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AMZScout Review: Legit Or OverHyped? Earn PROFIT $197,8..


Amzscout LogoSurely FBA is one of the most preferred platforms for online businesses, 👊 ..👊 but how does a person filter out the best products?

It is not easy to judge a product’s sales output without knowing its past sales history or success rate.

That’s why AMZScout is a great source for generating information about products. 🔥 It has a database of over 20 million products 🔥 and provides data insights for any product in complete detail.

There are many amazing features in this Tool,💥💥💥 check it out in this AMZScout review.

AMZScout Review

With this SaaS-based software, many people are happy as it finds the best for Amazon FBA. There are many tools in the market, but finding good quality data for products feels a bit tougher on them, and as a result, many people like to use this.

😇 What is AMZScout? Complete Review

The tool is present as a chrome extension & as a web application and it is available in both free & paid ways. Both of them are equally good, for someone who wants very basic knowledge of the product, the free version is good for them, and for those who wish to use it for product hunt, then the full version is for them.

AMZScout Product Database

It is one of the most promising tools in the market and provides additional market+product information in comparison to others. Amz Scout also has a calculator, that can find out the estimated income one can have on any product and saves a lot of time that goes into taking out the final amount after deducting other costs and fees.

It brings out the historical pricing data and success rate of a product so that one can decide if it’s efficient or not. It has over 5 million products in its database that helps in deciding the outcomes of the same. The primary aim of Amzscout is to increase its user’s sales figures.

It can also be used to calculate everything with the FBA fee and analyze the quality of their product listings. Sellers can make the most of this tool for their online business and can also make out a good profit with its help.

❣️ Review Of Best AMZScout Tools

Amazon Product Research

Product Database

Get everything about a product in just a single click with the help of their product research tool. They provide access to information about supplies, demand, competition, and find millions of fulfilling & profitable ideas.

AMZScout Product Old Data

Chrome Extension Pro

Have the ideas checked twice and expand with the help of this data. The PRO Extension estimates revenues and losses, seize on the competitor’s moves, and also back up the personal moves by having better insights into Amazon’s niche.

AMZScout Chrome Extension

Compare the statistics side by side by having a quick run-through on Amazon. Those who want to have shorter insights on the product, then they can always go for the chrome extension and load some data instantly.

💥 Keywords & Product Listing

AMZScout Keyword Tracker

Track keywords for the campaigns that are low competition but have higher sales outcomes. It shows the best keywords according to the product that can be used in both product descriptions and advertisements in order to bring higher-quality traffic. Track how the campaigns are performing by just entering the ASIN and tracking the sales.

Keyword Explorer

Explore keywords that are in high demand and can optimize product pages, rank higher on Amazon search pages, and increases sales by driving customers through efficient and popular search terms.

Product Keywords

Find out new keyword ideas from the competitor’s keywords. The tool finds out and spies on competitors in order to find out the keywords they use and driving customers via search.\

👊 Features of AMZScout Research Tool

AMZScout Features

1. AMZScout Product Searches 💥

With the help of AMZScout product, the sellers can review which product is good and which of them is a total bust. For helping the sellers in an even better way, they let them find data based on week, month, and year. This way, the seller can know a long term insight into the product and also analyze whether it’s a seasonal product or an all-time hit.

If someone wants to know about a specific trendy product or a good product for the holiday season or summer season, then the time-span filter is really great for them.

AMZScout Product Idea

2. Exclusive and Detailed Insights 🔥

It finds data from approximately 500 niches and everything is completely detailed. However, the free version doesn’t present the data completely, but the Pro version also has certain features to filter out data.

AMZScout also provides a detailed breakdown of products with average monthly sales, price of the product for upselling, number of sales rank, review, the desired margin one can keep understanding how well can they perform. There is also a potential score for each product that shows the worthiness of the product.

3. Estimated Sales 😘

This feature is really quite helpful and supportive as it predicts the number of sales for a specific product. With this information, the seller can know if the luck they’re using for this product is worthy or not. There’ll also be an idea about how fruitful the product will be on the FBA market.

It is very important to know about every piece of detail of the product, and this is one of those features that’ll help in this case in ways no one would have thought about. There are over 30 categories present and provide users with a hundred percent accurate data.

4. No Technical Requirements 🤞

There is a myth in the market that makes people think that the product requires a bit of technical knowledge to operate. But, as tough as it seems, the easier it is to use. It is very user friendly and provides data in a better and convenient manner. AMZScout is a great option for sellers who have absolutely no idea about the technical aspects and it automates everything accordingly.

