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Bright Data Review {Is It Best Proxy & Web Data Platform?}


Bright Data Review
  • Residential & Mobile Proxy
  • Datacenter & ISP Proxy
  • Data Collection Tools
  • Global Customer Support
  • API & Integration


Bright Data is a highly recommended Data collector & proxy provider with impressive technology, features, and a wide range of tools. It is a good-to-go proxy solution with outstanding infra.


  • To be more specific, Bright Data has a vast network of dynamic and bona fide IPS, 72 million+.
  • Intermediaries around the globe in 195+ countries
  • Network uptime of 99.9% guaranteed
  • Bright Data has powerful tools like the Data Collector, Web Unlocker, Search Engine Crawler
  • The 24×7 customer support system is super responsive
  • You need to pay only for successful outcomes
  • Free Trial Available
  • Limitless IP Rotation
  • Extensive Interface
  • Multiple payment options and different pricing plans are present
  • Most Flexible
  • Most Reliable
  • Unlimited Scale and Customizing Possibilities


  1. No Cons Found

Bright Data Company has been the world’s leading provider of Web data platforms.

Top 500 organizations, educational establishments, and small enterprises all depend upon Bright Data’s services to get crucial public web information with the utmost efficiency, consistency, and adaptable manner possible, allowing them to investigate, monitor, and analyze information to make superior decisions.

Bright Data (Luminati) Review

What is Bright Data & its History?

Bright Data started its operations in 2014 and is headquartered in Israel. It values itself as a leading proxy solution provider globally, with over 72 million IP addresses with the fastest speed.

Additionally, the company provides reliable data collection tools that don’t require prior computer programming experience.

Previously known as Luminati Networks, the company has evolved itself into a data-driven company instead of just being a proxy network.

Bright Data Industry Leader

Accessing any website on the internet comes with the risk of your IP disclosure and ultimately getting blocked. But with Bright Data having one of the largest networks of IP addresses today, you can access the internet & any web data without any challenges and disruption.

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This service is utilized by over 10,000 customers in practically every sector across the globe. Bright Data users adore them since they give the cost-effective means to do rapid and reliable public online data gathering on mass and a seamless transformation of unstructured information into structured information and enhanced user experience, all while being completely transparent yet compliant.

Data Collection 

Data collection is a well-organized method of gathering information from numerous sources meant to receive perspectives.

Bright Data Data Collector

The data collection varies from one research to another, relying on the information requested. Therefore, the collection of data on your own might be a difficult task.

However, Bright Data’s Data Collector simplifies the process for its users. It captures reliable data from several websites and automatically distributes it to the users in the same format they requested.

You can simply use the Data Collector service of Bright Data to make your data collection more straightforward and convenient. It performs the following tasks for you to make your work simple:

  • Easily adjusts to site updates and blockages: Online data collection necessitates quick adaptation to site modifications as well as new blocking tactics. Data Collector reacts quickly. Thus, it ensures the users that the Data is given to them without any interruptions.
  • Saves your money and time: When users attempt to collect data on their own, they need to dedicate a significant investment of time and money. Data Collector leads to greater efficiency, resulting in time, effort, and cost savings. 
  • Organizes data for quick analysis: As sites are created in HTML, online public Data is simple for humans to understand. However, because web data is unorganized, it cannot be used or analyzed in another device’s databases. Thus, Data Collector help the users before delivery, and execute a complex algorithmic procedure depending on industry-specific know-how to filter, match, analyze, and organize the complex data.
  • Offers real-time data: Data Collector enables the collecting of public online data in real-time. You can obtain data in moments and personalize your collections on a timetable that works best for you.
  • Provides end-data in an integrated manner: Integrates automatic transfers to your desired storage place – API, Google cloud storage, Webhook emails, and so on, to obtain the most updated and correct data.
  • Gathers large volumes of Data: As the scale of the data collection grows, some technologies may malfunction, and new challenges may arise. However, the data collector holds enough power and can offer data of infinite scalability.

Other than the data collector tool, Bright Data offers several other facilities that can assist in data collection.

Below are some of the essential data collection benefits of Bright Data:


Bright Data Datasets

It offers pre-collected datasets with a wide range of data points from whole websites. Bright Data’s datasets assess and evaluate trends, locate individuals, firms, and influencers, or get information for your ML algorithms.

Datasets contain a broad collection of significant data points on an unprecedented scale. Moreover, all the datasets’ information is comprehensive and continually updated. Thus, it allows you to stay ahead of the competition with quick, actionable information.

