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AdMaven Review: Is It Best Ad Network For Publishers & Advertisers?


Have you been wondering about which Ad network will be worth investing in or reconsidering for a new one? You’ve got to the right place.

Whether you want to monetize your traffic or promote your products and services, AdMaven can do it all. 

AdMaven Review

In this AdMaven review we will be rating the Ad network on the basis of numerous factors including key features for advertisers and affiliates, payment modes, types of ad formats, customer support, pros and cons and more. 

AdMaven Review – At A Glance 

Founded in 2015, AdMaven is a well known and truly reliable ad network at present. With AdMaven you can sell and buy genuine traffic in order to achieve the appropriate results with the help of various ad formats. The platform specializes in maximizing your audience reach, monetizing your traffic, providing detailed reporting and analytics, and more. 

AdMaven Overview

AdMaven has been a go-to choice for advertisers and publishers for more than 10 years now due to factors like revenue strategies, consistent payments, real-time statistics, excellent platform interface, a wide variety of ad formats, monetization algorithms, customer support, etc. 

Stick till the end of this comprehensive AdMaven review to know more about the platform and its advertising services. 

AdMaven – Key Features 

The Ad network at hand has a plethora of benefits and features relevant to both advertisers and publishers. The key attributes of AdMaven are as follows. 

Global coverage

The ad network offers a global audience and therefore provides traffic reach for their advertisers from all around the world. The platform has a community of highly successful publishers which brings with them the long-established loyal audiences for the promotion of various services and products for the advertisers. 

AdMaven Features

Adaptive Platform 

It is quite crucial for an ad network to be built in such a way so that you can easily strategize, create, share and optimize your promotional content. AdMaven has a highly adaptive platform designed to suitably optimize your ad campaigns to generate a targeted return on investments for advertisers and ensure higher payouts for affiliates. 

High-Performance Campaigns

The platform offers expertise when it comes to ad campaign optimizations. AdMaven drives a better return on investments irrespective of the chosen advertising model. You might work with the CPM, CPA, or CPC model and you’ll still see a satisfying result. The optimization tools and techniques combined together with the wide pool of direct advertisers provide publishers with an amazing ECPM and high revenue.

AdMaven Ad Network Features

Seamless Integration

AdMaven has one of the easiest integration processes in the history of ad networks. You need no more than a couple of minutes to get started with earning money by monetizing your traffic resources. The platform supports multiple ad formats, from push notifications to in page push (native floater), you’ve got it. 

Dedicated Support

AdMaven provides top-notch customer services and the same is ensured with the help of the dedicated support team. You are offered around the clock assistance to help you achieve and go above your predetermined performance along with revenue goals. A highly skilled dedicated account manager is assigned to each and every exclusive publisher to help guide and assist in case of any inquiries, problems, and more as well as come up with appropriate solutions to solve the issues. 

AdMaven Dedicated Support

Full Transparency

AdMaven offers an integrated admin panel from where you can easily handle and analyze your ad campaigns, view your revenue status, payment plans, real-time analytical reports, and more. Needless to say, you can always ask your account manager in case you struggle with any issues. 

Authentic User Experience

It is important to ensure that all the traffic that is being redirected to your websites and pages is safe. Therefore, AdMaven goes the extra mile to ensure the protection of your site and the authentication of the visitors. The platform filters out inappropriate creatives and malware to keep their network clean and secured. 

AdMaven Publishers Features

Monetize Everything

With more than 25,000 publishers and advertisers, AdMaven provides unparalleled monetization opportunities for every user across various ad formats, devices, and demographics. You have total flexibility and control over all of the aspects when it comes to monetization with AdMaven. Publishers are guaranteed higher revenue generation and advertisers receive a better return on investments with all these advanced monetization techniques combined with a highly effective cost per thousand impressions. 

AdMaven For Publishers 

With over a billion highly performing users, more than 90% of the traffic is made available through direct deals with their publishers, so AdMaven is a great place to start selling your traffic. The platform uses the revenue share advertising model and provides its publishers 90% of the revenue generated by their inventory.

AdMaven For Publishers

With AdMaven, publishers have control over various aspects related to the ad network and some of the characteristics are as follows.

  1. You can use the AdMaven smart algorithm to filter and choose the type of ads you want your users to receive.
  2. You have access to several types of ad models such as Pop, Native banners (push in page), Push notifications, Interstitial, Ad-block.
  3. The platform offers flexible payment plans with a variety of payment methods: Paypal Payoneer E-payments.
  4. You can analyze the detailed and accurate reports from the online reporting panel, authenticate your users for minimizing the intrusiveness, receive better payouts, high ad volume and more.
AdMaven Monetize Traffic

It is to be noted that AdMaven has not a minimum traffic requirement. However, the higher the traffic is, the better the results would be.

