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Jungle Scout Vs Helium 10: Which One Is Worthy For Sellers?


The Amazon sellers look for the best all-in-one platform that helps their business to grow. we can see that many platforms are there in the market but Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 are both attracted by many sellers and also recommended for newbies.

Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 both are good at their services such as effective SEO, product research, and various tools to manage the seller business, and many more.

The new sellers are those who want to become successful Amazon sellers in the market then you don’t miss to look into these platforms and decide which is more suitable for you.

😇 What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout Review

For Amazon sellers, Jungle Scout is the powerful tool that allows you to begin the new Amazon selling business. It also offers various business management tools at the same you can find more solutions according to your brand. 

Sell different products on Amazon with Jungle Scout as it is a perfect all-in-one solution and many entrepreneurs in the market trust this tool.

Looking into the stats, 500,000 entrepreneurs have used this tool worldwide. One can monitor more than one billion successful products on Amazon and annually it can assist the sales of about $22 billion. 

🤞 Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout 


  •  Money-back guarantee within 7 days
  • Experience all features in the professional version
  • All-in-one seller platform
  • Searches keywords
  • Top-notch customer service system
  • Track all your product sales
  • Firefox and Chrome extensions
  • Get competitor keyword spy with this tool
  • Get high-quality performing keywords
  • Get ideas of profitable niches and its sales data
  • Can request the reviews
  • Provides access to the global merchants database
  • Get every insight


  •  A free trial period is not provided
  • Can experience limited features in the basic version

👍 What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 Review

On the other side, Helium 10 is also the best tool for sellers and with just a single click you can manage your business with its tools. From tracking the best-selling products, targeting keyword search terms to effective SEO, and many more things are available at Helium 10. 

Helium 10 permits the users to find the rankings of the keywords, competitors, and many things with just a click. The best part of Helium 10 is it has over 450 million ASINs database and it is more than a tool to help Amazon sellers. 

✌️ Pros and Cons of Helium 10


  •  Get free plan
  • Great keyword search tool
  • Track products and its orders
  • Also an all-in-one online seller tool
  • Save lot of time by monitoring all the activities
  • Community group is suuportive
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Can learn how to research and sell the products
  • Get great keyword insights with accurate data on sales dashboard
  • Various pricing plans
  • Offers great useful tools to run your seller business smoothly


  •  Some other tools costs extra

✔️ Feature Comparison of Jungle Scout vs Helium 10

Both Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 offers different features and utilize the tools according to your requirement of the business and taste the success as an Amazon seller. 

Jungle Scout 

Chrome Extension

It is a robust browser chrome, firefox extension tool, that allows you to calculate trends, request for reviews, and also predicts sales and revenue. Product insights, strategy building, the potential score of the product, and many more are possible with it.

Keyword Ranking 

JungleScout Keyword scout

Get a high-converting and quality keywords list as you can track the keywords of the history of 2 years, Use the advanced filters while finding the keywords of both organic and paid data. 

In order to gain more revenue and sales for your business, then you have to deliver high-quality ad campaigns. So research the keywords, that rank higher and use them for your ad campaigns. 

Product Tracking 

Track the best products and also estimate the sales of the products to get success. Along with that, track the number of sales of the product, and look into more details and insights of the products to make decisions. 

By using drag and drop, proceed to customize the products and also analyze the metrics to get in-depth information of the product. For more information about the product, you can download and save the CSV files and analyze more about the product that you want.

Keyword Tracking 

JungleScout Rank Tracker

At first, rank the set of keywords and then check the history of those keywords, this gives information on which are top-performing keywords. 

Also, have a look into the competitor keywords by using preset filters, and finalize the top-performing keywords and add them to the listing.  

In a bulk, you have the opportunity to check the keyword rankings and also you have the option to choose the particular period, these filters provide the data on which keywords are performing well and which are not. 

Here, the best part of Jungle Scout is it gives the future analysis of the keywords which are top-quality ones and which ones are not. 

Find the Top-Performing Keywords

The main task is you have to avoid the low-performing keywords and should prefer the high-quality performing keywords for your ads. In order to perform this activity, you have to segment, analyze the performance of the keywords, and other metrics. Also, get the history of the keyword, price, reviews, and others. 

Based on the opportunity score of the keyword made decisions and use them for your PPC ad campaigns. 

List Builder 

JungleScout List Building

Optimize the listings, so that with the recommended keywords, improve the rankings. The AI-driven listing quality score is to convert the sales by analyzing the ranks of the listing. 

The feedbacks, real-time product measurement of product description, title, keywords, etc allows you to adjust the listing. 

With the seller account data, you can more test and optimize the listing data as it also gives the data of rankings to those listings.

