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ACCESSTRADE Global Review 2024: Is It Best CPA Network?


You may have heard or seen some stories from a number of affiliate marketers about how they are able to earn thousands of dollars just from the screen of their computer and work from anywhere they want.

Well, the good news is, it is not impossible and obviously it’s something you can do as well!

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No, this isn’t just any motivational article or anything similar to that. You may think it would be very hard to do business as an affiliate marketer, but anything doesn’t come in an instant, you might already know that. Everyone has their own starting point on doing something, and as a beginner in affiliate marketing, then we think ACCESSTRADE would be a good CPA affiliate marketing platform for you. Why, you ask? 


Interspace Co. Ltd., the mother company of ACCESSTRADE, was established in Japan in 1999 then ACCESSTRADE was born 2 years after, in 2001. It then became the biggest CPA affiliate marketing network in Japan and Southeast Asia, partnering with more than 30,000 advertisers and 2 million publishers in Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. As the leading affiliate marketing network, ACCESSTRADE offers quite various actions: CPL (Cost Per Leads), CPS (Cost Per Sales), CPR (Cost Per Registration), and CPI (Cost Per Install).


ACCESSTRADE For Advertisers

As you may already know, advertisers are companies that pay publishers for promoting their products or services through online marketing channels.  With ACCESSTRADE, advertisers can connect with thousands of publishers at once via affiliate marketing network and the ROI (Return on Investment) is guaranteed since they only have to pay for desired customer actions; for example,  purchases (for Cost Per Sale predetermined action). Here’s the benefits that you can get from joining ACCESSTRADE as an advertiser:

1. Pay for performance

You only pay if a certain predetermined action is met. No need to do the payment if there is no valid result.

2. No advance payment and easy to start

You only have to pay at the end of the month. The amount is calculated by real conversions and validated by both parties. Moreover, if you’re also new to affiliate marketing and want to expand your business with it, ACCESSTRADE has a very dedicated support team that will assist you to have your campaigns started easily.

3. Extending coverage

Publishers will use their own skills to improve your performance, such as SEO, Social Networking, Blogging, Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing.

4. 20+ years of experience

ACCESSTRADE has been operating for 21 years as of 2022 and has been going very well in Japan, its native establishment location which is a very demanding and highly competitive market.

5. High ROI

You do not have to pay for fake or useless advertising costs which normally happen in CPM and CPC.

Trusted by top brands

Many global brands are partnering with ACCESSTRADE; be it become Publisher or Advertiser. Among those are Adidas, Canva, Lenovo, American Express Credit Card, Lazada, DBS, Shopee, Citibank, Decathlon, Mothercare, Shutterstock, Alibaba, FWD Insurance, AliExpress, Cashtree, Adobe, Dell, Air Asia (Travel, Flights, Food, and Beauty), Udemy, English First, Watsons, Agoda, Nexford University, Lalamove, and so on. With this variety of brands from various industry backgrounds, you can choose according to your website or social media platforms’ target audience easier.


Protection from fraud

As an advertiser or publisher, you should be aware that ad fraud has increased across all of your marketing channels. Fraudsters have stolen your hard work and hard-earned money for your advertising spending. According to an article from, the estimated worldwide cost of digital ad fraud is predicted to rise from $19 billion in 2018 to $44 billion in 2022. That’s quite surprising, isn’t it?

ACCESSTRADE understands your concerns and they are thinking through on how to find solutions to those problems, including how to deal with advertising fraud in Affiliate Marketing.


That’s why they created ACCESSTRADE Fraud Shield, launched on 15 August 2021, their first fraud protection technology. A powerful shield backed by ACCESSTRADE’s massive tracking data and innovative machine learning to make sure that your ad spend is safe and for actual conversions only. ACCESSTRADE Fraud Shield deals with three main types of advertising fraud in Affiliate Marketing:

1. Brand Bidding

This is where scammers bid on certain brand name keywords to show ads on Google search results pages without permission. ACCESSTRADE manages Brand Bidding with regular Monitoring on Google search results according to the given brand name keywords and they will report to publishers/advertisers when they find the violators.

2. Click Flood

Fraudsters generate multiple false clicks for the chance to be the last click of a conversion. ACCESSTRADE applies the block and update collaboration method. Where, with a firewall, they will block the flood of clicks coming from anonymous traffic sources before they even arrive on your website or mobile app. 

3. Fake Conversion Method

This is where prospects are sometimes manipulated by the publishers themselves. This is where ACCESSTRADE’s Track and Reject system comes into play. Fraud Shield will track all user device data available for fake conversion analysis. Meanwhile, if Fraud Shield finds publishers generating fake conversions, then their account and conversions will be rejected.

ACCESSTRADE For Publishers

Once you joined as a Publisher (company or individual that promotes advertisers’ products or services on their websites, blogs or social media pages to earn rewards), you will be able to get:

1. Various type of campaigns

ACCESSTRADE provides a lot of campaign types; from retail, hotel and residences, fintech, education, mom and babies, travel, auto, and more. You can choose and install any of these types of campaigns based on your niche. It’s also a quick and easy process. You will learn to master this part in no time!

