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Gasmobi vs MaxBounty 2024: Which CPA Network Is Best?


CPA networks and affiliate networks serve as platforms that link businesses looking to market their goods or services with affiliates looking to make money doing so.

They serve as a form of middleman between affiliate marketers and direct advertisers who operate using the CPA model.

CPA Marketing

CPA networks operate by gathering a variety of offers in one location. As a result, finding a solid offer in a certain vertical is considerably simpler for an affiliate marketer. Typically, an affiliate network collaborates with one or more verticals for convenience.

 In a CPA network, the publisher serves as the advertiser’s affiliate marketer and enables customers to request products or services, respond to surveys, set up the software, or download apps.

Types of CPA Networks

There are many networks out there, but it’s important that you know what you want and identify networks that would work for you.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 CPA networks for you to consider.

  • Gasmobi
  • Perform[cb]
  • MaxBounty
  • CrakRevenue
  • MyLead

We’ll be evaluating two of the most significant ones from the list above: Gasmobi and MaxBounty.


One of the top international affiliate networks and advertisers in the industry is Gasmobi. The business, which has its headquarters in Madrid, offers internal solar and energy goods for Europe.

Gasmobi Review

Gasmobi maintains its lead in the quickly developing field of internet marketing by implementing best practices and delivering them to Affiliates and Advertisers.

The Madrid-based business delivers worldwide exclusive and direct offers across the majority of verticals as a network, as well as in-house FR offers as an Advertiser. These offers are all gathered in the in-house created marketplace.

You can Check out their affiliate program by clicking on the button, if you’re interested in generating extra revenue from the Insurance, Solar, Finance, Home Improvement or Nutra industry.

There are many verticals available on Gasmobi, including

  • In-house offers with API integration.
  • Insurance – It is applicable to all plans and insurances.
  • Finance – LeadGen, such as bank products, insurance, payday loans.
  • Education – First-rate educational institutions.
  • E-Commerce – It offers the best eCommerce verticals in the market such as Ecothermal, Dronexs, Eco-Heat, Tvsharemax, etc.
  • Nutra – Nutra is a direct diet, keto, CBD, and male supplement.
  • Surveys – from sites like Isurvey, Survey Junkie, OpinionWorld, and etc.
  • Cc Submits and VOD offers.
  • SweepStakes – This will complement the top brands in any industry’s trendy LPs, including Netflix, the iPhone, Dyson, etc.
Gasmobi About

Features of Gasmobi

Gasmobi is surely providing major advantages for advertisers and affiliates which makes it such a good deal. So let’s figure out more about the core features which are offered by Gasmobi:


With the multi-tier commission structure offered by the Gasmobi affiliate program, affiliates can profit from both their own sales as well as those brought about by recommendations. The affiliate program additionally provides a set commission structure with a minimum payout of $200.


All of the users have to let go of their worries regarding several verticals. The wide range of verticals is available for affiliates and advertisers to generate good benefits for all.

Gasmobi benefits

The more verticals the more traffic will be generated. Some of the major verticals are Education, Home Improvement, Solar, Insurance, Finance and Nutra.

Big Platform

If numbers have to be considered then surely Gasmobi is so huge. 2000+ live offers, 250+ live advertisers, 3000+ active publishers and high rated customer satisfaction of 4.9/5.

Bonus Programs

Gasmobi Programs

Don’t be worried about extra income when you are working with Gasmobi because it has drafted special bonus programs for users. The programs are designed for extra income.

The division of bonus programs is done in the following manner:

  • Bronze From $500 to $5.000 -4%
  • Silver From $5.001 to $15.000- 4.5%
  • Golden From $15.001 to $30.0005%
  • Diamond From $30.001 & up to 5.5%

Also, the legacy program is also available for those already working with Gasmobi. Users only have to ask their account managers for a legacy bonus and to understand what extra benefits are available.

Referral Program

Gasmobi believes in providing extra benefits to those who are loyal to Gasmobi. As an affiliate refers to the platform to any other person then referral programs lead to extra income for the person.


With its 2004 launch, MaxBounty has been around for a while in the world of CPA affiliate marketing and can be considered as one of the pioneers of this industry.

It’s also popular with CPA affiliates, having over 3,000 active campaigns with advertisers from all over the world.

MaxBounty has an affiliate program to fit literally any audience. This international affiliate network not only sends payouts every week but also regularly awards top affiliate marketers with performance bonuses. Once accepted, a professional affiliate manager will be given to you to assist you in generating additional high-quality traffic.


