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Bright Data Vs Oxylabs: Why Bright Data is Best Alternative?


Various proxy companies provide residential proxies in the market, and the sheer number of alternatives will captivate you. In several situations, they offer similar functionality and target the same demographic. 

These companies cater to affluent corporate clientele and continuously compete for the top spot. Each offers benefits over another. However, to know which one is most useful and why Bright Data is the best alternative for OxyLabs, let’s compare each of them.

What is Bright Data?

Bright Data was formerly popular as Luminati Networks, the company has grown from a proxy network to the world’s best web data provider. Bright Data’s services are educational institutions, the best 500 companies, and small businesses.

Bright Data (Luminati) Review

It obtains important public online data in the most efficient, reliable, and adaptive ways possible. Thus, it enables its users to research, analyze, and evaluate data to make better decisions.

Browsing any page on the internet puts your IP address at risk of being exposed and eventually blocked or blacklisted. Bright Data offers data access centres and extraction solutions to allow you to access any site and capture particular data.

Moreover, it ensures that you never go out of the connection. It’s a free public data-gathering tool that enables you to save money and effort. Furthermore, it does all large data collection from the overwhelming bulk of websites, especially e-commerce websites and web search engines.

All of your scraping tasks will go effortlessly thanks to its excellent proxies and knowledgeable team. You may utilize their proxies to get the greatest scraping services and they guarantee that you’ll get all you want for better outcomes.

What is Oxylabs?

Oxylabs is a proxy suppliers and web scraping solutions company in the market. They provide large-scale public data collection, with a focus on strong business practices and innovations. Their skilled crew monitors systems 24/7 to ensure a dependable, secure, and reliable proxy pool.

Oxylabs Residential Proxies

You can get exposure to one of the biggest proxy pools accessible in the market, with over 102 million IPs spread over 195 countries. This proxy provider is enthusiastic about technological developments in information gathering. You may be confident that using their web scraper APIs, you’ll receive 100 percent chances of success and get access to the public data you need quickly.

Oxylabs’ worldwide 100M+ residential proxy pool is sourced from vetted vendors who are required to inform and obtain consent from end-users prior to participating in proxy networks. You can simply buy the Business plans and Residential Proxy Starter to keep track of your data consumption using Oxylabs’ self-service interface.

Why Bright Data is the Best OxyLabs Alternative?

No doubt, Oxylabs also provides a great service but if you are looking for an alternative then Bright Data can be your option. Make sure to choose it as per your requirements maybe Oxylabs provides you the best service if your requirements match with the services, features &, etc.

They are much more devoted to their clients’ long-term company’s success. Each appears to care about maintaining a high ethical technology for their IP procurement and online data gathering infrastructure.

Both the platforms do have certain similarities, One of which is that both services offer residential proxies &, etc. with restricted bandwidth that are paid based on user requirements.

Apart from it and some more, there is a slew of distinctions that matter to the ordinary proxy user, and they will be covered. So, let’s discover the points that state that Bright Data is the best alternative for OxyLabs:

  • Bright Data has been established as the industry leader, with Oxylabs challenging it. Oxylabs boasts the widest marketed proxy pool, whereas Bright Data is often recognized as the market’s top service.
  • Compared to other proxy suppliers’ Bright Data has the nearest proxy pool size (more than 100 million Ips) with the fastest Ips to Oxylabs.
  • Both provide high rotating proxies with session proxies.
  • Bright Data offers a request success rate of 99 percent and Oxylabs 99.2 percent.
  • Both the proxy service suppliers support the IP protocol of HTTPS + SOCKS.
  • Oxylabs lost in a trial to Bright Data in the USA for patent infringement.

All the above points state that Bright Data is the best alternative solution to Oxylabs.

#7 Key Reasons To Choose Bright Data

Bright Data is a premier data collecting platform that collects crucial structured and unstructured data from multiple websites using their patented technologies. Employing accurate geo-targeting, their proxy networks provide you with access to advanced target sites.

Bright Data Industry Leader

Its technologies may also be used to unlock difficult target sites, complete SERP-specific data collecting activities, maintain and optimize proxy performance, and automate all of your data gathering requirements. These reasons make the clients choose Bright Data over other proxy suppliers like Oxylabs. However, the 7 main reasons that determine your selection are as follows:

  • Bright Data, on the contrary, strives to cover all bases by providing a credit-based pricing mechanism that escalates into monthly subscriptions.
  • Bright Data has garnered several accolades, most of which have been given to its suite of proxy management solutions. Oxylabs also has been recognized for its outstanding performance, quality, and service for three straight years.
  • Both services provide a variety of proxy networks. Bright Data is more adaptable in this respect, as it uses 7,000,000+ shared data center proxies and distinct pools of mobile IP addresses.
  • The web scraper from Oxylabs allows for large-scale scraping of search engines and e-commerce websites. It is still a technological tool that necessitates programming knowledge. Bright Data’s data collector offers a highly customized web scraping platform. It’s more adaptable, but we’re not certain how it scales.
  • Both service providers offer a web browser extension. Oxylabs receives a high five since it functions with any proxy server. In addition, it provides a proxy rotator to allow IP rotation with its datacenter IPs. In comparison, Bright Data includes a robust tool known as Proxy Manager. It enables highly detailed management of proxy networks, including headers, criteria-based IP filtering, and so on.
  • Oxylabs offers training through documentation, in person, and webinars. The Bright data training & guide includes all the facilities as Oxylabs along with the live online features & fastest support.

