Affise Review 2020: Best Affiliate Tracking Software

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Are you considering launching your own affiliate program and looking for a reliable platform where you can manage ad campaigns and partners? Or maybe looking for a particular set of features to change the software provider or migrate to a SaaS platform from an in-house solution?

Then we recommend you to consider Affise Affiliate Marketing Platform to run ad campaigns in real-time. Affise ideally suits advertisers, agencies, and networks to manage, track, analyse and optimise their online advertising campaigns. It provides a huge variety of features to run ad campaigns and achieve bigger profits.

Affise Review

Here you can read the full affise review on how to manage affiliate programs.

About Affise: Affiliate Tracking Software

Affise platform is developed primarily to manage affiliates and affiliate programs, provide access to multiple programs, track and analyze ad campaigns performance in real-time, share reports with partners, make payments and so on.

Affise Features & Benefits

  • Affiliate Tracking Software

The vital part of affiliate marketing is tracking, owing to which you are able to measure the performance of advertising campaigns. At Affise you can monitor the data flow and process impressions, clicks and conversions.

  • Smooth migration

Don’t be afraid of high volumes of data! Affise developed an automated offers pulling tool, CPAPI, that transfer all your data into Affise platform, ensuring the quick start of your work.

  • Total budget control

One of the advantages of working with Affise is a performance-based pricing model, which allows you to predict your budget and hold it within the approved limits.

  • Fraud detection

In-house click-level fraud prevention tool that reduces fraudulent traffic by filtering VPN, non-earmarked traffic from proxies, bot traffic etc. The system detects fraudulent traffic in real-time, block it and doesn’t allow it to reach the destination website. Additionally, Affise provides integrations with the best in industry fraud prevention tools.

  • Your personal success team

For your service you will have a team consisting of an onboarding, customer success and tech support managers. They walk you through all the set-up process and help to solve an issue along the way.

  • Feature-rich API`

Affise offers comprehensive and feature-rich API to integrate any needed tool that you regularly use in your business operations.

Affise Review: How Does it Help Affiliate Marketers?

Affise clusters their features according to four main tasks: management, analysis, optimization and customization.

Affise Features

Manage Ad Campaigns Applying Various Policies & Rules

Every program has its own rules, Affise allows you to set your policies and manage advertising campaigns according to them. For this you have a wide spectrum of features, such as flexible dashboards, comprehensive reporting system, cap system, multiple payouts settings among the others.

Custom Dashboards

Affise offers a flexible customizable dashboard, that can be adjusted to the particular affiliate (admin) role and to personal preference/convenience. It’s easy to use and you can unfold your data from any needed perspective in an unlimited amount of dashboards.

Affise Team

With custom dashboards you can:

  • Visualize all types of datasets;
  • Shape the reports into colourful line charts, bar charts, pie charts, hashtags, and tables;
  • Sort the statistics in ascending or descending order;
  • Turn insights into actions and speed up decision-making;
  • Share access to dashboards with the rest of the team.

You can take advantage of custom widgets that allow to group and illustrate the data according to any of the four analysis purposes, such as comparison, distribution, correlation, structure presentation.

  • Custom line chart report displays how data changes over time
  • Custom bar chart report compares multiple data sets
  • Custom pie chart report is used to show the structure of data

Smart Targeting

Management of any ad campaign aims at receiving the highest possible profit from it. For this you obviously need to tap into specific markets, what is possible with Affise Smart Targeting.  At Affise you can set various targeting restrictions. For general ones, you set Countries, Regions, Cities, Connection type, OS, Click-level Anti-fraud and for advanced – Mobile carriers, Devices, Brands, Browsers, IP/IP range, Additional Tracking URL, Subs, Sub1 and Sub2 restrictions.

Besides general targeting restrictions, you are also not limited in providing different conditions depending on affiliates you work with. In case you need specific targeting restrictions for one of your affiliates, you can always create a personal targeting group for the chosen affiliate.

Cap System

With Cap management tool Affise users don’t need to worry about overspending when running ad campaigns. It keeps ad campaigns within pre approved limits, and it will stop sending traffic to specific offers once the budget cap is achieved.