Register For A Publisher Account With Ad-Maven

Follow the steps given below in order to sign up as a publisher at the AdMaven network.

  1. Head to the official AdMaven site and click on the “Sign Up” button followed by choosing the “Publisher” option.
  2. The publisher page will be opened where you need to fill up the “Sign up form”. 
  3. Enter the details such as full name, email, country, what traffic you want to monetize, and more.
  4. Once you are done with the form select the T&C box and click on the “Sign Up” button.
AdMaven Publishers Sign Up

Payment Methods & Policies 

AdMaven publishers can choose the preferred payment mode from the multiple available methods. Currently, the supported methods include PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Payoneer, bank wire transfer, and Paxum. The minimum payout details for all the available payment modes are as follows. 

Paypal and Payoneer Minimum payout  – $50

Bitcoin and Paxum Minimum payout – $500

Wire Transfer and Webmoney Minimum payout  – $1000

AdMaven For Advertisers 

As an AdMaven advertiser, you have access to the following benefits. 

AdMaven For Advertisers

  1. Self-service and managed CPA services.
  2. The best anti-fraud tools combined with state of art in-house security techniques. 
  3. Access to the entire AdMaven’s direct inventory across multiple formats using an easy setup process. 
  4. You can leverage the benefit of features such as API access, advanced reporting, multiple targeting options, dedicated support, multiple payment options, and more.

Register For An Advertiser Account With Ad-Maven

Follow the steps given below in order to sign up as an advertiser at the AdMaven network.

AdMaven Advertisers Sign Up
  1. Head to the official AdMaven website and click on the “Sign Up” button followed by selecting the “Advertiser” option.
  2. Next up, you will be redirected to the advertiser page where you can fill up the Signup form. 
  3. Enter the details such as full name, email, password, country, instant messenger details, etc.
  4. Once done, select the T&C checkbox and click on the “Sign Up” button, and you are done.

AdMaven – Types Of Supported Ad Formats

The ad network offers a wide range of ad formats for you to choose from including the following given below.

Push Notifications 

One of the most popular formats is push notifications enabling the user to subscribe to notifications on both mobile and desktop. High user engagement and intent oriented format. These ads can be displayed across multiple devices including web browsers and mobile devices. 

AdMaven Push Notifications

Push notifications increase the probability of click-through rates and conversion chances. Even if the users do not visit the sites, you can still earn revenue while taking zero site space if you are a publisher. You can use this type of ad format to target specific interest groups as it provides unparalleled ad visibility and higher CTR.

Pop Ads

Pop traffic is divided into two types, that is, pop-ups and pop-unders. In these types of ad formats, the notifications are displayed in a new window tab. The pop-up format shows the ad on the top of the screen whereas the pop-under displays it below the window.

These full-screen ads are displayed on an entirely new window upon clicking an object on the website and thus provide a better user experience and engagement along with a higher return on investment. It is a top revenue generator with 100% fill at all times.

AdMaven – Supported Verticals 

The ad network supports multiple niche verticals including Streaming, Sports, News, Crypto, Link shorteners, Adult, Gaming, Music downloads, and more.

AdMaven – Pros and Cons

The platform has its own set of pros and cons which are as follows. 

AdMaven Pros

AdMaven Payment Methods
  1. The platform supports a wide variety of ad formats that are easy to implement and does not require any technical knowledge.
  2. High-performance campaigns, eCPM, and revenue generation with the help of optimization techniques. 
  3. Availability of real-time statistics for better analysis.
  4. Supports multiple payment methods and tenure which are always paid right on the schedule.
  5. Direct traffic with global coverage across multiple devices.
  6. Customer assistance is available round the clock, 24 hours a day.
AdMaven Customer Support

AdMaven Cons

  1. Based on the volume of inquiries, the response time can be delayed.
  2. There is no visual or graphical representation option available to present the statistical information.

AdMaven – Customer Support 

The ad network offers immensely extensive help centers dedicated to both publishers and advertisers separately. The knowledge base consists of elaborative articles and frequently asked questions.

AdMaven Resource Library

In order to reach out to AdMaven’s customer support, you can choose to initiate the contact through any of the following options; chat support ticket, phone call, and email service. You can also connect with the support team using the social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.  

AdMaven Review – Final Verdict


Needless to say, the ad platform offers tremendous features for both publishers and advertisers. From highly optimized campaign tools to monetization techniques, and direct traffic to anti-fraud mechanisms, AdMaven offers it all. You have access to multiple ad formats, verticals, payment methods, higher payouts, better ROI, dedicated support, and more. 

So as far as the question about AdMaven being worth it or not goes, the answer remains yes and that’s the end of this AdMaven review. 

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