All the seven features we have listed above claim that choosing Bright Data over Oxylabs is a great option. If you have any doubts regarding your selection, check out for the comparisons among both company’s features.

Comparison Of Bright Data & OxyLabs Features

FeaturesBright DataOxyLabs
Proxy Pool SizeMore than 100 million IPsMore than 100 million IPs
Geo-targeted OptionsCity/ State/ CountryCity/ State/ Country
Request Success Rate99 percent99.2 percent
High Rotating ProxiesYesYes
Ease in UsingComplete self-service, yet difficultYou will require the assistance of an account manager. There is no complete self-service.
SpeedFastest SpeedFastest Speed
Customer SupportFastest 24/7 Global Customer SupportModerate Customer Support

Before moving on to the features comparison of both the service providers, you can check out this comparison table to get a clear concept. Here is a comparison table depicting the features of Oxylabs and Bright Data.

Let’s now compare all the necessary features of both the services providers:

Source and IP Pool Size

Bright Data Residential Proxies
Oxylabs Residential Proxies

Bright Data: It consists of the greatest proxy pools in the marketplace, and it boasts itself on having the biggest proxy pooling in the market, with more than 100M IPs in its database, as per information accessible on its website. The IP addresses in this pool are obtained through Peer-to-Peer systems, with the majority of them originating from Hola VPN customers. This VPN is a freeware VPN that needs users to authorize their device resources, including proxies.

OxyLabs: The industry’s highest proxy pool, including more than 100 million IPs. Its IPs, like Bright Data’s, are obtained through peer-to-peer networks.
It has a success rate of 99.2% with 102M+ IPs in 195 countries worldwide.

Geo-targeting and Location Coverage

OxyLabs and Bright Data are similar in geo-targeting and location coverage. Both provide support from all countries throughout the world and all states, and most cities. It makes them ideal for activities that need city or state-level targeting.


Bright Data Residential Network

Bright Data: It performs admirably, and virtually all of the queries sent through their proxy servers were acceptable. Their queries were not only successful in the vast majority of cases (99 percent), but the turnaround time was also excellent, i.e., roughly 1.18 secs. It sent hundreds of queries in less than a second to test whether it would affect performance without any discernible difference. It has an extremely high uptime of about 99 percent.

Oxylabs Self Service Dashboard

OxyLabs: Although their proxy’s function for several users, a significant number of customers have reported that their proxies have been banned. We did make hundreds or even thousands of service requests, and a significant number of them were unsuccessful since the IPs had already been blocked. The response speed was pretty outstanding but still with limitations.

Session Management and IP Rotation System

Oxylabs and Bright Data offer the finest IP rotation solutions in the rotating residential proxy industry. They enable higher rotating proxies, which change IP addresses after each request. This is ideal for operations that require IP addresses to be changed often to mask the IP footprint. The platform also features session proxies, which keep an IP for a set period before updating it. Using their services, you may keep sessions.

Ease of Using

Bright Data Residential Proxy Features

Bright Data: It is a self-service supplier, and everything may be performed without the assistance of its support personnel. However, it looks as it turned more complex and difficult but it is actually not. An impediment to utilization is the time-consuming KYC process, which requires a user to authenticate his identification before using the service.

Oxylabs Residential Proxy Features

Oxylabs: A KYC criterion that consumers must complete to utilize their service. In terms of usability, it may be described as both easy and difficult. The self-service choice is extremely restricted, and many activities will need you to speak with an allocated account manager for them to be completed for you.

Pricing Comparison

Both are viewed as pricey, with the services catering to marketers with a large budget. Bright Data’s previous minimal monetary demand was $500, whereas Oxylabs’ was $600.

Bright Data PlansOxylabs
Pay As You Go – $25.00 per GB
Experimenting – $300 per month ($15.00/GB)Starter – $300 per month
Starter – $500 per month ($12.50/GB)Business – $600 per month
Production – $1000 per month ($10.00/GB)Corporate – $900 per month
Plus – $3000 per month ($8.50/GB)Enterprise – Starting price $5000 per month

However, to stay competitive, Oxylabs have reduced their simplest package to $300 with 20GB. If you check the pricing per GB for these service providers’ other options, you’ll notice that it’s nearly similar.

Regarding its free trial version, prospective new Bright Data users are eligible for a 7-day free trial version. The same requirements apply to Oxylabs. Therefore, both the networks are somewhat the same in cost, return policy, and free trial period.

Final Conclusion of Bright Data Vs OxyLabs

Bright Data Testimonials

Oxylabs and Bright Data both are the residential proxy service market industry leaders. These companies are at the top of the priority list of proxy suggestions. If you are confused about which option to take, this post has been made for you. You can compare the features, services, pricing & based on your requirements you can make the decision which one is best for you.

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