Multi Currencies and flexible payouts

To allow working on various business terms Affise platform supports multiple currencies. The platform partner specific payout system enables advertisers and networks to set payout rules and criteria that are specific to each partner.

Affise Marketing Platform

Collect & Analyze your Data

Affise detailed analytics collects data on the performance of your campaigns. At Affise you track the performance of your affiliate campaigns effectively with: detailed analytics, comparison reports, IP intelligence.

Deep and far-reaching analytics

Affise platform offers deep and far-reaching analytics that can give you a detailed picture of the results of your affiliate campaign. With over 50 data breakdowns you get a comprehensive report and you are well-equipped to make data-driven decision, predictions for future campaigns and set them accordingly.

Comparison reports

To 50+ data breakdowns analytics you can further apply comparative analysis to the advertising campaigns you can also achieve a better understanding of current campaigns and make prompt changes or launch new development directions.

IP Intelligence and geolocation data by Digital Element

It enables more accurate segmentation of online audiences and gives more detailed portraits of consumers. With this data, advertisers receive much clearer insights into particular customer behaviours and are able to adjust campaigns and target accordingly.

Optimize & Automate Operational Workflow

Optimization tools are at the forefront of many affiliate networks and are available for all. At Affise you can benefit from such optimization features as AI Smartlinks, CR optimization and automated data transfer.

Performance optimization with AI Smartlinks

At Affise you can optimize the performance of your ad campaigns through leveraging designated for this purpose tool – AI Smartlinks. Smartlink is a powerful monetization tool that allows your affiliates to keep all offers under one link. The machine learning algorithm decides which offer is shown for each specific user and is most likely to be converted.

By leveraging AI Smartlinks you maximize chances to tap into the relevant audiences and thus to grow your profit, while at the same time saving time on implementing needed for that actions.

CR optimization

Automation of majority of operational tasks in affiliate marketing is one of Affise goals. One of the results from this strive is an introduction of CR and sub-accounts optimization tool that filters traffic according to the performance of affiliates and traffic sources. It promptly analyzes the data and automatically blocks affiliates or traffic sources which fall short of the target rate.

affise cr optimization

With this tool having control over CR is much easier. If CR is too low or too high, you can quickly recognize whether it is poor quality traffic or fraudulent activities standing behind that.

Automated Data Transfer Through CPAPI

Previously affiliates used to pull all advertisers and offers data into their system manually – what was a huge time burden. There is no way to do it manually now – unless you don’t mind all your business operations to freeze for a while. 

What can help here is a tool that automates this process. Like CPAPI tool: it provides affiliates with a prompt integration with needed sources of offers and allows multiple offers transfer from them into your tracking system in almost no time. This tool is already integrated with the majority of offer sources and free of charge.

Provide Personalized Solutions to Your Partners

Affise is a highly customizable platform. At Affise you can customize every slice of the platform with tailored UI design elements and turn the interface into more user-friendly for your clients and staff with Affise configurable widgets.

For example, for the convenience of your partners, you can customize their accounts. There is an option to choose a design template, add your logo, profile picture for admins, add admins’ contact information and working hours. In the end, your affiliates get the same user-friendly platform, where they can access the offers database, communicate with managers, track statistics and payouts, follow networks news and so forth.

Marketplace & Feature-Rich API

Along with configuring all the basic settings for launching and tracking ad campaigns you may start thinking about integration with other services. You surely need to keep records of your activities in CRM systems, generate lead flows, process payments, invoice partners, protect from fraud, integrate additional analytics tools etc. As the solution to the operational tasks automation Affise can provide you with sought after integration. You can either conduct additional integrations from the Marketplace, there is a bunch of tools already integrated there, or Affise can seamlessly conduct a new integration through API.

Final Verdict On Affise Review

Affise is a robust all-in-one platform for marketers and brands. Their set of tools and features will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your partner program. The customer support is always here for you to help and pricing is very reasonable. You should consider using this service with 30-day free trial if it meets your requirements.

Check Out Affise Pricing.

Affise Pricing

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