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Kameleo Review 2024: Is It Best Stealth Browsing Platform?


Kameleo is a software that was created to offer alternative browser profiles to Internet users. It was created in response to the difficulty in maintaining numerous accounts caused by browser fingerprinting.

kameleo logo

By utilizing Kameleo, you may provide the impression that you are browsing web pages with Firefox while, in fact, you do not even have that browser set up on your computer.

What Is Kameleo?

Kameleo is a stealth browsing platform that is designed to assist you in safeguarding your online identity when you connect to the Internet and browse the web.

It stops you from giving website administrators, marketers, or hackers access to information about your computer, operating system, and browser, allowing them to identify you specifically and follow your online actions. 


The online privacy tool is capable of avoiding many methods, like canvas fingerprinting and browser fingerprinting, that are used to gather user data and track surfing habits.

By operating numerous accounts on only one device or laptop, Kameleo also gives you the option to conceal your online or digital identity.

Kameleo for Mobile Users

You have complete control over your digital footprint thanks to this, which ensures that you always feel comfortable and confident when using the internet to visit websites, communicate with friends and coworkers, and do business.

All of the most commonly used browsers—Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge—are supported by Kameleo. It makes a few modest tweaks to typical fingerprint settings using something called base profiles.

With any subscription, you are able to construct an infinite number of profiles and use Selenium to automate the procedure. You may also alter your mobile fingerprint using the Kameleo Android app.

Key Features Of Kameleo

Kameleo is a market-leading anti-detect browser. It offers various useful characteristics that encourage marketers to utilize it. Let’s examine some of Kameleo’s key attributes as an anti-detect browser.

Kameleo Features


By altering your device footprint and enabling anonymous browser profiles, Kameleo can help keep you safe online. Additionally, the program hides your IP address when a proxy is integrated.

Mobile Support

Kameleo is one of the only multi-accounting and browser fingerprinting software applications that support mobile devices. The majority of other anti detect browsers do not have this functionality.

Kameleo Mobile

Its compatibility for mobile devices is one of Kameleo’s key advantages. Android users have access to the Kameleo app.

You may use the Android app to obtain iOS mobile fingerprints even if it isn’t accessible on iOS, and this gives your account fingerprints greater variety. You are less likely to encounter obstacles while using mobile fingerprints because online services see mobile devices with more trust.

Multiple Browser Profiles

With Kameleo, you may make various surfing profiles within a browser. You may now establish and manage many accounts on the same or various websites thanks to this versatility. Websites won’t recognize it as coming from a single machine because of the varied fingerprints.

I am sure you would respond that all other anti-detect browsers do offer infinite browser profiles. For the majority of them, though, your fee increases as you add more profiles. This however, is not the case with Kameleo. 

No matter whatever bundle you subscribe to, all subscribers have access to the limitless browser profile function. Why is it necessary to sign up for more pricey plans, then? Well, there are aspects that set the plans apart and would encourage you to select a premium plan.

Kameleo Profile Management

A limitless number of browser profiles are also supported by the Kameleo app. The amount of accounts you may create and keep with the majority of other anti-detect browsers depends on the subscription plan you select.

The price of Kameleo is determined by other features as opposed to the number of accounts that may be managed.

You should be warned, though, that creating too many browser profiles and activating them all at once could lead to the Kameleo application crashing. Using more than 20 profiles at once is not recommended.

You may, however, create as many as you like.

Configuration Support for Browser Parameters

It facilitates the setup of browser fingerprints, to put it another way. For the aim of monitoring you, you can alter each parameter used to create a browser fingerprint hash.

This features canvas spoofing, the ability to adjust Geolocation so that it is accompanied by an IP address from the same location, webGL noise, automated timezone configuration, modification to fonts and plugin parameters, as well as automatic fingerprint spoofing. One of the best features is the Intelligent Canvas Spoofing, it modifies the rendered canvas image while the image will be non-unique.

With this, you have complete control. Even so, if you are unfamiliar with browser fingerprint spoofing, you may keep the default option in place.

Web Browser Automation

Anti-detect software like Kameleo are becoming more common for online automation and scraping. This is due to the fact that traditional web automation technologies are becoming less efficient as more websites get Ajaxified and more javascript-heavy, and as a result, browser automation is gaining control.

Kameleo Web Browser Automation

However, because websites can now employ browser fingerprinting to recognize you although if your IP address is hidden, this gives an excellent chance for them to easily monitor and identify automation. With the help of Kameleo, you may remain completely anonymous while performing automated activities such as web scraping.

The Selenium Stealth Web Driver integration makes Kameleo the ideal program for automation. In addition to other things, you may automatically generate hundreds of browser profiles that are not connected to one another to automate your online activities using the Kameleo Local API and your preferred automation frameworks, like Selenium or Puppeteer.

The Kameleo antidetect browser is the one to use if you need to scrape data from JavaScript pages that rely on browser fingerprinting to follow you. In addition to site scraping, you can utilize the Kameleo browser to automate any online operation you perform.

Kameleo Use Cases

Where you can use Kameleo?

Ad spying: Track which ads are displayed to which social media accounts to reverse-engineer the initial ad campaign targeting.

