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Tai Lopez Course Review 2024: Is It Worthy Or Scam?


Tai Lopez, many people heard the name and he is popular on social media by selling courses. The courses are promising the people to help in making rich and also help to reach their goals.

Some of them are believed him and some of them are wondering about him as the courses are a big scam.

Tai Lopez Training & Courses

But this internet marketer never stops providing different programs to the people and engaging them by explaining the tutorials in video formats. Tai uploads the videos on all social media platforms where he has millions of followers and subscribers.  

If you want to know about the courses that he offers and the complete tutorials of videos he created? Then you’re at the right place, in this article we provide information about Tai Lopez and a complete review of the tutorials that he provides online.  

Who is Tai Lopez?

In 2015, Tai Lopez came into the online business and became popular on the web as a personal development programmer.

On notorious, he didn’t reveal how he made his own money and how much worth has with him in the starting period of time as a beginner. As well, while in the growing period of time, six mentors helped him and for a couple of years, Tai worked as an apprentice farmhand for Joel.

At a young age, he runs a salsa nightclub and also invested in online dating sites. At present, he became CEO of an online education company where he teaches people by selling training courses. The motto of his training is to achieve love, wealth, happiness, and health.

Learn With Tai Lopez

In the middle of the year 2015, the online training company was started with full force by in the first stage to buy the video ads on YouTube. One video turned his life by getting 100M views but many of the viewers raised a question about how much he spent and afford for the videos. A YouTuber H3H3 explains the queries and the videos well.  

The ads of Tai Lopez went to a sales page, where the audiences can buy the online courses, and he paid for the ads with the money he gets through them. His team and Tai release content through all the social media platforms mainly on YouTube and Snapchat. The new ads of Tai drive more audiences to buy his online courses. From this, it is clear that Tai spent most of their time on social media by creating day-to-day stuff and promoting them.  

Tai is forming a great relationship with a number of influencers and also spending a lot of money on Instagram models. We can see many photos on his social media profiles and even he does go bankrupt and this kind of stuff will help him to bounce back.

Tai Lopez Brand & Product Reviews 

Tai Lopez offers many online courses where he teaches four main things love, health, happiness, and wealth. He has spent ten million dollars on his YouTube videos to promote his content. Some people call him a scammer and some of them show love towards him.  

But in reality, for short-term gains, he is promoting and compromising the audiences for the long-term reputation. There are countless videos on him making fun of his ads and everything. Now, let us look into the courses he offers in detail.   

The 67 Steps Review 

The 67 steps videos are worth to buy and the cost per video is $1. If you absorb and listen carefully on what he is telling then these videos are worth watching. From successful people and books that he picked; he tells you the good examples in 67 steps.

Tai Lopez 67 Steps Course

All the 67 steps are worth to watch and he also updated again them because they are fairly old that are shot with old cameras. Before watching, make a commitment yourself to learn and then go ahead to listen to them.  

Some of the listeners are given excuses but few are attracted to those 67 steps. But Especially, Man on the Moon got a huge response all over the world and the segment teaches us that the astronauts took hundreds of millions of dollars to accomplish the impossible thing that is going to the moon.

Suppose if it is a possible thing, stop complaining about what you’re doing as impossible things are becoming possible.  

It really leaves a positive impact on people online, to become fit and reach the goals easily. In every video, we can listen to Tai’s vibe and attitude and there will be improvisation to your life when you listen to all the 67 steps videos. Even the videos will teach the secrets to the success of life.

The 67 steps are having overall in-depth content in the form of video tutorials, with proven principles to change new habits and feel happy, confident, and intelligent.

Why Tai Lopez 67 Steps So Powerful

Pros and Cons of 67 Steps 

Before going to learn any course or program, it is important to learn what the course offers and its advantages and disadvantages. From this, you can decide how the course is helpful to you to buy and learn to earn skills. Here, is the list of pros and cons of 67 steps.   


  • Exposure on many new ideas, thinkers, books, and many more  
  • Lot of content including with bonus materials  
  • Memorable and in the form of story telling  
  • The prompts after each lesson or video 
  • People will genuinely see to get out of it


  • Most of the same videos or lessons are available for free of cost  
  • Unstructured, Long-winded, and repetitive  
  • The selling of videos never stops to join in other programs. 
  • Great support, until we request to a refund the amount  
  • A low-valued Facebook group  
  • No Text, only video  

Tai Lopez Mini MBA Program Review  

The mini-MBA program of Tai’s offered for the first three months is $1000 and the successful people will always try to haggle the low price.

