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Audials Tunebite Platinum Review 2016: Should You Buy It?

The very first look of this program looks far more sophisticated than other audio and video recorders we have tested and come across, but in a good way. The sleek and modern look of Audials Tunebite set it far apart from other such as audio and video recorders. In our testing, the main focus was on the program’s audio and video recording tools rather than any other thing. Overall the program is good and easy to use. So here is detailed review of Audials Tunebite Platinum Review 2016



Recording videos from the video streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube has become much easier. One can easily record videos using this program.

audials video


Ever wished to record audios online while listening? If yes, then now its possible with Audials Tunebite. This program helps you record easily with no technical knowledge required. Simply hitting one button will record every song for you. As it records audios straight from the sound card, the quality of the recording is the same quality as from when you listen to it live.




Video Converting is one of the prime feature of Audials Tunebite platinum and is not present in premium. It allows you to backup every single videos onto your computer. Just pop in the DVD or video you want to backup and simply record it. And from there you can easily convert that video format into any format you want.

So with this program you can basically convert the DVD/Video into a format that works on every phone, Nokia phone or Ipad or any other device. Take note that the Premium version does not convert or backup video. You have to upgrade to the platinum.

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Now converting an audio in the format you want or your music systems excepts is no big thing anymore. You can use Audials Tunebite to convert any of your audio file to the desired format you want.

Now let’s talk about the PROS & CONS of this program. Unlike other, this program also has Pros & Cons

PROS – Compatibility with almost all the file formats is one of the major pros of this program. And the quick conversion speed adds a feather in the cap of Audials Tunebite Platinum.

CONS – The only drawback I came across while using it was, one has to install a separate encoder just to convert files to MP3s.

If we talk about the features, then Audials Tunebite 12 Platinum has many more capabilities and features than your average audio converter. This software is capable of converting audio files to several different audio formats. It can even copy DVDs and it sorts all of your music for you into a convenient and sortable library.

There were few issues faced while testing this program. Out of which one was downloading that unnecessary encoder just to convert our test WAV file to an MP3. These step were the only hassle that put down the Ease of Use grade for Audials. Apart from this, we were also unable to import audio files from a CD using this MP3 converter. The again contributed to its lowered Ease of Use grade.


Despite these flaws, one of the major advantages to installing and using Audials Tunebite 2016 Platinum is its video file compatibility. While testing, the program can easily extract the audio data from the video files. This audio converter was able to convert every video file we threw at it, no matter what format it was in, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPG and WMV, it converted all the formats. The extracting audio feature from video files is not yet included in iTunes and is a great added feature in Audials and gives it a thumbs up.

Audials Tunebite is easily compatible with almost 40 audio files and can convert them in limited time to 11 different audio formats. The audio as well as the conversion speed leaves us impressed.

If we talk about the support system and team of Audials Tunebite, even they are very active and responded to our query with 24 hours. This fast response left us speechless. This is a sign of great quality support team which is a must require factor and cannot be ignored from customer point of view. Although the program is very easy to use but still if someone faces any difficulty them their online FAQs section will help you find the answers to your questions quickly.

Should Your BUY Audials Tunebite Platinum

All in all, Audials Tunebite Platinum is an impressive audio converter. It is compatible with a maximum number of files, converts files quickly without flaws and has other features, such as a DVD copier, that other audio converters don’t provide. Audials is available on Windows 8, 7 and XP platforms. The only flaw of this program is when you are going to convert files to MP3s, you have to install an additional LAME encoder to do the job, which is the only hindrance. Overall, this is impressive software and is worth considering the price.

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