Additionally, it has a feature-rich dashboard that makes it simple for affiliates to monitor their earnings and keep up with the most recent, well-liked affiliate campaigns.

MaxBounty serves as a midleman between more than 30,000 affiliates and advertisers. Affiliates and web publishers can apply to promote the advertiser’s (company’s) offers after they are posted on the affiliate network. If successful, the affiliate then directs CPA visitors to the offer in exchange for a commission.

They are affiliated with many significant advertising service providers, including Microsoft, Square, ShutterStock, and others. Additionally, MaxBounty spend billions of dollars worth of marketing each year.

MaxBounty’s offer types are mostly based on cost-per-action and cost-per-acquisition models. Additionally, some products and businesses have pay-per-install schemes provided in the website.

The website’s offerings are usually under the following categories:

  • Real estate and home improvement
  • Gaming
  • E-commerce
  • Sweepstakes
  • Surveys
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Business to Business (B2B) e.t.c


Prior to receiving payment from MaxBounty, you must earn a minimum of $100 in commissions. This demands a little bit more of them than their competitors do. However, this won’t be a challenging goal for the majority of seasoned affiliate marketers or brand-newcomers to achieve.

MaxBounty Features

The time frame for MaxBounty affiliate payouts varies from what you receive at the beginning. You start out with a 15-day net payment period. Accordingly, on the 15th of the next month, you will receive any money you earn during a certain month.

How to Promote CPA Products on Gasmobi.

Once your offer has been accepted, there are numerous ways to promote your CPA campaigns. You could use the following popular CPA marketing strategies:

Solo advertisements

Solo adverts are a useful tool for promoting CPA offers. You could advertise CPA offerings and buy solo advertising for as little as 15 cents a click, which would earn you about $2 to $3 per convention.

Sales or landing pages

The sales or landing page will be the first point of contact for your visitors. They are able to learn more about the product or service that is being advertised. To keep visitors interested and lower churn, keep your landing page lighthearted, straightforward, and educational.

You can write product information with appealing images, or you can make your landing page more engaging by including games or quizzes.

Make a Review Website

A different choice is to use your website as a review platform where you showcase products from your affiliate partner. The products being reviewed will have links that point back to the website of your affiliate partner, where site visitors can act or buy anything.

Write relevant articles to create content for your CPA offer. Make sure your headline is catchy to draw visitors in and also make a strong call to action in order to maximize its impact.

Article Marketing

Article marketing works similarly to blog post promotion. Open an account on a couple trustworthy article submission services, then start posting helpful content.

Five things that give Gasmobi an upper hand 

Gasmobi Advertisers
  • MaxBounty cancels accounts without the publisher’s notice while Gasmobi encourages frequent communication between parties.
  • Registration is faster and accounts get approved quickly once you pass their required criteria.
  • Gasmobi support team and AMs are almost always on deck to guide and listen to complaints from users in contrast to Bounty hunters who only have a FAQ section.
  • Gasmobi collaborates with over 3000+ publishers and 250+ advertisers.
  • Commissions are extremely competitive.

Gasmobi Pros and Cons


  1. Easy To Sign Up
  2. Personal Account Manager (8+ Languages)
  3. The network maintains a balance b/w advertisers and affiliates.
  4. Efficiently increasing your income, supports multiple verticals
  5. Advertisers generate more traffic & sales
  6. Many Rewards/Bonuses
  7. There are no prior skills needed.
  8. 24-hour assistance


  1. Offer approval is still determined by the advertiser’s preference.

Which CPA network does the user prefer most?

Experienced marketers frequently choose Gasmobi because of its rules and guidelines, which are more suited for those with prior experience in this industry.

However, because it’s simpler to use and has a shorter waiting period for approval, Gasmobi is also preferred by new users.

Gasmobi In Numbers

For affiliate marketers who are serious about looking for a regular and reliable income with CPA, Gasmobi should be your top pick. There are several advantages, particularly for offers primarily in Solar, Finance, and other white hat categories. In comparison to MaxBounty, Gasmobi offers users support throughout their journey and a number of advantages, such as:

  • In-House Solar and Energy Offers for Europe Direct Offers from TOP-branded Advertisers.
  • The optimal combination for Tier 1 and LATAM for native, email, push, and social traffic.
  • Programs for bonuses and referrals.
  • Free advertising materials and special offers from sponsors: affiliate programs and traffic sources

Gasmobi CPA network is suitable for both advertisers and publishers and will assist you in getting started in CPA marketing.

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