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Apify Review: Is It Best Web Scraper & Data Extraction Tool?


Web scraping makes it easy to extract the data you need from lots of different websites. And if you’re searching for web scraping tools for your business, then Apify is one of the best to choose.

Want to know how Apify can help your business and want to know what type of data it extracts? Read on for our extensive review of the Apify platform and its powerful web scraping tools.

😍 What is Apify?


Apify is a one-stop solution for web scraping, as it lets you gather any type of information on the internet. You can use the data you collect for your business projects and this is why it is the preferred solution for many businesses across the world. It is trusted by over 15,000 companies in 179 countries, including Microsoft, Samsung, Thorn, and Accenture.

Now it’s your turn, as you too can use Apify’s web scraping tools for your business. But before you sign up to use Apify, we’re going to review the software for you so that you can find out how it will help you get the perfect data for your business requirements.

πŸ€— How does Apify work?

How does Apify Works

Web Scraping 

Web scraping just means that a bot crawls websites and can extract data from those websites. After the data has been extracted, you can download it in different formats, such as CSV, JSON, XML, Excel, and more. You can export the data in whichever format is best for your needs.

Web Automation 

Web automation just means that you can automate manual operations and workflows on the web. It means that you can automatically fill in forms on any website or upload files. The robots perform the grunt work. 

Web Integrations

Apify can integrate with many web services, including lots of APIs, and let data flow easily between them. This allows for powerful custom computing and data processing. 

πŸ‘Š How does Apify help your business?

How Apify Help your Business

You can scrape and extract data from any web page with Apify. But how exactly can Apify help businesses extract important data for different types of projects? 

Market Research 

When you have precise information, then you improve the chance of success in all your business ventures. You can perform market research for your own brand and products or those of your competitors and use it to grow your business all over the world. 

Web RPA 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) lets you and your employees save a lot of time. Apify’s robots work for you to perform boring, repetitive tasks, and intelligent automation has been shown to save costs of up to 75%. 

Price Comparison 

You can monitor and scrape millions of products on websites in real-time. This helps you to define the perfect pricing strategy for the products that you want to sell. Get all the pricing details of products from your competitors, set better pricing, and sell more. 

Lead Generation 

Web scraping technology helps you get contact information on potential clients and customers. You can then build a strategy to use that data for lead generation. 

Machine Learning 

It takes large datasets to train artificial intelligence models. Apify lets you do this simply because you can use the vast amounts of data on the internet to train your AI models. Choose the data you want, scrape it, and feed it to your AI.

Product Development 

For product development, you have to gather various information, and the internet is the best source of information ever created. Apify gives you access to this information from different web pages all over the internet.

✨ What websites can you scrape with Apify?

You can scrape web pages with Apify and use the data from them for your business projects, study, and research, or in many other surprising ways.

Apify Store has hundreds of ready-made tools to let you scrape any web page, including scrapers for Google Search results, Google Maps, Instagram profiles, Facebook Pages, YouTube, and Twitter.

What are the things that you can browse with Apify

For e-commerce businesses, you can scrape data from different e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Google Shopping, Amazon Bestsellers, Google Play, Asos, H&M, Amazon crawler, and many more. 

For marketing, you can scrape information on contact details or keywords from any website, or scrape Yellow Pages,, Facebook ads, DuckDuckGo,, and many more. 

If you want to scrape the news, then with Apify you can scrape news from different sources using tools like Apify’s Smart Article Extractor or Article Text extractor. For example, you can scrape Transfermarkt, Hacker News, CNN, or almost any news site. 

When it comes to scraping travel details, Apify has a scraper, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, and scrapers, and many more.

🎁 Apify Pricing Plans


Apify’s free version is very generous and you can use it for as long as you like, but there are some limitations in features, especially when it comes to proxies. The free version gives you:

  • $5 platform credits
  • 30-day trial of 20 shared proxies
  • Data retention for 7 days
  • Excellent customer support
  • RAM – 4GB max

Apify’s Personal plan costs $49/month and is most suitable for students, freelancers, and developers. The Personal plan gives you: 

  • $49 platform credits
  • Datacenter shared proxies – 30
  • RAM – 32GB max
  • Data retention for 14 days
  • Email support

The Team version is recommended for small teams working on projects and it costs $499/month. The Team plan includes:

  • $499 platform credits
  • Shared datacenter proxies – 100
  • RAM – 64GB Max
  • Data retention for 21 days
  • Chat support
  • Max team of 3 members

The Enterprise version is a completely customized package according to your needs and scale and it allows you to upgrade at any time if you need more. You have to contact Apify for Enterprise pricing details. Enterprise level gives you:

Unlimited platform credit option, unlimited residential proxies, unlimited RAM, a long-term monitoring facility, great premium support, and of course unlimited team account seats. 

The Apify pricing page has a handy cost estimator and we worked out how much you can scrape and how much it will cost. If you’re looking to scrape full web pages, with all content, then it will cost about $42/month for up to 10,000 pages per month. You can of course scrape more pages and the cost will go up according to the number of pages. 

To scrape simple HTML pages costs just $9/month for 10,000 pages. Or you can scrape social media profiles on, for instance, Instagram or Twitter, for about $213/month for 10,000 pages. You can scrape Google Map places at about $87/month for 10,000 pages. 

If you want to scrape more pages, then the price goes up, so you just choose how many pages you need to scrape and pay based on that. 

🀞 Pros and Cons of Apify


  •  One-stop shop for web scraping and automation
  • Great data extraction service
  • Excellent customer service
  • Flexible web automation platform
  • Helps business processes of different industries
  • Apify can make a good product into an even better product
  • Collect data in variety of areas
  • Specific information extraction also possible
  • Address and phone number extraction also possible
  • Phone support available for Enterprise level
  • API integrations


  • Steep learning curve

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πŸ’œ Apify Customer Success Stories

Success stories

Customers in lots of different fields have shared their success stories after using Apify. From research projects to finding jobs, anything is possible with Apify. Apify’s users all say that it can make your work more effective, useful, profitable, and add value to everything that you want to do.  

⚑️Final Words On Apify Review

For web scraping and web extraction, Apify is the best tool available on the market. It saves you a lot of time by helping you scrape any information on the internet and use it to grow your business. 

It’s a one-stop solution for businesses, students, and anyone who wants to collect information for research projects, product development, and many more purposes. 

On the whole, Apify is the best option, as it is a complete web scraping and web automation platform that can be used to collect data and then export the extract data in any format. Highly recommended!

⭐ Frequently Asked Questions

🀞 Is it possible to Scrape Google Play Reviews with Apify?

Yes, you can scrape Google Play reviews without any problems. And not only reviews – Apify allows you to scrape any information that is available on the internet.

✌️ Is Apify is a perfect solution for businesses to develop any product?

With Apify, you can extract the data that you want from the internet, so you can get almost infinite information. Apify provides all the information that you need for any type of product development.

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