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AliShark Review 2024: Is This A Best Dropshipping Tool


Be it a professional dropshipper or someone who is new to the business, everyone must have a tool that fulfills all the requirements.

Everyone should have a reliable and supportive tool that is able to provide data for every small product.

AliShark is one such tool that has everything a dropshipper may ever require. It provides product info, no matter what niche it belongs to.

AliShark does not have different tools on its platform, but instead, it has an inclusive tool that finds out everything related to the products in just a second. It is a big product search engine that has hardly anything missing. With some massive product filter options, it narrows down the search and saves a lot of time.

AliShark Review

Rather than searching every product manually, go for a tool that eases up this task in just a few seconds. There is a lot present in this tool, check out more about it in our AliShark review.

What is AliShark All About?

AliShark is a product research tool and can be integrated with Shopify very easily. It has a huge product database and a very friendly user interface. Also, it can display products on the basis of supplier, eBay, or AliExpress and that too not only from that day or week, but it has a very old database.

Find data on the basis of analytics, ratings, order volumes, and many other things. It has a humongous amount of filters that are very beneficial for effective search results. The first impression of this platform is very pleasing, and it is a very interesting tool to look at.

Every day, new products are added and there is something new to look at. AliShark offers some really amazing things, and it has a lot to explore. From product performance to its market value, it provides every small data that is worth looking at.

Features Review of AliShark

1. Live Results

AliShark Quick Results

The tool provides live results, on an everyday basis. Its team keeps on regularly updating the database and the number of orders processed daily. With these results present throughout the day, one can stay ahead of all the competitors and one can know what products are selling at that very moment. Also, it provides data on which products are on the rise and which are falling down. All this data helps in better analysis of the fact that which product should one finally go for.

2. Everything about the product

At a single click, find everything that is required to know about the product. See if there is a product description video on the AliExpress page, does it have ePacket, is it available for dropshipping, and many other such things. It displays the pricing, reviews, views on sales, the top countries in which it is sold, top dropshippers making great money out of it, and the sales history from the past 2 to 6 months. There is a lot present for products over here, and the dropshipper can easily identify the winning products.

3. Product Performance

AliShark Product Performance

With AliShark, One can review the sales history from the past months and add the products to their wishlist anytime they want to. It allows the users to predict the trends and whether they’ll be able to make great profits out of the same. Also, if it is out of season, then the advertisements make sense or not. This feature is important if someone wants to finally promote the products but wants to test them first.

4. Dropshipping In Top Countries

Find the hottest markets where the products will sell really well and if there are any dropshippers selling the products. It allows the users to find the selling percentage from different countries, without any issues.

5. Find & Review Competitors with AliShark

AliShark Competitor Search

Easily find the competitors selling the same products in the market. Also, if there are any, then find out how to move a step ahead from them with some innovative ideas. There is data present from other dropshippers, study what price are they selling at, the product layout, and even some great advertisements once they find them here.

6. Some Advanced Filters

AliShark Filters

There are some really advanced features present over the AliShark panel, and to find & review new winning products, these filters are really very helpful. These filters also allow finding all those products that haven’t made it to the best selling list but still have some potential outcomes. Any dropshipper will be able to witness the trading products and sell them when the market is not down for it yet. There are filters that help is narrowing down the search output, these options are:

  • Categories.
  • Niches.
  • Countries.
  • Price (from-to).
  • Order amount.
  • Shipping.
  • Reviews.

Even some more advanced filters can help to find & to create some video advertisements. There is a filter to witness whether there is a video for the product on AliExpress. It also shows products that have multiple orders from the same seller.

4. Bookmark the Products

Build the own product testing library where the products will be saved in the ‘Saved’ tab. Sometimes, one can see the products and then save them ahead for future purposes, but at times forget what was it earlier. Bookmark them on this tool and keep it in the database for a longer time with the help of AliShark.

5. Different Niches

AliShark Niches

There are different niches present to opt for the products, and anyone can use it without any issues. It gives an updated list of the niches and it also keeps updating it whilst adding something new very regularly.

Anyone who is a beginner, this is a great option for them since they can analyze different niches before finally finding out the product of their choice. Also, advanced dropshippers cans use it for niche hunting and brainstorming of new products.