Yes, if anyone asks to lower the price for the course, the team of Tai offers the price of the course at $500, and also the course is still in the price testing process.

In this course, along with a video library, there are a Q&A live call in weekly sessions and the members are allowed to record to use those chats later. 30 people are involved per session, Tai or Tai’s team will never answer the student questions and he was not aware of the number of students in the live chat session.  

Coming to the course, some of the videos are informative on specific principles and general topics. The topics covered are fairly in general and some were across the board. Whereas, some of the videos are related to some of the books as the course is not worthy and not even structured well.

Because of its lack of course structure, nature of the knowledge, and the tangible knowledge makes the students less displayable skills and feels to get out of MBA.  

The material of mini-MBA is easy to understand without any complications. In his videos, there are anecdotes from the books he reads and some of his experiences with other people. The other drawback is the equipment as Tai upgraded his camera and microphone lately.

The mini-MBA program needs a structure of syllabus, key things to provide specific knowledge and skills to the members. It is informal and the videos are not edited as we can see many disturbances. The time taken for a video is nearly one hour and the topic will get out off track.  

The categories were clunky and some of the categories are organized into big topics which are unnecessary like mentor interviews. The sales funnel program was cool to see on social media and performed a decent job on testing prices and all.

To record this video, he hired a special camera and the working of his landing page is good with driving leads. The most accepting thing with Tai is he does not fear inadequacy or failure and always wanted to talk about mediocre jobs and how to organize in a system.  

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Course Review  

We have different social media channels Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And each social media channel has strong point to optimize in different ways.

Tai Lopez offers a social media marketing course to the people and it deals with how to use social media for businesses effectively. Even it helps in creating strong marketing strategies and also to increase the brand value for your business.

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Course

If we talk about the social media marketing course quality, the production has been done well. The content is provided according to the descriptive titles and the videos of the course is available with full clarity.

The video of the content is no longer than 25 minutes and you can find some testimonials and success stories of the people. This course takes a 4-month long period can complete the course as fast as possible.    

Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing Course 

Like any other application, Tai Lopez’s social media marketing course has some pros and cons.  


  • It has an incredible and comprehensive amount of information  
  • To help in teaching certain subjects, Tai hired several experts who have different specialties  
  • Facebook group helps the members to collaborate with social media marketers 
  • You can find many testimonials and real success stories in social media marketing course 
  • It adds excellent value that you spent on it  
  • Provides step by step process and easy to understand content. Most useful for experienced marketers and beginners 
  • The content is up-to date based on the subject  


  • There are two welcome videos in this course which contradicts in some places  
  • If you not pay attention to the videos then it is not for you and the course is represented in video format to understand more than the text formats. If you don’t like videos, it is not worthy.  
  • The information you get in some sections will be overwhelmed  
  • The things you learn is not implemented then you may face troubles as this is a complete action-based course.

Tai Lopez Accelerator Program Course Review  

The Accelerator program Course of Tai Lopez’s is designed specifically for individuals who are interested to pursue their career as a Business personality or who want to build their own business.

Before getting into the program, there is an application to fill by the individuals and this application is to determine what program in the course is to assign to learn. There are three programs involved in this accelerator program course, they are persuasion course, money program, and entrepreneur program.

To help your business with what you filled in the application, these programs will teach you to get out of the business problems to gain more profits. Let’s get into the detailed information on what these programs offer to us and how to deal with them. In these programs list, the money program will teach the individual how to manage the financial structure. 

If you want to expand your business and also invest the money in your business then the persuasion program fits you. It teaches all about the investment of the money and guides the dos and don’ts to follow and implement these investment tactics according to the marketing strategy.

You require nearly a thousand dollars to enroll in this course. Does the cost of this course worth it? The question was asked by many of the people who already enrolled in this course and based on the reviews, the answer is no.

The topics involved in this course we’re already on the web and Tai also teaches the program topics is also on the web. The content provided is based on the textbooks from the different educational tutorials and so there is not much difference between Tai Lopez’s course and the other institutes.  

From this, it is clear that Tai Lopez is selling the courses and appealing that these courses help the individual to get success in their businesses.

The review on this Accelerator program is will help you to develop the business but many of the people confirmed that the content provided by Tai in the program is also available same on the web for free.

