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AdxAd Review: Advertiser or Publisher? (Complete Guide)



It is difficult to select the best Ad Network that provides quality traffic for a website. If you want to boost your sales for your products or services then the best ad network will bring quality traffic and also good leads.

AdxAd review

ADxAD is an ad network platform in the market that can satisfy both advertisers and publishers. With this ad network, the publisher can easily monetize their content and the advertisers can easily get their brand popular without spending much. This ad network helps to maximize online earnings by bringing larger volumes of high-quality traffic to your website.

The one who has a quality website, then this ad network will help to not only gain high-quality traffic but also helps to make good money. In this article, we can go through the features, pricing models, and other important things offer for the publishers as well as advertisers.  

What is ADxAD? 

ADxAD is all about an ad network that can bring high-traffic to your product or services and this platform is more useful for both advertisers and publishers.

By using ADxAD, advertisers can promote their brand by creating ads and targeting the desired audiences. Even for the publishers, ADxAD can monetize the website to reach more audiences who are likely to buy the product or service.

About AdxAd Ad network

ADxAD can bring genuine high-quality traffic and has more than 500 publishers and also provide a great conversion rate to the advertisers. For both advertisers and publishers, ADxAD offers amazing services that can manage to bring more conversion rates and if you want to access this platform then check out the great opportunities it offers to both publishers and advertisers.    

ADxAD Advertiser Review 

When you get high-quality traffic to your site, then there is a great chance to get more conversions. ADxAD is an ad network platform that helps the advertiser to get to reach massive audiences and also boosts revenue.

ADxAD Advertiser

On the whole, this ad network is good for both advertisers and publishers. There are some simple five steps to follow to gain traffic and to earn income.  

At first, start with a registration process by giving all the details of your business site and in the second step, ADxAD will provide you a personal manager from the team to guide everything. He/She can deal with all the details of the next procedures and in the third step you have to create your campaign and then upload all your creatives like either it is a native ad or banner ad or push advertisement.

AdxAd Advertiser Features Review

In the fourth step, you have to proceed with the payment for the ad and in the last step, you’ll start to receive the interactions from the audiences. If you want to increase the sales then you have to proceed step by step and gain more profits.   

The list of advantages you can gain when you choose the ADxAD ad network is  

  • You can get quality traffic to your website with this ad network and the audiences can view your ad on the mobile web as well as a desktop.   
  • Easy to pay and low prepayment guaranteed at ADxAD, as it accesses the payment from the advertiser with a minimum prepayment of $150. The payment process will accept through PayPal, Paxum, Wire, and Capitalist.   
  • ADxAD offers discounts for their partner clients. Check Voluum, Binom, C3PA, Affmy, Spyteg, Peerclick, Affiliatefix, STM Forum, etc. in discounts section and grab your bonus.
  • ADxAD offers full-service or self-service, this means the campaigns are said to be run by yourself, or else you can leave to run the campaign to them.  
  • The personal account manager is available 24/7 as if you have any problems or queries, you can contact them for the solutions. No matter what the time to contact them, they will provide a 100% solution.    


Type of Ad Formats ADxAD offer 

Pop Ads: Pop-up ads are one of the forms of online advertising that are generated in the new browser windows or tabs. The site-under landing pages or pop-under will remain hidden behind the main browsing window. Later, it will be displayed when the browser is closed or minimized. Although a CPM-based ad network, this Pop ad format is the most famous among affiliates and the reason is nothing but the best payouts.    

Pop Ads

Display Banners: The ads that are placed in the third-party websites in the form of text, image is Display banner ads. It is one of the online advertising designed to attract audiences and in the ADxAD platform, you have the opportunity to choose between various sizes for a banner ad. Creating various banner sizes is because it fits the mobile devices and desktops also. For HTML banners, iFrame is supported and for out-stream video ads – MP4 is supported.  

The size of the banner ad for desktop is 160×160, 300×250, 728×90 and the size for mobile devices is 300×50, 300×250, 300×100. 

Push Notifications: The messages that are clickable appear on the browsers to the user mobiles or desktops. This ad format has many benefits that can amplify the advertising campaign in minutes.  

Push Notification Ads

Native Ads: The native ads are like as paid ads that can match the form and function of the publisher in which the ads are placed.    

Targeting Available  

If you want to identify who your customer is, then create advertising for specific people with attractive content. This is termed as targeting and breaking into segments to show more about your right audiences and can convert into potential customers. This process will definitely help to get more audiences and more sales.  

Targeting available on AdxAd

Language: The advertisers have to focus on the language of the target audience because it plays a crucial role to gain more customers. It allows the users to target the audience according to their language. 

Operating System:  The advertisers have to target the market by filtering the audiences into the operating system segment.  So, they can analyze the people who are using which operating system in the process of identifying the right customers.  

Browser: Next, we have to know what browser does the audiences are using and then if we target such browsers there will be more chances to get more sales.

Publisher ID: This helps in segmenting the audience or targeting the right people and Publisher ID in ADxAD has in it to manage the targeting the right audiences.     

Geo: You can target the audiences across all parts of the globe via geo locations targeting and so you can advertise and the ADxAD ad network allows you to engage them with this function.  

Device Types: People use different devices and with this, you can segment & target the audience. More than 1/3rd of the world’s consumers engage on the open web. 

Mobile Carrier: You can segment the audiences on what network they are using and so with this ad network it is easy to identify the right audiences and target them.  

Pricing Model for Advertiser  

At ADxAD, the pricing model for the advertiser depends on the current time interval and at present, they work on a prepayment model of $150. The payment process will accept through PayPal, Paxum, Wire, and Capitalist.

ADxAD Publisher Review  

ADxAD Publisher

If you are a publisher then you can easily make money because they have good advertisers as well who pays a good amount. ADxAD is a good ad network platform and you have to follow just three steps to start earning with it. In the first step, you have to do a quick registration and then insert the code given by ADxAD into your website, and in the last step start making money. The reasons why to choose ADxAD is  

  • It provides 100% buyout for your site traffic and easily there will be a rise in profits. It offers a straightforward monetization system.  
  • It offers the best monetization market opportunities and it is the right place for the publishers to earn more profits.  
  • It guarantees the safety of your ads and does not offer any illegal activities to pass through their system.  
  • You can optimize and control all ad formats of your website from a single dashboard.  
  • It offers weekly payouts to the users and increases your income with this opportunity.  
  • It offers a 24/7 personal manager to contact for any queries or problems they provide instant solutions.   

Payment Model for Publishers 

Publisher Pricing Model

The pricing model for publishers can be in the form of revenue share, CPM, and Fix Price.  


For the best advertisements and monetizing the publishers, ADxAD is one of the platforms in ad networking to earn more by providing the best services. Now, you don’t worry about high-quality traffic and audience segmentation because this works for you. ADxAD is an overall best ad network for both publishers and advertisers.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much time it will take to review and moderate the website?

It will take 24 hours to review after submitting it.  

How to add funds to the balance?

Contact the personal manager and within the shortest time, the appropriate credits will be provided.


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