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iPhone vs. Android: How to Choose your next Smartphone?

If you are a hard core fan of Samsung in terms of Android or Apple fan, then choosing your next high tech gadget like smartphone would be a no-brainer task for you. But if you are getting tired and weary of the virtual space shortage in Apple, or waiting too long for the next Android update, then it is high time that you understand that you need to change your device. Because 99.6% of the US Smartphone users deal with

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Appspotr Review: Best Free App Maker Software

These days, having an app for any service is a must. An app makes a place in people’s phone and constantly reminds them to use it without any effort from your side. It is also handy for your customers who would want to use your service, they can do so just with a single click. However, most people believe that an app can’t be made without any technical knowledge. Appspotr is a service that allows you to create an app

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Macbook All OS System Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

So you guys looking for MAC OS X shortcuts, you are in trouble in finding MAC OS X shortcuts so we have collected all shortcuts.  For those who are new to Macbooks are always in confusion which command key to use for performing actions on Macbook, so we have compiled a list of Macbook shortcuts Mac OS X Finder Keyboard Shortcuts The Mac OS X Lion Finder helps you access and organize most of the important Mac OS X functions

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How to Download Safari Browser for Windows 8/8.1/PC

Safari is the most popular internet browser amongst apple lovers. It has become so popular for its robust and fast performance that people who use Windows based systems also want Safari on their PCs and laptops for better browsing. Thus, we thought it would be nice to inform you that: Now you can easily download Safari Browser for Windows 8/8.1/PC The browser is definitely one the best browsers out there. Windows users today shy away from internet explorer for its

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Zoho Delivers Business Apps for Apple Watch

Zoho today launched Zoho Business Apps for Apple Watch, a line of apps that extends Zoho business applications to let users perform select functions from an Apple Watch. The first apps to ship in the Zoho Business Apps for Apple Watch series include Zoho Expense, Zoho Books and Taskz. “Apple Watch gives people yet another unique way to work,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho chief evangelist. “If you have a few hours of number crunching or heavy research, you’ll likely do

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PopCorn Time: Watch Your Favourite Shows on your IOs Devices

Good news for all the Apple users. Now you can stream your favourite TV-shows and movies on your Apple device without paying a dime. Now no longer wait for your movies to get downloaded .No-more trip to the DVD rental store, every-time you want to watch a movie. Now you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies on your apple device. This has been made possible by the creators of Popcorn Time app. PopCorn time is a free browsing

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Sandisk iXpand: A flash drive for your iPhone and iPad

In a recent turn of events, Sandisk has launched what seems to be a gem of a device. Yes, it has launched the iXpand flash drive for iPhones and iPads. The cool part is that the device is so much more than just a flash drive. The Sandisk iXpand was launched in Mumbai last week It acts as a flash drive and can allow you to transfer photos and videos between your iPhone, iPad and MAC books. It automatically copies

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Download Clash of Clans For PC/Windows(7,8,8.1)/MAC

Back in the day when we used to be kids, the most popular strategy games available for our bulky desktops were Age of Empires and some others! We absolutely loved playing those. As the times have changed and most people have a smartphone now, the most popular game when it comes to strategy in the mobile app market is the Clash of Clans. With our help here you can download Clash of Clans for PC. The game has become so

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Apple iWatch: Awesome Infographic reveals all the fun you can have with it

Wow! I am Also thinking about getting an Apple iWatch for myself after going through this awesome infographic by Gerardo Lara The cheapest model, the Apple Watch Sport, will come in silver or space grey with different colored bands. it will be available for $349 at the 38 mm size and $399 for the 42 mm model. The next model, the stainless steel Apple Watch will run $549 for the 38 mm model, $599 for the 42 mm version, and

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9 Top Best Browsers for MAC in 2015

Today internet surfing is like any other daily chore. People involuntary check their mobiles and laptops the first thing in the morning for updates, emails and what not. More and more people are online these days and thus the importance of good web browsers is paramount. When it comes to MAC, there are numerous browsers which allow you to do a lot more than just search the internet. I have seen people who like Safari the best or they love

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