Web Unlocker

Web Unlocker

🤔 Do you know? Bright Data Web Unlocker is the 1st automated & fastest website unlocking tool that can help you to reach your target sites with a 100% success rate.

You do not need any professional experience to use the Web Unlocker tool of Bright Data for data collection. You will send one simple request, and this ultimate innovative tool will offer you all the valuable information you want.

Search Engine Crawler/Collector

Bright Data (Search Engine Crawler)

With Bright Data, you may collect precise data from across all top search engines using its search engine scraper. Using this particular technology of Bright Data, you can obtain accurate user search outputs from any search engine platform. In addition, the search engine crawler offers you high-performance SEO techniques, no matter the number of requests you send.

Bright Data Proxy Services

Rotating Residential Proxy

These Bright Data residential proxies laid the groundwork for everyone else to replicate the prototype of residential proxies.

However, due to the apparent addition of P2P and machines to the combination, the model differs from usual proxies in which you send online requests via them and those simply send back the web query masking your actual IP address.

Bright Data Residential IPs GEOs

Regardless of those distinctions, they all maintain someone’s Internet address private, perhaps though residential proxies have more power due to their invisibility.

Your online queries don’t go straight to the destined website when you are connected with Bright Data residential proxies on your web browser. Rather than, it is routed via the Bright Data surrogate domain controller, which searches its pool for an effective system at irregular intervals to transfer this request through.

Whenever the request reaches the system, it is routed to the planned website. Since the request has been obtained from the system in Peer to peer, your actual IP location and Bright Data’s IP information aren’t visible, trying to make proxy utilization unidentifiable when utilizing Bright Data residential proxies.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile Proxies By Bright Data

Bright Data provides approximately 7+ million IPs & advanced networks from 3G, and 4G powered portable devices.

However, they cover the majority of the globe with the fastest response time, so you can choose which nations and urban areas you want to approach.

Not just that, you can also choose a specific ASN and a carrier with no boundaries & limitless concurrent connections.

Mobile Residential IPs

Datacenter Proxies

Bright Data’s datacenter offers both shared and dedicated IP addresses with the 700,000+ IPs spread over the globe with 3,000 plus sub-networks.

Bright Data Shared IPs

Shared IPs (Pay Per Usage)

They offer shared IP’s which can be used by one or more users and they can connect with more than 20 thousand IPs that consist with fixed allocated range across the globe.

Shared IPs (Pay Per IP)

You can buy individual IPs with unlimited Bandwidth or Cost Per GB based on the country you choose. Bright Data will only charge you per IP and usage.

Exclusive IPs

Bright Data Provides Exclusive IPs
You can get an exclusive domain IP which will be only dedicated for the target site. It can be used individually by the user for any domain.

Bright Data’s datacenter intermediaries are layered, as one might anticipate. They’re spread out all over the globe, so you must be able to find one almost anywhere.

The personal datacenter gateways do not rotate by mistake, yet you can use Bright Data’s fantastic proxy manager to set up orientation guidelines. You can choose to target them through nation or region. If you purchase common proxies by data transmission, you can rotate, giving you direct exposure to a stream of thousands of IPs spread across the globe.

ISP Proxies

Bright Data has been the first ISP IPs network that enables you to own actual IP addresses in numerous countries around the world.

The provider has approximately 6,00,000+ IP addresses located all over the world. In addition, Bright Data’s ISP proxies target various locations and countries throughout the world, with 100 percent network dependability and a rapid turnaround time.

ISP Proxies

It provides lifetime IPs that you may use as much as you want them for your needs. This proxy requires Zero code modifications. You can use genuine home IP addresses provided by ISPs and licensed to Bright Data for your purposes. Also, it guarantees that you are never blocked or identified. 

Bright Data’s numerous networks, IP versions, and integration approaches enabled users to not only enhance but also grow our data collecting while providing assistance that exceeded their standards.

How To Use Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension 

To know how to use Bright Data, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: First, you will have to open your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Then, search for the “Bright Data Proxy Browser” extension and install it.

Install Proxy Browser Extension

Step 3: Select next to insert the extension to your browser.

Click On Add Extension

Step 4: Now that you have added the extension to the web browser, you can see it displayed at the top of your browser bar.

Step 5: Next, you may explore from any nation, which will shift across countries, or you can pick a single country.

If you want to avoid using this extension, you can simply switch it off. You can turn it on or off according to your specific requirements.

Bright Data Browser Extension

Bright Data offers the best and most extensive networks of proxy solutions globally. Their technically advanced and innovative products like “Proxy Manager” and “Proxy Browser Extension” enable you to perform tasks like data scraping over the internet, identifying and analyzing influencers in social media, and many more.

