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PrepScholar Review: Is It Worth For SAT & ACT Prep Training?


There are various online preparation platforms in the market that helps students to score more marks in the entrance exams. To get into higher studies, one must prepare well and score well in the competitive exams.

It is the first step to fulfill dreams as it is a crucial part of our life to decide our future careers. 

If you’re looking to crack any entrance exam means, search for the best sources, and today we have the PrepScholar platform that provides standardized tests to prepare for your entrance exams.

PrepScholar offers different test preparation programs and review them to know whether it fits you or not. 

👍 What is PrepScholar?

PrepScholar Review
PrepScholar Review

PrepScholar is one of the online test preparation platforms that assists the students to prepare courses such as GMAT, ACT, GRE, and SAT. The test preparations at PrepScholar are really worthy to the students who want to get success in the competitive exams. 

In order to score more in the entrance exams then the PrepScholar programs train the students specifically on the areas they want to succeed.

No matter what is the competitive exam, it designed the programs with an effective study plan to the students to improve their score. Review the PrepScholar preparation programs, then pay and start training to get admission for higher studies. 

The list of programs it gives training to the students are:

  • SAT Prep – 160+ points guarantee 
  • PSAT Prep – 150+ points guarantee 
  • ACT Prep – 4+ points guarantee 
  • AP Tutoring – For your AP exam it provides one-on-one tutoring
  • College Admissions – With the help of PrepScholar’s Admission consulting get into the top colleges and institutions. 
  • GRE Prep – 7+ points guaranteed 
  • GMAT Prep – 60+ points guaranteed 
  • TOEFL Prep – 15+ points guaranteed

👉 Pros and Cons of PrepScholar 


  • Offers free trial period for five days
  • Excellent course structure
  • Course content is valuable
  • Free ebooks
  • Great customer support
  • Learn at own pace
  • Track progress
  • Create own quizzes
  • Great video explanations
  • Access to learn at any time and any place
  • Improvement guaranteed
  • Money-back guaranteed
  • Affordable price
  • Customized study plan
  • Motivation and clear guidance
  • Instructors are experts and award-winning trainees



  • Price of a complete package is little bit expensive
  • It does not have many cons to mention

🤔 Why PrepScholar Platform Is Best?

The instructors at PrepScholar are industry experts to train you to perform the entrance exams successfully to achieve more marks.

They dedicate and invest all the time for the students to ace the SAT without feeling any risk and the programs are customized according to the student learning process. 

Why PrepScholar

On that note, the instructors are the best online SAT instructors who are graduated from top universities. The reason to pick the PrepScholar platform are:

Train from the Masters/Experts 

The teaching materials at PrepScholar are designed by industry experts especially those who previously mastered the SAT.

They invest all the time to provide quality training for the students that actually works to attempt their competitive exams. The skill, strategy that you learn at PrepScholar assist you in every aspect to get more marks when you are going to attempt the entrance exam. 

Instructors are Well Experienced and Industry Experts

One can experience training at PrepSchool like an extensive classroom because the trainers are award-winning teachers and experts. It means, PrepScholar is just not good at tests but also good at giving excellent training to the learners.

It took thousands of hours to craft the programs and lessons and the only reason is to provide quality training to the students.

Some of the students understand the concepts quickly and some may take more time to grab them. Based on this, the PrepScholar platform obsessed to provide effective teaching for the students according to their learning process and guides them to score high marks. 

Updates the Content Regularly 

Teaching quality content is the main priority of PrepScholar, so it always upgrades the content based upon the trends. Firstly, PrepScholar researches the trends and changes provided by the SAT, and in the second step, it takes the feedback review from the students.

Now finally, it creates new lessons and adds them to the programs and courses, as this gives trust to the new students that they’ll learn up-to-date content.

On the whole, when you start learning at PrepScholar nothing to worry about the content as it upgrades up to date. You can take your tests without any risk at the PrepScholar online preparation platform.  

🔥 How PrepScholar Works?

PrepScholar is quite different from other preparation platforms and it is not all about a set of video lessons or questions. It customizes your learning process based on your strengths and weaknesses, from this in no time you’ll make progress with any type of program. 

The main three features of PrepScholar will help you to prepare and score more marks in any entrance exam. Also, find out the review on the features of PrepScolar is mentioned below. 

🤗 Benefits & Features of PrepScholar 

Features & Benefits

The main intention of PrepScholar is to prepare the students to get high scores in the different competitive exams and entrance exams.

In order to do this, they first analyze the student’s capability and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, it provides a great effective study plan and so the students can learn to achieve success easily. 


The diagnostic figure at PrepScholar analyzes the skill level of the students and from this, it builds the program to prepare. This kind of program helps the learners to gain more knowledge and easily understand the areas where they are weak.

PrepScholar provides a study plan for each subject, so review, learn & practice according to the schedule of the training and these steps will increase your ability to attempt the questions easily. 

