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Best Android Smartphones That You Can Expect Year 2018

With the new year, we would like to upgrade to the latest technologies and up-gradation. When it comes to smartphones, there are more going to arrive in the year 2018. If you are thinking of getting a new smartphone with latest features, here we have done some research about best android phones that are going to rock the Android phone market in 2018. Go through all the details and know what technology and features you are going to get these

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iPhone vs. Android: How to Choose your next Smartphone?

If you are a hard core fan of Samsung in terms of Android or Apple fan, then choosing your next high tech gadget like smartphone would be a no-brainer task for you. But if you are getting tired and weary of the virtual space shortage in Apple, or waiting too long for the next Android update, then it is high time that you understand that you need to change your device. Because 99.6% of the US Smartphone users deal with

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Learn How To Run Windows On Your Android Tablet Computer

Your Android tablet is capable of doing so much more than what you expect. When you open your laptop or computer then move to your tablet, you realize that your best Android tablet is not proficient in running windows and applications exclusive to Microsoft Windows. However, this is not the case. Here we will discuss how you can install and run windows on your Android tablet computer. Please follow the step by step guide below in order to run windows

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Appspotr Review: Best Free App Maker Software

These days, having an app for any service is a must. An app makes a place in people’s phone and constantly reminds them to use it without any effort from your side. It is also handy for your customers who would want to use your service, they can do so just with a single click. However, most people believe that an app can’t be made without any technical knowledge. Appspotr is a service that allows you to create an app

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Wondersahre MobileGo: Backup and Restore Android Phone Data

Our phone is filled with so much of data that it often turns into a confusing pile of stuff. To rid this growing problem among smartphone users Mobilego has turned up with WonderShare. It is a multi-file manager capable of providing assistance with downloads, import, export, de-duplication, switching devices, and much more. In this post, we will focus on creating backup out of your smartphone using Mobilego’s WonderShare and how you can benefit the most out of it. What kinds

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Top Android Apps for Editing Photos

The rise of smartphone technology has encouraged quite a lot of us to take up photography as a hobby. However, not everyone’s budget can afford to buy high-resolution DSLR camera or an extremely expensive phone, for a clear presentation of our idea. In this article, I will discuss top android apps for editing photos, and have ranked them on the basis of their ease of use, compatibility and versatility of editing tools. Try one of these applications that define your

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How to Download Instagram Videos Onto Your Computer, Smartphones and Tablets

Instagram is probably the new kid on the social media field. But it has already become viral. Instagram is neither a micro- blogging site like twitter nor a virtual friendship based platform as Facebook. It focuses only on visual media (not at all like YouTube). However, you can follow people there. So that, you will get their future uploads’ notification. Instagram is not available for PC. You can access it only via your smartphone. This makes it unique comparing with

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Download and Install CyanogenMod 12S in Your Android Device

Undoubtedly, Android is the best mobile OS ever. The remarkable advantage of using it is nothing but the amazing customizability. Android provides more than one option for a single purpose. It is easy to change the look and feel of the UI easily. But this feature is not available in iOS or Windows Phone OS. Custom ROM support is yet another significant feature of Android. There are many custom ROMs available. Still, the one that is made by Cyanogen is the

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How to Download APK File from Google Playstore

It hurts when you realize that you are unable to install apps directly from the Playstore on your Android. How to get over this messy situation? Most probably, you opt out to search for APK files and install it right away. But how is it possible to know whether the file contains any malware or not? So, never do it. Install apps only from the trusted provider that is none other than Playstore. Oh, you can’t get access to it.

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How to Download Flipboard App for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

No matter how deep we have reached on the internet of things, but the world will always continue to see a new side of it. Recently I came across an app which is taking social networking to a whole a new level, even if it is more dedicated as a Reading app. Meet the flavor of all kinds of readers; Flipboard app. It provides you with a one stop shop for all the news, magazines and topics that you follow.

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