Products of Bright Data

As an internet user, you need not worry about getting restricted or blocked from such activities. We shall now discuss the significant products and solutions offered by Bright Data.

1) Data Collector – It is a data collection tool that collects accurate data from any website on the internet and delivers it to you in an accessible and comprehensive format. Companies use data collection services to collect information and statistics from websites. Some key features of this tool are:

  • Collects and delivers data of any scale by strengthening its infrastructure.
  • Manages resources efficiently by saving time, effort, and cost.
  • Uses a sophisticated algorithmic process to structure, clean, and process the Data.

2) Proxy Manager – Bright Data is one of the leading proxy infrastructures that provide various proxy solutions. More than 72 million IPs give you 99.9% unlimited secure and parallel connections worldwide.

Proxy Manager

The types of proxy solutions are:

  • Datacenter proxy
  • Static residential proxy
  • Rotational residential proxy
  • Mobile proxy

In addition to the above, it also offers a solution of “Proxy Browser Extension” which is a boon for Bright Data users. The extension service manages your proxy infrastructure with just the click of a button.

3) Web Unlocker – It is an automated website unlocking tool to reach target websites successively without any hindrance. You achieve a 100% success rate using this tool. You just send one request to your target websites, and the tool will unlock it on its own. No prior experience is required.

4) Search engine crawler – With this product, you can search results in any search engine. It brings forth powerful search engine optimization techniques that help find data based on the keywords across search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. In addition, the tool uses a geotargeting mechanism that provides accurate results based on multiple locations at enormously high success rates.

5)  Datasets – You can utilize the pre-collected datasets of Bright Data which covers all the data of entire websites. That way you don’t need to do an extensive search on the internet to analyze trends and find companies.

Pricing of Bright Data Services

Bright Data’s Web Unlocker Pricing

Pay As You GoWeb Unlocker
Monthly Subscription$300/month$500/month$1,000/month$3,000/monthContact Them
Web Unlocker $2.80/CPMWeb Unlocker
Web Unlocker
Web Unlocker
Yearly Subscription$270/month
billed at $3,600 $3,240/year
billed at $6,000 $5,400/year
billed at $12,000 $10,800/year
billed at $36,000 $32,400/year
Contact Them
Web Unlocker
Web Unlocker
Web Unlocker
Web Unlocker

Proxy Pricing Plan

Proxy Pricing

Pricing of Data Collector is as follows

Data Collector Pricing
  • Pay as you Go Plan – $5 per CPM
  • Monthly Plan Starts From $350/month – $3.50 per CPM (100K page loads)

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Pricing of Search Engine Crawler

Search Engine Crawler Pricing
  • Pay as you Go Plan – $5.00/CPM
  • Monthly Search Engine Crawler Plan Starts From – $500/month ($2.50/CPM, 200K requests included)
  • Yearly Search Engine Crawler Plan Starts From – $450/month billed at $6,000 $5,400/year ($2.50/CPM, 200K requests included)


Benefits of Bright Data 

The service offered by Bright Data has the following benefits:

  • They provide powerful features to extract data from target websites efficiently.
  • You only pay for what you request.
  • Verification and compliance of website links are duly performed.
  • Ensures proper use of copyright data, thereby protecting the company’s brand
  • SEO Monitoring tools that help you to effectively apply crawlers for keywords.
  • Aggregates financial and stock market data correctly for a company.
  • User friendly and no prior experience of coding required.
  • Repository of APIs and Browser Extensions to perform tasks quickly.
  • Available reach in 195+ countries globally.
  • More than 700,000 Datacenter IPs
  • More than 600,000 Static Residential IPs
  • More than 72 Million Rotational Residential IPs
  • More than 7 Million Mobile Proxy IPs
  • Provides you the flexibility of Shared or Dedicated IPs
How Bright Data Help Your Market

Apart from the above benefits, Bright Data offers a “Pay As You Go” pricing model for these services. It means you only need to pay for the services you use.

This model is advantageous for users who only need to use a particular service rather than paying for the whole package. For example, if you only need to use the ‘Web Unlocker’ product, you can quickly choose to pay for this service only, and it gets activated for you.

Bright Data Customer Experience


Bright Data is a highly recommended Data collector & proxy provider with impressive technology, features, and a wide range of tools. It is a good-to-go solution with outstanding infra.

All the products of Bright Data are easy to use and simple to utilize. You can use IPs from Bright Data and scrap any website anytime to access relevant data that suits your needs.

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