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Jotform Review 2024: Is It Best Form Builder & Creator?


The world relies upon the internet and this is the need of the hour to accept the fact that internet service is magic.

As with the years, the way we collect data has also changed. It has been observed that forms can be used as one of the most reliable sources of collecting and managing data.


Following the basic rule of supply and demand as the demand for form builders increased it led to an increase in the number of suppliers. One such company which serves in the same domain is Jotform.

It has several benefits, features, and assisting qualities that can make anyone attracted to the services it offers. Let’s find out more about Jotforms and how well it creates magic

About Jotform

Aytekin Tank is the man behind the idea of Jotform. He is also the author of Automate Your busywork. Jotform was founded in 2006 to serve numerous purposes in this domain and make sure the services remain top-notch.

About Jotform

The growth of Jotform has been incredible as now it manages more than 1.8 million users worldwide. Jotform delivers magic and that too at reasonable pricing narrating how fine it is in business ethics.

What are the features of Jotforms?

Jotforms is defined by the set of features that it shares with its users.

These features have to be taken into consideration while comparing Jotform with any other form builder-

Form Builder

The major highlight of the products by Jotform lies in the form builder of the company. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature helps users in creating numerous forms of different types.

Jotform Form Builder

The form builder is the top-notch feature of Jotform which defines its existence. The form builder has several advances in it depending on the pricing package used by the user.

Report Builder

Reports help us keep track of what kind of gains have been made or what are you losing in terms of your business/organization.


The traditional methods of making reports do not exist anymore as now it is all about using report builder by Jotform. The process won’t take long with the numerous advances added to the report builder by the organization.

Online Payments

The digitalization of the world hasn’t kept any stone unturned because the way now world works are completely different. Online payments aren’t new but the domination they have is certainly a new thing.

Receive Online Payments with Jotform

So in case you run a business, want to run a fund, or ask people to make contributions then online payment forms will help you do that with grace. This is one of the most classic features of Jotform.

Save & Continue Later

Users can be busy or can get busy while filling up your form which shouldn’t bother you or cost you anything. This is the reason the save & continue later option by Jotform will help you get incomplete data and use it to draft information.

Also, users can access their forms again whenever they wish to continue as now they don’t have to start over. This surely saves a lot of time for everyone.

Offline Forms

The world wants the internet but doesn’t let it interrupt your work. The mobile app by Jotform allows offline forms which can be accessed for free and used to collect information or serve any other purpose. This feature is highly fascinating as it contributes to the flexibility for users as well as admin.


This application enables its users to have access to various form templates. Various things are going on in the world and thus people need a variety of automated templates which ease and fast the work for its owner. 

Jotform Templates

Jotform has been helping its users for years by providing them with a variety of templates like Pdf Templates, Card From Templates, Sign Templates, Approval Templates, and many more which fasten the process for them.

What are the Pricing Plans of Jotform?

Jotform which can dominate the market even with unreasonable pricing has divided effective pricing plans because without them you can’t be contributing positively to the life of your customers.

Jotform Features and Pricing

Major pricing plans offered by Jotforms are as follows-

Free Pack

Users only have to register and then they can get access to limited services of Jotform. Services will include an allowance of 5 forms, 100 monthly submissions, 1,000 monthly form views, 500 total submission storage, 100 fields per form, 10 monthly payment submissions, 10 monthly signed documents, and 1 user per team.


The Bronze package can be accessed for $34/month which is completely reasonable when you check the services which are provided. The bronze package comes up with 25 forms in terms of form limit, 1000 monthly submissions, 1 GB available spaces, 10,000 monthly form views, 250 fields per form, 100 monthly payment submissions, 100 monthly signed documents, and one user per team.

Silver Package

The silver package can be accessed for $39/month with 50 forms in terms of form limit, 2,500 limits of monthly submission, 10 GB available spaces, 100,000 monthly form views, 25,000 total submission storage, 250 monthly signed documents, and 1 user per team.

Gold Package

The gold package will cost you $99/month to deliver the finest assistance by Jotform. It is one of the most popular packages of Jotform in terms of user choice.

The gold package will come with 100 forms in terms of form limit, 10,000 monthly submissions, 100 GB available space, 1,000,000 total form views, 100,000 submission storage, 1,000 fields per form, 1,000 monthly payment submission, and signed documents.


The biggest package is the enterprise package by Jotforms to find out the cost one should connect with the sales department of the company. The services which will be offered in this package are unlimited in terms of count. As enterprise packages are a mammoth version of the assistance provided by Jotforms.

It includes numerous advantages such as follows-

  • HIPAA Compliance Available
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Custom Domain
  • Priority Real-Time Support
  • Local Data Residency Option
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Integrations

What Are The Benefits Of Using Jotforms?

Jotforms offers numerous benefits which can be considered to tackle the confusion between Jotfrom and any other service provider from the same industry. Some of the major benefits of Jotform are as follows-

Numerous Types of Forms

We can’t decide or restrict the specific type of forms we need. This is the reason it is added by Jotform that several types of forms can be made and circulated by the users. It adds up to the variety offered by Jotform expanding its domination in the market.


Jotform Google Analytics Form Tracking

In case you desire to get the analytics of the forms you have been circulating then no need to panic as Jotforms can easily be connected to Google Analytics to track down data from the forms. As keeping an eye on numbers is important while deciding upon addition and subtractions in the existing forms.

Google reCAPTCHA

The world of the internet will surely help you a lot but some people surely do not want the internet to be a happy place. To tackle such bots you can always choose and add Google reCAPTCHA to find out if the forms are being filled by an individual or by a bot. This is needed to make sure that data is authentic in every sense possible.

Manage Payments

Jotform Payments

The online payments are the most fascinating thing about Jotforms but what is more classic is that the management offered to admin to tackle the mess of handling online payments is impressive.

Pros And Cons


  1. Demos are available for new users to understand the functioning
  2. Allows its users to customize apps to fulfill their requirements 
  3. Provides security for data as well as for payments
  4. Customized permission as per need 
  5. Acts as a single platform for editing, managing, and organising data to lessen the complexities
  6. Available in 23 international languages including English.


  1. Limitations of form depend upon monthly plans
  2. HIPAA Compliance is available for  certain subscription plans

🔥 Conclusion

Jotform is a blessing for everyone who closely works and requires these kinds of services. It has the perfect balance when it comes to benefits, features, and pricing plans. It has taken care of every type of user who may rely upon Jotform for services.

Why Choose Jotform

Jotform is highly reliable as the count of brands that use them is numerous. The way Jotform has been creating a market for itself and allowing development in the sector is highly impressive.

The healthy competition in this domain is only because of such companies which know that serving in the best manner is the highest quality of marketing which can do wonders.


What are the products of Jotform?

Jotform comes up with numerous products such as form builder, Jotform Enterprise, Jotform Apps, store builder, pdf editor, pdf builder, Jotform approvals and Jotform signs, etc.

Is there any free trial by Jotform?

Free trials aren’t available by Jotform but one can access the free package which provides insight into the structure of the platform. Other packages are basic, bronze, silver, gold, and enterprise

Can we make payments through Jotfom?

Online payments can be made through forms built via using Jotform. It is a requirement by most of the users and come up with specific pricing packages

What kind of forms can be built using Jotform?

Jotform offers numerous types of Jotform which are highly impressive and highly assisting. One of the major things which needs to be highlighted is the offline forms facility by Jotfom mobile app.

When was Jotform founded?

Jotform was founded in 2006 by Aytekin Tank who felt the need for the company and decided to serve the magic in the domain of circulating and collecting data.

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