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Adverten Review: (Proof?) 7 Figure CPA Affiliate Network


Adverten is a CPA Network for affiliates that offer verified adult, dating, cam offers. Affiliates get SmartLink feature for highly converting offers in addition, they provide 7 days weekly payout via Paypal, Wire Transfer & several other methods that’s why it’s a most reliable & trustworthy affiliate network.

Adverten CPA Network

Adverten is the best network for affiliates who want to run some of the best offers and earn some money out of it. They specialize in mainly adult verticals such as dating, mainstream dating, cam, adult games, and sweepstakes offers. Also, they provide smartlinks that are ideal based on the affiliate’s requirements so that they don’t have to recklessly keep searching for offers.

Adverten gives their level best to optimize the offers with the SmartLink algorithm and make sure that the affiliates incur no problem. With this affiliate network, all affiliates get some new and amazing opportunities for profitability with their constantly improving offers.

Adverten payouts are amazing, all depending on the quality of traffic received by an affiliate. There are some great features of this network, check out more about it in our Adverten Review.

Adverten CPA Affiliate Network Review


Adverten is a network that is present in the CPA Industry for a while now and has some extremely happy and satisfied affiliates. It was founded in 2015 and they specialize in adult & mainstream dating, cam, adult games, and sweepstakes offers. With their Smartlinks, the affiliates can save a lot of time that goes in searching the ‘right’ offers for promoting ahead.

Adverten signup application isn’t also a tough process since they review and approve as soon as possible, making the affiliates wait for a lesser time span. All the offers provided are tested several times and make sure that these will be fruitful for the affiliates.

All these offers can cover every geo, but these are most successful in English speaking parts and Western European countries. Keep track of how well these offers are doing and if there is any need to make a change. If they’re successful, the payment will be provided right on time, and this is something that makes the network very amazing.

9 Best Adverten Features

Why Choose Adverten

1. Geo Location

Do you want to be one of those affiliates who want offers that can be promoted globally? Then Adverten is definitely the right spot to be at. Their offers can be promoted throughout the world with the help of the SmartLink they are provided. It is very easy to use these links to promote the offer and it doesn’t even take much time. Although these can be promoted anywhere in the world, they mainly prefer and ask to send these offers across English speaking countries and throughout the parts of Europe, with a special preference of Western regions.

2. Exclusive offers

Want to have the best and most exclusive offers rather than the regular ones? Then why not become a top partner of this network! Adverten provides the best offers to those who are interested in a partnership and at the same time, these offers are very unique and different from the ones provided on a regular basis & with these offers, affiliates can generate some high conversion and earn even a better amount of money.

3. Verticals

Adverten works across all the adult verticals and specializes in them & they work in mainstream, adult dating, adult games, cam, and sweepstakes offers. This is the only disadvantage since only people interested in these kinds of offers can move ahead towards promoting them. Looking at the amazing payouts, it feels like the offers should be from some more verticals so that more affiliates can promote it.

4. Timely Payouts

For any affiliate, what matters the most is the timely payment of their efforts, which they do provide. All the payments are completed on a Net-7 basis and they make sure that it is no way delayed. They understand the efforts going behind these promotions and make sure that affiliates get their fair share in the due time.

5. Smart tech

With their SmartLinks, the biggest task on the user’s head is automatically relieved because they provide offers to the affiliates that are based on the worthiness and if they are right for them. All these offers are tried and tested pre-landers, but they still make sure once again that these are the best choice. In addition to that, they reduce the time that goes into finding the best offers by the affiliates and let them focus on only one main task, which is promoting the offers ahead.

6. Dedicated affiliate manager

If any affiliate faces any kind of issue, then the Adverten team is present for them to sort it right away. They desire to let the affiliates work with the utmost ease and provide all the required solution as soon as possible. Each affiliate is provided with a dedicated manager who is present 24/7 to help them out.

7. Multiple Payment Options

At times the biggest issue that the affiliates are facing is the payment receiving option, and despite the good payouts, they have to leave the affiliate network behind. But that is definitely not the case with adverten since they have all the possible payment options present with them. This solves all the issues for affiliates and all they have to do is just wait for their payment.

8. Profitable Offers

They have over a thousand tried and tested offers that they know might work for the affiliates. Also, the payouts provided by them are exclusive, and not many affiliate networks provide such kinds of payouts. All these offers provide a great amount of priority, bringing the affiliates to an amazing stage.

9. Tracking

At this CPA network, it is very easy to find out how well the offer is able to generate great conversions, clicks, impressions, Geo, etc. you will get a complete report. Also, look out if there is any need to optimize the link’s promotion for better-earning options.

Adverten Payment Methods

Adverten Payment Options

Here are the details of the Payment Terms of Adverten:

Minimum Threshold: $100.

Payment Offer: CPA Only.

Payment Frequency: Net 7 Basis.

Options of Payment: PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, Capitalist, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, and Wire Transfer.

Adverten Review: Advantages & Disadvantages

Whilst there are some pretty amazing things present in this network, there are some amazing things we most like it:


  • Different features in one affiliate network.
  • Payment options to choose from.
  • Timely payments.
  • Exclusively tried and tested offers.
  • Dedicated affiliate manager.


  • The minimum Threshold is slightly high.

Pros in Detail

  • Different features in one affiliate network:

There are several features present in this affiliate network, making it possible to relax down and focus on multiple offers at the same time.

  • Payment options to choose from:

Several affiliate networks have limited payment options, but they have all the ones that are possible so that more and more affiliates can join without worrying about payments.

  • Timely Payments:

When they say 7 days, they literally mean 7 days. All their payments are extremely timely and they make sure that there is no payment delay at all.

  • Exclusive tried and tested offers:

All the offers provided to the affiliates are well tried and tested so that they are able to earn a good amount of commission out of it.

  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager:

They provide a dedicated affiliate manager to all affiliates who register on the Adverten CPA network. These managers are present throughout highs and lows and ensure that the affiliates encounter no issue at all.

Cons in Detail

  • Minimum Threshold is slight high:

In order to receive the first set of payments, it is very important to cross a threshold of at least 100 dollars. This is a big con since beginners are not easily able to generate it at the right time.

Adverten Features

Final Verdict: Adverten CPA Network

Amidst so many affiliate networks in the industry, if someone is looking out for a CPA network fulfilling the verticals mentioned above, then this might be the right choice for them. Adverten is surely a good affiliate network that works on providing the best offers via SmartLink, removing the biggest issue of searching down the best offers. It has the best offers through which the affiliates can make a great amount of money. They are into both adult and mainstream verticals, therefore, people promoting from different verticals can get great offers to promote ahead.

Adverten is surely a great affiliate network, and in these years, they have managed to win the hearts of several people at the same time. Their payouts are really amazing and on-time, motivating people more and more to promote the offers. However, it depends on the traffic quality to which the affiliate will generate revenue. Overall, it is a pretty amazing affiliate network and one must definitely go for it & hope you like this adverten review.


Is Adverten a good affiliate network?

Yes, Adverten surely is an amazing affiliate network and has great payouts. It is definitely a good one and an affiliate can go for it.

What verticals does Adverten work in?

Adverten works in adult & mainstream dating, sweepstakes, cam, etc.

How does the payment work with Adverten?

Adverten provides payments on a weekly basis, and they have several payment options.

How can we know about the payments?

Track the offers on the Adverten dashboard and as soon as the threshold is reached, wait for the payments in a week!

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