Remember, the content regularly gets update according to exam trends, so all you need to do is just act according to the study plan. For this, you have to put extra effort into learning from basic points to the advanced levels and even it allows the students to reschedule the plan.

When you follow this study plan and put more effort into training then it will help you to score high marks in the exams. 

Videos to Clarify Doubts and Tough Concepts

To ace the SAT, ACT, or any other entrance exams, PrepScholar provides lessons in video formats and also shows the content and strategies too. These videos are included with the interactive lessons as well as concepts with detailed explanations to the learners.

When compared to other online preparation platforms, PrepScholar has more videos and also easily trains the most difficult topics of each subject. 

Clear Guidance

If you’re unaware of how to prepare, where to start, or which subject to pick to prepare for the exam. Of course, PrepScholar prepares and guides you in a step-by-step manner on what to prepare and what lessons to learn.

Even PrepScholar guides whether to learn lessons or proceed to do exercises else to review your mistakes. The team of PrepScholar examines to review every student’s skill to assign the practice tests and also allows you to learn anything that you want at any time. 


PrepScholar platform always motivates the students to learn more to crack the competitive exams easily. The student’s progress will be tracked on the weekly basis and the reports will be sent to the parents via email. Also, they send a completed portion of the lessons, and how many hours they studied.

It helps the parents to stay focus on the child’s training status, you’ll get compliments if you perform well and warnings if you didn’t perform. Compared to other prep platforms, PrepScholar offers more training session hours to prepare and you can score high marks. 

Track the Progress 

Progress Tracking and Quizzes

PrepScholar prepares the students for their competitive exams by knowing how much they learn and how much they have to learn. To identify this, it provides a wide range of tools to track your progress all the time, and then they prepare you with different practice exams. 

  • The time tracker is to identify how much time you studied and how you prepare according to reach your goal.
  • The skill charts represent that how much you’re working hard to learn the skills. 
  • Log of all Progress gives an insight of overall performance record from past to present. It also lets you know how many quizzes you’ve taken. 

This progress is to understand how much you worked hard or know & how much is left to learn the topics for the examination. To get success in any type of entrance exam, confidence is the key weapon and while preparing at PrepScholar it gives you a lot of confidence to attempt the exam.  

Learn from the Mistakes 

The preparation program team at PrepScholar is with students to review their mistakes and provide the right answers to the topics. If you do a mistake for the questions while practicing then it displays the correct answers with clear explanations. This type of preparation is to do not repeat the mistakes again and you can perform well on those topics in the real exam. 

Create Quizzes

If you want to prepare topics that you were not confident in, then don’t worry you can create quizzes yourself and start practicing. Firstly, select the topics that you have doubts about, secondly pick the questions related to the topics, and finally answer the questions.

PrepScholar is the platform that allows you to create quizzes and review the answers whether right or not on your own. If you find the answers were wrong, it displays you where you did mistakes and also explains with the right answers. 

No Need to Wait

Once you enrolled in the PrepScholar, get started to learn and prepare for the exam immediately as it does not waste the time of the students to wait. As soon as possible it takes the skill test and provides the study plan to prepare for the entrance exam that you want. 

Any Time and Anywhere Access

No matter what the time is, PrepScholar is available all the time morning, afternoon, evening, and night at any time. It always online and gives access to you whenever you want. 

If you’re travelling to some other place, then why to waste your time? meanwhile, you can go with a tutor. Yes, PrepScholar gives access to prepare at any place you want. 


If you want to prepare for SAT exam at PrepScholar then here are the step-by-step instructions, review them to know how it prepares the students to ace the actual SAT exam.

Hour by Hour Training

The preparation at PrepScholar can be done on the basis of exact scheduled hours and next all you need to do is just practice the topics by taking quizzes and review the answers. 

  • First 10 minutes – Sign Up and start the free trial period for five days, then answer the survey questions. Based on the answers it provides the study plan and it helps to prepare you the best. 
  • For One Hour – Proceed with the smart diagnostic test of 60 questions. 
  • 2-10 Hours – Learn skills along with the subject lessons. 
  • 11-14 Hours – Proceed with a complete full-length practice test. 
  • More than 15+ hours – Consistently manage your preparation by following the study plan. 
  • In the last step, you’re ready to face the actual SAT exam. 

This is the complete guide of SAT training provided by the PrepScholar and the customized study program helps you to learn every aspect to ace the SAT exam successfully. No matter, what exam you’re going to prepare it allows you to follow the same steps to all entrance exams like GMAT, TOEFL, etc but the preparation time may vary. 

😇 PrepScholar Results

PrepScholar results

PrepScholar is the platform to recognize as the best one in preparing the students for SAT examination and to improve their score. If it fails do to so, then it refund all you amount that you invest in this platform to prepare for SAT. Till now, the real results on an average it improves the score is 168. 

If we compare to other training platforms, PrepScholar students study more hours and even its theme is if you study more then you’ll improve your score easily. If we take one of the student’s feedback on this platform, she noticed and compared the recent improvements.