Retail Price Comparison: Depending on the visitor’s device’s location and browsing history, retailers set their prices for their goods using an algorithm. Without bias or obstruction, consider price from the viewpoint of every visitor.

eCommerce: By setting up many merchant accounts on important eCommerce platforms, you may spread the risks related to online shopping.

Web Scraping: Utilize resource-conserving virtual browser profiles instead of your device lab and virtual machines during web scraping. A speedy development process is made possible by support for all browser fingerprint management tools.

Social Media Marketing: Manage several social media accounts at the same time. Let the other members of your team know what you’ve accomplished.

Ad Verification: By simulating visitors using different devices and locations, you may check ad targeting and placement. Eliminate false advertising and broken links.
Affiliate Marketing: To reduce risk, spread advertising efforts over several ad accounts.

What Is Kameleo Mobile?

As previously said, Kameleo is one of just a few mobile-friendly multi-accounting and browser fingerprinting software programs.

Kameleo Mobile

This feature allows you to use Kameleo to browse using mobile profiles on an actual Android device or an Android Virtual Machine (VM). Because Kameleo Mobile Browser’s usual touch events and motions are not possible in a desktop context, this is important to prevent fingerprint detection algorithms from picking it up.

However, you may establish a mobile profile on a desktop computer using the Chromium that was specifically designed if you so want.

How To Download & Signup On Kameleo 

I’ll be demonstrating how to set up the Kameleo anti-detect browsing in this portion of the post. As you will see, the procedure is fairly simple and easy to follow when followed correctly. For the Kameleo app to function properly during installation and use, proxies are required. We advised you to get premium proxies from a provider like Smartproxy.

Kameleo Download

By doing this, you may prevent websites from identifying your various accounts through your IP footprint or browser fingerprint and ensure that you stay genuinely anonymous when browsing them. Follow the steps listed below to install Kameleo and start using it to avoid browser fingerprinting.

Step 1: Click on “Downloads” on the Kameleo official website.

Click On Downloads

Step 2: Whether it’s for Windows or Mobile, select “DOWNLOAD.” Install and launch Kamelo on your computer.

Download Kameleo

Step 3: You should then see something like this. Then select “Create One.”

Sign Up On Kameleo

Step 4: Fill in the required information, check the box, and click the ‘Register’ button. Your email address must be confirmed.

Login On Kameleo

Step 5: Complete the fields, select the box, and press the “Login” button. 

You can also read how Kameleo work and users are taking its benefits.

Kameleo Pros & Cons


  1. Many browser profiles are accepted by Kameleo.
  2. Kameleo is the only well-known anti-detect browser that supports the iOS mobile fingerprint.
  3. The Kameleo app is really simple to use.


  1. Not Designed for Productive Teamwork

Kameleo Pricing Plan

Kameleo has two payment options: monthly or semi-annually. The price ranges are listed below:

Kameleo Pricing
  • Basic Plan: €59 per user per month ($299 per user for six months).
  • Advanced Plan: €89 for each user every month (€449 for each user for a six-month period).
  • Automation Plan: €199 for each user each month (€999 for each user for six months).

Discounts are available for teams.

#3 Key Benefits Of Kameleo


Kameleo is compatible with both PC and mobile platforms. Android smartphones running version 4.4 or higher can install Kameleo. For systems using x86 architecture, such as Genymotion Android Emulator, there is an x86 version. The program is compatible with Android VM.

Kameleo Info

The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge will all be compatible with Kameleo as well.

Payment Options Accepted

How accessible is the Kameleo staff in terms of willingness to take payment? They provide a substantial range of payment choices, I must say. Kameleo has you covered whether you want to pay with conventional payment methods or with cryptocurrencies.

Customer Service

Kameleo provides help to users using social media platforms such as YouTube, GitHub, and Telegram. Their customer service department is a really reliable one.

Kameleo Support

Should You Go With Kameleo Or Not?

You can see from the above that the Kameleo anti detect browser does have certain key advantages that set it apart from other multi-accounting browser software.

It excels at its fundamental functions. In addition to this, it has other additional features and lets users establish an infinite number of profiles. Because of these factors, the Kameleo app is popular and highly recommended.

Conclusion – Final Say

As you can see from the foregoing, Kameleo is really noteworthy. It can assist you in avoiding browser fingerprints, allowing you to make as many browser profiles as you’d want to avoid monitoring and be able to manage many accounts on the same website without being seen.

Your Kameleo won’t function, though, since your IP address will show your IP footprint if you don’t use proxies. To give Kameleo everything it needs to keep you truly “untraceable” and anonymous, you can use any of the proxies available. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Kameleo a Reliable Multilogin Alternative?

Depending on the features and factors you are considering, the Kameleo app is an excellent choice. When it comes to mobile OS compatibility, Kameleo is a better choice than Multilogin because it does support Android whilst Multilogin does not.

How Safe Is Kameleo?

The Kameleo app is risk-free to use and does not compromise the security of your accounts or computer. Kameleo maintains browser profiles locally instead of on the cloud, making it a more secure alternative for customers who are sensitive about security.

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