6. Search the products

Search the products with the help of the URL or even see them by searching through product keywords. Type in the name or search it through an AliExpress URL. Let AliShark search the products and also review the stats on the product page.

7. Other Filters

What is better than the fact that there are different filters present to find out the products and narrowing down the search? Well, it provides several filters one can use to find out the best and the most worthy products. Here are the filters present:

  • Filter by niches:

Find out some products spread across different niches. When it comes to searching with the help of these, there are surely many options present over here to opt from. Just select the niche of products, and that’s it!

  • Filter by countries:

Find out data about which product is doing well in which country with the help of this filter. This data helps in making decisions about where can one possibly expand their dropshipping reach.

  • Filter by price:

This is a common filter and is present in every product research tool. Just enter the min price & max price, and it’ll find out the products in that particular budget. This helps in narrowing down the search and rather than going through several products with different prices, this helps in lessening the time going in research.

  • Filter by Votes:

At first, it may seem like what is this and does it bring outcome, but in reality, this is the most unique filter present in this tool. With AliShark, Filter out with the help of the number of reviews present on the product and analyze whether is it even doing any good market-wise.

  • Filter by total number orders:

There is nothing much different in this option from the above one, but with this filter, one can find the orders on the basis of the specific time period they wish to see.

  • Filter by shipping methods:

Find out review some products through this AliShark filter as it provides options such as packet, AliExpress, or both at the same time. Sort out those products that are specifically suiting the shipping time, method, and all the other requirements.

  • Filter on the basis of shipment country:

Those who want to ship the products from somewhere apart from China, then this filter is definitely for them. It helps in selecting the country from where it can be possibly shipped from such as the United States.

  • Filter by when was the product added on the tool:

Filter out & review the products by identifying when they were added to the AliShark product database. This is great for someone who wants to be the first opportunity grabber and wants to see products that were uploaded lesser than a week ago.

  • Filter by if the product is being drop shipped:

Find out if the product is being shipped and check if it’s being sold to any other dropshipper apart from you. If there is, then analyze if it is worthy to promote the same product with such competition and make decisions accordingly.

7. 24/7 Support

If anyone face any issues with the tool’s working then e-mail AliShark support and the team will try to respond as soon as possible. The team is present for the users and is willing to help them out any time of the day.

AliShark Pricing Packages

There is only one pricing package available for this tool but there is a trial option for 2 days available for $1. Check out what does it all include:

AliShark Pricing Packages

1. Tasskickers Account- $20/Month:

  • Unlimited Searches.
  • Access to the entire data.
  • Save the products.
  • View the daily added products.
  • A lot many things.

AliShark Customer Reviews

There is one testimonial that motivates every single user to go for the tool. A testimonial reads that that he is very proud of the AliShark Software. There are some quick features available that help the users in getting the best possible information at the most affordable prices. He says that this is the best tool and one must definitely go for it.

Final Verdict- Is It A Good Tool To Go For?

Yes, AliShark is a great tool to go for and it has all the filters that a person may require for dropshipping. It features several things such as filters and niches that make them very different from others.

Rather than wasting time in product research manually, one can easily filter out products and narrow down their search scale by opting for this tool. People who are new to the business and want to spend the time somewhere else such as marketing or advertising, then this seriously the most accurate portal they can ever have. It has everything that one may ever require apart from just finding out products.

The AliShark tool provides data for every small product and everything is very detailed. A definite Yes from our side for AliShark. Every dropshipper must try it out, however, it is more preferable for newbies in the field.


Is there any free trial for AliShark?

No, there is no free trial currently available for AliShark. But one can try it for two days at $1.

Is AliShark value for money?

Yes, AliShark is a very affordable platform and definitely worth every single penny.

What does AliShark do?

AliShark performs product research for several dropshipping businesses and it has some of the most attractive filters.

What if I don’t like AliShark?

Sadly, there is no refund policy present for AliShark, therefore it is always best to have a trial.

How to find different products on AliShark?

There are several options such as the country it is shipped from, shipping method, niches, etc. present through which a person can fetch products from AliShark.

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