Emily S., Philadelphia wroteThank you so much for all of your help. It was a lot of work to stay committed, but I am so glad I did it! I think I still have even more room to improve.”

Here is the progress

Before PrepScholar After PrepScholar
Reading + Writing640760+120
Progress Report

✅ PrepScholar Classes

The classes of PrepScholar are just like same as school classes with classroom, live instructor, and some class members.

Ask questions, write notes, and every activity is the same and one can experience it as a real classroom environment. You can join the class at any time you want and at any place as it gives access to login no matter where you are. 

PrepScholar Classes

Once you join at PrepScholar, it guarantees to improve your entrance exam score and it even offers the money-back guarantee program also. The online preparation at PrepScholar has everything like homework, quizzes, and many more we can see the review on the list below on what PrepScholar offers us. 

  • Individual paced learning.
  • Syllabus designed according to the students’ skills.
  • Classroom schedules.
  • Advanced classes.
  • Group involvement and discussions. 
  • Students count 9 members per class.
  • Homework for every student in the middle of the classes.
  • Practicing the tests.
  • PrepScholar Instructor reviews.
  • Guarantees in the improvement of the score.

🎁 Pricing Plans of PrepScholar 

PrepScholar offers five days free trial period after signup you have to provide your card details to make the payment. 

Pricing Plans

Pricing Of Complete SAT Online Preparation Costs – $397

  • Without any hour limitations, it gives access for an year 
  • Has over 210 hours of content 
  • Practice questions – 7100+
  • Videos for probelm solving – 700+
  • Skill lessons explained in strategy video format – 98
  • Master fine-grained skills – 49 classess
  • Everything is covered – Math, Essay Writing 
  • Each question is available with detailed explanations 
  • Real practicing tests and quizzes – 10

PrepScholar Classes:

  • Study plan with other students 
  • Classess are delivered by experts 
  • Small groups of students with top teachers 
  • Always focus on the concepts 
  • Get answers to your queries and gain score

Complete + Tutoring:

  • Improve your skills 
  • Take drills on mistakes 
  • Personalized teaching with experts 
  • Motivate students 
  • Invest time & money to get best score

Complete Premium – $577 and monthly pricing starts from $53/month

Dual SAT + ACT – $597 and monthly pricing starts from $54/month

💚 Student Reviews on PrepScholar 

Here are the testimonials to check, Joanne Gross Eckert wroteI would highly recommend PrepScholar for ACT prep. I love the accountability it provides through having my daughter commit to a schedule each week, then providing feedback of progress.

It kept her on track with personally relevant material for improvement. My daughter started out with a diagnostic ACT score of 32 before starting with PrepScholar, and just received a 35 on the test. Well worth the investment!“.

And some other people also shared their experiences and reviews on PrepScholar and how it helped them to improve their scores in entrance exams. 

Testimonials Social Proofs of PrepScholar by students

🤠 Founders of PrepScholar

The SAT exam preparation classes are expensive and it is difficult to score marks on SAT entrance test. But luckily we have an excellent online training platform at an affordable price and it is PrepScholar.

The founders of PrepScholar are Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang, they together figure out how to crack SAT exam and come up with different strategies to share with the learners. 


Allen Cheng 

He scored high marks on both SAT and ACT exams and at present, he is one of the trainers at PrepScholar. Focused on this platform to share the strategies on how to crack the competitive exams that worked for him.

PrepScholar approach the enrolled students by testing their skills, find the strengths & weakness and make them as expertise by providing quality training and practicing questions. He is more passionate about creating a wonderful experience for the PrepScholar students. 

Fred Zhang

On the other hand, Fred Zhang is another founder who also cracked both the exams SAT and ACT by focussing on weak spots and train hard with the study materials. Every time he connects with the learners at PrepScholar and gets feedback to improve the content quality regularly. At the same time, he designed algorithms that point outs your weak spots and train according to them. 

💥 Final Thoughts On PrepScholar Review 

PrepScholar is one of the best platform to choose for the online preparation of any type of entrance and competitive exams. We have to appreciate the trainers who are industry experts and they provide training for the students by analyzing their skills and give them a customized study plan. 

It is a one-stop solution for the students who want to get improvement in their scores on the entrance exams. Till now, it achieves a positive response from the students as it helps them in every way from preparing the subject, tracking the study hours to make them ready to face the actual exam. 

The students can prepare at any time they want and at any place, as it gives access to log in whenever they want. The team of PrepScholar is always online to give training to their students. The pricing is affordable to invest and to conclude this is a complete platform to prepare for all your competitive exams. 

🤡 Frequently Asked Questions

✌️ Is the PrepScholar SAT preparation program worth the money?

Yes, worth the money because the PrepScholar online preparation platform comes with SAT preparation program that offers 160+ points to improve and also offers a money-back guarantee.

🤞 What is the period of diagnostic test of PrepScholar?

The time taken by the diagnostic test of PrepScholar is 60-80 minutes and it asks 60 questions to complete. This diagnostic test is to test your skills and strengths, based on this it organizes a study plan for you.

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