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EcoHeat S Review: Is It Worth To Buy This Portable Heater?


When winter arrives, everyone wishes to keep their house warm and cozy.

Heaters are a great way to do so, but it’s not essential to always have a big sized heater by our sides, a small and compact product can do great.

To remove all the managing hassles that come with a heater, EcoHeat S Portable Heater is here to give everyone a nice experience.


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With lower energy consumption, it works well in numerous ways. Here we covered an in-depth Ecoheat S review with its features, working, pricing, testimonial, faqs & etc.

It’s a portable heating device that helps in heating throughout the day and has a stylish edge to it. It doesn’t look like those big heaters that take a lot of space, it can do a lot with its portable body.

The portable cylinder-shaped eco heater uses ceramic heating elements and an internal fan. It comes with an adjustable thermostat and oscillation that can heat an area at a maximum of 98 degrees.

Ecoheat S Review

A small and compact portable heater, it can be placed anywhere from a table to the ground. It may seem small in size, but it can easily heat up a normal living room. The heater has a simple design, but it is very stylish.

EcoHeat S Review: How Does This Portable Heater Work?

The device has a fixed working, it works with:

  • Cold Air Suction

The device sucks cold air from one side and heats it in its internal heat radiator and then leaves out the cozy air we’ve been waiting for. Its mechanism is really fast and can get the room warm in just 3 seconds.

  • USB Powered

The heater is USB Powered for better help, and in fact, this factor helps in saving a lot of energy as well. Usually, heaters don’t save energy at all and are the most electricity-consuming electronics in the house, but that’s not the case with this one. It saves a lot of electricity in comparison to those big sized ones.

Ecoheat S Portable

  • Cash Saving

Rather than having electricity bills that are too high, a person gets great relief in terms of huge consumptions. Unlike other heaters, this heater saves a lot of money with low consumption.

  • PTC Ceramic Heating Elements

It’s PTC Ceramic Heating Elements make sure that the heat is well generated based on the desired temperature and that the room is really cozy to sit. It doesn’t even give that uncomfortable and harsh experience that comes with heaters at times.

Features Of EcoHeat S Portable Heater

Ecoheat S Features

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1. Wide Angle Heating

Ecoheat heater can rotate at a 70 degree Eagle and provide the warmth to every corner of the room. Also, it doesn’t leave a person with any harsh heat patches that usually every heater does. It disperses heat widely and makes sure that a person is comfortable and not overwhelmed by its presence.

2. Three Key Parts

Ecoheat S heater has three key parts, the heater, the fan, and the control panel. This makes this heater a great option to use as when its really cold, one can switch to the highest heating option. Whereas when the winter’s going down and there’s a need of a fan, use the control panel and switch it to the fan. A cold breeze with the help of a heater, crazy! It is basically not just a heater, but a multi-tasker as well. A good option to look at.

3. Wattage Settings

This Eco Heat S portable heater has two wattage settings, 600W and 1220W. It takes around 10 Watts to warm a 10-square foot area. If there’s a small room, then the 600W would do good, and if there’s a bigger room such as the living area, then 1220W will work just perfectly. Heating options based on the area saves electricity bills in a great way.

4. Size

Eco heater is 8.3 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. The size makes it extremely ideal and compact to keep at any place and can be moved after each usage. There’s no need to keep it in one place just like other big heaters.

EcoHeat Portable Heater Temperature Settings

5. Perfect Warm Zone

With its amazing features and easy to use functions, this Eco heater can create a very cozy and warm room for anyone with a comfortable ambiance. At times heaters don’t have the option to set the temperature, but with this one, a person can always set up the heat according to themselves.

6. Temperature

There’s an option of setting up the temperature anytime a person wants to. With the control panel, the thermostat can be set up to 98 degrees. If there’s a little bit cold someone still likes a cozy room, then bravo! This heater can work based on people’s requirements and comfort throughout the day. Also, just turn on the oscillation button and it’ll automatically change the heat intensity.

7. Safe to use

As we all know, there’s minimal risk with even mounted heaters, then it’s obvious that even portable heaters carry some risk factor. Say what if the heater falls on the floor and leads to an explosion? The engineers had thought about this and built in the ‘Tip-Over Protection’. With this feature, if the Ecoheat Heater falls down, it’ll automatically shut down. Also, the heater is V-0 grade flame resistant and is ETL certified, therefore there’s nothing to worry about.

Pricing: Cheap & Affordable

The product is prices at 178 dollars, but is currently available at 50 percent off. This makes the product even greater since there are barely any manufacturers that provide the product at this price.

