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ActiveRevenue Review – Is It The Best Self Demand Site Platform?


Advertising strategies play a significant role when it comes to creating your brand’s image and presence to impress people in order to gain potential and loyal customers. You can do it either through traditional methods like telemarketing, prints, or using digital ads, the choice is yours. However, in today’s era, there’s a powerful inclination towards online advertising. 

ActiveRevenue Review

ActiveRevenue is one of the best self-serve demand-side platforms which provides you access to high-quality international traffic. It helps marketing professionals and agencies to create ad campaigns for a number of verticals and implement robust mechanisms. 

But how do we know it is worth the hype? Can ActiveRevenue really provide traffic to your business sites? Let’s find out. In this ActiveRevenue review, we will be rating the platform on a number of factors, such as the Onboarding Process, Interstitial Ads Targeting, Benefits of using DSP for Advertisers, Publisher Monetization Solutions, Supported Ad Formats, Customer Support along with Pros and Cons. 

ActiveRevenue Overview 

Founded in 2014, ActiveRevenue is a demand side platform, headquartered in Herzliya. It is a niche marketing service platform for advertisers and publishers and serves over 5 billion desktop as well as mobile impressions daily on an average across thousands of digitally publishing partners. It offers premium traffic, an easy-to-use interface, elaborative optimization tools, vast inventory scales, better return on investment, and extensive customer support. It provides industrial expertise in areas such as mobile marketing, popunder, zero-click, push ads, push traffic, self-serve, online advertising, native ads, etc.

What is a demand-side platform (DSP)?

DSPs are the software through which you can buy, sell and publish the campaigns ads depending on the algorithms. They are basically the managed markets for commercials. It allows you to buy search ads, mobile, and video ads from a marketplace on which affiliates or advertisers list an advertising inventory. DSPs help you manage campaigns over multiple channels, provide relative information, vast inventories, and targeting capabilities. 

ActiveRevenue DSP platform

Getting Started With ActiveRevenue 

The platform has an easy onboarding process which usually takes no more than a few minutes. You need to fill up a form asking for your personal details such as login, email address, legal full name, password, country, skype id, and company name. After that, you can select the T&C checkbox and click on the signup button and you’re good to go. 

ActiveRevenue Interstitial Ads Campaigns For Advertisers 

The platform provides ample services and functionalities such as targeting capabilities, advertising formats, optimization techniques, conversion tracking and so much more for advertisers and media buyers. You can target a specific customer population or group which can help you understand and cater to their needs more accurately. 

ActiveRevenue Advertiser

What are Interstitial Ads Campaigns?

These are full-screen ads that cover the entire interface of the device they are displayed in, giving advertisers more space to publish their content. Reportedly, over the last few years, interstitial ads has accounted for about 14% of the total revenue share and therefore has great conversion rates. These ads appear before or after the content is delivered or in between certain activities. 

Interstitial Ads Campaigns – Features 

Some of the facilities provided by ActiveRevenue for successfully publishing the interstitial ads are as follows.

ActiveRevenue Advertiser Benefits

Advanced Targeting 

The platform allows you to target a certain customer population through a number of filters including geographical location, user interests, browser types, occupation & job type along with a few other options. The following are the targeting capabilities that ActiveRevenue supports. 

Geo Targeting 

It is used to deliver content or advertisements to customers based on their geographic location. It is a major targeting factor because why show ads to the people who have no use for certain products or your business do not operate in that location. It ensures that the customers in the relevant areas discover your brand services. You can reach out to the people through any geographical size like country, city, district, or parts of towns. 

Interest Targeting 

This type of targeting allows you to promote your brand and reach out to people based on their interests. It lets you show your ads to potential customers who might engage because of similar interests that are somehow related to your products or services. 

Browser Targeting

It provides you the flexibility and authority to choose on which web browser your ads would be displayed. You can use this type of targeting if your ad campaigns are not compatible with particular web and mobile browsers. You can choose from a wide range of browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Polaris, Safari, Opera, etc.

ActiveRevenue Targeting Capabilities

OS Targeting

It allows the inclusion or exclusion of particular operating systems along with the ability to choose certain versions. You can target customers using desktop and mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, etc.

Device Targeting

It allows you to promote and reach people through the selected devices which can be anything from desktops to smartphones. If you do not enable device targeting, all the devices will be included for ad campaigns by default. You can choose among various devices including Android mobile, iPod, iPhone, Android Tablet, Windows Phone, PSP, etc.

Frequency & Budget Caps Targeting

It allows you to reach customers and optimize your ads for efficient business outcomes by providing you the control over impression delivery and target audience reach. 

Keyword Targeting

It allows you to create a list of keywords that may be relevant to your business ad campaigns. This feature helps you avoid certain pages and sites containing prohibited words while ad promotions.

