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In today’s day and time Ad networks is one of the most important aspects related to digital advertising and therefore profitable business endeavour.

If you are looking for a suitable ad network which is reliable and favours your needs then this Adport review can be of some help.


In this Adport review we will be discussing multiple facets of one of the most popular and secure Ad networks which include key features, supported ad formats, rich media attributes, customer support and more.

What Is An Ad Network & How Does It Work?

Ad network is a digital technology platform which acts as a bridge between groups of advertisers and publishers while also fulfilling both of their commercial needs.

These ad networks allow publishers to set up, launch and track multiple campaigns and let advertisers sell their products and services. 

Now how do these ad networks operate and work behind the curtain for you? The ad network stores unsold ad inventory purchased from various publishers and then offers multiple advertisers this pool of impressions. 

What Is Adport? 

Powered by Kimia Group, Adport is one of the many available self-serving advertising networks which strives to provide a full 360º solution that benefits both publishers as well as advertisers. 

Adport platform provides generous monetization features for the affiliates whereas, on the other hand, ensures high quality traffic and performance efficiency of ad campaigns to the advertisers. It is a performance driven ad platform designed and developed to cater to the needs of advertisers, publishers, webmasters, ad agencies, and marketers.

Adport Desktop and Mobile Advertising

The platform supports more than enough ad formats including push notifications, interstitials, pops, smartlinks, in-page push and more. You also have access to multiple rich media dynamic ad displays options such as puncher, casket, tripod and spinner. 

Some of the advanced features and benefits you have access to as an Adport publisher include automated traffic optimization, brand protection, multiple formats, flexible payments, high revenue shares, admin panel for control and more.

Advertisers too have multiple advantages in that sense such as global audience reach, multiple creatives in push ads, automated ad monetization, anti-fraud protection, dedicated support and more.

Adport Supported Ad Formats

The Adport platform currently supports a total of five different  ad formats which include Push Notifications, Pop-Under or Onclick, In-Page Push, Smartlink and Interstitial. Let us go over all of the available ad formats in brief detail. 

1. Push Notifications 

Push notifications have always been and will always be one of the most significant ad formats. These notifications are delivered to the user’s devices as regular clickable messages only if the particular user has given their prior consent to receive such notifications.

Adport Push Notifications

Push notifications highly increase the chances of click through rates along with conversion probability.  

You can use this type of ad format if you wish to monetize your traffic as well as promote your ad campaigns rather actively. Some of the advantages associated with such ad formats include the sense of urgency induced in users, unparalleled visibility, higher CTR, promising prospects, advanced customizable features, compatible with multiple devices (PC, Tablets and Mobile) and more. 

2. Pop-Under 

Pop-Under ads are also referred to as Onclick ads. These types of ad formats are highly effective in targeting and reaching a massive audience all around the globe. Pop-Unders are displayed as a full page ad whenever a user clicks on a specific site component, or anywhere on the website for that matter, resulting in increased engagement rates as well as revenue. 

Adport Pop-Under Ad Format

As general ad formats, Onclick ads are shown automatically during a recipient’s browsing session followed by the full screen display of the landing page you are promoting. Some of the advantages of using Pop-Under ads include compatibility with various devices, price flexibility, 100% fill at all times, wide space allocation for ads and more.

3. In-Page Push 

In-Page Push ad format delivers and displays promotional content similar to classical push notifications in a sense. The only difference between these two ad formats is the fact that the In-Page Push format does not require any permission from the user’s side to show the advertising content. 

Adport In-Page Push Ad Format

These types of ads are directly displayed alongside the relevant organic site content which allows visitors to very easily find them. Some of the benefits of such an ad format include user friendly interface, high engagement rates, compatibility with all the operating systems, platforms and websites, no need for subscription permissions and more. On top of that, Adport offers three different skins for you to customize your in-page push notification, tailoring it to your audience.

4. Smartlink

Smartlinks can be considered as AI driven technology which automatically chooses the best available offer for an individual from the entire traffic driven by you. You can choose to place these links anywhere on the site, from images to hiding it on some button. 

Smartlinks not only ensure that publishers promote newest and/or best performing offers but also enable you to combine it with any of the other supported ad formats. Some of the advantages associated with this type of ad format include higher return on investment due to right offer generation to the prospects, increase in conversion and sales rates, etc. 

5. Interstitial

The last type of ad format supported by Adport is Interstitial ads. Interstitial ads are interactive as well as dynamic in nature and are presented on the entire screen or as overlay ads of a specific website or an app after the expected content.

