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Sigma Europe Malta 2022 Conference Review: My Experience


You may know about Sigma Events, Obviously!

Because now this is the biggest conference in the world with huge attendees.
Do you know? What!

Gary Vaynerchuk & other top entrepreneurs and speakers will be there in the upcoming event Sigma EurAisa which will be happening in Dubai UAE, on 13-16 March 2023.

Now you can imagine the power of networking & knowledge that will be provided to attendees.

But the question is, how was my experience with the Sigma World Malta Event?

Chiranshu Monga at Sigma Europe

Was it really worth it?

The answer is YES! Sigma, EU Malta event was really worth it where the brainstorming strategies & ideas were shared on the stage & networking with the top experts is a GEM.

There are numerous concepts and sectors which have huge potential but the knowledge and at which scale they are discussed are comparatively low.

Some such sectors are gaming, affiliate marketing, digital health, and emerging tech and to boost up this domain Sigma World Conference is happening to narrate how these domains exist and how you can boost up your presence.

After going through the event one will surely get a completely different view of the existence of imaging in the world.

So let us figure out what exactly does Sigma World Conference stands for and how well it will be benefiting the attendees.

About Sigma World Conference

Sigma World Conference has been started by Sigma Group which was founded in 2014 by Eman Pulis to focus on the sectors like digital health, emerging tech, iGaming, etc.

The Sigma World Conference has happened several times and in 2022 Malta, EU was graced with the presence of the conference.

The Sigma World Conference will be happened in Malta having tons of events and fabulous speakers to enlighten the visitors on the topics of concern.

Numerous activities will be part of the duration and will serve in the finest manner possible.

Who should attend the Sigma World Conference?

The Sigma World Conference is for all who have the passion to understand the domains mentioned and especially for those having a major interest in affiliate marketing and iGaming.

Sigma World Stage

The stage was set for top-class speakers and attendees will involve the presence of the Prime Minister of Malta which means connections was built at a rapid pace at the conference.

Chiranshu Monga with Tim burd

So if you need all of these benefits of networking, enlightenment, and fun activities then surely Sigma World Conference Dubai 2023 (Upcoming) deserves your presence.

What kind of networking will be offered by the conference?

Networking being one of the major benefits of the Sigma World Conference has excited a ton of attendees because the scale of networking is dramatically large.

The attendees of the event get a chance to connect with top brands of operating, suppliers, decision-makers, affiliates, payments, startups, Legal and regulators, media, and investors.

So to get access to this level of networking get your hands over the passes of Sigma World Conference 2023 in Malta and get contacts for everything which you may require to ace in business.

Who Were the Professional Speakers?

The professional speakers who arrived in Malta to grace the attendees with their presence are top-notch position holders in high-class organizations or are a part of the system themselves.

Chiranshu Monga with Jitendra and Kyle Roof

Attendees got a powerful insight into all of the aspects of the topics of discussion and avail the chance to getting enlightened by these speakers.

Some of the speakers who came to deliver knowledge are Hon. Robert Abela (Prime Minister of Malta), Hon. Silvio Schembri (Ministry of the economy and industry of Malta), Pontus Lindwall (President/CEO-BETSSON AB),

Fat Joe (American Rapper-Award Winning Artist), Nick Spanos (Founder-Bitcoin Center NYC), Fiona Hickey (Director of New Business and Markets)

Dustin Plantholt (Founder & CEO-Crypterns), Susan Breen (partner-Mischon De Reya), Alexey Tserkovniy (CMO-Mostbet).

This isn’t the complete list of speakers as the count is numerous and the knowledge and experience was worth it in every sense.

Why is the Sigma World Conference special?

Sigma World Conference is special due to numerous reasons like the structure of the event as the multiple-day offline event is one of the biggest collectives of affiliates, operators, payments, startups, investors and top-class speakers on a single stage.

Sigma World Conference is one of the biggest in this domain as with powerful networking and getting sponsored by top brands it has prepared a base for attendees to learn and earn everything which they may require in business.

Being in Europe it will have a massive global presence delivering a top-class narrative to the attendees and getting world-class exposure.

What is the schedule of the summit?

The three-day massive events were the finest schedule including all kinds of insightful sessions fun nights and fancy meetups.

Day one at Sigma Event.

This day was about gatherings and meetups as attendees were there for attending gala evenings and make the most of this gathering. Also, grace yourself with the speeches of top speakers and get educated regarding the aspects which concern you.

Day two at Sigma Event

One of the most awaited days of the event is day two as it allows attendees to get the power of networking and connect with leading players in their game and understand the whole industry.

Day Three at Sigma Event

Sigma believed in providing support to startups and getting them the stage to narrate their ideas. A count of 10+ business startups got a chance to pitch their ideas to media coverage and investors.

The Battle of the prize pool was done for membership, investments, and media opportunities.

Closing Night

The boring nights aren’t the way that Sigma events prefer ending the beautiful conferences. The closing night was by the rap legend Fat Joe with a local star DJ JJOY to ace the event with music and have a fun night.


What can be more powerful than this type of event which was happened by the best industry experts at a place and helped other aspirants to get the knowledge and connection which may give them the desired push.

The top speakers, gatherings, and fun night to conclude is the way of Sigma Events and was one of the most memorable events in the town. Don’t miss the the Upcoming Sigma events if you want to grow.

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