5. Automated Calculator 🤗

What is an FBA research tool without the presence of an automated calculator? Absolutely nothing! Just when a seller looks at the product insights, they can also calculate everything to know the desired profits. All one needs to do is enter the purchase price, and the calculator will make on its own that how much profit can be extracted.

Also, the FBA fee keeps changing very frequently, therefore it manages to keep those changes in mind and then only brings out the final outcome. As a seller, it may not be easy to know the everyday changes in the amount, but this calculator makes everything really very easy.

6. Keyword Research Tool 👊

A good keyword can easily divert a person who is looking for the product to the Amazon FBA page. As a seller, this is a key point to mention in the product description since that’s how most people are able to find it and then sell it. With the keyword research tool, a seller can find out the best options for a specific product and improve its product ranking in a very efficient way.

AMZScout Keywords for PPC Ads

It also displays a detailed graph about how the keyword searches and frequencies are doing in the last few weeks or months. It is very important for a seller to follow such insights as that’s the only way they can get to their rankings upwards and also boost the profit margin.

7. Information about the Supplier 😇

A thousand people are selling the same product at the same time across different countries. But the only way to rise in front of other sellers is the quality of products. While buying from merchant fulfilled sellers, one thing that can’t be made sure is the quality of the product.

Those who have the Pro version of this Research Tool, don’t need to worry about it. With the help of the AMZScout tool, the data about suppliers review, product quality aspects everything can be taken out. This is where the paid membership comes to actual use, and helps in selling the product at an even higher price. A good quality product can raise a business in a better manner and can also get good customer ratings.

8. Competitor Data 😂

Call it a bit of sneaking, but the pro version helps in finding out a bit about the competitor’s items and how their sales are doing. No such option is present in the free package, therefore to find out this data one has to subscribe to the Pro version. Spy on their inventory and sales activity and get to know how you can make yours better. Take a glance as if you’re the ones who are selling those products.

9. AMZScout’s Seller Course 👍

There is a course for those people who have a rush to start a new FBA business but have a few things that are left to know. It helps in knowing how to make good profits on sales in less than 3 months.

AMZScout Course

Therefore, there’s no need to spend the time on any other course and one can learn while making their first sales! This is also a Pro version option and isn’t available for free. It is a true blessing n disguise as it saves a lot of money that would go into a course separately.

10. Chrome Extension and Web-Based Software 🤔

The Chrome Extension is available for the free version and for better and more detailed insights that come in the Pro Version, there’s a web-based application. It’s not that the chrome extension is any bad, but it’s just that the data isn’t as detailed as expected.

AMZScout Extension

For better and clear insights, the only option is to go for the pro version. The Chrome Extension provides basic functionality and pulls out data only based on the current time, whereas the SaaS Product is more comprehensive and offers a whole range of features.

Be it, someone who wants the chrome extension or the paid Pro version, the best part is that nothing needs to be downloaded or updated from time to time.

11. Some Amazing Articles on Blog 😘

Free Articles on AMZScout Research Tool

There are some really amazing articles on the blog related to boosting up the sales on Amazon FBA and learning more about the Software.

These articles are quite engaging and are pretty good extras for some good knowledge, Therefore if someone wants to have a Tool that also gives some extra information rather than just doing the work, then this tool is the best in the field.

🔥 Review Of Pricing Plan By AMZScout

The Chrome Extension comes for free, and there are very few features such as data according to the present and basic functions. The Pro version had two pricing packages, one is for a monthly basis and one is for an annual basis.

There is a 7-day money-back guarantee for both packages in case someone isn’t satisfied with the outcomes.

Let’s Check all 3 Plans:

AMZScout Pricing

Light Plan: The package costs $16.49 Monthly! The discount is huge and makes the product even more worthy to use. Let’s take a look at what all is there:

  • Product ideas based on various niches.
  • The current trend of a specific product.
  • High Potential Opportunites.
  • Product Sourcing options.
  • Improving the listing quality.

Full Plan: It’ll cost $49.99 Montly + you will get the extra benefit of 12 month trend report with this plan.

Lifetime plan: If you’re thinking to purchase it for a lifetime then it will cost you $1499.99!

🤠 Pros and Cons of AMZScout Tool

Although the product is really good, there some things that should be considered. Check out the pros and cons before buying the product.


  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple Pricing Options.
  • SaaS-Based Product.
  • Detailed All-time insights.
  • Amazing keyword insights.
  • Gives Product Ideas.
  • The course is also available.


