anywhere, anytime. (Full Review)

I love using this company for our festival’s banner each year. Their design work is amazing and they are fast shippers! (Full Review)

Conclusion – Final Say


Wrapping up our BannerBuzz review by summarizing all that we have covered so far. The platform offers tons of promotional display options, delivers to all the 50 states of the US, supports international shipping, multiple delivery options, exclusive discount offers, easy to use dashboard, and great customer support. So, the question still remains, is BannerBuzz worth it? Honestly, a big yes.

FAQs 🤔

Q1. What is the BannerBuzz return policy?

If the mistake occurs on BannerBuzz part, you will be eligible for a replacement banner with priority shipping free of cost. The platform also offers a total refund.

Q2. What is the BannerBuzz’ Quality Guarantee?

The platform provides a 120 days quality guarantee and during that time period they will either replace the product or issue you a credit equal to the value of the damaged product (T&C applied).

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