Product Database 

The product database is the big thing at Jungle Scout so that you can explore the ideas of the keywords, organize and evaluate them by segmenting those keywords. 

In the product database, you can find high-performing keywords and low-performing too. 

Review Automation 

JungleScout - Review automation services

The automated review requests’ purpose is to increase the review of the products that result in more sales and revenue. Even with this feature, you can analyze the trends to understand more, and also it saves a lot of time.

Along with these features, you’ll get the supplier or amazon merchants database to find out the global suppliers, sales analytics to track how many sales are getting to your products, inventory management to boost sales & revenue, alerts & reminders, marketing, and product category trends are the major features to give more information about the products that you want to sell.  

Helium 10 

Product Research 

Black Box: Its main function is to find out the products that bring more sales for your business. This Black Box gives various opportunities to the sellers and so it is easy to find out the winning product.

Trendsetter: In this, you’re going to visualize the sales to analyze how many sales are done and also it capitalizes on the product trend to get more sales to the products.

Helium 10 Xray

Xray: It is all about providing validation of the products directly on the browser with market insights. 

Profitability Calculator: Gives the information of the products that include shipping costs, etc. 

Keyword Research 

Cerebro: It is an ASIN tool that gives competitors keyword strategies, as this Cerebro gives exact keyword search volume, sales, etc.  

Magnet: Find relevant and high-performing quality keywords as it provides a list of keywords and remove the less-performing keywords and utilize the high-quality keywords for your ad campaigns.

Misspellinator: It is a misspelled keyword extractor, so extract the keywords that are misspelled on how they work, and with this, you can save a lot of time too. 

Listing Optimization

Frankenstein: It is to get the keywords that bring more traffic to your products. In seconds, you’ll get all the information about the product’s keywords without any tough process and also you can save a lot of time.

Scribbles: You don’t need to miss a single keyword and also it validates the actual desired keywords. Now, you don’t miss a single keyword as you’re going to use every single keyword that brings more sales. 

Index Checker by Helium 10

Index Checker: This is to identify the keywords that are working on the search results, one can find the bad keywords, and also get the popular keywords that work for your business.


Refund Genie: For a lost and damaged inventory, get the refund and the process is also easy. So, now no need to worry about such things as this feature is a great addition to this tool.

Alerts: It monitors all ASINs and if in case there is an issue it gives instant alerts to you. Avoid such issues as soon as possible when you get the alerts. 

Helium 10 Inventory Protector

Inventory Protector: You can protect all your keyword listings with this inventory protector. So, that the malicious competitors don’t attack your strategies and also your seller business. 

Follow-up: This tool follow-up your clients and it is a great help for the seller businesses.

Mobile Application: You’ll get information at your fingertips, so you don’t need to use your system as this mobile application provides up-to-date details. 

Analytics feature gives information about the products how it is performing and also you can track every single insight of the products. With this, you can guess the profits, and also examine how it works in the market, and also the keyword metrics too. 

You can track how your keyword works, and also track your business in the market, and the marketing feature is to promote your products.

💝 Customer Reviews Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 

The customers of Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 are provided their views and experiences on how those tools helped to become successful Amazon sellers across the world. Forbes stated that Jungle Scout is a great tool for product research and also it gets more positive reviews from the different companies across the world. 

Even coming to Helium 10 the users said that it is a great tool to operate the seller business and also thousands of customers who used this Helium 10 are satisfied. Also, they are suggesting this tool to others who are likely to start the Amazon seller business. 

Jungle Scout Customer Reviews 

JungleScout Customer Reviews

Helium 10 Customer Reviews

Helium 10 Testimonial Proof

🎁 Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 Pricing Plans 

Jungle Scout does not offer any free version or free trial period but Helium 10 offers a free version which is up to three months. Let’s see the individual pricing of Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 now and from this, select the plan that you want according to your requirement. 

Jungle Scout Pricing 

Jungle Scout Standard Plans 

The basic version costs $49/month and $29/month for yearly billing as in this version you can browse the products of Amazon with its chrome extension. In this get a single license for a user as well as full access to any browser extension. 

JungleScout standard plans

The most popular suite version costs $69/month and $49/month if billed annually. In this version, you’re going to manage all your Amazon business and at the same time, you can find the new products on Amazon.

Get all the features of the basic version including a review automation service, has the ability to add more users, get in-depth historical data of the product, and advanced seller features.

The Professional version costs $129/month and $84/month and in this, you’ll get more data, users, and also access. It is more ideal for sellers who want more and get all the features of the suite including tracking ASINs which are up to 1000, includes tracking for 6 users, provides 6 months of data regarding any product, historical keyword data for 2 years, and priority onboarding. 