Adport Interstitial Ad Format

These types of ads are generally displayed at transition points within the flow of the platform and in-between certain activities. 

Users can either choose to click on the ad to be redirected to the associated destination in case they are interested in the offer or close the ad to return to their browsing session.

Interstitial ads provide better coverage and quality across various devices, and with Adport you have the option to select classic or scratch format, to have the user interact with the ad and make the interstitial more engaging. 

Adport – Rich Media Advertising 

Finally, the platform also supports rich media ads, a digital advertising format which uses dynamically advanced and engaging components such as animated images only for mobile. Adport offers a total of four different pre-designed skins to ensure interactive and engaging promotional content to target audiences worldwide.

Adport Rich Media Advertising
  1. Casket – In this format the ad expands from the bottom of the site interface and collapses to remain there only.
  2. Puncher – It displays two different images which remain fixed to the very bottom of the website until and unless the visitor decides to interact with them. 
  3. Spinner – Just like the name suggests, spinner displays the ad in a small circular shape at the bottom right corner of the page. It consists of two different images which spin around after a particular time interval. 
  4. Tripod – The ad displays three different images shown and fixed at the bottom of the website unless the user decides to interact with them.

Advantages For Advertisers 

Some of the main benefits one can reap from being an approved Adport advertiser are as follows. 

1. Global Reach 

One of the most important aspects offered by Adport is the surety of global audience reach. With more than 300 verified publishers around the globe and a total of 220 geolocations, you can very easily and quickly receive thousands of promising impressions. 

2. Multiple Targeting Options

With the help of Adport, you have the ability to choose your preferred way of targeting from a variety of options that are made available to you.

Adport For Advertisers

You can target as well as filter out your audiences on the basis of geolocation, carriers, regions, devices and more. 

3. Anti-Fraud Protection

Adport prioritizes the subjects related to security and privacy of theirs as well as their customers data. Therefore, the ad network provides you with anti-fraud protection technology. You can use the multiple available security tools integrated with their firewall to keep your business safe by manually and automatically filtering out the bots. It also significantly increases your chances of higher income due to organic traffic.

4. Dedicated Support 

Adport assigns dedicated account managers to all the advertisers. These managers are highly professional with years of market experience and strive to help you with marketing aspects as well as advise you in order to reach your decided goal for return on investments. 

Adport Benfefits For Advertisers

5. Multiple Ad formats

As shown before, Adport offers you a variety of responsive and dynamic ad formats to select from. You can decide to use push notifications, full-screen ads, pop-under, etc depending on the content you want to advertise.

Advantages For Publisher

The ad network offers a plethora of benefits, however some of the key features of being a registered publisher on Adport include the following. 

1. High Earnings  

Adport is a highly popular and sought after ad network for affiliates or publishers due to the high percentage of revenue offered by the platform as well as features for monetizing their traffic. You are offered up to 85% revenue shares which is in itself an important feature. 

Adport For Publishers

2. Automated Traffic Optimization 

You have access to a highly effective and efficient traffic optimization technique which allows you to spare your time for more important things.

3. Easy Onboarding 

Adport has one of the simplest onboarding procedures ever and enables you to start working and running your promotions campaigns quickly. The ad placements of any of the preferred ad formats is a fairly easy task.

Adport Benefits For Publishers

4. Effective Monetization Solutions

The ad network allows you to exploit every single visitor or user as a way to generate income. You can boost your income by obtaining a high eCPM. 

5. Multiple Payment Methods

Adport provides a wide range of convenient payment options for affiliates such as Credit cards, PayPal, Paxum and Wire Transfer.

Adport Customer Support 

Although Adport does not provide multiple sources of customer support, they do offer dedicated account managers as well as round the clock assistance. You can reach out to the Adport support team by chat, filling out the contact form present on the website itself or directly through the email “”.

Adport Customer Support

Is Adport Really An Alternative To Google Adsense?

After a thorough analysis of the ad network and examining the solutions it has to offer, you can rest assured that Adport is a highly reliable replacement to Google Adsense. 

Although to be fair in judgment, Google Adsense is most people’s pick because of its market reputation, all in all, Adport is an effective self serving platform and worthy of a Google Adsense alternative, specially for smaller publishers. 

The platform offers high quality traffic, global audience reach, promising ad campaigns, massive pool of impressive ad inventory, larger share of revenues, dedicated account managers, anti-fraud protection measures and so much more. 

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