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Adsterra Unveils a Decade of Success: Participate and Win in the 10th Anniversary Giveaway!

Marking ten years of excellence, Adsterra introduces a spectacular Anniversary Giveaway, extending a chance to win exhilarating prizes to fortunate participants who remain active for a minimum of 15 days, up until August 31st.

Participating is as simple as following these three steps:

Adsterra 10th Anniversary Giveaway
  1. Set up a publisher’s, advertiser’s, or affiliate’s account.
  2. Enter the Giveaway by submitting your login credentials on Adsterra’s exclusive anniversary landing page.
  3. Stay actively involved by running ad campaigns or monetizing traffic during the designated period.

Throughout the past decade, Adsterra has been a steadfast ally to aspiring individuals and enterprises, guiding them to surmount challenges and achieve extraordinary feats. The Adsterra network has played an integral role in propelling numerous startups to triumph, amplifying visibility and revenue avenues. By empowering publishers and affiliates, Adsterra’s Self-Serve tools have been the driving force behind reaching unprecedented heights of accomplishment.

Adsterra places immense value on its partnerships with skilled and dedicated publishers, affiliates, and advertisers. Their unwavering dedication has translated into remarkable revenue generation and conversions. With a notable 28,000 publishers earning an impressive $65 million annually and 13,000 advertisers contributing to an astounding 1.34 billion conversions yearly, the statistics are impressive. However, Adsterra’s perspective transcends mere numbers.

In the eyes of Adsterra, partners are esteemed companions on a shared journey towards profit growth. This strong bond is forged through unique Partner Care Standards and a collective commitment to progress.

As the festivities of the 10th anniversary unfold, Adsterra extends its reach beyond conventional traffic and offers. This celebration serves as a tribute to the pivotal role partners play in the triumphant narrative of Adsterra’s success.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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