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Coursera Plus Review 2024: Is It Worthy To Buy Or Not?


Online learning platforms are raging in the market and the way competition has boosted up has only increased hopes for the best.

Out of numerous learning platforms users have slightly picked up their choice and the answer is Coursera Plus.

Coursera Plus

But what Coursera Plus has is different and how well it has been constructed to build up such a unique platform for users across the globe.

Without knowing the best one can never understand what they should pick up the best.

What is Coursera Plus?

Coursera is a well filled with water of miracles. The tons of courses in different specializations have narrated about these courses most finely.

Coursera has multiple options for ease of learning and defining online education in the most effective way for the users.

Coursera Plus Courses

And the most powerful way of using Coursera is to get Coursera Plus because it unlocks the major features of the platform making it accessible in its finest version.

So in case you wish to have handed over top classified online courses with maximum features then Coursera Plus is your go-to call.

Pricing of Coursera Plus

Coursera plus has kept the concept of pricing in mind as no one wishes to feel confused in terms of learning.

The pricing plans offered by Coursera Plus are as follows:

Coursera Plus Pricing


If a user wishes to avail of the services for a period spanning 30 days then the cost will be $59.


The best pack to buy is the annual package as it allows users to get hands over Coursera Plus for $399. This delivers major benefits of discounts to the users.

Users also get a 14-day money-back guarantee which makes the experience of Coursera Plus more reliable.

Never forget about the 7-day free trial for using Coursera Plus.

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Pros and Cons of Coursera Plus


  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable
  • 7000+ courses.
  • Variety in courses.
  • Shareable certificates.


  • No homework grading system.
  • Quizzes and assignment credits are complicated.

Features of Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus has witnessed rapid growth and the reason behind this remains its unique and powerful features which are as follows:

Coursera Plus Features

Unlimited Access

Users can get access to unlimited courses by using Coursera Plus which increases the chances of boosting up your resume and skill sets without worrying about expensive additional fees by course providers.


Everyone deserves to get certificates for the skills they have learned. After getting examined and passing the course Coursera Plus will provide verified certificates to the candidates.

These certificates carry major value as they work as proofs will applying for an opportunity.

Self Paced

Learning according to the pace you love and the way you wish to learn is something that varies from person to person and has to be respected. With Coursera Plus one can easily learn according to their speed.

As the deadlines aren’t horrible and have been kept flexible for all to reset according to preference.

Beginner Level

From advanced to beginners all have a classic love for Coursera Plus. No matter whereon stand in terms of learning this platform for skill sets.

7000+ Courses

Coursera What We Offer

In terms of variety, one can defeat Coursera Plus. As it reigns its offers are brilliant and one can find all types of courses with the help of this platform and become a perfect multi-tasker

100% Online

Forget about the travel fatigue which turns out to be the major issue while picking up a new course. All of the courses offered by Coursera will remain 100% online and can be completed simply from a place of your comfort.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Coursera Plus can give a complete glow-up to your learning experience via the internet. Gear up to have handed over this top-class platform having the sharpest features and most effective pricing plans in the domain.

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