Carriers Targeting

It allows you to target customers and reach them based on a list of various carriers which can significantly influence your conversion rates and sales.

Automated ROI optimization 

ROI stands for return on investment which lets you measure and analyze your ad campaigns’ performance and helps you strategize marketing plans to increase the conversion rates and therefore the overall revenue growth. It lets you plan your future budget, effective budget allocation, marketing, etc.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is the process of monitoring the number of conversions done for your website, type of conversion, and keywords used by the visitors. You can decide on what actions you consider as conversions and then track them to get the relevant information. Through this feature you can find out which ad campaigns are working for you and which are not, you can optimize them to improve the performance and save money. If you are already using a tracking system all you need to do is add the “creative” macro to the URL and attach the relevant parameter to the link of each creative.

Campaign Creation

You can create an ad campaign by registering for an account, making the deposit, followed by curating the ads, analyzing, and optimizing to get the desired results.

You need to log in to access the dashboard, then click on “Campaigns” followed by “create a campaign”. Select the preferred ad format from the available options which include pop ads, push notifications, floating push notifications, zero-click ads, and calendar push notification campaigns. Just complete the rest of the steps to finish the process.

It usually takes up to 30 minutes to get the traffic on your site after the campaign approval. You can choose either of the following pricing models; cost per click (CPC) or cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) campaigns. 

Ad Formats 

ActiveRevenue currently supports four types of ad formats including push notifications, floating push, domain redirect, and pop. Let us discuss the available formats in detail. 

ActiveRevenue Ad Formats

Push Notifications 

One of the most significant formats are push notifications where the ads are displayed as regular messages when delivered to the users. Therefore, increasing the probability of click through rates and conversion chances. Users need to provide permission to publishers before they can receive the messages.

ActiveRevenue Push Notifications

Some of the benefits of using push notifications are that they unmatched ad visibility, create a sense of urgency, advanced customization options, higher CTR, and potential users.

Floating Push 

The floating push covers the ground where push notifications lack, that is the need for approval before displaying the alerts. These alerts are displayed directly on a website rather than the device itself. You can create a floating push notification very conveniently as the ads consist of a title, text copy, and small thumbnail. It can be used for a number of verticals including Cryptocurrency & Finance, Sweepstakes, Coupons, Freebies, Gambling, Casino, Health, Beauty, Nutra, etc. 

ActiveRevenue Floating Push

Some of the benefits of using floating push notifications are that it doesn’t require opt-in, can be tailored according to any industry, is suitable for all devices, has a wider reach than the conventional push notifications, and is cost-effective.

Pop Advertising

The pop format is a type of online ad campaign where the notifications are displayed in a new window screen once a user triggers it. You can either choose between the pop-up or pop-down option, where the former one displays the ad on top of the screen that the user is currently viewing whereas the latter shows it below the window. You can use these for verticals like mobile content, gaming, job & employment services, etc. 

ActiveRevenue Pop format

Pop ads provide a better user experience, are ideal for promoting large-scale creatives, make a high return on investment, and are highly targetable.

Domain Redirect 

Domain redirect or also known as zero-click traffic helps you publish super focused and targeted campaigns with significantly better ROI than the rest. This ad format is highly relevant, targets visitors wanting to engage with your brand, and has domain redirects in every country and language. It offers elaborative performance metrics, is non-disruptive, and has full commercial intent. It can be used for news and entertainment, E-commerce, shopping, utilities like VPN, antiviruses, etc.

ActiveRevenue Domain Redirect

Publisher Monetization Solutions

ActiveRenevue ensures that you as a publisher make the most of their services and generate greater profits. Some of the benefits of using their services are; access to global coverage, multiple ad formats, a number of payment options, high-quality customer support, live statistics and reporting, user-friendly traffic analyzers, etc. The offered tools work well for publishers like desktop, mobile, and television OS publishers to name just a few. 

Available Payment Methods

You can select any of the following payment methods; PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Capitalist, and Paxum.

Contact Support

The platform offers an extensive help center consisting of detailed articles along with blog posts. You can connect with the company’s support team through call services or social media communities like linkedin, twitter, etc.

ActiveRevenue Support


  1. Global audience engagement with higher ROI.
  2. Multiple ad formats and highly profitable campaigns.
  3. Multiple targeting options including keyword, device, geo, OS, browser, etc.


  1. Could add more payment methods.

ActiveRevenue Review – Conclusion

Wrapping up our ActiveRevenue review by stating that it is one of the greatest DSP platforms which provides 100% human traffic from all around the world, with great functionalities like targeting, ROI optimization, multiple ad formats, and monetization tools, and extensive customer support. Is it worth it? Absolutely Yes.

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