  • The free version is a bit limited.

😛 Pros in Detail

  • Easy to use:

The AMZScout Research Tool might look a bit tough to use, but in reality, it is pretty straight-forward and easy to use, there is nothing missing in it and all the insights are available at the click of a button. The interface is very comfortable to use and pretty user-friendly.

  • Multiple Pricing Options:

There are many products in the market that don’t have various pricing options and there are only monthly packages to go for. For someone who is a regular user, there should be at least some extra offer to boost up their usage even more, and apparently, this tool knows how to make its users happy.

  • SaaS-Based Product:

Be it the free version or the Pro version, the best part is that it is completely web operated and nothing needs to be downloaded. With downloads, the major problem is that they need to be updated and some Softwares don’t even have a friendly user interface.

  • Detailed all-time insights:

Although the free version doesn’t have this option, the Pro version provides detailed insights of a specific product and there is also an option to filter those out on the basis of a week old, month old, or a year old. This makes the research part very easy and helps in searching for more efficient products.

  • Amazing Keyword Insights:

This feature is something that makes this tool really different and unique from others. There are barely any of these present in the market that have this option and this is what makes the business rank boost. It gives a good keyword for every product that is searched quite a few times and also presents a bar graph for the best keywords based on their frequencies.

  • Gives Product Ideas:

Based on the recent trend or all-time high ranked products, the AMZScout Research Tool gives a detailed insight for which products are the best to sell and can make an all-time profit, It is very important to have the best product to sell, and apparently this tool help in doing so.

  • The course is also available:

Unlike other tools that have no course available for Amazon FBA, this tool has a course that can teach how to boost sales in less than the first 3 months of the business. For those who haven’t taken any course, this can save a lot of time and money.

😋 Cons in Detail

  • The free version is a bit limited:

Although it’s obvious that somethings might be less in the free version, the truth is that the free version is good, but it’s quite limited. There are just two features present in that and it only gives out present time insight and is good for just a bit of information. If someone wants to make good out of this product and have detailed insights, then they ought to have the Pro version.

🤔 AMZScout Testimonials & Review

AMZScout Testimonial

There is a testimonial from a person named John who has used various other tools before switching to the AMZScout Research Tool, and he claims that the reason he stayed to this one was the help from the unique Keyword Planner and Tracker.

Next, a user named Omar reviews that the AMZScout tool has saved a lot of their time and it calculates everything super accurately and one doesn’t even need to calculate in the old human way. This tool is not only a helping hand for these people but also for some famous people such as Riley Turner and Crescent Kao.

AMZScout Testimonials

Furthermore, there are two testimonials from Mario and Jeffrey who claim that this product is a flashlight when a person is going through dark times in their FBA business.

They claim that with this, productivity, quality, and profits go hand in hand and bring great outcomes just by sitting home and working according to their comfort.

It has helped them understand the market better and analyze products in a good manner. It has become quite easier for them to find out products based on specific niches that are trending and have a good ranking as well.

✔️ Final Verdict On AMZScout Review

It currently has more than 250,000 users across the world and many people claim that this has been their savior in the darkest times of their business. With this, they’ve been able to find out anything about a product in a better manner and have moved ahead of their competitors.

While working n Amazon FBA, it is very important to know everything about a product in order to face no losses, and this is what the AMZScout Research Tool does for each of its users. While the tool is good, the Pro Version specifically has some great features that are tough to miss for anyone.

The course is another booster and something we truly like in it. It saves a lot of time and money in almost each and every aspect. Overall, it is a great tool and every Amazon FBA seller must try it out!

🎁 FAQs

😇 Is the AMZScout Tool Good?

Yes, it provides detailed insights and also has an option of extensive keyword research. It has all the features that a person requires for Amazon FBA Selling.

🤔 Is AMZScout Pro version really different from the free one?

Yes, the free version only provides present time data that are not efficient for competitive selling, whereas the Pro version is jam-packed with features.

👊 Do we need to download AMZScout?

Not at all. It is a SaaS-based tool that is available in either a Chrome Extension or a web-based application.

✔️ Does AMZScout work?

Yes, it works by providing the best insights for over 50,000 niches on a weekly basis. It makes sure that the seller gets a good ranking with their work.

🤠 Does AMZScout has a trial available?

Yes, after buying if someone isn't satisfied, then they claim for a full money-back withing 7 days of purchase. This way, a person gets access to a trial of the tool.

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