Ecoheat S Price

Given the features, getting a heater that can warm up any place so quickly seems to be great. Some people need multiple heaters given their home’s requirements, and they can get better offers on the product.

So, the product is already at such a huge offer, and it also has a lesser price if someone buys in bulk! Ecoheat price is cheap & affordable check out these offers mentioned below:

  • 1 EcoHeat S Portable Heater: $89.00/per piece
  • 2 EcoHeat S Portable Heaters: $75.00/per piece
  • 4 EcoHeat S Portable Heaters: $57.00/per piece

EcoHeat Bonus Offer:

  1. Bonus Offer: Buy 2 get 1 FREE @ $187.00
  2. Bonus Offer: Buy 3 get 1 FREE @ $277.00

Ecoheat S on Amazon not available, you can buy from here

Pros and Cons

Before buying this product, check out the things we liked and didn’t like about it:


  • Easy to Use.
  • Free Delivery.
  • Online Support.
  • Amazing Temperature Settings.
  • Fast and Powerful.
  • Safe to use.


  • It can only be bought from the website.


  • Easy to use

The EcoHeat S Heater is very easy to use and has very simple features. Everything can be tackled with a few buttons and the control panel. This makes it a really good product since at times it isn’t possible to use a heater by everyone.

  • Free Delivery

Many people worry about the fact that the prices might be cheap, but the delivery cost would be really high. But that’s not the case with this product. They deliver to the doorstep and don’t charge even a single penny.

  • Online Support

There is barely any company that stands for their customer’s support after delivering the product, and even if they do, then they take too long in responding. They respond to their clients very quickly and believe in a ‘customer satisfaction policy’.

  • Amazing Temperature Settings
Ecoheat S Design

A person can set the temperature at any time of the day and without any issues. The control panel facilitates to set the temperature from low to high based on the requirement. Also, if someone presses the oscillation button, then the heat will set according to the intensity.

  • Fast and Powerful

Ecoheat heater is really fast and powerful. It can start dispersing heat in as less as 3 seconds and can heat up an entire room in a few minutes. Looking at how compact it is, the dispersed heat is really great and competes to mounted heaters.

  • Safe to use

Ecoheat heaterΒ is very safe to use and is V-0 Resistant. It is certified by ETL and also is built-in with ‘Tip-Over Protection’. There’s no chance this heater will have an explosion or anything like that.


EcoHeat 50% Off Now! πŸ’₯ [100% Working]

Avail 50% off Discount on EcoHeat S Now! Get Best Quality Heater in Cheap Price. Limited Time Offer.



  • It can only be bought from the website

This is the only con about this product. It can only be bought from its official website and isn’t present on any other e-commerce platform. If present, then those products aren’t sold by verified sellers. A person can only place orders on the website and it takes time to ship the product that way.

EcoHeat S Testimonials

Reviews claim that the best part about this product is the small little fan added for summers, to give a cool breeze. Certain also say that it’s a good product and helps in environment protection with low energy consumption. People are really happy with their compatibility and can take it anywhere they go.

Ecoheat S Portable Heater

It does a great job and a great desk heater if someone wants to use it in the office or while studying. It is really qualitative and is made with great products. Several testimonials claim that people are happy with it.

EcoHeat S Review- Final Verdict

Given the price, quality, and compatibility, it is really worth the money and the outcomes of this product are great. It gives good competition to mounted heaters and is very easy to use as well.

The features are top-notch. Rather than going for a mounted heater that takes so much of space and can’t be cleaned, it is better to have a small cylindrical thing on the table or slab. It is something really amazing and can heat up to a good amount.

Also, if any problem, then the best part is the support from customer care that guides a person in any issue. Overall At the end of EcoHeat review, it is the best Portable Heater value for money and a person can totally go for it.


βœ… Is it Worth To Buy EcoHeat Portable Heater? (Legit or Scam)

Yes, the EcoHeat S Portable heater is really amazing and guarantees to heat very well, it is worth to buy. Check EcoHeat review to know more.

βœ… Is the EcoHeat S Portable Heater value for money?

Yes, the heater is totally worth the money and is jam-packed with features. A total go to and worth it.

Is the EcoHeat S Heater easy to use?

Yes, it is very easy to use and everything is fixed with the help of buttons and a control panel.

βœ… Is EcoHeat Portable Heater safe?

Yes, the Portable Heater is safe to use and is V-0 Resistant and certified.

βœ… Can the temperature be set accordingly?

Yes, the temperature can be set accordingly and there are three modes, high heat mode, low heat mode, and fan mode for better help and assistance.

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