He misuses the content and sells them to the people and there is no waste of money in buying the course but the intention is the same content provided for free on the internet.

Tai Lopez Free Videos Training

Tai Lopez Deal Making Program Review  

Tai Lopez offers a program called Deal Making Program and it is approximately an hour-long program. It is basically a pre-recorded session taken with some people by creating slides to explain the deal making program in different aspects. Tai Lopez will hear the questions to the participants and answer them during the live chat sessions.  

The deal making program suits especially entrepreneurs and talks about how to get successful by providing every insight with examples.

Tai Lopez gives practical examples related to his business Dress Barn, how he was supposed to crack the deal and the revenues he earned with the business, etc. He concludes by giving the choice between the entrepreneur and the deal maker to build businesses and Tai selects rather be a deal maker.

The deal making myths and the pretty common mistakes are done by the people were shared as examples in the Deal Making program. Why deal making skill is very important and how to tackle it while making a deal for any business.

The main thing he delivers is that every person who makes a deal must keep the lawyers along with them. It is because the lawyers will help you to get the structure of the deal making for better understanding and to gain knowledge.

He’ll provide homework or assignments to the people with a recommendation of a book. It deals with the different personalities of many business people to give better insights when you making a deal or cutting a deal. For better deal making, he recaps everything including dos and don’ts for better deal-making.

Pros and Cons of Deal Making Program  


  • The program gives every insight of deal-making and also provides with a good understanding on the importance on the process of deal making. The program deals on why it is important especially for entrepreneurs to get successful. In this program, Tai Lopez mention on the topics like acquisition skills, entrepreneurship skills, and deal-making process.  
  • Tai shares the videos of experienced entrepreneurs as a practical approach in the deal-making program that helps the members on how to get and crack the deals in real life easily.  


  • Even though Tai provides the insights of the deal-making process program but in reality, these does not give in-depth knowledge on the subject to learn.  
  • The program of deal-making process exists for one hour long and in that you can learn only introductions, basics of deal-making. While learning deal-making you can learn some dos and don’ts in it.

Final Thoughts On Tai Lopez Review

Tai Lopez is an American Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, mentor, internet personality, who is a controversial figure for past years. This Tai Lopez Review is all about to know about his online courses, learning videos, tutorials on different courses that are available for the audiences.

If you want to get success in life, you can go with the 67 steps course, if you want to learn social marketing, he offers a social media marketing course that offers a guide on social media marketing and it is a four-month course.

If you want to learn deal-making for your business, Tai offers a deal-making program in video format that helps a lot for any industry. Tai Lopez offers many programs like Email Marketing, Marketing Tactics, Social Media growth, and many more. You can gain any knowledge with his courses.    

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

What is Tai Lopez Net worth? 

Tai Lopez is popularly known as an American businessman as well as a motivational speaker with 67 steps videos on social media. The net worth of Tai Lopez is $10 million.  

How does Tai Lopez make money?  

First Tai owns the grip on understanding the importance of mentorship and learning. Next, he created 67 Steps on the online training program or course on a monthly subscription. He gained a lot of attention with this course and leveraged his popularity.

Now he added several programs and mentorship training with high-ticket by teaching in video format and written summaries or notes. He earned millions of fans throughout the world on all different social media platforms.  

Which companies does Tai Lopez own? 

Tai Lopez operates and acquires large brands which are having overall 20 million consumers like The Franklin Mint, The Book People, real estate, E-Commerce brands, MentorBox, Pier1, Dressbarn, Linens N Things, Framers, Cart, and many more.  

What Nationality is of Tai Lopez? 

The online personality, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, belongs to American based in Los Angeles, California. He was born in April 11, in the year 1977.  

Which Tai Lopez’s Course is Best for? you 

Who want to learn about marketing, then Tai is great for anyone and the marketing courses are perfect for any kind of industry to follow and implement all the techniques.

The people who want to start a new opportunity, the marketing courses will give you a great foundation especially in the field of social media. For beginners, and advanced marketers, social media marketing gives the information to guide you in all business aspects.    

Does Tai Lopez read a book daily? 

Tai Lopez gets popularity for reading a book a day. He estimates to get successful; you need to get to read a book a week. But Tai prefers to read the first and last sections of the book and in case, if he finds any interesting chapters, he’ll prefer to read.

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