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How To Be Anonymous Online With Multiple Accounts? VPNs, Proxies, Multi-Account Browsers 


Do you want to browse online Anonymously? 🌐…😀..😍

How VPN, Proxies & Multi-Account Browsers can help you in this? 😇..😊

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🛡️ What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an encrypted connection between your device and a remote server. VPNs encrypt all information flowing through their network, protecting data from being intercepted by any third party, including your ISP (Internet Service Provider), government agencies, websites, or applications you visit.

What is VPN?

You can use VPNs to access blocked websites, protect against surveillance and bypass content filters. By using a VPN, it’s as if you’re laying out your private tunnel across the Internet, accessible only to you.

Benefits and Disadvantages of VPN Use

👍 Pros 👎 Cons
VPNs can protect you from DDoS attacksWith a VPN you won’t have complete anonymity
You can broadcast content with regional restrictions when you travelUsing mobile VPNs increases data consumption
VPN ensures the security of your personal dataVPNs can slow down your connection speed
VPN helps to bypass bandwidth throttlingVPN use is illegal in some countries
A good quality VPN can hide your IP address
VPNs help protect your online privacy

🔥 What is a Proxy?

Typically, a user accesses a website by sending a direct request to its web server from a web browser via their IP address. The web server then sends a response containing the website data directly back to the user.

A proxy server serves as an intermediary between the user and the web server. The user’s real address is hidden from the web servers by proxy servers that use a different IP address on their behalf.

what is proxy?

What are proxies used for?

They serve as additional barriers to data protection, keeping users safe from fraudulent activities on the Internet.

Depending on their setup and nature, proxy servers can be used in a wide range of ways, such as anonymous Internet use, control of web requests, and geo-blocking. Other factors may also be involved.

Anonymous access to websites

Without revealing your IP address, you can use anonymous and distorted proxies to browse the web anonymously, download files, and communicate in forums, via email, and instant messaging.

Examining the global coverage of the website

Using a proxy server, you can connect to a website to determine its availability from different countries, ISPs, and networks.

Bypassing network lockouts

With a proxy server, it is possible to access a website that is blocked or that cannot be accessed directly. For example, this service will be disabled if the user’s IP address or even all IP addresses in the entire country are blocked. It will also be useful if the user’s Internet service provider blocks access to the site.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Using a Proxy Server

👍 Pros👎 Cons
Anonymity when using the InternetIdentity or personal data theft
Access to GEO-restricted content Incompatibility
Improved performanceConfiguration
Filtering requests
Masking the IP addresses

🕵️ What is a Multi-Account Browser?

Multi-accounting has special pockets for browsing session data, cookies, and history. In this way, each account is separated from the other and can be used for different purposes: for example, Octo Browser is the best multi-account browser based on Chromium, which looks similar to the Chrome browser.

Octo Browser Promo Code

It can be useful in several areas such as cryptocurrencies, webmasters, affiliate marketers, Bounty programs, Giveaway programs, E-Commerce, and more.

The probability of a connection between two accounts would be zero. This is why there are multi-account browsers designed specifically for digital marketers.

Multi Accounting Features

Profiles make it easier to delete data

If you have been using the same browser for a long time, deleting data can be a difficult task. Since you cannot simply erase all data, you may need to do it manually. If you split up the tasks between different browsers, one-click deletion becomes easier. This can be achieved by using browsers with multiple accounts.

Proxy Test

Avoiding tracking

The experience of using the Internet can be somewhat annoying.

If you use a normal browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser, it easily tracks your location, browsing history, and footprints. All your data is available to third parties as to which site you are accessing.

You recognize that any third party now has access to your personal information. Digital fingerprints are often the reason for this. The ability to avoid trackers, fingerprinting, and checkers is one of the best aspects of multi-account browsers.

What is Multi Accounting?

Proxies, VPNs & Antidetect browsers

You can use VPNs or proxies with anti-detect browsers. This will allow you to achieve maximum protection from detection.

🌐 How To Use Octo Browser

Follow these simple steps to learn how to use the Octo Browser:

Step 1: First, download the Octo Browser to your PC

Visit the official Octo browser website and register a new account. Once registered, download the app and install it on your computer.

Download Octo browser

Step 2: Create a profile in the Octo browser dashboard

After the installation process, you can open the app and click on ‘Create Profile’ or ‘Quick Profile’.

Create Profile on Octo browser

Step 3: Hardware settings, cookies & extensions

In this step, you can make settings for hardware (CPU cores, memory, etc.), cookies, and extensions. If you select ‘Quick Profile’, all settings will be created without your involvement.

Edit Profile

Step 4: Add a Proxy offered by the proxy provider

Then click on Proxies and enter the ‘Host’ & ‘Port’, Login & Password specified by your ISP.


Step 5: Verify your IP by visiting

Finally, you will start using the profile and you can check your IP address on It is an absolutely 100% safe and undetectable browser.

Benefits of Using Octo Browser with VPNs & Proxy Servers

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, Octo Browser and proxies can be very useful to promote offers. As we know publishers use several advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Adwords to run ads, but most likely ads will be banned or accounts will be blocked for several reasons such as the same IP address, fingerprints, ISP, etc.

Octo Browser for Affiliate Marketing

Therefore, if you are involved in affiliate marketing, you should use Octo Browser. It can protect your account and help you create multiple accounts to run ads and make a good amount of money.


Octo Browser will help you maintain anonymity when running a campaign or creating an account, your browser will be fingerprint and IP protected. You will be 100% anonymous and no one will be able to detect you easily. Chrome-based browsers will help you create an unlimited number of profiles with real fingerprints.

Bonus hunting

This feature allows you to create a unique online persona that can withstand scrutiny from bookmakers or online casinos. Thanks to Octo Browser’s digital fingerprint settings you can make money from multiple accounts without worrying about being banned or having betting odds changed not in your favor.


With Octo Browser you can grow your business to any level and securely manage a huge number of accounts on all major marketplaces such as Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

Octo Browser will help you create many free accounts, each of which can be used to publish free ads on different platforms, allowing you to post hundreds or even thousands of ads for free.

Octo Browser for E-Commerce

Airdrop, Bounty, and Cryptocurrency Trading

With Octo Browser you can participate in more free promotions and drops, increase your chances of being whitelisted by token sellers and increase your earnings.

You can also use sites like CoinList and Glam, which allow you to win or get newly introduced cryptocurrency coins in exchange for completing certain tasks. In the next three to twelve months, the value of these currencies could increase by hundreds or even tens of thousands of times.

To increase their chances of winning and getting their coins for free, cryptocurrency traders create many accounts. This allows them to make investments that eventually turn into real money.

🚀 Conclusion: The Final Verdict

Using an anti-detect browser with VPNs and Proxy servers is the safest way to surf. This will help you create accounts, run ad campaigns, media buying activities, stay anonymous, etc.

Some users are not happy with anti-detect browsers because they use low-quality proxies and browsers to save a few bucks, which hurts in the long run and prevents you from making good money. Safe surfing depends entirely on the quality of proxies, VPNs, and anti-detect browsers, so you should use quality providers like Octo Browser.

Octo Browser is at the top of all verticals related to security, stability, accessibility, performance, and simplicity. It has all the advantages an anti-detect browser should have and also has a solution to all the technical problems.

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