Jungle Scout Packages 

JungleScout packages

Who wants to sell Amazon products fastly then the Start-up suite is for them which costs $189/user for 3 months. Get academy seller programs, weekly Q&A sessions for the users, a priority onboarding service, and now start with the checklist. 

Get product tracking historical data for 90 days and keyword search result data for a period of one year. If you’re likely to become a successful seller business and also likely to launch the product then for them this Entrepreneurs suite is perfect which costs $349/user a 6-month plan. Get all historical data and educational features of a start-up suite. 

The price of the Freedom Bootcamp is $999/user which is a 12 month period plan. Who is likely to master in FBA business then this version is perfect for them.

With this version, you can achieve financial freedom and also grow your business like you expect and get educational features like it provides live coaching sessions on freedom Bootcamp builder, get Jungle Scout subscription plan for one year, bonus resources, and also content support, and course updates to sell more on the Amazon. 

Stripe, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and VISA from these accept the payments. Choose the plan that suits your business and also it offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.  

Helium 10’s Pricing

The price of the starter plan is $37/month & $324/year, and in this get the training and tools that are required to start a seller business. Get the main features in this plan such as full access to Xray, which is a famous tool, limited access to the rest of the Helium 10 tool suite, freedom ticket amazon training which values $997. 

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

The most popular Platinum version costs $97/month and $970/year, as this version is the solution on how to grow your business. In this get, full single-user access features including, 

  • The index checking option which is 150 uses/month
  • Tracks the keyword of 2500 keywords/month
  • The alerts of ASINs per month is 300
  • A follow-up of 5000 emails/month

The price of the diamond plan is $197/month and $1970/year and it is suitable for the expert sellers at the same time for the teams to scale their business. Get the features of platinum version including, 

  • Free access to Adtomic which is up to $20k/month 
  • Multi-user login services
  • An index checker option for 300 uses/month
  • Tracks the keyword for up to 5000 keywords/month
  • The Alerts 600 ASINs per month
  • The follow-up 15,000 emails/month
  • 4 Seller central account connections
  • Unlimited SKUs – Inventory Management
  • Unlimited use of Walmart marketplace tools

The Enterprise version is perfect for agencies as well as large businesses and you have to contact the sales for the pricing details. In this version, you’ll get

  • API s bulk as well as custom reporting
  • It increases the limits to the accounts such as Amazon, Walmart.
  • It increases the limits for market trackers for the purpose of competitive intelligence.
  • Increase limits for a keyword tracking
  • Multi-user login for different additional users
  • With a single subscription, you can manage multiple clients.

the Elite version costs $397/month and this version is for the advanced sellers to scale their business rapidly. In this version, get everything in the diamond plan including quarterly in-person workshops, monthly online live workshops with top industry experts, and also give access to the Facebook group of this Elite version. 

No matter which plan do you select, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so choose the right plan according to your requirement. 

🔥 Final Conclusion on Jungle Scout Vs Helium 10 

Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 both are perfect tools for Amazon sellers who want to sell the products as both of them are good at their respective fields. But still, if you’re in confusion to choose the best one means then proceed according to your requirement 

Select Jungle Scout 

  • Tracks the products
  • Rank tracker for your products
  • Product and supplier database
  • Keyword category trends
  • Marketing and Analytical insights
  • Find the right keywords for your products
  • List builder and also find the trending keywords
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Chrome extension

Select Helium 10

  • Research the products
  • Research the right keywords
  • List the keywords and optimization
  • Alerts, refunds, inventory management
  • Sales analytics and promoting
  • Find and extract the misspelled words
  • Get training and also offers great support

💥 Frequently Asked Questions

😍 Is Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 are worth the money?

Both Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 is worth the money as the tools and features help you out to become successful in this seller business. Both are good at providing services in their respective fields.

👊 Which one is better Jungle Scout vs Helium 10?

The keyword research accuracy at Jungle Scout is more compared to Helium 10 and you have to more concentrate on accuracy so that it definitely works for your business. In spite of this, both are good and their features help the sellers to grow more.

✨ Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 which platform has more impact on researching keywords?

Both the tools are good for the amazon sellers, here the point is Jungle Scout is leading by providing more accurate keywords for your product. And Helium 10 provides keywords with the Cerebro tool, so it creates more impact in keyword research as it brings more data of the keywords.

⚡️ Is there any free trial period at Jungle Scout vs Helium 10?

Jungle Scout does not offer any free trial period but you can get a 7-day money-back guarantee. Helium 10 offers up to 3 months free trial period and also a 30-day money-back guarantee option.

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