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Method:CRM Review 2024: Is It Good For Your Business?


Client relationship management systems, or CRM, are web-based tools organizations may use to monitor sales data, analyze customer histories, create marketing emails, and keep up with customers. CRM Review

What is Method:CRM?

Method:CRM is a process automation tool for businesses that operate on QuickBooks and Xero. Use it to keep track of your customers, follow conversations throughout the purchasing cycle, sync your data with QuickBooks or Xero, and send email campaigns.

With Method:CRM, you get comprehensive activity monitoring and a 360-degree view of each client immediately. All in all, you can adopt a data-driven advertising and sales strategy thanks to Method:CRM.

Method:CRM is Best for QuickBooks and Xero users

For those using QuickBooks or Xero, it is the ideal solution if you want to power your operations with personalized automation.

Its two-way sync with your accounting tool ensures your accounting and customer data is connected to make financial management a breeze. In fact, it may be the most fantastic CRM available for this need. 

Other benefits of Method:CRM include its:

  • Estimating capabilities.
  • Digital customer experience offering.
  • Flexible workflow management.

Features Of Method:CRM

  • Customer Management

Method:CRM makes it possible to track every interaction, from lead capture to closed-won opportunity. Use the tool to get an in-depth understanding of your target audience’s preferences and buying habits.

Better yet, schedule follow-ups for your sales team so you never miss a business opportunity. With integrations with popular tools like Outlook and Google Calendar, Method:CRM fits seamlessly into your business. solutions for workflow

  • Opportunity Management

Opportunity management is a process that sales and marketing teams use to forecast future revenue and ensure no deals slip through the cracks. Sales opportunities receive ratings depending on their likelihood to close and bring cash into your business.

Method:CRM’s Opportunities App simplifies how you manage potential business to maximize your sales.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Actioning data-driven insights is how you drive your business forward. However, mastering pivot tables in Excel and analyzing data is a time suck.

That’s where Method:CRM comes in. Automate your reporting and empower your team with the information they need to deliver a strong customer experience with Method:CRM.

Then, increase your profitability and revenue with the insights Method:CRM’s customizable dashboard offers. See below!

  • Quotes, Estimates, and Proposals

Quotes, estimates, and proposals are all similar ways of presenting your product or service to a potential customer. This makes them a key part of your sales process.

Improve your chance of winning the sale with a fully digital estimate process. Auto-populate your estimate with the contact data you already have and automatically send it to your customer for approval with Method:CRM.

Then, when the deal is sealed, convert your estimate to an invoice and sync it to QuickBooks or Xero.

  • Customer Service

A CRM is designed to make your relationships with your customers stronger, and customer service is an essential part of this.

Although your CRM may have fantastic capabilities, it must also help you better serve your customers. From online portals to payments and automatic email campaigns, Method:CRM makes it easy for your customers to do business with you.

  • Workflow automation

Automation takes repetitive tasks off your plate so you can focus on what matters — growing your business. With your increased capacity, you can discover new customers or nurture your leads into customers — the choice is yours.

Make this your reality with Method:CRM’s personalized workflow automation.

How To Sign Up for Method:CRM For Free

When a CRM looks this promising, you’ll want to test it out to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

The ability to automate your workflows and deeply sync with your accounting software (whether that’s QuickBooks or Xero) makes Method:CRM an ideal tool for growing businesses in our opinion.

Get started with your free trial of Method:CRM today!

Method:CRM’s Best-Fit Industries

CRM software is now required for any company wishing to grow significantly. Although businesses from many industries benefit from using Method:CRM, here are the ones that get the most value from the tool.

Use Method:CRM to automate every manufacturing process from sales to operations. From generating new business to processing orders and managing customers, Method:CRM makes life easier for manufacturing companies.

Simplify every aspect of your business from job scheduling to invoicing with Method. Then, instantly sync this information to QuickBooks or Xero with no double data entry required. Better yet, equip everyone on your team with data that’s accurate and up-to-date — no matter their location.

Whether you need improved practice management or better client insights, Method is designed to make your day-to-day easier. Secure client approval quickly with e-signatures and run your business more effectively with custom workflow automation.

Method:CRM Pricing

What’s great is that you can create a package that works for your team by combining different pricing choices.

Take advantage of the adaptability of Method:CRM and choose a solution that grows with your business.

Method CRM Pricing

Conclusion – Final Say

Method:CRM offers a great approach to combine basic client administration, sales, and budgeting all in one. It is especially valuable when you are a small business because it integrates with your everyday tools like QuickBooks, Xero, Google Suite, Outlook, and more.

Experience its benefits first hand with your free trial.

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