2. Attractive rewards and creatives

Every campaign offers different rewards; remember to always check the campaign’s details to find out! It also has levels; the higher its difficulties, ACCESSTRADE will make sure the reward will be worth every effort put into the promotion.

3. Opportunities to get endorsement

You should know this; you will get a chance to get recognized from brands by promoting advertiser’s products! The better your performance is, you’re more likely to get exclusive endorsement from the advertisers.

4. Easy to manage, monthly payment, supportive and dedicated team

As said before, even though you’re very new to affiliate marketing, ACCESSTRADE makes it easy for you to manage your dashboard and everything that comes with it. Payment for your commission is done every month, and their dedicated affiliate team will always be ready to help you! 

5. Last but not least; no fees!

Signing up as Publisher in ACCESSTRADE is free and always will be. They give you the opportunity to get rewards from your website by using their platform.

Publisher Support Features


Let’s break them down one by one. This Referral Program, as we all know, is the one where you refer some people to join the platform. You will be able to earn more commission beside running affiliated campaigns with this program. However, take note that the people you refer need to be an active publisher in order for you to get additional commission; whether they’re actions, clicks, or approved commission. In ACCESSTRADE, you will get 10% every month from each one of your referees for 6 months straight since the first approved commission was paid to the referee.



Next one, ACCESSTRADE SUPER POINT. It is their loyalty program for the publishers.You can use ACCESSTRADE SUPER POINT to exchange with their various signature gifts.

You will get ACCESSTRADE SUPER POINT according to your approved reward amount. It’s different for every country:

-Thailand: For every 10 THB approved reward, you will get 1 ACCESSTRADE SUPER POINT.

-Indonesia: For every IDR 5,000 approved reward, you will get 1 ACCESSTRADE SUPER POINT.

ACCESSTRADE SUPER POINT will be received after they finish approving conversion by the 20th every month, and you are able to exchange your SUPER POINT to gifts between the 20th – 30th every month. They will inform you every month via email regarding this. Don’t forget to exchange them because the points will expire after a year! 



ACCESSTRADE Academy is the free online platform where you can learn all things about affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer newbie? No worries! Join as a publisher, then visit their website at and explore the courses; learn from the basics on how to grow your business as an affiliate marketer.



These days, being an influencer has become some sort of a modern-day new job, we could say. A lot of brands are paying influencers to promote their products and raise their brand awareness. By joining ACCESSTRADE, grab the opportunity to turn your passion into a job you love by becoming an influencer and start earning money online in the form of Affiliate Influencer Marketing that will bring you more side income than you’ve ever imagined.

In order to ease the access for social media influencers, ACCESSTRADE provides a simpler dashboard called ACCESSTRADE Influencers, accessible via mobile browser and links for specific products from available campaigns will be shown. Moreover, you can find ‘buy to earn’ feature for certain campaigns, where influencers can use the affiliate link for their self conversion.

Multilingual Platform

Since their core value is building and expanding ACCESSTRADE’s local network in each country, ACCESSTRADE provides individual website and dashboard for each country and they’re available to use in English and the local language.


 Onboarding process for Advertiser


  1. Go to, click the “Publisher” option on the top right of ACCESSTRADE home page. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the flag icon according to your country/location.
  3. Click on the “Sign Up” button 
  4. You’ll be asked to fill out your account details. Here you have to fill your Full Name, Phone Number, Email, Username, Password, and your consent for sharing this personal info with ACCESSTRADE, then click “Register”.
  5. In the next steps you also will be asked for your website or social media information in which you will run your promotion and marketing.
  6. Complete the rest by answering simple yet important questions such as how do you produce traffic, how far your knowledge/experience about affiliate marketing is, your target audiences or niches you work on, etc.
  7. Finish all steps and you’re good to start! 
  8. Choose the campaigns that you want to promote by clicking on the “Campaign” option, then click “Available Campaigns” or “Recommended Campaigns”. It will appear on the page just like shown below:

 Onboarding process for Publisher

  1. Go to, click the “Merchant” option on the top right of ACCESSTRADE home page. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the flag icon according to your country/location.
  3. Click on the “Sign Up” button.
  4. Choose the countries option according to your location.
  5. Just like the Publisher’s one, you’ll be asked to fill out your account details such as Name, Email, and Corporate Name; including your company’s category/industry, and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions. When you’re done, then click “Register”.
  6. Fill out other mandatory information and you’re ready to promote your business with ACCESSTRADE! Their team will contact you and help you through all processes needed until you have successfully run your campaign on their platform.

ACCESSTRADE Review – Conclusions

ACCESSTRADE is one of the best affiliate networks for you who want to start doing affiliate marketing as a complete beginner; be it as a Publisher or Advertiser. Their global network and wide selection of campaigns make it easier for you to choose which campaigns suit best for your marketing platform and niches. By always prioritizing innovation, professionalism, and the best service to clients, while continuing to develop along with ever-changing and dynamic market growth, ACCESSTRADE is the one you should consider for those of you who want to start an affiliate marketing business.

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